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									                  BROKER APPROVAL
 By filing one application with us,
 you will have access to the loan
     programs that will fit your      BROKER SUBMISSION CHECKLIST:
   borrower's needs. This one
application eliminates the need to
apply with more than one lender.        BROKER APPLICATION
   As a direct lender, Capstone
 Direct can efficiently fund loans,     BROKER APPLICATION - Complete and sign the application and include
                                        the documentation outlined in this checklist. Only complete applications
draw documents, and underwrite          will be processed. Enter all names with complete addresses, fax, e-mail,
 with ease. This process enables        city, state, and zip codes.
   Capstone to close your loans         BROKER ORIGINATION AGREEMENT - Complete by reading, dating, and
  promptly and effectively. The         signing the attached Broker Agreement.
  quality and ease of our system        W-9 REQUEST FOR TAXPAYER ID NUMBER - Complete the enclosed
  allows you to begin submitting        W-9 with all required information, sign and return to Capstone Direct, Inc.
loan applications for your clients      with all items on this checklist.

    during the broker approval          BROKER PLEDGE - COMMITMENT TO FAIR AND RESPONSIBLE
             process.                   LENDING - Complete by reading, dating, and signing the attached
                                        Commitment to Fair and Responsible Lending.

To become an approved broker in         LICENSES - Please provide all license(s) for the states you plan to
our network, please complete and        broker loans to Capstone Direct, Inc. Please be advised that Capstone
                                        currently does business in California ONLY, however, your licenses will
  submit all the necessary items
                                        be kept on file for future business. Copies of the state issued
below. If you have any questions        certificates are prefered, however a list of the state and license
 or need additional information,        numbers is satisfactory. If you are exempt from state licensing, a copy
                                        of your exemption letter is required.
   please contact your Account
 Executive or our main office at        ORGANIZATIONAL DOCUMENTS - Please submit all that apply: Articles
                                        of Incorporation, Articles of Organization, and Partnership Agreement.
          866.427.4827.                 (Names must match your application and license.)

                                        WHERE TO SEND COMPLETED PACKAGE - After completing your
      CAPSTONE DIRECT, INC.             application, reviewing the Application Submission Checklist and
                                        providing your executed Broker Agreement, W-9, Commitment to Fair and
   200 N. WESTLAKE BLVD., SUITE 105     Responsible Lending, License(s) and all other relevant documentation
     WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA 91362         required, send your completed package to:

       TOLL FREE 866.427.4827           E-Mail: OR
           FAX 805.496.4878             Fax: (805) 229-6823                  OR
    EMAIL         Mail: 200 N. Westlake Blvd., Suite 105, Westlake Village, CA 91362





TELEPHONE:                                                                FAX:

NAME OF PERSON FILING APPLICATION:                                        TITLE:


DATE INCORPORATED:                           COUNTY:                                     STATE:



    SOLE PROPRIETOR                  PARTNERSHIP                   CORPORATION                    LLC

    FEDERALLY                        STATE CHARTERED
    CHARTERED BANK                   BANK
BROKER OF RECORD (first, middle, last name):

SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER:                           DATE OF BIRTH:                  PERCENTAGE OF COMPANY OWNED:

HOME ADDRESS:                                                      CITY, STATE, ZIP:

PRINCIPAL OFFICER 1 (first, middle, last name):

SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER:                           DATE OF BIRTH:                  PERCENTAGE OF COMPANY OWNED:

HOME ADDRESS:                                                      CITY, STATE, ZIP:

PRINCIPAL OFFICER 2 (first, middle, last name):

SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER:                           DATE OF BIRTH:                  PERCENTAGE OF COMPANY OWNED:

HOME ADDRESS:                                                      CITY, STATE, ZIP:

PRINCIPAL OFFICER 3 (first, middle, last name):

SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER:                           DATE OF BIRTH:                  PERCENTAGE OF COMPANY OWNED:

HOME ADDRESS:                                                      CITY, STATE, ZIP:

PRINCIPAL OFFICER 4 (first, middle, last name):

SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER:                           DATE OF BIRTH:                   PERCENTAGE OF COMPANY OWNED:

HOME ADDRESS:                                                      CITY, STATE, ZIP:
LOAN OFFICER 1 (first, middle, last name):

PHONE NUMBER:                                EMAIL ADDRESS:

LOAN OFFICER 2 (first, middle, last name):

PHONE NUMBER:                                EMAIL ADDRESS:

LOAN OFFICER 3 (first, middle, last name):

PHONE NUMBER:                                EMAIL ADDRESS:

LOAN OFFICER 4 (first, middle, last name):

PHONE NUMBER:                                EMAIL ADDRESS:

LOAN OFFICER 5 (first, middle, last name):

PHONE NUMBER:                                EMAIL ADDRESS:

LOAN OFFICER 6 (first, middle, last name):

PHONE NUMBER:                                EMAIL ADDRESS:

LOAN OFFICER 7 (first, middle, last name):

PHONE NUMBER:                                EMAIL ADDRESS:

LOAN OFFICER 8 (first, middle, last name):

PHONE NUMBER:                                EMAIL ADDRESS:

LOAN OFFICER 9 (first, middle, last name):

PHONE NUMBER:                                EMAIL ADDRESS:
BANK REFERENCE:                                                  PHONE NUMBER:


LENDER REFERENCE 1:                                              PHONE NUMBER:


LENDER REFERENCE 2:                                              PHONE NUMBER:


LENDER REFERENCE 2:                                              PHONE NUMBER:










   CAPSTONE E-MAIL                FAX                         INTERNET                      LOS SYSTEM

   PRINT AD                       SALES PERSON                TRADESHOW                     OTHER
1. Primary geographic origination areas:

2. Prior year origination volume:

3. Year-to-date origination volume:

4. Origination source (retail/broker):

STATE:                                     LICENSE TYPE:

