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									Karma Ode

Window Karma Sutra Dialogue
                                   1. The Unbearable Heavy Of Being 2. A Difficult Journey 3. Your Kaleidoscopic Eyes 4. Share Your Eyes With My Window 5. Daddy And Sunny’s Delight 6. The Two True Composers 7. Admirations Of Magi? 8. A Secret Reincarnation 9. Give Me More Summer Nights 10. The Confession Of The Indoor Sunny 11. Gives And Takes 12. I Am Deceived 13. Spray – Not Me! 14. Where Do You Hide? 15. Keep On Searching For The Heart Of Gold 16. Promise 17. Do You Forget Or Forgive Me? 18. White On White 19. ….Who Comes To Dinner? 20. Cat Grass Fever 21. I Need You To Groom Me Now! 22 Silent Winter 23 Not The Anorexia Nervosa 24 Sun sun’s Glee I 25 Sun sun’s Glee II 26 Welkin Query 27 Not For Praise 28 Maymay’s Denial 29 Sun sun’s Glee III 30 Sunny’s Abhorrence 31 A Night Is Too Long 32 Am I Too Late To Say ‘I Miss You’? 33 Double Blue 34 Inspiration 35 The Center of Math And Art

              

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Imperative Aesthetics I Wish Snow Is Not White Nor Blue Embrace Me Again Who Will Host The Summer Nights? White Reminiscence Miraculous Transience A Mediocre’s Thought Esthetic Indulgence Path Burning Snow, Firing Freeze Sculpture That Way Take For Granted The Outerspace The Immeasurable Maymay’s Studying The Footprints

By Crystal Li-chin Huang

January 9-20, 2002

(Sunsun,*1 2000 at Menomonie)

January 9 (Wednesday), 2002 Hope my joy and tears won’t damp these words you read And my gratefulness won’t burden you Too much!
“In the following passages, the words „ mommy‟ and „daddy‟ are signifiers of the „observants‟ of „Supernatural beings,‟ as well as the appellations of lifelong learners who seek the spiritual growth from our best friends.”


Sunny is our third cat we adopted from a farm in Nebraska. She passed away on January 6, 2002 around 11:30 a.m. due to a sudden collapse with vomiting of blood. The autopsy coming out on January 10, diagnosed Sunny having the Feline Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, a heart muscle disease in which the muscular walls became abnormally thickened. She is four years and about eight months old. She is probably a Munchkin or Angora medium white hair oddeyed girl. She is a very shy, sensitive, intelligent, gentle, caring and unique family member.

Introduction- Window Karma Sutra
“Eyes are windows of the soul, and I am an oddie girlone is blue, as gracious as noble sapphire, which is esoteric designated to awake the intuition of Bohdi*2 and so to attain the realization of the Samadhi;*3 and the other one is amber, like the autumn Prairie gold, which is neither na-garnan,*4 nor na-agamana*5 The seeds of Bohdi, and the kernels of Tathagata,*6 Mommy is so fascinated by them through my eyes*7 of Nidanas.*8 So, you desperately want to adopt me that begin the wheel of Dharma:*9 From Avidya*10 to Samskara,*11 Through Vijnana*12, to Namarupa*13, Sadayatana*14, and Sparsa*15, Via Vedana*16, Trichna*17 as well as Upadana*18 Linking to Bhava*19, Jati*20, Finally, Djaramarani.*21 This is the unavoidable karma*22 of twelve affinities. So, my dearest best friend mommy The riddle of life and the love and sorrow Shall lead to the path of The King of Mighty Tree.*23 ”

