Netball-Rules by huangyuarong


									                                     Netball Rules

 7 Players on court at any one time
 Can have as many subs as you like, but may only make substitutions during injury
  time, and at quarter and half time
 4 Quarters of 15min each
 1minute break at quarter time and 3quarter time, 2mins at half time
 It is a non contact sport, there may be contact when contesting the ball (i.e. both go
  for it equally), however, once the opposition has possession of the ball, you may not
  contact the ball/them until the ball is released
 You have 3seconds to release the ball once you have caught it (you may not run and
  dribble it!)
 You may not put your landing foot back down once in possession of the ball, so for
  example, you can land on your right foot, step forward onto your left foot, and bring
  your right foot off the ground, but you must release the ball before you put your right
  foot back down. Similarly, if you land on both feet simultaneously, you can step
  forward with right foot, and then lift left foot and release before planting right foot
  back down.
 When defending the ball/player in position of the ball, your feet must be at least 3
  feet away from them. When you are marking them when they don’t have the ball,
  you can be as close as you like
 If you go out of your area, it is offside and a free pass will be given
 If a penalty is given against you, you need to stand by the players side who is taking
  the penalty                                                                      -GK (goal
 Only Goal Shoot and Goal Attack may shoot and it must be from inside the D, and   keeper) marks
  Only GS,GA, GD, GK are allowed in the D                                           oppositions
                                                                                    (goal shooter)
                                                                                    -GD (goal
                                                                                    marks GA
                                                                                    (goal attack)
                                                                                    -WD (wing
                                                                                    marks WA
                                                                                    (wing attack)
                                                                                    centre and
                                                                                    takes centre
                                                                                    pass when
                                                                                    goal scored
                                                                                    -WA is
                                                                                    attacker (wing
                                                                                    -GA is attacker
                                                                                    -GS is attacker

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