LICENSE NUMBER:                            EXPIRATION DATE:

STATE:                                     LICENSE TYPE:

LICENSE NUMBER:                            EXPIRATION DATE:

STATE:                                     LICENSE TYPE:

LICENSE NUMBER:                            EXPIRATION DATE:

STATE:                                     LICENSE TYPE:

LICENSE NUMBER:                            EXPIRATION DATE:

STATE:                                     LICENSE TYPE:

LICENSE NUMBER:                            EXPIRATION DATE:

STATE:                                     LICENSE TYPE:

LICENSE NUMBER:                            EXPIRATION DATE:



STREET ADDRESS:                                                                                    SUITE:


TELEPHONE:                                                    FAX:

LICENSE NUMBER:                                               STATE:                     EXP. DATE:

MAIN CONTACT:                                                 EMAIL:


STREET ADDRESS:                                                                                    SUITE:


TELEPHONE:                                                    FAX:

LICENSE NUMBER:                                               STATE:                     EXP. DATE:

MAIN CONTACT:                                                 EMAIL:


STREET ADDRESS:                                                                                    SUITE:


TELEPHONE:                                                    FAX:

LICENSE NUMBER:                                               STATE:                     EXP. DATE:

MAIN CONTACT:                                                 EMAIL:
1. Has your company ever been suspended from selling or servicing mortgages? If yes, please provide a detailed explanation (use a seperate
sheet if necessary):

                                                               YES                      NO

2. Has your company, its principals or officers, been named as defendant in a lawsuit for alleged fraud or misrepresentation? If yes, please
provide a detailed explanation (use a seperate sheet if necessary):

                                                               YES                      NO

3. Has your company ever been involved or is currently involved in any litigation? If yes, please provide a detailed explanation (use a seperate
sheet if necessary):

                                                               YES                      NO

4. Has your company, its principals or officers, been named as defendant in a criminal proceeding/complaint/conviction for alleged fraud or
misrepresentation? If yes, please provide a detailed explanation (use a seperate sheet if necessary):

                                                               YES                      NO

5. Has your company, its principals or officers, filed for protection from creditors under any provision of he bankruptcy laws or made an
assignment for the benefit of creditors within the past seven years? If yes, please provide a detailed explanation (use a seperate sheet if

                                                               YES                      NO

6. Has your company, its principals or officers, ever had a real estate, lending, or other professional license suspended or revoked, or received
any other disciplinary action from a regulatory agency? If yes, please provide a detailed explanation (use a seperate sheet if necessary):

                                                               YES                       NO

7. Has any lender enforced, or attemped to enforce, the Hold Harmless, Indemnification, or Repurchase clause of their correspondent or broker
agreement with your company, its principals or officers, or any entity affiliated with your company, its principals or officers? If yes, please
provide a detailed explanation (use a seperate sheet if necessary):

                                                               YES                      NO

8. Has your company, its principals or officers, ever been the subject of any disciplinary action or regulatory sanction for violation of any fair
lending, fair housing or non-discrimination laws or regulations? If yes, please provide a detailed explanation (use a seperate sheet if necessary):

                                                               YES                      NO
I hearby certify the information contained in this application is true and correct in all respects. I hearby authorize Capstone
Direct, Inc. to obtain verification of the above information from any source named herein, from any credit reporting agency,
and from any other source appropriate in evaluating my fitness (and that of the business identified above) as a Wholesale
Mortgage Broker. Social security numbers of the identified company officers will not be used to run a credit report, however
they are necessary as a means to verify identity. Such verifications may be obtained in connection with my initial approval as a
Wholesale Mortgage Broker and as a part of any subsequent review required by Capstone as part of our continuing
acceptability as a Wholesale Mortgage Broker.

SIGNATURE:                                                                                          DATE:

NAME (Please Print):                                                                       TITLE:

Please be sure to return this page along with the rest of the application, the Broker Agreement, and the W-9 form.

Thank you,

Capstone Direct, Inc.
                                             CAPSTONE DIRECT
                                            BROKER AGREEMENT

This Broker Agreement ("Agreement") is entered into on                                   20         by and between CAPSTONE DIRECT, INC.

("Lender"), and                                 DBA:                                 , ("Broker") with reference to the following:

   A. The parties wish to establish a relationship whereby Broker will, from time to time and at its option, submit completed application
packages for mortgage loans ("Loans") to Lender on behalf of Broker's clients ("Borrowers") for possible funding.
   B. It is not the intent of the parties for Broker to submit FHA/HUD insured loans pursuant to this agreement.
   C. The parties now desire to enter this Agreement to set forth the terms of their relationship.

   NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the foregoing premises and the mutual covenants and agreements hereinafter set forth, the
parties hereto agree as follows:

   1. General Broker Responsibility Fees. Broker will at Broker's sole expense perform those services referenced in Section 3.9
below in addition to providing such information as Lender may reasonably request to assist Banker in marketing the loans to secondary
market investors in consideration for fees as set forth payable by the Borrower. Such fees may be paid in whole or part by Borrower
and/or by Lender, provided, that no fees shall be payable to Broker which have not been fully disclosed to, and approved by, both
Lender and Borrower. The contents of all Loan package and other information submitted to Lender shall become the property of Lender
upon Loan closing, and all information contained therein may be subject to Lender's independent verification. No fee shall be owed to
Broker on account of any proposed Loan which is not funded and closed, and Lender shall have no obligation under this Agreement to
Broker if a Loan fails to close and fund, for whatever reason except that Lender will fund any loans submitted to Lender by Broker, which
conform within its reasonable discretion with its lending criteria, policies and guidelines then in effect ("Lending Criteria").

    2. Loan Approval. Lender shall make available to Broker product descriptions of the various wholesale lending programs being
offered by Lender from time to time. Such descriptions shall not be binding upon Lender. Loan approval shall be within Lender's Lending
Criteria. Broker shall not represent to any party that Lender has approved or will approve any Loan until Broker is so informed by Lender
in writing. All Loans shall close in Lender's name. Appraisers and their qualifications must be approved in advance by Lender. However,
such approval does not ensure that Lender will not review or rewrite any appraisal submitted to it.

