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					27 CAP TUE                                            29 HOSPICE THU
Please pray for CH (Maj) Debra                        Please pray for these chaplains:
Prosser, CAP, who serves the Civil                    Andy Martin – Gresham, OR; Ralph
Air Patrol in Las Vegas, NV.                          Mickley – Whittier, CA; David
                                                      Mossholder – Vancouver, WA;
28 HOSPICE WED                                        Harold Otterlei – McMinnville, OR;                                          Prayer Guide
Please pray for these chaplains:                      Roger Renfro – Burns, OR; Clyde                                            November 2012
Brian Greenwood – Boise, ID; Bob                      Wheatley – Farmingham, MA.
Hensel – Riverside, MO; Kathy                                                                         1 FOURSQUARE CHAPLAINS INT’L            military and VA chaplains and
Keiselhorst – Portland, OR; Bill                      30 ARMY FRI                                     (FCI) THU                               chaplain candidates who are
Kohler – Truth or Consequences;                       Please pray for all Foursquare                  Please pray for our National            serving across the nation and
NM; Ray Marcel – Houma, LA;                           Military Chaplain Candidates. Many              Director, Jay Donnelly, and his wife,   around the world.
Barbara West – League City, TX;                       of them are in seminary, working                Patty. FCI includes the Industrial &
Steve Sewell – Riverside, MO; Ernie                   several jobs, maintaining a family,             Institutional, Military and Disaster    4 FCI STAFF SUN
Tafalla – Bend, OR.                                   ministering in a local church, paying           Relief Ministry components. Jay         Please pray for Jeff Mink and his
                                                      off student loans, and trying to                also serves as the Director of          wife, Tina. Jeff serves out of our FCI
                                                      keep fit for Service requirements.              Disaster Relief Ministries for the      office located at the Central Offices
                                                      Please ask the Lord to sustain them,            Foursquare denomination.                in Los Angeles, CA. He coordinates
                                                      confirm their calling, and provide                                                      with the two field based endorsers
                                                      for them out of His riches in Christ.           2 INDUSTRIAL/INSTITUTIONAL              and the ten chaplaincy
                                                                                                      FRI                                     coordinators. Also, pray for FCI’s
                                                                                                      Please pray for Will Ghere and his      intern, Joshua Luke, as he supports
                                                                                                      wife, Linda. Will serves as the         all the various FCI ministries.
                                                                                                      Endorser for all
                                                                                                      Industrial/Institutional Chaplains.     5 CHAPLAIN OF SPIRITUAL CARE
                                                                                                      These chaplaincy divisions are:         MON
                                                                                                      Hospital, Hospice, Police, Fire,        Please pray for Robby Booth and his
                                                                                                      Prison and Specialized. Pray for        wife, Bonita. Robby continues to
                                                                                                      these 155 chaplains as they minister    serve as the Director of Spiritual
                                                                                                      in 183 chaplaincy positions.            Care, at House on the Hill, located in
                                                                                                                                              Los Angeles, CA. Robby also serves
                                                                                                      3 MILITARY SAT                          as the Chaplain of Spiritual Care for
                                                                                                      Please pray for Dan Miller and his      all of our Foursquare Chaplains.
                                                                                                      wife, Cindy. Dan is the Endorser for
          Thank you for praying for our chaplains. Feel free to distribute this to the prayer teams   Foursquare military and VA              6 DEPLOYED TUE
                                 in your church, or in your church bulletins.                         chaplains and chaplain candidates.
           If you would like to give to Foursquare Chaplains International, please contact us at:
                                                                                                                                              Please pray for these Foursquare
                                                                                                      The military chaplaincy divisions are   military chaplains currently
                                    Foursquare Chaplains International                                Air Force, Army, Navy, Civil Air        deployed: LT Aaron Roberton, CHC,
                                               P.O. Box 26902
                                          Los Angeles, CA 90026
                                                                                                      Patrol, and Veterans Administration.    USN, deployed on the USS EMORY S
                                           Phone: 213.989.4246                                        This includes chaplains and             LAND; CH (CPT) Rex Hipp, NCARNG,
                                              Fax: 213.989.4554                                       chaplain candidates serving in the      deployed with his unit to Kuwait;
                                                                                                      Active, Guard, Reserve, and State       and CH (CPT) Jeff Crispin, deployed
         For more information about Foursquare Chaplains, go to
                                                                                                      Defense Forces. Pray for our 48         with his unit to Afghanistan. Pray
also for those recovering from            Coordinator, Jason Reynolds, and       16 FIRE FRI                              been promoted and reassigned as
deployments and those                     his wife, April, as they live in and   Please pray for the two Assistant Fire   the Command Chaplain for the
anticipating a deployment.                serve from Newton, KS. Pray for the    Chaplains Coordinators: Ken              Navy SeaBees, headquartered in
                                          42 chaplains serving from varied       McGinnis, and his wife, Kathryn,         Norfolk, VA. Ray also serves as the
7 NEW CHAPLAIN POSITIONS                  law enforcement positions located      from Winston, OR; and Danny Leon,        Coordinator for all Foursquare Navy
WED                                       in 16 different states.                and his wife, Mary, from Los Angeles,    Chaplains and Candidates.
