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					  Minutes of the Extraordinary General Meeting of Stockton and Thornaby Canoe Club held 13th
                       September 2012 at River Tees Watersports Centre.


Sally Caley (Chair), David Lowry (minutes), Bon Kwa, Stuart Marshall, Stuart Fawcett, Peter Dodds,
Graham Elliot, Avril Crothers, Craig Waterhouse (others present but not recorded).

    1) Resignation of chairman
    - Sally (acting chair): due to unforeseen circumstances our chairman has resigned and is no
       longer kayaking/canoeing with us hence why the meeting has been called
    - Sally (acting chair): we now need a new chair
    2) Nominations of chairman
    - Stu Marshall: volunteered to do it minimum until March and will carry on coaching remit
    - Voted in (no objections) sally will continue for tonight
    3) Facebook security
    - Facebook is a useful resource
    - Concerns highlighted about the content of the page
    - The old forum was hacked (hence why Facebook was used)
    - Concern with the ability to access personal info that was inappropriate for some members
    - What has been decided:
           o BCU child protection team have been contacted to seek advice,
           o All members of the group would only be allowed through the official members list,
           o Club constitution will be changed to state that only 16+ members will be allowed on
               the Facebook group/similar systems (monitored by the admin),
           o Facebook is for club members only and not for commercial purposes,
           o Violation of terms will be dealt with as per disciplinary procedures
           o Until disciplinary procedures are effected access to social media etc may be
           o Everyone who is not a member of STCC will be blocked as will under 16s
           o We cannot take responsibility for parents allowing their children to view individual
               members profiles on facebook nor can we “police” members own profiles.
           o Suggestion that the forum might allow tighter control (language, content,
               membership etc) and would not link through to information on members not
               directly related to the club.
    4) Amendment of constitution
    - As stated above
    - Paragraph stated by graham – with the adjustment of all electronic media
    - Forum voted in (no objections)
    - Child protection is the main issue
    - Constitution to be reposted on official website
    5) Ullswater
    - Arranged by Trevor (next Friday Saturday and Sunday 22nd to 24th September)
    -   Camping at both ends of the lake
    - Weather permitting
    - Party of about 12 expected
-   Paddlers paired up for open boating (reminder will be posted)
-   If club boats are required collection and return has to be organised
6)  Tay decent
-   Stu Fawcett is going to organise the trip
-   There has been much interest within the club
-   Early booking required
-   Link to the campsite booking will be provided (website and facebook)
-   Grade 3 mostly
-   There is a option of a race
-   28th to 29th October
7)  Tyne tour
-   First weekend in November 3rd and 4th of November
-   Camping on Tyne Tour
-   Booking required in advance
-   Paddling on Saturday and Sunday
-   3 star kayak assessment (Stu Marshall) – names required
8)  Lake District in February
-   Weekend paddling various rivers
-   Need to decide details
-   Currently between two places to stay
-   Venue is a fixed price so the more people that come the cheaper it becomes
-   Thornyhow voted in (no objections) heating has to be provided
-   List of people that are defiantly going and money upfront (Sally) – deposit system may be
    used (full balance paid by Christmas)
- Estimate of £40 per person roughly (Bon will check this)
9) Christmas
- Certificates and celebrations required (we did not do it last year)
- Meal and presentation suggested
- Suggestions on venue to sally by the next meeting
- Pub with private room?
- The water sports centre?
- Beginning of December (need to book asap)
- Chopgate?
- Ideas to Sally
10) Safety at the river cyclists
- Noted that during taking kit out and the warm ups potential for collision between cyclists
    and paddlers/ boats.
- Cyclists cannot be asked to dismount
- Suggestion that the STCC risk assessment needs to be updated to include this
- Temporary measure suggested to produce signs and deploy members to highlight the
    hazards to cyclists
- Suggestion that the white water centre may also experience this problem – a more
    permanent solution would benefit both parties
- It was also requested that options to further develop access for disabled paddlers to the
    waters could be raised at the same time
    -   Trevor to raise with his contact at the barrage

Last river session

    -   Normally off river by end of September
    -   No pool booked yet
    -   26th September will be the Wednesday night flat water session
    -   There may be river sessions occasionally after this date (organised on individual basis)
    -   May switch to weekend sessions – coaching issues
    -   Potential for river trips for all abilities
    -   Options posted on website
    -   No regular sessions but some voluntary sessions
    -   Maybe once a month
    -   Possibility of tagging on to Saturday morning Cleveland canoe club sessions

Pool sessions

    -   No more lady St Beads pool due to complaints about broken tiles
    -   No answer from tees active
    -   English martins (Harlepool) £55 per week – outside of our region – possibility of booking one
        session to see how it goes or book up to Christmas and review
    -   Current boats need to be retrieved from St Beads pool
    -   Decision will be made Wednesday 19th September
    -   Possibility of Eston pool
    -   Joan to follow up reference Eston pool and report back as soon as possible.

Affiliation to BCU

    -   Annual form required to be submitted
    -   109 members


    -   Sport England run club mark as a minimum standard for clubs
    -   Helps with official backing
    -   Helps with polices and role describes
    -   Suggestions would be nice for ways to improve the club
    -   Can the BCU provide funding for coach training

New boats

    -   We have bought the boats 2 x calypso sit on tops
    -   Hopefully will be on the water 19th September

Any other business

    -   Boat repairs and audit of club equipment. Need a repair and upgrade night. Agreed to be
        held when the club is off for the winter (3rd October 6pm) number of those present
-   27th October 1 & 2 star coaching (external coaching assessing) Dave Haliwell is running this
-   Time to listen vulnerable adult course (Penrith) sport England course required – currently
    club has members with this certificate, no expressions of intrest.
-   14th October Wavehopper race at Slenningford (contact details will be published on club
    information points
-   River tees heritage trust are doing a promotion at Preston park – available coaches require
    to promote the club – agreed that on this occasion STCC could not support due to the
    Ullswater weekend which most coaches were attending.
-   Sally had been nominated for a BCU Coaching Award all present agreed she deserved it

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