   3. Broker's Warranties. Broker represents, warrants and covenants to Lender, as of (i) the time any Loan package is submitted to
Lender, and (ii) as of the time the Loan is funded and closed through the life of the Loan, that:

          3.1 Authority and Capacity. Broker is a duly organized and validly existing entity in good standing under applicable laws of the
state of California or other states in which it is engaged in the business of brokering or originating mortgage loans, and in such state that it
has the requisite authority and capacity to enter into this Agreement and this Agreement has been duly authorized, executed and delivered
by Broker and constitutes a valid and binding obligation of Broker, enforceable in accordance with its terms. Broker's compliance with the
terms and conditions of this Agreement will not violate any provisions of its charter documents, any instrument relating to the conduct of its
business, or any other agreement, law or regulation to which it may be a party or under which it may be governed.

          3.2 No Untrue Statements. None of the statements or information contained in any document submitted with or included as part
of an application package, or in any document reviewed in connection with Lender's underwriting decision, contains or will contain any
misleading, false or erroneous statements, or omit facts necessary to make such statements or information accurate and understandable
in every respect.

         3.3 Absence of Claims. There is not pending or threatened any suit, action, arbitration, or legal, administrative, or other
proceeding or investigation (including an allegation of fraud by another lender) against Broker or its current or former owners, agents, or
employees which could have an adverse effect on the Broker's business, assets, financial condition, or reputation, or upon any Loan
submitted for funding by Lender.

         3.4 Control of Document. No Borrower shall have had in its direct or indirect possession or control any credit, income, or
deposit verification document submitted to Lender with respect to any Loan.

         3.5 Duly Licensed. Broker pssesses all necessary approvals, licenses, permits, and authority to execute and deliver this
Agreement and to engage in the activities contemplated by this Agreement, and Broker is in full compliance in all respects, and in good
standing, with all regulatory and supervisory agencies having jurisdiction over Broker.
          3.6 Ownership. Broker has no direct or indirect ownership interest in any property acting as security for the Loan.

          3.7 Compliance with Laws. Broker and each other person involved in the Loan transaction has complied and will comply with all
applicable state and federal laws and regulations, with respect to the Loans and the activities of Broker. The Broker and each other
person involved in the Loan transaction is in full compliance in all respects with all rules and regulations of all real estate and mortgage
lending regulatory and supervisory agencies as are applicable to Broker and such person(s). Broker covenants to maintain all licenses
and approvals on a current basis and to keep itself in good standing with such agencies. Broker further covenants to notify Lender
immediately upon the suspension, revocation, expiration or other termination of any licenses or approvals, or the taking of any action by
any such agency against Broker or such person(s) which could adversely affect the Broker's licenses and approvals. Broker will provide
any necessary affiliated business arrangements disclosure to Borrower required by the Real Estate Settlement and Procedures Act.

        3.8 Fees. Any fees (and the amount of such fees) imposed by Broker upon Borrower have been determined by negotiations
between Borrower and Broker. The total fees to be received by Broker have been seperately itemized and fully disclosed to Borrower
and Lender.

          3.9 Services to Borrower. At all times during the term of this Agreement, with respect to each Borrower whose application has
been submitted to Lender, Broker has observed and shall observe and fully discharge the duties owed by mortgage brokers to their clients
under applicable law. In addition to having assisted Borrower in the completion of his or her loan application, Broker has fully and
satisfactorily performed at least five (5) of the services set forth in Exhibit "A" to this Agreement. All services were performed and in
accordance with accepted and customary standards in the mortgage lending industry generally, and Broker is not aware of any dispute or
claim by any borrower that all such services were not fully and satisfactorily performed.

          3.10 High Cost Mortgages. With respect to any Loan that is subject to the provisions of Section 226.31 amd Section 226.32 of
Regulation Z implementing the Federal Truth-in-Lending Act, prior to the date of Broker's submission of Borrower's completed Loan
application package to Lender, Broker has delivered a complete and accurate notice which satisfies all requirements of Sections 226.31
and 226.32 of Regulation Z. Broker has reviewed and analyzed Borrower's credit, income, debts and financial condition, discussed the
results of its review and analysis with the Borrower and, based upon such review, analysis and discussion; Broker has a reasonable
basis to believe that Borrower has the ability to repay the Loan in accordance with its terms. The Borrower has not signed a letter
indicating, or otherwise notified Broker, that Borrower is unable to repay the Loan in accordance with its terms.

   4. Status of Broker. Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed as the Broker being deemed a joint venturer, partner,
representative, employee or agent of Lender. Broker shall not hold itself out as such, nor shall it use Lender's name in any advertising.
Broker's decision to submit application packages to Lender has been made in consultation with Borrower.

   5. Broker's Indemnification. Broker shall indemnify and hold Lender and its affiliates, shareholders, directors, officers, agents,
employees, successors, and assigns harmless from and against, and shall reimburse the same with respect to, any and all loses,
damages, demands, claims, liabilities, costs, and expenses, including reasonable attorneys fees, (collectively "Losses") from any cause
whatsoever, incurred by reason of or arising out of or in connection with, (a) any breach of any agreement, covenant, representation or
warranty contained in this Agreement; (b) Broker's failure to perform any obligation hereunder, (c) any claim by a Borrower resulting from
Lender's lawful or refusal to fund a Loan; or (d) any claim by any third party that Broker is a joint venturer, partner, representative,
employee or agent of, or otherwise associated or affiliated with, Lender. Broker's obligation to indemnify Lender under this Agreement
shall arise upon Lender's incurring a Loss.

