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 Campus Partners                                                                             October 1, 2007
 Winston-Salem, NC

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                              Inside Campus Partners
                                   Shaun Spencer
                               Help Desk Technician

Private Consolidation Loan Offered                                                                PRIVATE LOAN
Campus Partners is pleased to announce the launch of a new private consolidation                       UPDATE
product on September 13, 2007. The new product provides a complete turnkey
outsourcing solution for private loan consolidation, including credit underwriting, insur-
ance, loan origination, funding, and loan servicing for lenders and marketing partners
interested in entering the fast-growing private loan consolidation market.

Because many students are now graduating with multiple private loans, the product fills a
need in the marketplace for students who wish to consolidate their loans into one pay-
ment. With extended repayment terms and favorable interest rates for borrowers and/or
cosigners with good to excellent credit scores, borrowers may be able to reduce their
monthly payment.

The consolidation product mirrors our private loan facilitation service and provides an
online application and state of the art loan disbursement and servicing. Due to the de-
mand for private consolidation services, the consolidation product was brought to market
a year ahead of schedule.
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PRIVATE LOAN                        For more information, please read the attached press release or contact Karen Marshall,
UPDATE                              Vice President of Sales at
                                                           Attachment: Press Release

LEGISLATIVE                         HEA Reconciliation Clears Congress
UPDATE                              On September 7, 2007, the House and Senate passed the final version of H.R. 2669,
                                    which is budget reconciliation legislation known as the College Cost Reduction and
                                    Access Act. The vote passed in the Senate was 79 to 12 and in the House by a vote of
                                    292 to 97. The bill will now go to the President who has already signaled his intent to
                                    sign the bill into law.

                                    The Pell Grant will be increased by $490 in academic years 2008-2009 and 2009-
                                    2010, $690 in academic years 2010-2011 and 2011-2012, and $1090 in academic year
                                    2012-2013. (The current Pell Grant maximum award per year is $4,310.) Increases in
                                    the Pell Grant and additional savings to borrowers through reduced interest rates will
                                    come at the expense of FFEL program loan providers who will lose $22 billion in sub-
                                    sidy cuts over the next several years.

                                    Where does Perkins fit in? Conferees decided that they did not have enough money to
                                    both reauthorize the program and fund the FCC (Federal Capital Contribution) for the
                                    next five years. Therefore, H.R. 2669 reauthorized the Perkins program until October 1,
                                    2012 at a cost of $453 million, but did not fund the FCC.

                                    Campus Partners has also received guidance from ED that changes to the economic
                                    hardship deferment will also affect Perkins loans. The earnings limit will increase from
                                    100% of the poverty line for a family of two, to 150% of the poverty line for a family of

                                    We will keep you posted of any other changes in future editions of the Campus Partners

                                  E-mail Directory for Campus Partners Management Staff
  Servicing Operations                                                     Servicing Support
  Art McDonald, Dir., Loan Operations:        Charles Parker, Director, Loan Accounting:
  Lisa Koniuto, Dir., Business Development:    Paula Hall, Servicing Support Svr.:
  Kathy Riddle, Customer Service Mgr.:          Barbara Joyce, Accounts Rec. Supervisor:
  Sindy Martin, Account Manager:                Sharon Cameron, Audit/Compliance Spec.:
  David Cox, Account Manager:
                                                                           Marketing and Product Development
  Information Technology and IT Applications                               Carolyn Williams, Marketing Manager:
  John Elliott, Information Technology Dir.:   Donna Powell, Contract Administrator:
  Judy Smith, IT Applications Mgr.:              Rosie DeMario, Web Editor:
                                                                           Debra Pitts, Administrative Assistant:
                                                                           Sharon Swaim, Manager, Product Development:
  E-Mail Addresses for our Customer Service Representatives are
  available on, our corporate Web site.
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Continuing Resolution Predicted (news from NASFAA)                                               LEGISLATIVE
With several FY 2008 budget appropriations still waiting for Congressional approval,                 UPDATE
many are predicting a continuing resolution that would extend funding for federal pro-            (Continued)
grams through November 16. While the full House Appropriations Committee passed
the FY 2008 Labor, Health and Human Services and Education Appropriations bill in
July, the Senate has yet to do so. The current fiscal year will end September 30 and a
continuing resolution would continue to fund federal programs at current year levels
beyond the current fiscal year. The House had originally scheduled adjournment as early
as October 26 this year, but now appears ready to extend their session through mid
November. The Senate had planned to adjourn in mid November, but Senate Majority
Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has signaled a willingness to return in December if needed.

