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									                                        Knights Of Columbus                                                          COUNCILS
                                                                                                                   SOUTH BEND
                                                                                                                  Santa Maria 553
                                                                                                                   Ave Maria 5521
                                                                                                            Archbishop John Carroll 5570

                                                     Fourth Degree
                                                                                                         San Mateo Correa Magallanes 14113
                                                                                                                  Mishawaka 1878
                                                                                                           Osceola -- Queen of Peace 8617
                                                                                                                  Notre Dame 1477

                                       Father Julius A. Nieuwland Assembly 242                              Granger – Father Badin 4263
                                                                                                             Walkerton – St. Patrick 5709

                                              South Bend, IN and vicinity
                                              Return Address: P.O. Box 4524, South Bend, IN 46634-4524
Officers 2008-2009                                          Printer Friendly Version
                                                                 Issue Number 09                             March 1, 2009
Faithful Friar
Rev. William J. Kummer
                                       March Events            Thursday Mar 5, 2009 Free member dinner 6:30PM Officers Meeting: 7:00 P.M.
Faithful Navigator
                                       Business Meeting: 7:30 P.M. at Santa Maria Council 553.
James R. Burger (Judith)               Thursday Mar 19, 2009 Archbishop John Carroll (So. Bend West) #5570
574-935-0283 Home / Fax
574-855-7285 voicemail Mobil
                                       Social Dinner, Hors d’oeuvres will be at 6:30 and Dinner at 7:00 P.M. Corn
412-250-7579 office                    Beef and Cabbage or Chicken, Potatoes, carrots, salad and dessert. Please
Skype:Futronix      (video live)
                                       contact Betty Zavor 574-255-9293 or Rick Alexander 574-247-4457 for
Faithful Captain
Rick Alexander (Kathy)
                                       April Events
574-302-6034 Mobil                     Thursday Apr 2nd, 2009 Free member dinner 6:30PM Officers Meeting: 7:00
Skype:Rick.Alexander (video)
                                       P.M. Business Meeting: 7:30 P.M. at Santa Maria Council 553.                    Thursday Apr 16th, 2009 Social Santa Maria Council # 553 (Downtown)
Faithful Pilot
                                       Social Dinner, Hors d’oeuvres will be at 6:30 and Dinner at 7:00 P.M. Please
Joseph R. Ortega (Martha)              contact Betty Zavor 574-255-9293 or Rick Alexander 574-247-4457 for
                                       Dear Sir Knights and Ladies,
Faithful Admiral                         We finally have a Friar and his name is Rev. William J. Kummer from St. Michael
John J. Lehner (Judy)
574-234-4580                           Catholic Church in Plymouth In. Fr. Bill is an avid Bridge player in Fort Wayne on
Skype:jjlehner (video)                 Thursdays and said, “I will try to get to more of our socials”. S.K. Fr. Kummer is our
                                       Former State Chaplin and knows his way around the Knights, he is also 1/8th friar at
Faithful Comptroller                   the assembly in Culver and we are glad to welcome him Whole to our Assembly.
Raymond R. Sommer (Shirley)
574-288-4305                           Talking to Master Dale Hager it is OK to have a priest from other assemblies as                      Faithful Friar without transferring to them. He has one that caters to 3 Assemblies.
Faithful Purser                           The passing of SK Joe Ortega has left our Pilot position vacant anyone who wants to
Larry Landy (Jeanette)                 step up to leadership roles in the assembly here is an opportunity to advance in the
574-272-9367                       ranks. We also need a Scribe to fill the offices.
                                          Lent is here and our disciplines are in force and I feel that we need to be more
Faithful Scribe
OPEN                                   Patriotic in our thinking for March. February left me the question how can we be more
                                       patriotic after meeting the son in law to Red Benson , a highly decorated Army Colonel
Inner Sentinel
Charles L. Baumgartner, Jr. (Elaine)   and Congressional Metal of Honor Winner, leaves me with a sense of honor to know
574-232-8862                           that the men and women who serve in our military, have sacrificed and done so much
Outer Sentinels                        for us, Honor and Patriotism enabling us to Live Free!
Thomas Arata (Patricia)                   I implore all to pray for these Honorable men and women this lent and our leaders to
(574) 674-9348
                                       pick the right choice, “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”! We all can change
Trustees                               thing’s through prayer and fasting.
William E. Szajko (Kathleen)
                                       As a final note, Spring is in the air, the ground hog seen his shadow meaning 6 more                    weeks of winter, Think warm thoughts and Be Honorable, Patriotic and by all means
Thomas A. Lesniak (Dottie)
                                       BE HAPPY!!!
Stephen Elek, Jr. (Anna)