    6. Lender's Rights. Broker's obligation to fully indemnify Lender under this Agreement shall not be affected by Lender taking any of
the following actions with or without notice to Broker (a) liquidation, repayment, retirement, or sale or resale of any Loan, (b) foreclosure
of any Loan, or (c) sale or resale of the property securing any Loan.

    7. Disclosure of Information. Broker acknowledges and agrees that Lender may report to appropriate state or federal regulatory
authorities or law enforcement agencies instances of Broker making any misstatement in connection with a Loan, or Broker's knowingly
aiding a Borrower or any other party involved in the Loan transaction to do the same. In addition, Broker shall make prompt, timely, full,
accurate and truthful disclosures to Lender of all facts, information and documentation which Broker may know, suspect, or have notice
of, which could affect or has affected the validity, collectibility, collateral value, security, and enforceablility of any Loan brokered by
Broker for funding by Lender.

   8. Term of Agreement. This Agreement may be terminated at any time by written notice by the terminating party. Said termination will
not affect the righs or duties of the parties as to any loans brokered hereunder.

   9. Governing Law. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of the state of California.

   10. Miscellaneous.

          10.1 Right to Offset. Amounts owed by Broker to Lender under this Agreement may, at Lender's option and in its sole discretion,
be offset by Lender against any payments then or thereafter owed by Lender to Broker.
          10.2 Notices. All notices required hereunder shall be in writing and shall be deemed to have been given, made, and received
only (a) upon delivery, if personally delivered to a party; (b) one business day after the date of dispatch, if by facsimile transmission or
electronic transmission; (c) one business day after deposit, if delivered by a nationally recognized courier service offering guaranteed
overnight delivery; or (d) three business days after deposit in the United States first class mail, certified mail, postage prepaid, return
receipt requested, to the address appearing on the signature page of this Agreement.

          10.3 Attorney's Fees. If any legal action or other proceeding is brought for the enforcement of this Agreement, or because of an
alleged dispute, breach, default, or misrepresentation in connection with any of the provisions of this Agreement, the prevailing party or
parties shall be entitled to attorneys' fees and other costs incurred in that action or proceeding, in addition to any other relief to which it or
they may be entitled.

           10.4 Assignment. Broker may not assign this Agreement or its duties hereunder.

          10.5 Entire Agreement; Amendment. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes all
prior and contemporaneous agreements, representations, and understandings. No supplement modification, or amendment shall be binding
unless executed in writing by both parties.

          10.6 Waivers or Remedies. Failure or delay to exercise any right or remedy available under this Agreement or at law or equity,
shall not act as a waiver of any other right or remedy, nor shall any single or partial exercise of any right preclude any other or further
exercise thereof. No waiver of any of the provisions of this Agreement shall be deemed, or shall constitute, a waiver of any other
provision, whether or not similar, nor shall any waiver constitute a continuing waiver. No waiver shall be binding unless executed in
writing by the party making the waiver. All remedies shall be cumulative and nonexclusive.

         10.7 Partial Invalidity. If any provision of this Agreement is held invalid, void, or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall
nevertheless continue in full force and effect.

          10.8 Futher Assurances. Each party shall perform any further acts and execute and deliver any documents that may be
reasonably necessary to carry out the provisions of this Agreement. In the event any borrower(s) exercises his, her or their right of
rescission, Broker shall promptly pay to Lender or Funding Lender all amounts collected by Broker from Borrower in connection with the
Loan, except where such amounts were disbursed by Broker to third party service providers.

          10.9 No Solicitation. Loans originated by Broker for funding by Lender shall not be solicitated by Broker for Loans for a period
of 12 months from the date the Loan is funded by Lender. Borrowers requesting a loan from Broker within the 12-month period must be
referred to Lender.

          10.10 Blast Fax Policy. As an Approved Broker, Capstone will blast fax to you in some capacity. It is our intent to supply your
company with rate sheets, flyers, special rates and other announcements in a manner that is helpful to your business. To insure that you
are in agreement with our current blast faxing to your company, we want to make you aware of the methods in which you can be
removed from our distribution list. (a) E-Mail (b) Phone your branch. There is a toll-free number on all faxed
correspondence. Your local branch can also be found on our website at (c) Fax item to (805) 496-4878 with
"Remove from fax" written on it along with the fax number to be removed.

    IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have caused their duly authorized representatives to execute this Broker Agreement as of the date
first set forth above.

Broker Business Name:                                                           Lender:                CAPSTONE DIRECT, INC.

License No.:

Expiration Date:

Address:                                                                        Address:               200 N. Westlake Blvd., Suite 105

City, State, Zip:                                                               City, State, Zip:      Westlake Village, CA 91362

Telephone:                                                                      Telephone:             (866) 427-4827

Fax:                                                                            Fax:                   (805) 469-4878

By (Please Print):                                                              By (Please Print):

Signature:                                                                      Signature:

Title:                                            Date:                         Title:                                              Date:

       (a) Taking information from the applicant and filling out the application. Filling out a prospective borrower's worksheet may
substitute for the act of filling out a mortgage loan application if, for reasons of efficiency, the lender prefers to have the actual
application filled out in a central location.

      (b) Analyzing the applicant's income and debt and prequalifying the borrower to determine the maximum amount the applicant
can afford.

     (c) Educating the borrower in the home-buying and financing process, advising the borrower about the different types of loan
products available, and demonstrating how closing costs and monthly payments would vary under each product.

      (d) Collecting financial information (for example, tax returns, bank statements) and other related documents that are part of the
application process.

      (e) Initiating or ordering verifications of employment (VOEs) and verifications of deposit (VODs).

      (f) Initiating or ordering requests for mortgage and other loan verifications.

      (g) Initiating or ordering appraisals.

      (h) Initiating or ordering inspections or engineering reports.

      (i) Providing required legal disclosures (Truth-in-Lending, Good Faith Estimate, others) to the applicant.

      (j) Assisting the applicant in understanding and clearing credit problems.