FISAP Reminder – Due on October 1, 2007                                                          EDUCATION
In this electronic announcement, ED reminds schools that the Fiscal Operations Report           DEPARTMENT
for 2006-2007 and Application to Participate for 2008-2009 (FISAP) for the Federal                  UPDATE
Perkins Loan (Perkins Loan), Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant
(FSEOG), and Federal Work-Study (FWS) programs are due on Monday, October 1,
2007. All transmissions must be completed and accepted by 12:00 midnight. If you
have questions or need assistance, contact ED’s Campus-Based Call Center at 800-
877-7168 or by email at For additional information, go to http://

Releasing Student Information
In Dear Colleague Letter GEN-07-05, ED writes that schools are being contacted by
outside entities such as student lending organizations that are requesting student informa-
tion under the Federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), 5 U.S.C. 552. ED was
asked to clarify whether institutions must comply with these requests.

According to ED, the Federal FOIA only applies to Federal agencies and their employ-
ees. Schools that participate in the Title IV HEA (Higher Education Act) programs are
not subject to the Federal FOIA and therefore are not required to release any student
information under this law. ED goes on to say that the requirements of the Federal
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) still apply. Read more about the
information contained in DCL GEN-07-05 at

Supplemental Campus-Based Awards
ED also has published Dear Colleague Letter CB-07-14, which provides information
about supplemental campus-based awards for the 2007-08 Award Year. Later this
month, the Department will distribute the supplemental campus-based awards for the
2007-08 award year to schools that meet the required conditions for receipt of such
funds. Because there were no new Perkins Loan funds appropriated for the 2006-07
Award Year, there are no Perkins Loan funds available to be awarded through the
supplemental award process. You may view this DCL at

10-07 Campus Partners Update                                                                  Continued on other side
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EDUCATION                      Update Your Federal School Code Information by September 28, 2007
DEPARTMENT                     ED reminds all schools that Federal School Code (FSC) information must be kept
UPDATE                         current. Please verify your FSC name, address, and contact information on the Electronic
(Continued)                    Application for Approval to Participate in the Federal Student Financial Aid Programs (E-
                               App) Web site, and update the information as necessary. To ensure your changes will be
                               incorporated for the 2008-2009 award year, please make your updates no later than
                               September 28, 2007. You may view this electronic announcement at

                               TG Number Format Changes
                               In an electronic announcement, ED informed schools of an upcoming change to the format
                               of TG numbers. A TG number is the identifier for an electronic mailbox on the Student Aid
                               Internet Gateway (SAIG). Enrollment in the SAIG allows you to exchange information
                               electronically with the U.S. Department of Education. Many student financial aid services
                               can be accessed via the SAIG.

                                Currently, TG numbers are assigned to SAIG users in the TGxxxxx format, where
                               “xxxxx” represents five numbers, such as TG50001. When there are no more all-numeric
                               TG numbers to issue to new SAIG users, new TG numbers will be assigned in the format
                               TGAxxxx, where “A” represents a letter from A-Z in upper case and “xxxx” represents
                               four numbers, such as TGA0001.

   Regulatory Wisdom from Sharon Cameron

  Question:        Based on Perkins regulations, what amount of an overpayment or underpayment from a
                   borrower can I write off?

  Answer:          Federal Perkins regulations are silent in regard to write offs of overpayments (credit
                   balances), which means if a borrower overpays his/her loan by $1.00, you should refund
                   that overpayment. However, Campus Partners understands what an administrative
                   burden that would create for you. Therefore, we have a credit balance write off, and you
                   determine the amount that is written off. These amounts are recorded on your monthly
                   Accounting Report in case you ever need to refund that money to the borrower.