2 3

Bohdi means the seed of enlightenment. Samadhi means concentrated equanimity, or an undisturbed state of mind; or meditative contemplation, which leading enter into the state of intuitive wisdom. 4 “Goes to anywhere” represents the other term of Body of law: Na-gaman, goes to nowhere. 5 Na-agamana means the “Body of Law” comes from anywhere. 6 Tathagata is the appellation of Buddha who neither comes from anywhere nor goes to anywhere. 7 Before I came to America, by chance I met a special odd-eyed cat of a shop when I was walking down the street in Taipei. That was my first experience fascinated by the charm of the eyes. So, if possible, I wish that I could have one from that time on, and that was the very Avidya of my Nidanas. 8 The twelve Nedanas is the concatenation of the potential developments, which from the endless and cyclic existence of births, by means of the twelve affinities which will be explained in the following terminology. 9 Dharma is the moral force in the universe that presents everyone with responsibilities. 10 Avidya means the first affinity which means Passions 11 Samskara means deeds 12 Vijnana - the seeds of discerning knowledge 13 Namarupa - name and form. 14 Sadayatana - the six organs. 15 Sparsa - contacts 16 Vedana - feeling 17 Trichna - love 18 Upadana - seizure 19 Bhava - existence 20 Jati – preparation for future birth 21 Djaramarani – decrepitude and death 22 Karma is the law of cause and effect; it mostly applies to the acts of individuals, but it may be applied to the unityresult the actions of many people together. 23 The Bodhi-tree is the greatest of trees. The term “King” is applied in Buddhist writings to the great of its kind in every sphere of life.

II. Dialogue 1.Unbearable heavy of being I have never been so heartbreaking before. My father, my eldest brother and my dearest Cleopatra*24, The grief of their pass-away is unbearable, But, Sunny, you did not say good-bye, Which is excruciating and insufferable. My heart is lacerated into thousands of pieces, The pains of is each piece is unspeakable, Though I am grateful. 2. A difficult journey “When I was young I asked my dad „why you and mom can not love each other forever?‟ And you smiled and said „My little girl, it is a trick to deceive HimLove cannot be too deep, Because God will be jealous.‟ You know I don‟t take it seriously; There is no depth in love to be fathomed for Sunny! God generously gives you to daddy and me, In order for us to learn, And to appreciate the true meaning of life and the beauty. However, He is also selfish and stingy, For He takes you away so soon, so quick Into His arms, for Himself to appreciate.”

3. Your kaleidoscopic eyes “Through your eyes I see God; Through your eyes, I realize the windows‟ mystery; Through your eyes, I know what a life should be.”


Cleopatra is the cat my family had in my native country Taiwan. She passed away at the age of twenty-one in 1996. Cleopatra is a tabby cat with white hair mainly around her tummy and sporadically on legs and back.

4. Share your eyes with my windows “When best friend mommy is busy, Let me take you eyes with me; Visiting all the windows, And I set you free, you-*25 my best friend mommy!”

5. Daddy and Sunny’s delight “I like to stay on daddy‟s lap. He is an unbelievable daddy cat. He enjoys scratching scratching my tummy, and I like to grab his arm with my paws and teeth. Daddy, keep on, under my chin, my neck, and armpits. Oh, one more time on my belly, Because I like to see you so happy!”

6. The two true composers “Mommy and daddy cats like to sing all kind of kitty songs. Here are the two, you are hearing very often: „‟Pretty kittycats walking down the street, meowing meowing meowing‟ is not a plagiarized but a song of their own; „Cat grass fever meow meow meow, Cat grass fever meow meow meow meow‟ of Ted Nugent Just happens to have the same tone. Mommy and daddy cats say: Songs are cats and cats are songs, Both are the inspiration and salvation of the souls That makes life delightful And thus can be moved on!.”


Yes, she emancipates me in many ways from an enjoyable yet quite stressful job in the U.S. as a cultural sojourner. As we know “ Dogs teach us to love, while cats, to live a life.”

