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									                      YSCP Extended Day spring 2006-2007 Schedule
 Room            Monday                Tuesday                 Wednesday                 Thursday                 Friday

                                                        First Session 3:50-4:35

                                  Turkish Ebru Art                                    Integrated Tech.&
                 Strategy                                  TurkishDance                                            1(T)+3
Multi-                            3-5Mrs. Aytas &                                          Sci. 2nd
                 Game 2-3                                  3-5 girls only                                     Mr. Baytak&Mr.
Purpose                           Ms. Dogru                Mrs.Ogrinir &Mr.Aytas          Mr. Baytak
                 Mr. Wade                                                                                          Bakan
                                                                                          Mr. Bakan
                 Brownies 1st
 st              Ms. Maria?                                                          Chinese Calligraphy     Turkish Cul. & Lang.
1 (H)                               Sign Lang 1+3              Sign Lan 4-5
                Jr. Girl scouts                                                      1+3 Mrs. L. Li          3+5 Mr. Aytas & Mr.
                      3-5            Mrs. Seaman               Mrs. Seaman                                          Dogru
                Ms. Wininger
                                        Hmwk                      Hmwk                Hmwk 2-4
 1st (T)           3-5
                                         1st                 1+3 Mr.Nuriddin          Mr. Wade & Ms.
               Mr.Aytas&               Mrs. Z. Li
                                                              &Mr. Dornich                 Zehra
               Mr. Coles
                  Chinese               Chess                     Chinese                  Chinese
          nd      1st ( H )              1+3                         2nd                     5th
      2           Mrs. Z. Li           Mr. Wade                   Mrs. Z. Li              Mrs. Z. Li
                Spanish               Spanish                  Globetrotters         Multi-cul Creative
      3   rd
                1st ( T )                2nd                      1st +3rd           Movements & Yoga
                                                                                                             Mrs. Lerose
               Mrs. Lerose           Mrs. Lerose               Mrs. Lerose            1-2 Mrs. Lerose
               Multi-culArts                                Multi-cultural Music &
                                         3-5                                                                Multi-cul Music &
                 / crafts                                           Drama            Fitness/walking 3-4
      4th                            Mrs. Smutz,                    1+ 4-5
                                                                                                            Drama 1-2
                   4-5                                                                   Mrs. Smutz         Mr. Wade& Mr. Coles
                                    Mrs.Finley&             Mr. Wade & Mr. Coles
               Ms. Freeman
                                                       Second Session 4:40-5:25
               Karate/Martial                                                                                 Multi-cul Music
               Arts 4-5 Mr.       IntegratedTech&Sci       Karate/Martial Arts 1st    Integrated Tech&sci       &Drama
               Harman/Ms.                  4-5                 Mr. Herman/                    1(H)                  1-3
purpose        Nicole/Dr.         Mr.Bytak&Mr.Bakan            Dr. Camazine          Mr.Baytak&Mr.Bakan         Mr. Wade
                Brownies 1st
                                    Turkish Ebru art       Strategy Games/Chess                                    Chess
                 Ms. Maria                                                              Strategy games
1st ( H )                                 3-5                     1+2+4+5                                           1-2
               Jr. Girl Scouts                                                                1+4
                                     Mrs. Aytas &               Mr. Hirshon&                                  Mr. Baytak&Mr.
                      3-5                                                                  Mr. Wade
                                      Ms. Dogru                  Mr. Coles                                         Bakan
               Ms. Wininger
               Hmwk (K Rm)
                                        Hmwk                       Hmwk                  Hmwk
1st (T)               2-5
                                         1-2                        2nd                  1+2+5
                  Mr. Wade
                                       Mrs.Z. Li                  Nuriddin               Mrs. Z. Li
               & Mr. Coles
                   Chinese                                        Chinese            Chinese Calligraphy          Chinese
          nd       1st ( T )                                        3rd                      1-2                     4th
      2          Mrs. Z. Li                                     Mrs. Z. Li               Mrs. L. Li              Mr. Z. Li
                 Spanish          Multi-cul. Movement                                     Spanish                Spanish
          rd     1st (H)             & Yoga 1+3                                              3rd                    5th
      3                                                      Mrs. Lerose& Mr.
                Mrs. Lerose           Mrs. Lerose                                        Mrs. Lerose            Mrs. Lerose
                Multi- cul
               History & Art                                   TurkishDance                                 Turkish Culture &
                                    Multi-cultural                                         Jr. Chef
      4th           2-3                                            3-5                                      Lang. 1- 2
                                  Music & Drama 1+2                                   4-5 Mr. Hirshon &
               Mrs. Markley                                Mrs.Ogranir&MrAytas                              Mr. Aytas &
                                      Mr. Wade                                            Ms. Zehra
                                                                                                            Mr. Dogru

Math Olympaid : Mondays both sessions in the kitchen area.

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