                   Federal Perkins regulations regarding underpayments (low balance write offs) can be
                   found in 674.47(h):

                   The institution may write off an account, including outstanding principal, accrued interest,
                   collection costs, and late charges, with a balance of—
                   i.          Less than $25; or

                   ii.         Less than $50 if, for a period of at least 2 years, the borrower has been billed for
                               this balance in accordance with §674.43(a).
                   System III can accommodate both types of write offs automatically for you. If you are
                   not sure what amounts you are currently writing off, contact your Customer Service

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Pay-by-Phone Fee Increase                                                                                PAY BY
The fee assessed to borrowers for representative-assisted pay-by-phone requests will                     PHONE
increase to $15.00 on October 15, 2007. Campus Partners is implementing this fee to                     CHANGE
better reflect the actual cost of this service. We also are offering borrowers the opportu-
nity to make payments without any fee via or our Interactive Voice
Response telephone system. Because we are offering these alternatives, the fee should
have little impact on your borrowers while encouraging them to use self-service options.
When borrowers call our office to make a payment, we will inform them of these options.

Customers may waive the fee on System III if borrowers call their office and wish to
make a payment. We will also waive the fee if a borrower signs up for AutoDraft, our
automatic direct draft service, at the time they make the phone payment.

Product Development News                                                                          PRODUCT
Available Now!                                                                                DEVELOPMENT
• System III Enhancements                                                                          UPDATE
   • New Report Created
       A new customer report listing separation date changes is now available. The
       report lists changes processed based on information received from
       the Student Loan Clearinghouse.
   • New Cancellation Codes
       Two new cancellation codes were added to System III. The new I4 cancellation
       type should be used for Early Intervention service cancellations. In anticipation
       of a Survivors of 9/11/01 cancellation, a new cancellation code of S0 was also
• System 3i Enhancements
   • Access was provided to allow customers to view and print iPROMise
       documents and to create iPROMise status reports on demand.
   • A new function was added to System 3i to support the manual entry of
       individual student financial aid awards to be loaded into the iPROMise

Coming Soon!
• System III Enhancements
  • Metro 2 credit bureau reporting. Test files have been submitted to all four
     bureaus. Campus Partners is awaiting final approval from each bureau.
• System 3i
  • Additional transactions on System 3i.
  • The ability to print exit materials from System 3i, on demand. This will provide
     an easy way for the customer to login and print the necessary exit documents
     and conduct an individual exit interview session for a student that may be leaving
     school mid-semester.

10-07 Campus Partners Update                                                                  Continued on other side
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TRAINING                       Classroom 101
UPDATE                         The next session of Classroom 101 has been scheduled for November 8 and 9, 2007.
                               The two-day course covers:

                               •        Reports and Accounting 101
                               •        Loans and Advances 101
                               •        Managing Delinquency 101
                               •        Deferment and Forbearance 101
                               •        System III 101
                               •        System 3i and More

                               Please register soon as this workshop fills up early. To register, fax a completed registra-
                               tion form to Debra Pitts at 336-607-2025.

                                        Attachment: Classroom 101 Flyer and Registration Form

                               Study Hall
                               Our Web Conferences are more popular than ever with more and more customers
                               participating in these interactive training events. This month How to Submit New Loans
                               and Advances will be offered on October 11 at 2:00 Eastern.

                               To register for these events, please contact Debra Pitts at
                               Please contact Sindy Martin at 800-458-4492, ext. 2094 or via e-mail at
                      for more details.

                                                                Study Hall Schedule for 2007

                                   How to Submit New Loans and Advances                             Thursday, October 11
                                                                                                    2:00 to 3:30 Eastern

                                   Open                                                             Thursday, November 8
                                                                                                    2:00 to 3:30 Eastern

                                   Tips for Managing Delinquencies                                  Thursday, December 13
                                                                                                    2:00 to 3:30 Eastern

                                   To register for any or all of these Web conferences, e-mail Debra Pitts at

The Campus Partners Update, a newsletter for our customers, is published monthly by Campus Partners in Winston-Salem, NC.
Editor: Carolyn Williams. Legislative and Regulatory Editor: Sharon Cameron. Contributors this issue: Sharon Swaim, Donna
Powell, and Sindy Martin. NOTE: This publication contains material related to the interpretation of federal rules and regula-
tions of the Title IV Program of the Higher Education Act. While Campus Partners believes the information contained herein is
accurate and factual, this publication has not been reviewed or approved by the US Department of Education. Please consult
the Department of Education or your legal counsel with questions or concerns. Please send any correspondence to the
Marketing Department, Campus Partners, PO Box 3176, Winston-Salem, NC 27102-3176 or directly to Carolyn Williams, Editor, at

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Holiday Schedule for 2008                                                                             HOLIDAY
Campus Partners will observe the following holidays during 2008. Our online systems                 SCHEDULE
will be available during regularly scheduled hours.

