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Hotel Reservations System, Hotel Reservation System, Online Reservation System, Travel Reservation System, Online Reservation Software, Online Reservation Engine


PROVAB TECHNOSOFT, a leading travel technology company, provides innovative solutions like hotel reservation system and online reservation system to customers across the globe. Hotel Reservation Systems is a multi-lingual, web based online reservation systems for travel management companies. This hotel reservation engine comes with B2C (Business to Customers) and B2B (Business to Business) modules to cater end clients and agents as well. The online booking systems is compatible for 23 hotel xmls including GTA, Kuoni, Hotelbeds, Tourico, Travco, Special Tours, HotelsPro, Path Finder, Miki Travels, Sun Hotels, Darina Holidays, DOTW, Asian trials and Versys. The online reservation engine (B2B, B2C, B2B2C) is a feature rich, robust and scalable web based OTA solution for leading travel companies, where in the return data from GTA, Kuoni, Hotelbeds, Tourico, Travco, Special Tours, HotelsPro, Path Finder and Versys, merged into one XML feed using our proprietary algorithm to get various sorting options from a total of over 100,000 hotels worldwide. FEATURES: User Registration & Profile (B2C)  User Registration  User Validation  User Secured Login  User Profile Set Up  Edit Profile  Refer a Friend Vendor Registration & Profile (B2B)  Vendor Registration  Vendor Validation  Vendor Secured Login  Vendor Profile Set Up  Edit Profile  Refer a Friend Search & Display  Search (By One or All Parameters)  Advanced Search  Grid Display for Search  Information Page (Info & Contacts)  Dynamic Rate Display  Multi Property Display for Chains  Google Maps for Multi Property Sites  Room Hotel Image Gallery  Room Hotel Description  Guest History Profiles Bookings & Confirmations  Review Options  Select & Confirm  Payment & Booking  User Confirmation  Booking Modifications  Booking Cancellations  Credit Card Verification  Payment Processing  Vouchers  Dynamic Packaging  Confirmation by Email and SM

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