7. Admirations of Magi “I am never tired of listening to mommy and daddy‟s all kind of exaggerated admirations of meSunsun pretty, Sunsun lovely, Sunsun adorably, Sunsun plumy, Sunsun oddie, Sunsun sweetie, Sunsun princessly, Sunsun lady, Sunsun wonderfully, Sunsun whitie, Sunsun gracefully, Sunsun five dollarly into thousand dollarly*26….. And more and more… Mommy and daddy forget the warning: „Love can‟t be too deep, for there is too much jealousy!‟ ”

8. A Secret reincarnation “ I am so sorry, dear mommy and daddy. I did not have enough time to say good-bye, Because I got an urgent call to reincarnate into a wonderful form, Secretly! “


In 1997, right before we moved away from Wayne Nebraska, we adopted our second cat-Maymay at four weeks old. During the first visit at the local vet clinic, Steve pointed out a flyer, saying that “Free Odd Eyed cat for adoption.” To my great surprise, I asked Steve to let me have her. Due to I did not have car and nor was a good driver at that time, Steve‟s agreement was necessary. I needed him to drive me to other town to see her. It was a farm. The lady gave her to us, then before we left, she asked us for 5 dollars. We did not care how much she needed, but this “five dollarly event” is always on my mind for such a nice family member. I wish she would have asked something more than 20 instead of 5 – the length of the life span she spent with us.

9.A confession of the indoor Sunny “ Rolling around to tell the mother earth that you are great; Breathing the fragrant breeze to appreciate neighbor‟s blossoming trees*27; Chasing squirrels to get them back to the sweet caves; Digging the dens to say special hello to the mother rabbits… Allowed*28 to play in the back yard and woods, I get addicted. I cherish every sunrise and sunset, every hour and every minute, Because I am an indoor girl with pancreatitus. I keep in mind mommy‟s advice: „Thou shall not kill…‟ And the warning bells under my chin are wonderful. Sparrows, blue jades and cardinals, when I am roaming in the yards, Be aware and please listen to the melody of my jingle bells! Mommy, I never forget the most important thing That makes you so happy. Look at me, I am also nibbling cat grass*29 for health, As you told me!*30” 10. Give me more summer nights* “Sunny, how I wish I could share with you more the nights of summer zephyr, I know it makes you so ardent! We don‟t blame Wisconsin‟s winters seem lingering for ever, Because summer breeze is our hope and desire. Mommy is sorry for her workaholic, But she has made of interesting plans As we used to enjoy so much as the moon‟s tranquil. Mommy cannot wait for the coming summer, But, why can‟t you stay any longer?


The house purchased in summer 1997 has no flowering trees (we did not notice at that time, then our neighbor told us that the previous owners were allergic to the pollens, thus they only planted non-flowering trees 28 Sunny and Maymay are raised as indoor cats. According to some research says that indoor cat lives longer than outdoor‟s. So we do as book says. They are not allowed to go out like Wowwow (because originally, he was a stray cat.) except on leash. In June 2000, Sunsun was diagnosed Pancreatitus and hospitalized. After her recovery, we decided not to deprive her excitement of “going outout for playplay.” That summer was the most joyful time to all family members. 29 From my previous cat in Taiwan, I learned that the wider blade grass is essential to cats. 30 Each time, playing at yard with them, I will “command” –“Everybody grass grass!” Wowwow and Maymay usually ignore what I say except Sun sun. She will diligently look for the broad edge leaves and nibble.

11. Gives and takes “ Mommy is too fragile to stay homeYour toy cats, Your kneading pillows; Your mouse mouse*31, Your water bowl; Your curtains, Your scratching posts; Your closet, Your ironing board; Your brush brush. Your hair balls; Your teaser and feather, And your melodious calls; See, You need so little, Yet, give us all; I just cannot help seeing your reflection, inside all of your windows.”