      (k) Maintaining regular contact with the applicant, real estate broker or salesperson, and lender, between application and closing
to apprise them of the status of the application and to gather any additional information as needed.

      (l) Ordering legal documents.

      (m) Determining whether the secured property is located in a flood zone or ordering flood determination.

      (n) Participating in the loan closing.
        Doing the Right Thing is the core value of Capstone. Any act of discrimination violates Capstone's policy and its corporate
philosophy of doing business. Our stand on nondiscrimination is absolute; there is zero tolerance for any discriminatory act or
behavior. Treating everyone fairly, and making decisions based solely on creditworthiness is Doing the Right Thing, plain and simple.
It is our policy and our practice to comply fully with the letter and spirit of fair lending and all other laws regulating our industry.
        We expect all brokers to fully understand fair lending practices and to deal fairly and equally with all loan applicants. We insist
that all negotiations be in good faith and without bias. We require that the letter and the spirit of fair lending practices, the following
Federal laws, and all statutes governing lending and equal rights be complied within each jurisdiction that the broker conducts

                   LAW                                                                    SUMMARY
                                             Prohibits discrimination in lending based on prohibited factors (race, color, religion, national
                                             origin, handicap, familial status, gender, and age). Also prohibits practices such as
        Fair Housing Act (FHA)               redlining, making excessively low appraisals, use of subjective or non-reviewable criteria,
                                             creating and exploiting a racially exclusive image, expressing intent to discriminate, and
                                             discriminating against women.
                                             Prohibits discouraging applications and limits the manner in which lenders can inquire about
                                             marital status, spouses, former spouses, alimony and child support. Also establishes
Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA)          requirements for lenders such as providing copies of appraisals, providing appropriate
                                             disclosures and preserving records from the application transaction.
                                             Regulates the activities of reporting agencies and the users of credit information and protects
                                             indivuduals from invasion of privacy and the dissemination of false or inaccurate information.
  Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)
                                             Requires disclosures when adverse action is taken.
                                             Requires lenders to collect certain information about the loans they make so the government
   Home Mortgage Disclosure Act              can track applications and ensure lenders are taking and approving applications equally for
              (HMDA)                         all groups of people.

                                             Requires the disclosure of information about the lender, amount financed, and finance
                                             charge, payments, security and interest rate. Also establishes that borrowers have a right to
     Truth in Lending Act (TILA)             rescind most loans secured by their primary residence within three business days of loan
                                             Requires lenders to provide advance disclosure information on loan settlement procedures
                                             and costs. Also regulates the ways in which referrals between companies can be made and
 Real Estate Settlement Procedures
                                             establishes parameters for the amount of money borrowers are required to place in an
             Act (RESPA)
                                             escrow account established for taxes and insurance.
                                             Establishes parameters regarding the manner in which telemarketing can be conducted.
                                             Specifies times during which telemarketing is permitted, information that must be disclosed
      Telemarketing Sales Rule               to consumers during telemarketing, and that records must be kept of telemarketing

As a condition of entering into and maintaining a business relationship with Capstone Direct, Inc., the undersigned: (1) acknowledges
understanding of Capstone's fair lending policy (2) agrees to comply with the letter and spirit of all Federal, State, and local licensing,
lending, disclosure, and consumer protection laws; (3) agrees to educate its principals, employees, affiliates, and agents about fair
lending practices and the above laws; and (4) agrees to advise Capstone immediately upon ascertaining any violation of the above laws
by principals, employees, affiliates, thrid-party service providers or agents.

Broker Company:                                                                            License Number:

Broker of Record:                                                                          Date:

Broker/Owner Signature:
(Rev. November 2005)
                                       W-9                                          Request for Taxpayer                                                       Give form to the
                                                                                                                                                               requester. Do not
Department of the Treasury
                                                                          Identification Number and Certification                                              send to the IRS.
Internal Revenue Service
                                       Name (as shown on your income tax return)
See Specific Instructions on page 2.

                                       Business name, if different from above
           Print or type

                                                                    Individual/                                                                                     Exempt from backup
                                                                                         Corporation       Partnership   Other
                                       Check appropriate box:       Sole proprietor                                                                                 withholding
                                       Address (number, street, and apt. or suite no.)                                            Requester’s name and address (optional)

                                       City, state, and ZIP code

                                       List account number(s) here (optional)

      Part I                                 Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)

Enter your TIN in the appropriate box. The TIN provided must match the name given on Line 1 to avoid                                         Social security number
backup withholding. For individuals, this is your social security number (SSN). However, for a resident                                                  –           –
alien, sole proprietor, or disregarded entity, see the Part I instructions on page 3. For other entities, it is
your employer identification number (EIN). If you do not have a number, see How to get a TIN on page 3.                                                         or
Note. If the account is in more than one name, see the chart on page 4 for guidelines on whose                                               Employer identification number
number to enter.                                                                                                                                    –
      Part II                                Certification
Under penalties of perjury, I certify that:
1. The number shown on this form is my correct taxpayer identification number (or I am waiting for a number to be issued to me), and
2. I am not subject to backup withholding because: (a) I am exempt from backup withholding, or (b) I have not been notified by the Internal
   Revenue Service (IRS) that I am subject to backup withholding as a result of a failure to report all interest or dividends, or (c) the IRS has
   notified me that I am no longer subject to backup withholding, and
3. I am a U.S. person (including a U.S. resident alien).
Certification instructions. You must cross out item 2 above if you have been notified by the IRS that you are currently subject to backup
withholding because you have failed to report all interest and dividends on your tax return. For real estate transactions, item 2 does not apply.
For mortgage interest paid, acquisition or abandonment of secured property, cancellation of debt, contributions to an individual retirement
arrangement (IRA), and generally, payments other than interest and dividends, you are not required to sign the Certification, but you must
provide your correct TIN. (See the instructions on page 4.)

