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									                            Changing Trends In Indian Clinical Trials

Indian clinical trials along with the overall healthcare vertical today are at an inflection point and are
estimated to expand in the long run. However, the Indian clinical expenditure ranks still one of the
lowest globally and there are other critical challenges too that needs to be addressed in terms of quality
patient care and availability of health care services. Though this represents a crucial scope for the
private sector the Government sector too has an essential part to play it making the evolution possible.

The health care and the clinical trial expenditure when compared with regards to the public-
private contribution, also indicates a distorted picture. It has been estimated that the private sector
contribution to the India medical sector had been 75 percent and is considered as the highest globally
in terms of percentage. The public expenditure on the other hand is estimated to be the lowest globally
and is also 23 percent less than the global average.

However, apart from these statistical details changes in lifestyle and the emergence of new chronic
ailments have given rise to the amount of clinical trials in India. This branches out from the intricacy of
the non-communicable and communicable diseases both in the urban and rural regions. The occurrence
of chronic disease patterns has influenced the medical infrastructure needs and has also resulted in the
architectural challenges for the government as well as the private players. It has also been observed
that India often gets rated poorly on the fundamental health care factors when it is benchmarked
against developed economies as well as the BRIC nations. This indicates that a huge part of the Indian
population is not able to have proper access to health care services. This is a result of:

    ●   Absence of proper medical infrastructure
    ●   Absence of qualified and trained manpower
    ●   Absence of proper regulatory services and quality assurance

Keeping these aspects in mind Indian CRO’s (clinical research organizations) today conducts regular
clinical trials concentrating on Phase I to IV medical studies. These CRO’s apart from carrying out
innovative drug development and treatment process also carries out research on innovative medical
studies on biometrics, medical writing, clinical pharmacokinetic, and other variations of bio-analytical
studies. In additional to that, the CRO’s also excel in multiple therapeutic areas and studies related to

Thus, the major objective of having systematic and organized clinical trial phases is to come out with
innovative treatment methods and healing modalities so that the rate of chronic ailments can be
reduced eventually.

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