                                             Health and Welfare

Please call Sir Knight Thomas A. Lesniak, PFN at 574-291-6797 if you know of anyone sick or in distress. If
someone in the family does not call him about your situation, we won’t be able to publish it. Please remember in
our prayers Tom Lesniak, Joe Szalay, Marty & Stella Moorman, Fr. Herman, Bill Rabb, Merl Battels, Dave
Towner, John Lenher and all other ach and pains of getting old.
                                                  Color Corps

Please give Sir Knight J.R Burger a call at 574-935-0283 if you can attend any of the color corps events. The Sir
Knights who stood wake at Joseph Ortega’s Mass were Joseph Szalay, Rick Alexander, J.R Burger, Bill Szajko,
Bill Rabb, Steve Elek, Tom Lesniak. Sir Knights at John Berzai and Red Benson’s Wake, S.K Rick Alexander, Bill
Szajko, Steve Elek, J.R Burger, Ray Sommer.
Title First Name Middle Name Last Name Birth Date
      THOMAS E              ARATA      03-05

     JOHN       †††          BERZAI       03-25

     JAMES      R            BURGER       03-27

     PHILIP     G            CORBETT      03-19

     FRANCIS    G            FREEMAN      03-23

REV JOSEPH W                 GAUGHAN      03-27
REV CHARLES A                HERMAN       03-05                      †
    MICHAEL J                HUSZAR       03-09          † Welcome Faithful Friar †
                                                          Rev. William J. Kummer
     JOSEPH     M            JACOB        03-12          Saint Michael Plymouth IN
MRV DANIEL      R            JENKY        03-03
    E           W            JERGER       03-01

     RICHARD L               LAMIRAND     03-30

     J          PATRICK      MC GANN      03-06

     DAVID      E            OGDEN        03-19

     RICHARD E               PUSZTAI      03-02

     GEORGE     A            RESNIK       03-01

     JOSE                    RODRIGUEZ 03-20               Sir Knight J.R Burger
     PHILLIP    C            ROSS         03-31            Faithful Navigator
                                                           Fr. Julius A. Nieuwland Assembly # 242
     JOHN       E            SHANLEY      03-11
                                                           voice 574-935-0283
                                                           fax 412-250-7579
                                                           pager 574-855-7285              18120 10b Road   PLYMOUTH, IN 46563
                                                           Fr. Tremmel Council #1975

Faithful Friar News
      With this Lent comes an opportunity to renew faith.
      As knights in the Fourth Degree it is our
      Privilege to represent our Order’s commitment
      To the virtue of Patriotism.
      The love of country is not simply an excuse
      To wave the Flag it is rather a pledge
      To love neighbor. First as a commandment
      Of Christ and second it says that our
      Nation is a protector of all God given rights.
      This is not a political journey, but a religious
      Journey. Let us then use this Lent to grow
      Closer to the Father in Haven. The Bishop has ask us
      To pray before the Eucharist, and so we shall.
      The church asks us to follow the traditions of Alms giving,
      Praying extra, and fasting, and so we shall. We do these
      For love of God and Love of God.
      Have a great Lent.

      Vivat Jesus

      Fr. Kummer


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