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									4) What is the Cloud and Cloud Computing?

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The cloud and cloud computing has become a very common term in today’s tech
world. In its simplest form, the cloud refers to data being hosted on a virtual
platform which can be accessed from any computer as it is not stored locally.
There are three main types of cloud computing service:

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

PaaS is a web based service where clients run their own applications but on the
cloud provider’s infrastructure. PaaS applications are also referred to as
software as a services (or SaaS) solutions. PaaS allows companies to run
applications over the internet without having to invest in complex infrastructure.
It means web developers can build web applications without actually installing
the tools on their local PC. They can build them through the PaaS. As a result
budget that would have been allocated to purchasing the tools on their local PC
can be used elsewhere in the company.

The advantages of PaaS is that is cheaper than investing in the buying the
applications. Companies can change and upgrade their operating system
features without huge amounts of investment. As PaaS has no international
borders, development teams in multinational companies can work together on
software projects. PaaS also means general developers can build web
applications without having to retrain in a specific field.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

SaaS is a software that people borrow or rent online instead of purchasing it.
The software is owned and managed by one or more providers.
Many individuals and companies use SaaS. The average Joe Bloggs may not even
realise they are using <a href=”
services </a>. Google Docs, Gmail are examples of SaaS which provides access to
a software service in the cloud. The documents are not stored, locally, but
instead in the cloud which means you can access it anywhere. Clients do not
need to worry about backing up and updates and it is taken care of by the
provider. SaaS is delivers software application from the cloud to a client’s

The advantages of SaaS is that everything is stored in the cloud instead of locally
on a machine. People can access their tools from anywhere using a web browser.
It also means that instead of buying software, clients can rent it through the
internet for a much cheaper price. Clients can login with an access code from any
computer round the world.
SaaS means that companies can be more efficient with their time and money. It
is cheaper to use the software which means the software vender does not have to
spend time with over the phone support, they can just repair the one copy

The disadvantages is that those who use SaaS must trust their online software
vendor to not let them down. It therefore becomes therefore very important to
choose a reputable and reliable software vendor.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Also known as Hardware as a Service (HaaS), IaaS is where organisations
outsource equipment used to support operations such as storage, servers,
networking components, hardware to a third party. For example, clients rent
servers from a third party and access them from their own desktop either over
the internet or through a private network.

Companies such as Amazon Web Services offer IaaS. IaaS is suitable for
companies who have in house IT skills as there are only basic infrastructure
services offered. Clients have to load up their own applications and data and
configure it themselves. The price of IaaS depends on the servers, if it is a
Windows or Unix, the type of software on the servers and the amount of traffic to
the site. Companies with a lot of traffic will pay more than those with a smaller

The advantages of using IaaS is that it means they can build new versions of
applications quickly without having to wait to order new hardware. Many
clients use IaaS for hosting websites of organisations leaving clients to
concentrate on other areas of the business.

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