Sunny enjoys playing faking mice very much (not Wowwow nor Maymay)

(Wowwow, Sunsun and Maymay in 1997)

(Wowwow, Sunsun and Maymay, at Monomonie. 1997)

January 10 (Thursday) 2002
This part of poems is from Maymay’s emotional turbulence of after Sunny’s pass-away. 12. I am deceived “I am strong; I am visible; I am Mimi!*32 Look at the alacrity- dashing, bouncing and jumping. Jan 6, Jan 7, and Jan 8,*33 my world seems as rambunctious as it used to be, Except mommy and daddy‟s secret!”

32 33

Mimi is the alternated sound of Maymay, which becomes her nickname. Those three days after Sunny‟s passaway, Maymay seemed not aware of the reality yet.

13. Where do you hide? “I am Maymay, and you are Sunny, we like to play hide and seek Let me count One, two, three Where are you Sunny Under the bed Or in mommy‟s closet Inside the dresser‟s drawers Or behind the doors? You can‟t hide so long, Because it is against the rule. I pry, I pry; Please, Please, come out Sunny!” 14. Spray, not me! “Mommy, your pillow is wet, Believe me, It is not Maymay, Because you tell everybody: Be fair for a clean air; And I listen to you „Don‟t spray!‟ ”

15. Keep on searching for the heart of gold “Mommy, lie upon your arm I pretend to sleep; You pull up the quilt to cover daddy, you and me; I open up one eye and peek; I see tears. Why are you sobbing? Am I the puckish girl who makes you weep? You told me that something had happened to Sunny; It is quite difficult to understandwhere is she? I prefer to keep on looking for her Until she stops her naughty!”

16. Promise “This morning, To mommy and daddy, I see you off. I only have one wishPlease, don‟t forget Bring Sunny home from the vet as soon as possible!” 17. Do you forgive or forget me? “Grooming you and me all, and we are also mad about each other once in a while. Sometimes, I am ambushing and irritating you, Sunny Until fueling you up with fire! But now I need to touch your warm, soft and silvery fur. And I just cannot remember What I have been annoying you for?” 18. White on white “ I see her! I see her! I see her sauntering on the mottled snow; I am sure it is not Wowwow; I see her white plumy tail Behind the trees that exposed ; I see her elegantly ambling Around the white-fenced route; Mommy, daddy, don‟t feel miserable! Following me, I will show you Where she goes!” 19. …, who comes to dinner? “It is breakfast time; It is lunch time; And now is for dinner. I don‟t know why the delicious food is suddenly so unattractive. My stomach is growling, But that cannot stop my curiosity. Why one bowl is missing? Oh, I see, mommy moves it to the kitchen unintentionally. But why Sunny never gets hungry?”

20. Cat grass fever “ This morning, Mommy strolls on the yards Prodding out the snow. but they are hard to find except the tiny and semi dry appearing along the house corners. In winter, they are invaluable! I move to the basement to watch mommy Plucking them one by one with care. They are always not enough for the two. I like them, And Sunny enjoys them even more. So, we used to fight for the serve. Come inside the house, Mommy does not sing „Cat grass fever meow meow meow‟-the signature song we love. And it is Wowwow*34, instead of Sunny Who is eagerly to share this special food.”


Wowwow is our first cat adopted at Wayne Nebraska. He is very independent as a stray outdoor cat before we have him. So, he needs to go out constantly and gets his own cat grass as he wishes.

January 11 (Friday) 2002
21. I need you to groom me now! “ On your lap, I sense something strange. Please stop weeping, mommy. The teardrops are floating on me. And you knowI don‟t like it. The sniveling and trembling of your body make me think. It got to be Related to my seeking for Sunny. Is that what you mean? I am wailing at three O‟clock this morning. Because there is no Sunny to groom me, And I need to see her immediately. I do not want to wake you up, But you take me from Sunny‟s ironing board to Your chest, And I start sobbing and quivering.”

January 12 (Saturday), 2002 22. Silent Winter “I am not used to being very talkative; Now I can‟t keep silent in these moments. Please forgive me the howling and wailing And please ignore my Rushing, and rambling upstairs and downstairs. I need to check every corner Where Sunny is supposed to be there!”

