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					Salaried Employee Time Report                                                    Month / Year           Mar-07

Employee Name                                                Cost Center/WBS                    E01-1712
Personnel Number                                             Position
                                                             Weekly Work Hours

                  Reg      Annual       Sick      Comp                            Other Non-Duty                                         Sched Excess/          Comp
 Day Date Hours             Leave      Leave      Taken        Code     Hours       Code        Hours     Code     Hours      Total      Hours Reduction Banked
Thurs     1
Fri       2
Sat       3
Sun       4
Mon       5
Tues      6
Wed       7
Thurs     8
Fri       9
Sat      10
Sun      11
Mon      12
Tues     13
Wed      14
Thurs 15
Fri      16
Sat      17
Sun      18
Mon      19
Tues     20
Wed      21
Thurs 22
Fri      23
Sat      24
Sun      25
Mon      26
Tues     27
Wed      28
Thurs 29
Fri      30
Sat      31

Absence Types [x=shift indicator (1,2,3)]                                                                                   Attendance Types
        ACx     Admin Close (Scheduled)           DHx        Deferred Holiday                   UAx     Unpaid Absence                  FML        Family Medical Leave
        UACx    Admin Close (Unscheduled)         HLx        Holiday                            VLx     Voting Leave                    WKCR       Record Workers Comp
        FLx     Bereavement Leave                 MLx        Military Leave                     ALPx    Admin Lv w/pay
        CLx     Court Leave                       PDx        Personal Day                       WKC     Workers' Comp

NOTE: 1) Report all time in hours and hundredths of hours.              3) This report should include absence and attendance hours only for this position.
      2) Use decimals rather than fractions.                            4) Staff: hourly employees should account for all hours in the employee's normal
                                                                           work day and work week.

                                                                        Employee Signature                                                                   Date

                                                                        Departmental Approver                                                                Date

               Timesheet-Monthly (rev) 08/05/05

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