linda by huangyuarong


									Dear friend,

       Hello! My name’s Linda. I’m a student. I’m eleven years old. I’m

in Class 6 Grade 5. I have a round face and short hair. I have two big

eyes and ears. My mouth is big, too. I’m not very tall. My face is a little

black. But I’m very cute.

       I like swimming. I’m good at running and playing table tennis. I

can run very fast. But I am not good at playing table tennis. I like

cartoons a lot.

       I have a big and fun family. My father, my mother, my sister, my

bother and me. Maybe you will say: Five people are not very big. But in

China there is usually only one child in a family. My sister looks like me.

She is very beautiful. My bother is very cute. He likes fighting.

Sometimes he is very boring. Sometimes I go sightseeing. I don’t like

sightseeing. But my father does. I like surfing the Net. I take exercise

every morning. I have many good friends.       Zeng Hailing and Liu Qiuyi

are my best friends. I’m a nice and clever girl. I hope we will be good


       I’m waiting for your reply.



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