Sign                                       Signature of
Here                                       U.S. person                                                                           Date

Purpose of Form                                                                                              ● An individual who is a citizen or resident of the United
A person who is required to file an information return with the                                              States,
IRS, must obtain your correct taxpayer identification number                                                 ● A partnership, corporation, company, or association
(TIN) to report, for example, income paid to you, real estate                                                created or organized in the United States or under the laws
transactions, mortgage interest you paid, acquisition or                                                     of the United States, or
abandonment of secured property, cancellation of debt, or                                                    ● Any estate (other than a foreign estate) or trust. See
contributions you made to an IRA.                                                                            Regulations sections 301.7701-6(a) and 7(a) for additional
U.S. person. Use Form W-9 only if you are a U.S. person                                                      information.
(including a resident alien), to provide your correct TIN to the                                             Special rules for partnerships. Partnerships that conduct a
person requesting it (the requester) and, when applicable, to:                                               trade or business in the United States are generally required
   1. Certify that the TIN you are giving is correct (or you are                                             to pay a withholding tax on any foreign partners’ share of
waiting for a number to be issued),                                                                          income from such business. Further, in certain cases where a
   2. Certify that you are not subject to backup withholding, or                                             Form W-9 has not been received, a partnership is required to
                                                                                                             presume that a partner is a foreign person, and pay the
   3. Claim exemption from backup withholding if you are a                                                   withholding tax. Therefore, if you are a U.S. person that is a
U.S. exempt payee.                                                                                           partner in a partnership conducting a trade or business in the
   In 3 above, if applicable, you are also certifying that as a                                              United States, provide Form W-9 to the partnership to
U.S. person, your allocable share of any partnership income                                                  establish your U.S. status and avoid withholding on your
from a U.S. trade or business is not subject to the                                                          share of partnership income.
withholding tax on foreign partners’ share of effectively
connected income.                                                                                              The person who gives Form W-9 to the partnership for
                                                                                                             purposes of establishing its U.S. status and avoiding
Note. If a requester gives you a form other than Form W-9 to                                                 withholding on its allocable share of net income from the
request your TIN, you must use the requester’s form if it is                                                 partnership conducting a trade or business in the United
substantially similar to this Form W-9.                                                                      States is in the following cases:
   For federal tax purposes, you are considered a person if you                                              ● The U.S. owner of a disregarded entity and not the entity,
                                                                                                   Cat. No. 10231X                                           Form    W-9   (Rev. 11-2005)
Form W-9 (Rev. 11-2005)                                                                                                         Page   2
● The U.S. grantor or other owner of a grantor trust and not            3. The IRS tells the requester that you furnished an
the trust, and                                                       incorrect TIN,
● The U.S. trust (other than a grantor trust) and not the               4. The IRS tells you that you are subject to backup
beneficiaries of the trust.                                          withholding because you did not report all your interest and
Foreign person. If you are a foreign person, do not use              dividends on your tax return (for reportable interest and
Form W-9. Instead, use the appropriate Form W-8 (see                 dividends only), or
Publication 515, Withholding of Tax on Nonresident Aliens               5. You do not certify to the requester that you are not
and Foreign Entities).                                               subject to backup withholding under 4 above (for reportable
                                                                     interest and dividend accounts opened after 1983 only).
Nonresident alien who becomes a resident alien.
Generally, only a nonresident alien individual may use the              Certain payees and payments are exempt from backup
terms of a tax treaty to reduce or eliminate U.S. tax on             withholding. See the instructions below and the separate
certain types of income. However, most tax treaties contain a        Instructions for the Requester of Form W-9.
provision known as a “saving clause.” Exceptions specified              Also see Special rules regarding partnerships on page 1.
in the saving clause may permit an exemption from tax to
continue for certain types of income even after the recipient        Penalties
has otherwise become a U.S. resident alien for tax purposes.         Failure to furnish TIN. If you fail to furnish your correct TIN
    If you are a U.S. resident alien who is relying on an            to a requester, you are subject to a penalty of $50 for each
exception contained in the saving clause of a tax treaty to          such failure unless your failure is due to reasonable cause
claim an exemption from U.S. tax on certain types of income,         and not to willful neglect.
you must attach a statement to Form W-9 that specifies the           Civil penalty for false information with respect to
following five items:                                                withholding. If you make a false statement with no
    1. The treaty country. Generally, this must be the same          reasonable basis that results in no backup withholding, you
treaty under which you claimed exemption from tax as a               are subject to a $500 penalty.
nonresident alien.                                                   Criminal penalty for falsifying information. Willfully
   2. The treaty article addressing the income.                      falsifying certifications or affirmations may subject you to
    3. The article number (or location) in the tax treaty that       criminal penalties including fines and/or imprisonment.
contains the saving clause and its exceptions.                       Misuse of TINs. If the requester discloses or uses TINs in
    4. The type and amount of income that qualifies for the          violation of federal law, the requester may be subject to civil
exemption from tax.                                                  and criminal penalties.
    5. Sufficient facts to justify the exemption from tax under
the terms of the treaty article.                                     Specific Instructions
    Example. Article 20 of the U.S.-China income tax treaty          Name
allows an exemption from tax for scholarship income
received by a Chinese student temporarily present in the             If you are an individual, you must generally enter the name
United States. Under U.S. law, this student will become a            shown on your income tax return. However, if you have
resident alien for tax purposes if his or her stay in the United     changed your last name, for instance, due to marriage
States exceeds 5 calendar years. However, paragraph 2 of             without informing the Social Security Administration of the
the first Protocol to the U.S.-China treaty (dated April 30,         name change, enter your first name, the last name shown on
1984) allows the provisions of Article 20 to continue to apply       your social security card, and your new last name.
even after the Chinese student becomes a resident alien of               If the account is in joint names, list first, and then circle,
the United States. A Chinese student who qualifies for this          the name of the person or entity whose number you entered
exception (under paragraph 2 of the first protocol) and is           in Part I of the form.
relying on this exception to claim an exemption from tax on          Sole proprietor. Enter your individual name as shown on
