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Watch list
Macquarie Prime
About the watch list
The data displayed on the Macquarie Prime trading platform is sourced directly from the Australian Securities Exchange.
Prices displayed will replicate the price and liquidity of the underlying share on the exchange*.

All pricing on the trading platform is displayed in real-time so prices will update dynamically without the need to refresh
your screen*.

Launching a watch list
You can launch a watch list by clicking on the watch list icon on the toolbar or the drop down trading menu.
Customising your watch list                                        Watch list columns explained
To set up your customised watch list, select <new watch list>      Status: the shares current trading status. This will specify
from the dropdown list. You can easily add and remove              if the share is open or closed.
shares by using the relevant buttons found at the bottom of             Open: the market for this share is currently open, trades
the watch list screen.                                                  can be executed.
You can customise which columns you wish to view and their              Closed: the market for this share is currently closed, orders
order within the screen using the user preferences function             placed will be queued until the next trading session.
in Administration.
                                                                   Code: the ASX security code. You can use the search
                                                                   function to find the code for a particular share (search icon).
Adding a share to a watch list
                                                                   News: specifies that an announcement has been made
To add a share to a watch list, click on the add button, type
                                                                   by the company.
in the three letter ASX share code then click OK. If you know
a company name, but not the stock code or vice versa,              Bid$: the highest current buy price in the market.
click on the magnifying glass to search.
                                                                   Offer$: the highest current sell price in the market.
                                                                   Last$: the last price that the share traded.
                                                                   Change$: the difference between the current share price
                                                                   and the previous day’s closing price.
Removing a share from a watch list                                 Change%: the difference between the current share
Shares that are displayed in the watch list screen can be easily   price and the previous day’s closing price displayed
removed by clicking on the share to highlight and then clicking    as a percentage.
the remove button. Right click functionality can also be used      Open$: the first price the share traded at on that day.
to complete this task. Simply click on the share to highlight,
right click, then remove.                                          High$: the highest price the share traded at on that day.
                                                                   Low$: the lowest price the share traded at on that day.
Saving a watch list
                                                                   Volume: the amount of shares traded on that day.
To save a watch list, type in a name for the particular watch
list, then click the save icon. Saved watch lists can now be       Quote: the time that the data in the watch list for that share
selected from the dropdown list.                                   was last updated.

Deleting a watch list
To delete a saved watch list from the dropdown list, select the
watch list, then click on the delete icon.
Call 1800 187 434
or visit for more information

* The watch list software uses ASX Live Data Feed. Use of this feed will incur the usual ASX Royalty. Please note Macquarie provides no warranty or assurance that displayed prices will
always replicate the price and liquidity of the underlying share on the exchange and users should be aware that from time to time delays may be experienced.
The Macquarie Prime Facility, and the financial products offered through the Macquarie Prime Facility are provided by Macquarie Bank Limited (ABN 46 008 583 542 and AFSL 237502)
(‘Macquarie’) and are offered pursuant to the Macquarie Prime Facility Offer Documents, which may be amended or supplemented from time to time. You should read and consider the
relevant Offer Document and the terms and conditions governing the Macquarie Prime Facility before making any investment decision. Macquarie Prime is a service offered by Macquarie
Bank Limited and as such in not endorsed by any other person including the ASX.
Investments made through your Macquarie Prime Facility can be highly geared and can carry a high level of risk, and you may lose more than the capital you invested. None of Macquarie
or any member of the Macquarie group of companies guarantees the performance of any investments made through your Macquarie Prime Facility. Your potential liability under the
Macquarie Prime Facility is not limited to the balance deposited in your Prime Account or the value of Financial Instruments held through the Macquarie Prime Facility and we may ask
you to pay amounts in excess of these amounts to cover any outstanding monies, especially where you have a Short Position or are leveraged (eg. have a Loan Facility or hold CFDs).
This information contains factual information and some general advice and does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. Before making any investment decision
we recommend that you consider whether it is appropriate to your situation and seek appropriate financial, taxation and legal advice.
All information is correct at 15 August 2011 and subject to change without notice.

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