New Year’s Day                                            Tuesday, January 1
Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday                         Monday, January 21
Presidents’ Day                                           Monday, February 18
Memorial Day                                              Monday, May 26
Independence Day                                          Friday, July 4
Labor Day                                                 Monday, September 1
Thanksgiving Day                                          Thursday, November 27
Day after Thanksgiving                                    Friday, November 28
Christmas Eve                                             Wednesday, December 24
Christmas Day                                             Thursday, December 25

Conference Schedule-See you there!                                                            CONFERENCES
Representatives from Campus Partners will attend the following conferences:

Williams & Fudge will present its 2007 Student Loans and Receivables Collection
Conference on September 30-October 2 at the Hilton Kingston Plantation in Myrtle
Beach. For more information, visit

PDG will hold its Receivables Collection Conference (East) in New Orleans on
September 30 to October 3. More information is available at

The Great Plains Collectors Network will hold its meeting in October in Omaha/
Lincoln, NE. More details will be published at a later date.

KASRO will present its Fall Conference in October at the University of Kentucky in
Lexington, KY. More information is available at

The Minnesota Collection Network will hold its annual meeting on October 21-24 in
Minneapolis, MN. For more information, visit

                                                        Customer Insight

                               Sharon Cameron, you are, obviously, a TREASURE - and a major asset to
                               your company, your customers, and to the education community as a whole.
                               Thank you for sharing your conscientious, caring talent with us.

                                                                                       Amy Shaver
                                                                        Perkins Loan Coordinator
                                                                        The Art Institute of Seattle

10-07 Campus Partners Update                                                                  Continued on other side
Page 8
CUTOFF DATES                   Cutoff Dates
                               Cutoff dates for September, October, November, and December appear below.
                               Transaction                         Sept.              Oct.          Nov.        Dec.
                               Last day to receive                  9/25              10/26         11/27       12/21
                               collection payments
                               Last day to receive regular          9/26              10/29         11/28       12/26
                               Last day for online                  9/28              11/02         11/30       12/28
                               Date final post begins               9/28              11/02         11/30       12/28
                               Report date used for final           9/30              10/31         11/30       12/31
                               Last day deposits created            9/28              10/31         11/30       12/28
                               for deposit to bank account

                               2008 Cutoff Dates
                               Month       Year   Last day     Last day   Last day    Date final         Last day
                                                  to receive   to receive for on-line post               deposits
                                                                                                    date used
                                                  collection   regular    paym ents begins               created
                                                                                                    for final
                                                  pm ts        paym ents                            post for
                                                                                                         deposit to
                                                                                                         bank acct
                               December    2007   12/21/2007 12/26/2007 12/28/2007 12/28/2007 12/31/2007 12/28/2007
                               January     2008   1/28/2008    1/29/2008   2/1/2008     2/1/2008    1/31/2008   1/31/2008
                               February    2008   2/26/2008    2/27/2008   2/29/2008    2/29/2008   2/29/2008   2/29/2008
                               March       2008   3/25/2008    3/26/2008   3/28/2008    3/28/2008   3/31/2008   3/28/2008
                               April       2008   4/25/2008    4/28/2008   5/2/2008     5/2/2008    4/30/2008   4/30/2008
                               May         2008   5/27/2008    5/28/2008   5/30/2008    5/30/2008   5/31/2008   5/30/2008
                               June        2008   6/24/2008    6/25/2008   6/27/2008    6/27/2008   6/30/2008   6/27/2008
                               July        2008   7/28/2008    7/29/2008   8/1/2008     8/1/2008    7/31/2008   7/31/2008
                               August      2008   8/26/2008    8/27/2008   8/29/2008    8/29/2008   8/31/2008   8/29/2008
                               September   2008   9/23/2008    9/24/2008   9/26/2008    9/26/2008   9/30/2008   9/26/2008
                               October     2008   10/28/2008 10/29/2008 10/31/2008 10/31/2008 10/31/2008 10/31/2008
                               November    2008   11/21/2008 11/24/2008 11/26/2008 11/28/2008 11/30/2008 11/26/2008
                               December    2008   12/26/2008 12/29/2008 1/2/2009        1/2/2009    12/31/2008 12/31/2008
                               January     2009   1/27/2009    1/28/2009   1/30/2009    1/30/2009   1/31/2009   1/30/2009

