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					The other day I got rocked in DarkFall. What i'm saying is bluffly worked over. I will now
/ragequit and take my guild with me at night; I didnrrrt wish to play that game anyway!

I logged in, pointed out that the most up-to-date patch fixed the memory crashing issue (thank
god), get into our regular Inquisition PvP group, and went to buy DFUW Gold and kill some
people. Things were going well for a short time, even as we made a large loop on the north-center
of the map, as a result of the black area at the center, and back around towards our hamlet, setting
up a quick stop to mess with some Goons. Therein trip In my opinion we killed 6-8 people, with
more escaping.

These PKs split and ran, and that we chased two advisors down in short order but got the kills.
Your third during this period returned to the hamlet and again killed a couple of naked members at
our bindstone. I'd been web site to the hamlet, and rode up to engage him. He removed his bow
and started tearing into my mount, hitting rather hard. I acquired a couple of hit and run attacks in,
just looking to keep him entertained for a specified duration throughout the group to reach. When
another member turned up, he spawned his mount and tried to escape. Whenever we killed his first
mount soon after, he spawned another and continued his escape.

As they was fleeing west, he quickly hit the coast, and also to our surprise jumped to the water,
abandoning his mount. Now we figured he was just delaying the inevitable, along with the 4-5
individuals chasing started shooting arrows and spells at him, although shooting in the water with
a target in the water is very difficult. As they fled, he continually used mana-to-stamina as a way
to buy Darkfall Unholy Wars Gold then swim at sprint speed, and a few individuals members are
not able to keep up on account of stam loss. Far out on the ocean, with one alliance member in
front of our pack, he turned and quickly killed him. I mean, really, really quickly, so fast that even
stopping to fight, we were still struggling to reach him close enough to melee. Some more minutes,
and plenty of mana-to-stamina later, he again turned and engaged me and another guild member.

I was lost such as a load of bricks, as did my fellow guild member right after. PK 3, us 0. Perhaps
the problem was at that time, my stamina was shot and I was away from mana-to-stamina regents
or stam pots, but blindly continued the chase anyway. More problems was the guy only agreed to
be fantastic, both in how hard he hit and in addition his player skill. For every hit I bought in, he
hit me 2-3 x, dodging vertical in water wonderfully. I think gear involved during the fight, when i
is at scale/banded using a rank 40 weapon, and i believe he was using comparable stuff. I also
made the wrong assumption more people were still chasing him at this time, then went into your
fight seeking to just delay him with the others to trap up; just to later hear all the others had pulled
off because of stamina. I don’t think it might have changed the actual end result from the fight,
but at the very least I'd personally not need spent half of it really wanting to block with my shield
and quitting hits.

I think i thought this was my worst loss to date in terms of gear, when i not simply lost the DFUW
Gold and size/banded armor I had created on, but in addition half a couple of banded within my
bag, two mounts, enough regents, as well as other assorted items from my PK trip i never banked.
A costly lesson for sure, but nonetheless one worth learning. Hats away and off to Ynow (did not
catch his cognomen), you earned all that loot.
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Description: Even as we were riding to our hamlet, a guild mate tell us three PKs are there killing our harvesters. That has a prefer to buy DFUW Gold and trap all three, our group unfold and much more or less circled the hamlet.