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									   Einstein E-Collars: How To Use, User Guide, Advantages

                                                         Einstein E-Collar is a useful
                                                         dog training tool that allows
                                                         you to manage consistency in
                                                         a     dog’s    obedience     to
                                                         commands. The dog trainer
                                                         uses a hand-held transmitter
                                                         to apply stimulation to the dog
                                                         by the use of a receiver collar
                                                         that is worn by the dog.

                                                         With this special kind of collar
                                                         once your dog recognizes the
                                                         correction you switch over to
                                                         the secondary correction Tap
                                                         Mode- when you press the tap
                                                         button it vibrates on the dogs
                                                         collar like a pager.

How To Use Einstein E-Collar

It is used for both behavior modifications and teaching your dog to obey, the e-collar
makes an excellent tool to effectively connect with your pet. In a short time, you and
your dog will reach the expected result without using the undesirable leash training,
while controlling your dog far off with assurance. Einstein E-Collar dog training
collars feature exclusive stimulation circuitry which mimics the correction from a
mother. It has been proven to enhance training effectiveness and reduce stress on
your dog while training.

The company manufactures low level stimulation training collar to attain superior
training results without unnecessary stress on your dog. The exclusive stimulation
utilized is dull yet efficient that provides less stress on your dog while still providing
sufficient incentive for the dog to comply with your training command. Einstein E-
Collars provide the highest and cleanest stimulation available to control the most
persistent and resistive dogs.

PetStreetMall.com offers the most reliable and durable pet products in the
industry, when you push the button of the e-Collar, the training collar respond
instantly-only trust the best.

When you are setting the corrective stimulation level is a little more difficult due to
the wide differences in temperaments and stimulation tolerance among the many dog
breeds. On average, it is normally 20 to 40 levels higher than the conditioning level.
This higher level will only be used in transient mode as not to over-stimulate your
dog. This mode is used for preventing undesirable behaviors such as chewing,
digging, street-running, too much barking, and aggressiveness.
It is important to apply the momentary stimulus at the exact time of the unwanted
behavior. Supplementary pulses may be used to support the command if compliance
is not instant.

Einstein E-Collars products should be used to strengthen the commands your dog
already knows. It is not a substitute for basic leash obedience training, but a tool to
allow you to better communicate to your dog. For best results, use the least amount
of stimulation required to get compliance from your dog.

A composed and consistent approach to training will always produce better long term
results. It is highly recommended that hostile dogs be taken to a professional trainer
for evaluation before you use Einstein E-collar.

There are many different e-collar training techniques recommended by a variety of
professional trainers. You will be the one to properly determine the most successful
technique for your dog.
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