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                                                                                 20 June 2006

In answer to the sonic and aesthetic challenges of the emergence of flat-panel TV based
entertainment systems, Athena Technologies unveils its WS Series slim-line,
state-of-the-art speakers.

As the ideal choice to accompany plasma and LCD flat-panel displays, the Athena WS
Series comprises of the WS-100 front left and right speakers, the WS-60 centre or front left
and right speakers, and the WS-15 surround sound speakers together with the AS-P4000 and
AS-P6000 subwoofers. The WS-100 is designed to handle up to 200 watts, the WS-60 up to
150 watts, the WS-15 up to 100 watts, while the AS-P4000 can output 100 watts and the
AS-P6000 200 watts continuous.

In addition to solving the sonic problems presented with wall-mounted speakers, the WS
Series has been designed to solve standing wave issues presented by tall narrow speaker
enclosures. Unlike many competitive ‘tall, narrow’ designs, the Athena WS Series has
exceptional bass response attributed to the precision built and weighted cones that ‘tune’ the
enclosure, similar to a tuned port design without the wind noise that is a necessary bi-product
of bass-reflex designs.

Tall narrow speaker enclosures present unique challenges to the accurate reproduction of
sound, particularly bass response. The WS Series overcomes such challenges by
incorporating a network of active low-frequency drivers and passive radiators, which extend
the bass response to depths that would be impossible in a traditional design of similar

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Another innovative design feature, a Standing Wave Filter, is installed strategically inside
the enclosure to break up standing waves – resulting in cleaner, deeper, more accurate bass
reproduction and overall flat frequency response, and offering audiophile quality

The WS-100 with its narrow-line floorstanding design features a 1-inch Teteron tweeter to
reproduce the highs, while three 3.5-inch woofers handle the bass frequencies together with
five 3.5-inch passive radiators to extend bass to below 50Hz. For placement near or either
side of the TV display, the WS-100 features an attractive polycarbonate base offering
enhanced cosmetics and additional stability.

The WS-60 utilises a similar narrow line floor/cabinet standing design with multiple active
and passive woofers together with a Teteron tweeter. In addition, the WS-60 features
wall-mounting options in both horizontal and vertical alignments. It comes with an attached
round tabletop base for use on a mantle, A/V furniture or on any flat surface.

The WS-60 bracket design also provides a simple and flexible installation option with
multiple attachment points. If the bracket is mounted off centre, or mounted to the nearest
wall stud, the speaker can be quickly re-positioned, allowing proper placement without
removing the bracket from the wall.

The WS-15 is a sleek 2-way design that can be used for any channel of your home theatre
system. It can also be used together with the WS-100 and WS-60 systems to supplement and
create a breathtakingly realistic sound stage. It also features a built-in wall-mounting

Complimenting the WS Series are the AS-P4000 (100 watt) and AS-P6000 (200 watt)
subwoofers that extend the low frequency response to capture the lowest of frequencies in
today’s music and film sound stages. Both models feature a dual down-firing design for
effective room loading and a flat room response, regardless of the flooring material.
Down-firing technology also allows the subwoofer to be placed closer to the walls with no
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appreciable impact on the acoustics. The subwoofers are designed for performance and
stylish looks to compliment the entire WS Series.

The Athena WS-100 (RRP $1199 pair), WS-60 (RRP $399 each), and the WS-15 (RRP
$399 pair) are covered by a five-year parts and labour warranty. While the AS-P4000 (RRP
$599) and AS-P6000 (RRP $799) are covered by a twelve month warranty on the electronics
and five years on the drivers.

For further information on the Athena Technologies WS Series home theatre speakers
contact 10300 134 400 or visit


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