23. Not the Anorexia Nervosa “I am not on diet, through I am losing weight. The Anorexia is not for the beauty‟s sake! Sorry, Mommy I am not pernickety; the delicious chicken bits you prepared just have no taste!”

24. Sun sun’s glee I “ Mommy likes to brush all over of me; and I pur, pur and pur as loudly as I can be. Under my armpits Where hide the rhapsodic secret; That is the ecstasy Shared between you and me.”

25. Sun sun’s glee II “ Every morning, jumping on Mommy‟s dress board, I enjoy watching her using make-ups. Mommy likes to paint, draw and design; She says human face is the canvas of delight. But be aware, before you portray, a caring heart and a beautiful mind have to be primed. Mommy says to me, Sunny, you help mommy prime all the time!”

26. Welkin query “ I am grateful to God who creates youthe unbelievable exquisiteness; I thank God to let me have the unique chance to know youThe immaculate soul. The cerebral and retinal inimitability of you Is what I indulge. You let me forget all the hardship That what I have been through; And you open up the windows and Show me the way how I can live. So, I am so conceited of having you- my sublime love! Now, I am skeptical – Do I deserve you? I ask Almighty Creator, why You are no more gracious; Is that because Sunny is too good to be true?”

27. Not for praise “1670 days of joys, started from the first time I saw your face. It seems all happened in yesterday. Your soprano callings, Your elegant gait; Your regal appearance, Your care for Wowwow and Maymay; Your plumy tail, Your silvery tufted pads; Your mysterious odd eyes, Your charming coquette; Your elongated whiskers, Your perfect shape; your deep gazes, and your marvelous brain. It appears so close, Yet it is heaven and earth away!”

28. Maymay’s denial “I feel her! I know Sunny was here on your desk. The scarf lying on the table leaves her scent. I know she is somewhere not very far away. Let me double check again. Could she be under the bed Or behind the box‟s dark shade? I don‟t like her leaving so long; Because it is unfair! Does mommy partially let her alone outout playplay And she got lost and doesn‟t know how to come back?”

29. Sunny’s glee III “Mommy goes to school so early, So, I patiently wait for daddy to get ready. You can‟t believe it how daddy enjoys so much playing with me! He always eagerly put away his grading and his research Whenever I come to his study room for visit. Tickling, scratching, laughing and hugging. Oh, daddy Don‟t hold me too tense, Because Maymay will be jealous.”

30. Sunny’s abhorrence “Daddy, I don‟t like the pet taxi nor the clinic. Please hide the carrier somewhere I can‟t see. I promise you to be strong and to be healthy, So, I do not have to meet the vet and the visit.”

Jan 13 (Sunday) 2002 31. A night is too long “Please don‟t say „to the bed bed and come to mommy‟s chest.‟ I don‟t feel like doing it any longer. Tonight, I prefer staying on Sunny‟s ironing board, Though you try very hard to comfort me even more. Sunny and I are the best friend siblings, And I am the only one in the family Knowing Sunny too well. Yes, you say that I grew up with Sunny 24 hours a day; Missing Sunny must be too unbearable. Last night, I jump up and down; I wander. I am looking and checking and starting feeling blue But, I am expecting every surprise Behind the doors and corners. I know Sunny will show up. I climb up to the headboard where Sunny used to halt I walk around the pet taxi And see if she has been brought home. I don‟t feel sleepy and nor want to eat, even though I yawn, yawn and yawn. This morning, on the ironing board, I stretch; Suddenly, I stop. The scent of Sunny comes to my awareness. I sniff the sweater pad that she used to lie on Oh, I miss you a lot!.”

