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Security is in place for the entire event, around the clock.
Three men; Jim "Admiral" Stuckey Ben "Squirrel" Kelly,
and Russ Creason ensure the safety of our Veterans,
our Volunteers, and our environment during Stand
Down. If you have any questions, just ask for one of
these men and they'll be right there to assist.

Often times security is the focal point of our event, you
will get any and all questions. Anything you do not
know, please don’t guess, find someone with a radio and
get a definite answer. The worst thing we can give
veterans or service organizations is wrong
information. Our Veterans and Volunteers appreciate
maintained calm, safe, and secure environment. The
“Eight Rules” of attendance, as set forth, are; 1.) No
drugs, 2.) No alcohol, 3.) No theft, 4.) No violence,
5.) No weapons, 6.) No panhandling, 7.) No vulgar
language, and 8.) NO exceptions!

Traffic control is another responsibility of Security,
around the facility, unloading, parking, work areas, etc.
Veterans are issues a numbered control badge to
access services and for identification, this number
makes waiting in lines flow smoother. Security oversees
order in these areas as well, enforcing fairness by going
in order. An alternative to waiting is for the Veteran to
seek another service, with less waiting, then return or
check back. More benefits are received this way.

During the summer Stand Down, overnight Security is
required to control our inventory and the safety of our
veterans who stay overnight. Veterans are not allowed
to re-enter after leaving nor is anyone allowed entry
without a badge. Vendors are not allowed on the
premises and need be asked to vacate, adjacent
properties are out of our control. Any unforeseen
incident please immediately ask for assistance. We are
all just a radio call away.

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