his or her scholarship or fellowship income would attach to          your income tax return on the “Name” line. You may enter
Form W-9 a statement that includes the information                   your business, trade, or “doing business as (DBA)” name on
described above to support that exemption.                           the “Business name” line.
    If you are a nonresident alien or a foreign entity not subject   Limited liability company (LLC). If you are a single-member
to backup withholding, give the requester the appropriate            LLC (including a foreign LLC with a domestic owner) that is
completed Form W-8.                                                  disregarded as an entity separate from its owner under
What is backup withholding? Persons making certain                   Treasury regulations section 301.7701-3, enter the owner’s
payments to you must under certain conditions withhold and           name on the “Name” line. Enter the LLC’s name on the
pay to the IRS 28% of such payments (after December 31,              “Business name” line. Check the appropriate box for your
2002). This is called “backup withholding.” Payments that            filing status (sole proprietor, corporation, etc.), then check
may be subject to backup withholding include interest,               the box for “Other” and enter “LLC” in the space provided.
dividends, broker and barter exchange transactions, rents,           Other entities. Enter your business name as shown on
royalties, nonemployee pay, and certain payments from                required federal tax documents on the “Name” line. This
fishing boat operators. Real estate transactions are not             name should match the name shown on the charter or other
subject to backup withholding.                                       legal document creating the entity. You may enter any
    You will not be subject to backup withholding on payments        business, trade, or DBA name on the “Business name” line.
you receive if you give the requester your correct TIN, make         Note. You are requested to check the appropriate box for
the proper certifications, and report all your taxable interest      your status (individual/sole proprietor, corporation, etc.).
and dividends on your tax return.
Payments you receive will be subject to backup                       Exempt From Backup Withholding
withholding if:                                                      If you are exempt, enter your name as described above and
    1. You do not furnish your TIN to the requester,                 check the appropriate box for your status, then check the
    2. You do not certify your TIN when required (see the Part       “Exempt from backup withholding” box in the line following
II instructions on page 4 for details),                              the business name, sign and date the form.
Form W-9 (Rev. 11-2005)                                                                                                                     Page   3
  Generally, individuals (including sole proprietors) are not                       Part I. Taxpayer Identification
exempt from backup withholding. Corporations are exempt
from backup withholding for certain payments, such as                               Number (TIN)
interest and dividends.                                                             Enter your TIN in the appropriate box. If you are a resident
Note. If you are exempt from backup withholding, you                                alien and you do not have and are not eligible to get an SSN,
should still complete this form to avoid possible erroneous                         your TIN is your IRS individual taxpayer identification number
backup withholding.                                                                 (ITIN). Enter it in the social security number box. If you do
                                                                                    not have an ITIN, see How to get a TIN below.
Exempt payees. Backup withholding is not required on any
payments made to the following payees:                                                 If you are a sole proprietor and you have an EIN, you may
                                                                                    enter either your SSN or EIN. However, the IRS prefers that
   1. An organization exempt from tax under section 501(a),                         you use your SSN.
any IRA, or a custodial account under section 403(b)(7) if the
account satisfies the requirements of section 401(f)(2),                               If you are a single-owner LLC that is disregarded as an
                                                                                    entity separate from its owner (see Limited liability company
   2. The United States or any of its agencies or                                   (LLC) on page 2), enter your SSN (or EIN, if you have one). If
instrumentalities,                                                                  the LLC is a corporation, partnership, etc., enter the entity’s
   3. A state, the District of Columbia, a possession of the                        EIN.
United States, or any of their political subdivisions or
                                                                                    Note. See the chart on page 4 for further clarification of
                                                                                    name and TIN combinations.
   4. A foreign government or any of its political subdivisions,
agencies, or instrumentalities, or                                                  How to get a TIN. If you do not have a TIN, apply for one
                                                                                    immediately. To apply for an SSN, get Form SS-5,
   5. An international organization or any of its agencies or                       Application for a Social Security Card, from your local Social
instrumentalities.                                                                  Security Administration office or get this form online at
   Other payees that may be exempt from backup                             You may also get this form by
withholding include:                                                                calling 1-800-772-1213. Use Form W-7, Application for IRS
   6. A corporation,                                                                Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, to apply for an
   7. A foreign central bank of issue,                                              ITIN, or Form SS-4, Application for Employer Identification
   8. A dealer in securities or commodities required to register                    Number, to apply for an EIN. You can apply for an EIN online
in the United States, the District of Columbia, or a                                by accessing the IRS website at and
possession of the United States,                                                    clicking on Employer ID Numbers under Related Topics. You
   9. A futures commission merchant registered with the                             can get Forms W-7 and SS-4 from the IRS by visiting
Commodity Futures Trading Commission,                                      or by calling 1-800-TAX-FORM
  10. A real estate investment trust,                                                  If you are asked to complete Form W-9 but do not have a
   11. An entity registered at all times during the tax year                        TIN, write “Applied For” in the space for the TIN, sign and
under the Investment Company Act of 1940,                                           date the form, and give it to the requester. For interest and
   12. A common trust fund operated by a bank under                                 dividend payments, and certain payments made with respect
section 584(a),                                                                     to readily tradable instruments, generally you will have 60
                                                                                    days to get a TIN and give it to the requester before you are
  13. A financial institution,                                                      subject to backup withholding on payments. The 60-day rule
   14. A middleman known in the investment community as a                           does not apply to other types of payments. You will be
nominee or custodian, or                                                            subject to backup withholding on all such payments until you
   15. A trust exempt from tax under section 664 or                                 provide your TIN to the requester.
described in section 4947.                                                          Note. Writing “Applied For” means that you have already
   The chart below shows types of payments that may be                              applied for a TIN or that you intend to apply for one soon.
exempt from backup withholding. The chart applies to the                            Caution: A disregarded domestic entity that has a foreign
exempt recipients listed above, 1 through 15.                                       owner must use the appropriate Form W-8.
IF the payment is for . . .                 THEN the payment is exempt
                                            for . . .

