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									                    Young politicians to change India

India is a vast, renowned country and is the most populous country having a huge majority of
young educated people. In fact, nearly 50 percent of the population belongs to the under 25 years
age bracket and is being governed majority by over aged politicians, to the average age is 64 of
the Union council of ministers.

There is no doubt that age and experience go hand in hand in the cabinet, but it is creating a big
gap between those framing policies and the majority of young population.

It is time now for the ruling leadership to give serious thought to bringing more young faces so
that the cabinet has ministers at more acceptable levels.

India politics news is high in the air owing to the political dynasty. Though, young politicians in
India are in plenty of numbers, active politics dislike having their near ones in politics.

The overwhelming population majority is under the age group of 35. The emergence of India
reveals the paradox that the Indian political establishment appears similar to any exclusive
pensioners club.

The rift between the political class and the citizens is vast. The part of the problem is in the
hierarchical political tradition considering it to be the ultimate virtue. Unsurprisingly, the Indian
environment has a latest hostility to young and new comers.

The main political parties' attitude towards fresh talent is very much apathetic. Very few
grandees have shown the dignity to withdraw voluntarily as their prime is over. However, most
of them do not have any idea of stepping aside or taking the backbenches. This approach serves
individual interests more than the national interest.

India corruption news is from time immemorial in one way or the other. The inception started
with opportunistic leaders and corruption in India has also resulted due to connection between
criminals, politicians and bureaucrats. Now, corruption has become an open topic and bribes are
paid and taken that you can find corruption and bribery in various offers prevailing in the

Age is a vice and the government does not survive but for seasoned voices is acceptable. There
are veteran campaigners who are some best performers, yet the apparently missing factor is the
balance between experience and youth. The pity is no party shows signs of rectifying its
composition and leadership.

If one party is useless to promote younger generation, the other does not fare better. The
democratic monarchy is high in India, passing on the baton to their own seeds. It is high time that
the ruling leadership gives serious thought and brings young faces in the cabinet.

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