32. Am I too late to say I miss you?-from Wowwow “Nobody is on your chest; Where is Maymay? Toward you, let me come to stay. But why tears in your eyes? I gaze at you with melancholy at your side, I know something must have happened, and I just feel our home is not right. Where is the most caring one, Especially when I am waiting outside too long and bored. She will inform mommy and daddy to open the door for Wowwow, And then, each time, I step inside the door She is the one at all times welcoming me with big admire. What an amazing girl! Her joviality toward me sometimes makes me feel awkward. So, I always try to shy away from her. Now, I wish that I had the chance to say to her-„How adorable you are!„ ” 33. Double blue “Your howling and wailing break my heart. Maymay, there is too much rue! I know your feeling that is what I am through; Let me hug you, kiss you, and calm you as best as I can do. Comb you, brush you, and please don‟t shed too soon; The hair balls bring up too much blue. ” 34. Inspiration “ „Love is the forever cherishing of care and nourishing of gratitude. Love is not jealous, nor is singing your own praises. Not to be fanatical, and not to do anything being ashamed of; Never have down pat of other people‟s fault; Never lose your temper. Fight against injustice, and only appreciate with truth.‟ You are the angel of Divinity bringing the melody to the earth; And manifesting the sanctity to our daily practice. I express my deepest and prayerful gratitude for your company in the wake of my voluntary yet solitary detention in the U.S.”

35. The center of Math and Art “What is Plume-tail Paradigm? Do you know White-girl‟s Integral? Who can understand the Lady‟s Assumption? And how to explain the Preciously‟s Theorem? These are all related to the Poo-Poo‟s Conjecture! Sunny, you are the Absolute Divinity visiting our world to show the beauty of mathematics. And Your tender heart Is the revelation of the mathematical art.” 36. Imperative Aesthetics “ Gestural drawing barely lays out your elegant configuration; Inspirational ceramics can‟t catch your sublime spirit; Ebullient expressionism reveals a tiny bit of your enigma; And amorphous watercolors hardly convey the charm of your graciousness. You are the center of the exuberance, Who transcend the mundane world into the divinity. You inspire our enthusiasm for imperative aesthetics; Sunny, you are the everyday motif of cerebral and retinal quintessence.”

January 18 (Friday) 2002 37. I wish snow is not white nor blue “Why snow is white For winter, which is used to be the best way to describe. But now, why again in this iciness January of 2002? I don‟t like its plagiarizing My Sunny‟s hue; Please, dear snow Don‟t turn into cerulean under the moon. I don‟t like that color as I used to feel soothed . It is gaunt of my mood.”

38. Embrace me again “Snowdrift, Sunny flakes into million piece of flurry, Fluffy, tenderly pats upon my face. Is it cold? I ask my best friend mommy. No, my dear Sunny, I am grateful to your touch. And I sense you are gazing at me And tell – mommy I miss you so much!”

39.Who will host the summer nights? “Without Sunny, the summer night is deadpan. Every blissful moment of it is so precious. Expecting with mommy, daddy, Wowwow and Maymay. Imagine, under the moon, the zephyr we embrace; Kiss the breeze and listen to the crickets‟ lullaby; And never forget to nibble cat grass for mommy‟s sake. Sunny just lies on the ground to meditate. And the atmosphere of jubilee is naturally created. She is the catalyst of the warmth, and the joy. Now, as unfathomable as it can be how do we face the coming summer break?”

40. White reminiscences “Sunny you are everywhereWhite on the trees, Snow on the birdhouses; White on the yards, Snow on the roofs; White on the driveway, Snow on the routes; White on my coat, Snow on my gloves; White on eyeglasses, Snow on my earmuff; White on the car, Snow on the roads; White on my hair, Snow on my scarf; White on every corner, Snow on my shoes; White on my tears, And snow on my blue mood. Sunsun-whitie, you are everywhere, as I can feel. I am encompassedby my dearest distinguished.”

January 19 (Saturday), 2002
41. Miraculous Transience “ Cometic as you are dashing your plumy tail; striking through the sky causes our wonderIs life can be both long, and magnificent?? Or like your manifestation, Short but full of marvel Astonish and overwhelm, Every minute, and every second!

