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STUDENT PROFILE                                                                                       1. 800.973.1177

                                Colleen Bathen: 2L and Co-President of the Women’s Law
                                Association at the University of Southern California Gould
                                School of Law
                                [By Heather Jung]
                                Having just completed her first year of law school at USC, Colleen Bathen said that she decided to become a lawyer because law
                                is a field that combines two of her main interests: writing and public policy.

This summer, Bathen is externing at the San          primarily as a fact checker, working under the        When classes resume this fall, Bathen
Francisco Superior Court, working in the Law         research editor. She also wrote an article on         will be the co-president of the Women’s
and Motions Department for judges Patrick            a new See’s candy bar, the Awesome Peanut             Law Association. According to Bathen, the
Mahoney and Peter Busch. She said she is             Brittle Bar. In the end, however, she decided         association’s goal is to “provide women at
enjoying the externship and is learning a lot.       to pass on a career in food writing.                  USC Law with a means by which to learn
                                                                                                           from and about fellow female law students
“I review case files on pre-trial motions,           “I enjoyed my experiences with food                   and to learn about being a woman in the
conduct research, and write memoranda on             writing, but I decided to change careers              legal field.” She said that participating in
the motions,” Bathen said.                           because I felt that I may want to reserve             student organizations while in law school has
                                                     my interests in food for my pleasure and              very distinct advantages.
Before attending law school, Bathen earned           outside interests instead of for my career,”
her undergraduate degree in English from             Bathen said.                                          “It is a great opportunity to get to know
the University of California-Berkeley. For                                                                 and to learn from your fellow law students
a few years during college, Bathen said,               Q. What do you do for fun?                          outside of the classroom,” Bathen said.
she wanted to be a food writer because it              A. Yoga and cooking.

combined her passions for food and writing.                                                                Bathen is still in the process of deciding
                                                       Q. What CD is in your CD player right now?
She worked as an intern for the food editor at                                                             on the specific field she would like to work
                                                       A. Norah Jones’ new CD, Not Too Late.
the Contra Costa Times. Her main job during                                                                in after graduation. She is currently torn
the internship was editing a column called                                                                 between general civil litigation and real
                                                       Q. What is the last magazine you read?
“Cooks & Books” that allowed readers to                A. San Francisco Chronicle magazine.                estate transactions.
review cookbooks and submit reviews.
While at Contra Costa Times, she also got the          Q. What is your favorite TV show?                   “I have formulated my ideas based on talking
opportunity to write two articles and co-write         A. Lost.                                            to people in the field and what I find most
one with the editor that covered topics such                                                               interesting in my classes,” said Bathen.
as her mother’s cranberry sauce, eating well           Q. Who is your role model?
during college, and a restaurant opening in            A. My father.

                                                       Q. What is something most people don’t
                                                       know about you?
Bathen spent some time working for San
                                                       A. I ice-skated for six years.
Francisco magazine, as well, where she served


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