Interest and dividend payments              All exempt recipients except
                                            for 9

Broker transactions                         Exempt recipients 1 through 13.
                                            Also, a person registered under
                                            the Investment Advisers Act of
                                            1940 who regularly acts as a

Barter exchange transactions                Exempt recipients 1 through 5
and patronage dividends

Payments over $600 required                 Generally, exempt recipients
to be reported and direct                   1 through 7
sales over $5,000 1
    See Form 1099-MISC, Miscellaneous Income, and its instructions.
    However, the following payments made to a corporation (including gross
    proceeds paid to an attorney under section 6045(f), even if the attorney is a
    corporation) and reportable on Form 1099-MISC are not exempt from
    backup withholding: medical and health care payments, attorneys’ fees; and
    payments for services paid by a federal executive agency.
Form W-9 (Rev. 11-2005)                                                                                                                         Page      4
Part II. Certification                                               What Name and Number To Give the
To establish to the withholding agent that you are a U.S.            Requester
person, or resident alien, sign Form W-9. You may be
                                                                     For this type of account:                   Give name and SSN of:
requested to sign by the withholding agent even if items 1, 4,
and 5 below indicate otherwise.                                          1. Individual                           The individual
   For a joint account, only the person whose TIN is shown in            2. Two or more individuals (joint       The actual owner of the account
Part I should sign (when required). Exempt recipients, see                  account)                             or, if combined funds, the first
Exempt From Backup Withholding on page 2.                                                                        individual on the account 1
Signature requirements. Complete the certification as                    3. Custodian account of a minor         The minor 2
indicated in 1 through 5 below.                                             (Uniform Gift to Minors Act)
                                                                         4. a. The usual revocable               The grantor-trustee
  1. Interest, dividend, and barter exchange accounts                          savings trust (grantor is
opened before 1984 and broker accounts considered                              also trustee)
active during 1983. You must give your correct TIN, but you                 b. So-called trust account           The actual owner       1

do not have to sign the certification.                                         that is not a legal or valid
   2. Interest, dividend, broker, and barter exchange                          trust under state law
accounts opened after 1983 and broker accounts                           5. Sole proprietorship or               The owner
considered inactive during 1983. You must sign the                          single-owner LLC
certification or backup withholding will apply. If you are           For this type of account:                  Give name and EIN of:
subject to backup withholding and you are merely providing                                                                      3
                                                                      6. Sole proprietorship or                  The owner
your correct TIN to the requester, you must cross out item 2             single-owner LLC
in the certification before signing the form.                                                                                       4
                                                                      7. A valid trust, estate, or               Legal entity
   3. Real estate transactions. You must sign the                        pension trust
certification. You may cross out item 2 of the certification.         8. Corporate or LLC electing               The corporation
  4. Other payments. You must give your correct TIN, but                 corporate status on Form
you do not have to sign the certification unless you have                8832
been notified that you have previously given an incorrect TIN.        9. Association, club, religious,           The organization
“Other payments” include payments made in the course of                  charitable, educational, or
the requester’s trade or business for rents, royalties, goods            other tax-exempt organization
(other than bills for merchandise), medical and health care          10. Partnership or multi-member             The partnership
services (including payments to corporations), payments to a             LLC
nonemployee for services, payments to certain fishing boat           11. A broker or registered                  The broker or nominee
crew members and fishermen, and gross proceeds paid to                   nominee
attorneys (including payments to corporations).                      12. Account with the Department             The public entity
                                                                         of Agriculture in the name of
   5. Mortgage interest paid by you, acquisition or                      a public entity (such as a
abandonment of secured property, cancellation of debt,                   state or local government,
qualified tuition program payments (under section 529),                  school district, or prison) that
IRA, Coverdell ESA, Archer MSA or HSA contributions or                   receives agricultural program
distributions, and pension distributions. You must give                  payments
your correct TIN, but you do not have to sign the
certification.                                                       1
                                                                         List first and circle the name of the person whose number you furnish. If
                                                                         only one person on a joint account has an SSN, that person’s number must
                                                                         be furnished.
                                                                         Circle the minor’s name and furnish the minor’s SSN.
                                                                       You must show your individual name and you may also enter your business
                                                                       or “DBA” name on the second name line. You may use either your SSN or
                                                                       EIN (if you have one). If you are a sole proprietor, IRS encourages you to
                                                                       use your SSN.
                                                                       List first and circle the name of the legal trust, estate, or pension trust. (Do
                                                                       not furnish the TIN of the personal representative or trustee unless the legal
                                                                       entity itself is not designated in the account title.) Also see Special rules
                                                                       regarding partnerships on page 1.
                                                                     Note. If no name is circled when more than one name is
                                                                     listed, the number will be considered to be that of the first
                                                                     name listed.

Privacy Act Notice
Section 6109 of the Internal Revenue Code requires you to provide your correct TIN to persons who must file information returns
with the IRS to report interest, dividends, and certain other income paid to you, mortgage interest you paid, the acquisition or
abandonment of secured property, cancellation of debt, or contributions you made to an IRA, or Archer MSA or HSA. The IRS
uses the numbers for identification purposes and to help verify the accuracy of your tax return. The IRS may also provide this
information to the Department of Justice for civil and criminal litigation, and to cities, states, the District of Columbia, and U.S.
possessions to carry out their tax laws. We may also disclose this information to other countries under a tax treaty, to federal
and state agencies to enforce federal nontax criminal laws, or to federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies to combat
   You must provide your TIN whether or not you are required to file a tax return. Payers must generally withhold 28% of taxable
interest, dividend, and certain other payments to a payee who does not give a TIN to a payer. Certain penalties may also apply.

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