10-07 Campus Partners Update
Campus Partners
2400 Reynolda Road
Winston-Salem, NC 27106

News Release
                                             FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 13, 2007
                                                                   Contact Information:
                                                                         Karen Marshall
                                                                        Campus Partners
                                                                         (727) 527-7252

        Campus Partners Launches Private Consolidation Education Loan Product

Winston-Salem, NC. September 13, 2007 – Campus Partners, a leading education loan finance
provider, announced today that it is expanding its offerings to include a private consolidation
product, effective immediately. The company has developed a complete turnkey outsourcing
solution for private loan consolidation, including credit underwriting, insurance, loan origination,
funding, and loan servicing for lenders and marketing partners interested in entering the fast-
growing private consolidation loan market.

“In recent years, students have increasingly turned to private loans to bridge the gap between
traditional student loans and college costs. After graduating, borrowers may have multiple
private loans, and it often makes sense to consolidate the loans into one payment to simplify their
finances,” said Michael Carey, Chief Executive Officer and President of Campus Partners.

The new consolidation loan product benefits lenders and marketing partners as well as private
student loan borrowers. Lenders can focus on promoting their brand rather than building
systems and infrastructure. Borrowers can easily apply online or by phone and may have the
opportunity to lower their monthly payment and to reduce the interest rate that they are paying
on their individual private loans.

The consolidation product is a natural complement to the private loan program that Campus
Partners already makes available today. Campus Partners began its private loan division in 2006,
and its rapid growth has enabled the company to launch its private consolidation loan offering a
year earlier than planned in order to meet customer demand and market need.
About Campus Partners
Campus Partners has a 42-year history as a leading provider of education loan services,
specializing in private loans and campus-based institutional and Perkins loans. Through its
Private Education Loan and Private Education Consolidation Loan Programs, the company offers
a comprehensive array of insured student loan products and turnkey operational services for
lenders and marketing partners.

Campus Partners also provides loan management solutions for over 500 colleges and universities
and manages over 600,000 student accounts. The loan servicing operation is located in Winston-
Salem, North Carolina, and is headquartered in Rockville, Maryland.

 United Guaranty Corporation (UGC) is a major investor in the company and underwrites its
private loans. United Guaranty is a subsidiary of American International Group (AIG), world
leaders in insurance and financial services. AIG is Double A-rated by Moody’s Investors
Service, Fitch, and Standard & Poor’s.
                                          Registration Form
                                           Classroom 101
                                          Winston-Salem, NC
                                          November 8-9, 2007

    When:                    November 8-9, 2007

    Where:                   Campus Partners
                             Reynolda Business Center
                             2400 Reynolda Road
                             Winston-Salem, NC 27106

    Fees:                    $100 per person for two day workshop

    Provided:                Service Overview Manual

    Lodging:                 Courtyard by Marriott
                             (336) 727-1277 or (800) 321-2211
                             $78 (+ tax) per night

                             To obtain the discounted rate, please call
                             the local number at least 2 weeks before
                             the workshop and mention that you will
                             be attending a Campus Partners workshop

    Deadline:                November Session:                     October 25, 2007

    All registration fees are per person. We cannot guarantee a refund of registration fees for any cancellations
    made after October 25 for the November session. Late registrations received after October 25, 2007 will
    be charged a late registration fee of $10 per person. Registrations received in the final week before the
    workshop will be accepted based on available space.

