Hand-Washing by huangyuarong


									    Mercer County Head Start Policies and Procedures

             P/P Topic:    Hand washing                          P/P #:     022
                  Part:    1304                       PC Approval Date:     10/23/2008

              Subpart:     Early Childhood           Last Reviewed Date:    01/27/2011
                           Development and
                           Health Services
     Section Title(s):     Child Health and              Implementation     All Staff
                           Safety                         Responsibility:
             Related       1304.22(e)(1)(i-iv)               Monitoring     Health and Nutrition
        Performance                                       Responsibility:   Coordinator

(A) Policy                Staff and volunteers in the classrooms will teach and model
                          appropriate hand washing practices in order to lower the risks of
                          spreading communicable illnesses

(B) Responsibility        All Staff and Volunteers

(C) Procedure                   Staff, volunteers and children will wash their hands with
                                 soap and water whenever coming in contact with body
                                 fluids as well as the following:
                                     1. Before preparation, handling or serving of food
                                     2. After toileting
                                     3. After assisting a child with toilet use
                                     4. Before and after eating meals or snacks
                                     5. After handling pets and other animals
                                     6. After using disposable gloves
                                     7. Before and after administering first aid
                                     8. After assessing child for communicable illness
                                     9. Before and after administering medications
                                     10. Non-porous gloves are worn when in contact with
                                         blood or other visibly blood streaked body fluids.

                                Clear, simple hand washing procedures will be posted in all
                                 classrooms including (but not limited to) these steps:
                                     1. Wet hands with water and add soap
                                     2. Use friction to work up lather and wash hands for at
                                         least 10-20 seconds
                                     3. Rinse well under a stream of water
                                     4. Dry hands thoroughly with a single use paper towel
                                     5. Turn off faucet with paper towel, if possible


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