42. A mediocre’s thought “ A thing of beauty is a joy forever; Is that so?! Then, how do I explain my sorrow? Maybe, I am a mediocre who Take time to disentangle. How do I come back the undisturbed And accept the life cycle is happy and miserable. This is an apprehensive puzzle!”

43. Esthetic indulgence “Indulgence in beauty Is what I am punished! Is this a unique felony? You cannot possess too much splendid; To engross the whole handsome esthetics Is too greedy!.”

44. Path “The passion for splendor is the very first Avidya of my Nidanas. How to break the fetters of karma And escape the Klesa*, I wonder. To learn and reach the final emancipation, I need to go through. Plunge into the riddle of life and the ultimate emptiness of existence, where lays the essential conduit.”

(Cleopatra, in Taipei, passed away in 1996 at age of 21)

45. Burning snow, firing freeze “My dearest mommy and daddy, please don‟t worry I don‟t feel cold in the freezing box. My heart is warm, Because of immeasurable of affection. Never mind the ultimate emptiness of Existence. My soul will be with you everlastingly. When cremation comes Please keep in mindLove is the anesthetic conflagration. The joy, the bliss, the enchantment, and the passion will return into the air, the earth and the ocean. Each dust-mote represents the aeon waves of vibration of inconceivable devotion.”

Jan 20 (Sunday) 2002 46. Sculpture that way “Michelangelo envisages the motif from the marble, Maymay, are you doing so? You have been gazing at the snow covered yards days by days and hours for hours, contemplating as though Sunny hidebounds inside the snow pile; And you incise with your sharp eye power onto the white moundHence, Sunny‟s gracious form can come out. As she just forget her mischief for hiding and trick us around.” 47. Take for granted “ Whenever I go, you tag along To my studio, to the study room, to the dining table, to the computer workstation, to the audiovisual basement, and to the bedroom You gaze at me without my acknowledgement. As usual, that is supposed to happen. You come to visit me with great conscience, not for the treat treat, not for comfort; neither for scratch scratch, nor for attention. You only wish me to sing you songs And you echo to me with Pur Pur as loudly as you want. That is the greatest melody serenading my passions. Now I am humming all the songs appreciated so often Yet missing a gracious audience”

48. Outerspace “ To see a World in your Sapphire Eye and a Heaven in the one of Amber Hold Infinity in the palm of your Paws And Eternity in your Glance. The magic, and the miracle That what I am astonished. The inspiration, and the imagination Is coming from the non-representation, Or are you an absolute abstract supreme being? Not surrealism, or baroque Nor dada, or romanticism, This is the world supposed to explore the love and the genuine. Not the alienation nor anomie, it got to be our best friends. Yes, here she comes, My dearest, from fourth dimension!” 49. The immeasurable “ The secret of fathoming the love underlines the necessity of mummification. The Egyptians express the sublime adoration to keep the everlasting compassion. Like pharaohs, the noble of the realm, As well as the felinethe affection is incessantly growing, no matter in mastabas, or in pyramids. Venerate this transient encountering Through eons of formation. The symbol of preservation of your spirit Commemorate the miraculous chance of acquaintance. 50. Maymay‘s studying of footprints “ Snowing, snowing, the vast of white tracks with intaglio plum blossom imprints. Somebody has enjoyed creating the mysterious winter scenes. One trails to the woods, One rambles to the neighbor‟s fences, One meanders to the squarrel‟s oak tree, and one to our deck as far as I can seeIt got to be Sunny! Mommy, she must have been waiting outside the door eagerly to come in! Suddenly, Here comes up Peachie*35 I hope they are not your footprints!”

(Maymay 6 weeks old in 1997)


Peachie is a ginger cat of our neighbor‟s, who visits our yards and deck quite often.

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