                                  What’s happening in Winston-Salem?
                       Visit the Winston-Salem Convention and Visitors’ Bureau at
                                                Registration Form
                                                 Classroom 101
                                                Winston-Salem, NC
                                                November 8-9, 2007

    Institution Name ______________________________________________________
    Street Address ______________________________________________________
    City ______________________________________________________      State ______ Zip _________

           NAME        ______________________________________________________

           TITLE       ______________________________________________________              TELEPHONE __________________

           E-MAIL ADDRESS _______________________________________________

            $100 - Classroom 101 – 11/8-9

           NAME        ______________________________________________________

           TITLE       ______________________________________________________              TELEPHONE __________________

           E-MAIL ADDRESS _______________________________________________

            $100 - Classroom 101 – 11/8-9

           NAME        ______________________________________________________

           TITLE       ______________________________________________________              TELEPHONE __________________

           E-MAIL ADDRESS _______________________________________________

            $100 - Classroom 101 – 11/8-9

                                                  Registration Deadlines:

                                               November Session – October 25
After receiving your registration form, we will send you a confirmation, hotel and workshop locations, directions, and program
information. We cannot guarantee a refund of fees for registrations made less than 14 days before the workshop or
cancellations made less than five business days from the workshop

      Registration fee enclosed                                     Registration fee mailed separately to address below

Mail to:
Administrative Assistant                                    Questions?
Campus Partners                                    Call 1-800-458-4492, ext. 2272
P.O. Box 3176                                             Fax 336-607-2025
Winston-Salem, NC 27102-3176

7-07 Campus Partners
        Campus Partners                                                      Shaun Spencer

                              Shaun Spencer
                           Help Desk Technician
    Shaun Spencer, a former Pentagon employee and         Shaun Spencer:
semi-pro basketball player, a track and field coach,      “Everyone at
and an Olympic Gold Medal hopeful, is one of Cam-         Campus Part-
pus Partners’ most promising new additions. Shaun         ners is so nice.
joined our team in July as a Help Desk Technician.        They have really
    At 6’3" tall and 185 pounds, Shaun is a force to be   made me feel
reckoned with in the athletic world, but is just as       comfortable
equipped to handle the duties of his new position.        here.”
For six years, Shaun was the Electronic Records
Management Manager at the Pentagon in Washing-
ton, D.C. He monitored the various file plans for the
military, specifically the Air Force, and managed the
layout of how they structured their data. His stellar
credentials also include being a graduate of valued
Campus Partners’ customer, Bowie State University,
where he majored in Computer Technology Network-
ing and Systems Administration.
    “Shaun brings a variety of technical network and
software skills to Campus Partners. He takes a
customer oriented approach to his responsibilities,
has a positive attitude and doesn’t mind rolling up his
sleeves to solve problems,” comments Mark
Bondurant, Manager of Private Loans.
    As Help Desk Technician, Shaun’s duties include
handling calls from internal staff on issues with         has already accomplished a tremendous amount
hardware, unresponsive programs, system outages           and shows no indication of slowing down.
and creating trouble tickets for other departments            He played semi-professional basketball for two
when their involvement becomes necessary. He is           years before starting in track and field in the long
also charged with monitoring the network each             jump. When he first began jumping, he dreamed of
morning to ensure all of our Web sites, such as           going to the Olympics and those dreams are only,, and                 months away from being realized. Shaun is cur-
System 3i, are active and responding. In addition,        rently training for the 2008 Summer Olympics in
Shaun verifies that all of the daily reports have been    Beijing. He is having an incredible season leading
updated correctly. “Anything that may come up, I          into the trials, jumping less than three feet off the
have been trained on and I know I can handle it,”         current world record mark. He trains at least three
Shaun states with conviction.                             times a day, including the extra workout he gets
    Shaun says that he is enjoying his new job. “Ev-      being a men’s and women’s track and field coach at
eryone at Campus Partners is so nice. They have           Winston-Salem State University, another long-time
really made me feel comfortable here.” He works           Campus Partners’ customer. His regimen consists
closely with the Networking team and says the entire      of working with his Olympic trainer (a three-time
team has always been there to answer any question         Olympian), running, practice jumping, weight training
he had.                                                   and a strict diet. (Although he has been known to
    Shaun was born in Brooklyn, yet lived most of his     cheat on occasion because his face lights up when
life in Maryland. As the son of a military officer,       he sees strawberry wafers in the break room vend-
Shaun says his family moved a lot during his child-       ing machine!)
hood. “I went to three middle schools in three states         The entire Campus Partners family will be rooting
in a 2-year period,” exclaims Shaun. But all the          for him throughout his entire journey, but we already
moving did not keep Shaun from being grounded. He         know we found “Gold” when we found Shaun.
10-07 Campus Partners Update

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