Please pray for Chaplain Dominic                                                 CA. Pray for the 16 chaplains serving
Esposito, as he has added to his          12 AIR FORCE MON                       in various fire departments and EMS      22 PRISON THU
prison chaplaincy additional              Please pray for CH (Lt Col) Warren     settings in 6 various states.            Please pray for these chaplains:
specialized chaplaincy duties in          Watties, USAF, and his wife, Anna.                                              Harold Perry – Carrizozo, NM; Dale
Greenville, SC. Also, pray for Bob        Warren is the Coordinator for 14       17 PRISON SAT                            and Anna Scadron – Taft, CA;
Edmondson, previously a prison            Foursquare Air Force Chaplains and     Please pray for these chaplains:         Maggie Puente – Chino, CA; Sandy
chaplain, who has switched duties         Candidates and currently serves as     Mike Adkins - North Las Vegas, NV;       Sebesta – Chowchilla, CA.
to police chaplaincy while serving        Wing Chaplain at Vandenberg AFB,       LaFond Davis – Snoqualmie, WA;
in North Las Vegas, NV.                   CA.                                    Roy Deleon – Delano, CA; Greg            23 PRISON FRI
                                                                                 Duncan – DuPont, WA; Dorothy             Please pray for these chaplains: Liz
8 PRISON THU                              13 SPECIALIZED TUE                     Erskine – Los Angeles, CA; Chelle        Sexton – Mariposa, CA; Max Siesser
Please pray for the Prison Chaplains      Please pray for the Specialized        Firebaugh – Pueblo, CO.                  – Los Angeles, CA; Terry Stair –
Coordinator, Dan Blomberg, and his        Chaplains Coordinator, Wanda                                                    Abbeville, GA; Ken Trevithick –
wife, Marilee, residing in and            Vicker, and her husband, Ron, as       18 ARMY SUN                              Scottsbluff, NE; Dean Truett –
serving at Eugene, OR. Pray for the       they live in Adel, and she serves in   Please pray for CH (MAJ) Steve           Georgetown, TX.
30 chaplains serving in detention         Urbandale, IA. Pray for the 24         Pratel, USA, and his wife, Cori. Steve
centers, correctional facilities, jails   chaplains serving in the most          is serving at Fort Belvoir, VA.          24 NAVY SAT
and prisons in 10 various states.         diverse environments of chaplaincy                                              Please pray for LCDR Ed Bass, CHC,
                                          in 13 different states.                19 PRISON MON                            USN, and his wife, Lisa, serving at
9 AIR FORCE FRI                                                                  Please pray for these chaplains:         Naval Medical Center, Portsmouth,
Please pray for CH (Maj) Wade             14 HOSPITAL WED                        Stuart Hanold – Cortez, CO; Jim          VA.
Jensen, WYANG, and his wife,              Please pray for the Hospital           Hough – San Antonio, TX; Thomas
Heather. Wade serves the 153rd            Chaplains Coordinator, Todd            Hudson – Tacoma, WA; Ellis               25 HOSPICE SUN
Airlift Wing based in Cheyenne, WY.       Guevara, and his wife, Heather,        Hutchison – Gatesville, TX; Fred Ivey    Please pray for these chaplains:
                                          residing in Tigard, OR and serving     – Walla Walla, WA.                       Angie Allison – Roseville, CA;
10 HOSPIC E SAT                           out of Salem, OR. Pray for the 44                                               Sharon Allison – Escondido, CA;
Please pray for the Hospice               chaplains ministering in hospital      20 PRISON TUE                            Peter Carino – Los Angeles, CA; Jack
Chaplains Coordinator, Jim                and medical settings in 15 various     Please pray for these chaplains:         Duitsman – Bakersfield, CA; John &
McGuire, and his wife, Kim, as they       states.                                Esperanza Morphis – Dwight, IL;          Joan Edgar – Hershey, PA.
live in New Lenox, IL and he serves                                              Miguel Munoz – Corcoran, CA;
at Joliet, IL. Pray for the 27            15 ARMY THU                            Michael Northway – Victorville, CA;      26 HOSPICE MON
chaplains ministering in various          Please pray for CH (MAJ) Shawn         John Page – Las Vegas, NV; John and      Please pray for these chaplains: Ed
hospice settings in 14 different          McCammon, USA, and his wife,           Sylvia Peterson – McNeil Island, WA.     Edquid – National City, CA; Chris
states.                                   Julie. Shawn is the Family Life                                                 Eide – Enumclaw, WA; Eli Gomez –
                                          Chaplain assigned to Fort              21 NAVY WED                              Las Vegas, NV; Don Goodwin – Fort
11 POLICE SUN                             Leavenworth, KS.                       Please pray for CAPT Ray Houk, CHC,      Myers, FL; Steve Graybill – Mesa, AZ;
Please pray for the Police Chaplains                                             USN, and his wife, Dawn. Ray has         Laurie Vogie – Sherman Oaks, CA.

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