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					High Capacity              The Replicator’s Duplicator

Unattended Operation       The CopyDisc 12 high capacity
                           automatic duplicator, designed
Duplicates 12              and manufactured by Verity
CD-R/RWs or                Systems, is capable of meeting
12 DVD±Rs                  the demanding requirements for
simultaneously             larger CD/DVD duplicators and
1100 Disc Capacity

Standalone or                    Automatic CD-R & DVD±R Duplicator
Network System             The CopyDisc 12 auto-loading duplicator is fitted with up to 12 high speed CD-R or
                           DVD±Rs writers.
High Speed Loader
Robotics                   Easy To Use
                           Built on an industrial strength aluminum chassis, five 220 capacity spindles are based
                           on a revolving turntable holding a total of 1100 CD-Rs. A second turntable acts as the
Auto Format                output hopper. As each individual spindle is emptied (or filled on output), the CopyDisc
Recognition                12 turntable will automatically revolve round to the next full (or empty, on output)
                           spindle. No user intervention is required other than to load blank media and to unload
                           the completed duplication job.
40 Gbyte Hard Disk Drive
for Internal Storage       The CopyDisc 12 is capable of producing up to 1100 duplicates of the same master
                           without requiring replenishment. Alternatively, selecting the CopyDisc 12’s batch
Audio Compilations         duplication feature will allow multiple masters to be duplicated unattended. Simply
                           stack the required number of blank CD/DVDs for each master to be duplicated and let
                           the CopyDisc 12 get on with the work.
High Speed
CD-R/RW writers            Working with high speed CD-R writers, the CopyDisc 12 is capable of producing
or DVD±R, DVD±RW           approximately 180 CDs per hour, depending on the media used. Small capacity
writers                    masters will result in higher throughput rates per hour.

                           Standalone or Networked
                           Operation of the CopyDisc 12 can be controlled by either the easy to operate control
                           panel located at the front of the machine, or directly from your PC via network
                           connectivity, and the CopyDisc NET network module.

                           This second generation duplicator is an industrial strength precision engineered system
                           with an amazing capacity for “on demand” CD & DVD duplication requirements. The
                           CopyDisc 12 bypasses the delay in time and expense of creating a glass master and is
                           truly the Replicator’s Duplicator.

                           The CopyDisc 12 is part of CopyDisc range designed and manufactured by Verity
                           Systems. The CopyDisc range utilizes the proven integrity and reliability of the Verity
                           Systems firmware for automatic format recognition, failsafe operation and consistent
                           high quality CD/DVD duplicates time after time.

Automatic CD-R & DVD±R Duplicator
Disc Capacity:            1100 CD-Rs or DVD±Rs

Format Support:          CD Write/Read Support:                         DVD Write Support:
                         CD-DA                                          DVD-R (4.7GB for general disc only)
                         CD-ROM (Mode 1 & 2)                            DVD-RW
                         CD-XA Mode 2 (Form 1 & 2)                      DVD+R
                         Mixed Mode CD                                  DVD+RW
                         Photo-CD                                       CD-R
                         Video-CD                                       CD-RW
                         CD-I                                           DVD Read Support:
                         CD-Extra                                       DVD-ROM (Single layer) DVD-RAM (Version 2 & 2.1); DVD-R (all types); DVD-RW;
                         CD+G                                           CD-ROM Mode 1; CD-ROM XA Mode 2 (form 1, form 2); CD-TEXT; Photo-CD (single
                         CD-Text                                        & multiple session); CD-DA; CD-Extra;

                          Note: Format support can depend on drive type and firmware version.

Recording Modes:          Track At Once (TAO)
                          Disc At Once (DAO)
                          Session At Once (SAO)

Image storage:            Internal Hard Disk 40 Gigabyte                                 14 character alpha numeric file name
                          Image delete and rename features.                              No limit on number of files stored (subject to hard disk capacity only)

Software Features:        Batch mode processing duplication                              Auto format recognition
                          Copy/verify and byte for byte verification                     Simulation testing
                          Advanced system diagnostics                                    Software firmware upgrades.

Recorder Support:         Plextor 52x CD-R drives*
                          Pioneer DVR-A07 8x DVD-R/4x DVD-RW; 8x DVD+R/4x DVD+RW
Voltage:                  100 – 240 VAC 50/60Hz

Dimensions:               Height: 630mm (25”) Depth: 620mm (24”) Width: 780mm (31”) Net Weight: 32kg (71lbs)

Environment:              Temperature: 40-95f (5-35c) Humidity 20%-80% non condensing

Data Buffer:              32Mb Sdram                          Interface:        IDE                        IDE Bus:          12 Channel

Drive Configuration:      The CopyDisc 12 can be fitted with either 12 CD-R drives or 12 DVD±R drives.

* Whilst fitted with 52x Plextor CD-R drives, the CopyDisc 12 will only write at 32x.

                          Verity Systems maintains a policy of continuous improvement and reserves the right to amend this specification without notice

•       12 months back to base, all parts and labor included.
•       Please call Verity Systems or your distributor for Extended Warranty and Comprehensive on site cover options.

•       CopyDisc Networking Solutions (compatible with Windows 98, 2000 & XP)

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