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					Carolina Lemus
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         Our society has mistakenly labeled anger as a very bad feeling, When people think about
anger, most of the time they think of it as a negative feeling, but anger itself is not the problem, it
is how people handle it. Anger is a feeling of hostility, or displeasure, but it is also a warning bell
that tells you something is wrong in a situation. Anger can be, and most of the time is an
unpleasant emotion, but it's also a normal, healthy emotion. It is a natural response to perceived
threats. Anger is a common feeling for people, everybody has feel angry at some point of their
lives, but some people seem to get irritated very easily for no apparent reason. There are different
factors that can affect why some people get angry and frustrated so easily, while for others it
takes a good while. On the other hand, if handle inadequately anger becomes a problem and it
can be very harmful for yourself and for people around you.

[Main research question]
         The main focus in research on anger today is mostly concentrated in finding ways to
teach people how to manage anger. People today are faced with numerous stressors; bills, drugs,
peer pressure, racial conflicts, health care issues, war. There's a lot of stress in society in general
and in our personal lives as well. There are so many things to feel threatened about, and some
people respond in a negative way. This is why it is very important to learn how to manage anger
in a healthy way. Researchers are concerned with all the different stressors that people have in
their daily lives and they are trying to find ways to manage anger, so that people can have better
and healthier lives.

[Primary Publications}
        There are an endless number of publications that hope to help people learn how to handle
anger. The book Anger: Wisdom for Cooling the Flames, by Thich Nhat Hanh looks forward to
teach people how to handle their anger. In this book, Hanh tries to teach people how to embrace
their anger in a healthy way, as well as how to breathe when you are angry so you can cool
down. I also found some other interesting books such as Prisoners of Hate: The Cognitive Basis
of Anger, Hostility and Violnce, by Aaron beck september1999. Anger: How to Live With and
Without It. by Albert Ellis. (March 1986). Anger: The Misunderstood Emotion by Carol Tavris.
(October 1989) and Anger: How to Live With and Without It by Albert Ellis.(March 1986). All of
these publications have different perspectives about anger, but they all suggest different ways
and therapies that would help people manage it. Some of the therapies mentioned are cognitive
based therapy and individual and group therapies.

[Relevant Associations]
       There are different associations focused on helping people to learn how to deal and
manage anger. The American Association of Anger Management Providers (AAAMP) is an
organization that provides information to people on how to manage their anger. Other
organization that tries to help you control your anger is the National Anger Management
Association (NAMA). NAMA is an independent, non-profit, professional organization for the
advancement of anger management services, research, and professional anger management. Both
of these organizations are looking for ways to provide services to people so they can learn to
manage their anger.

[Major Conferences]
        Some organizations organized conferences to present new research about anger
management. One of the ways the AAAMP assists people is by organizing seminars to help them
learn to manage anger. The next seminar will be October 29th, 30th and 31th, 2009. The first day
they will focus on youth and adolescents, the second day in adults and the third day would be a
workshop to prepare people who would like to give the talks in future seminars. Other example
is Magee Bill who presented her paper "Stress, Anxiety and Anger About Home and Work" the
annual meeting of the American Sociological Association Annual Meeting, in Boston, MA, Jul
31, 2008 as the title says it the paper’s main focus was about anger and stressful feelings about
Home and Work.

[Key Sources; Founding Agencies]
        There are a couple of agencies or organizations funding research about anger. One of the
organizations is the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism who donated a $1.8
million grant to do a research that will run through 2013. The money was donated because
research has found that people with drinking problems tend to have anger management problems
as well. The purpose of this research will be to find a treatment that would specially focus on
individuals with drinking problems. There are also various forums that would help you cope with
anger. Some examples are
My Therapy Communities Forum
Anger Management Help This forums are there to
inform the public about anger and people should always take advance of these helpful resources.


        Anger can be a very frustrating feeling for the majority of the people. It is true nobody
likes to feel angry at someone or sometimes we might even get angry at ourselves which could
be worse because it’s not possible to take time away from ourselves to cool down, but we can
take time away for ourselves and learn how do manage our anger. Learning how to manage our
anger is very beneficial for ourselves and for people around us. We can prevent or stop hurting
others with our uncontrolled actions. Anger management help is available for those who want it;
you just have to take your time to find the method that fits your necessities.
                               ASSIGNMENT REFLECTION FORM

1. How would you describe your experience in working on this assignment (Was it difficult to begin?
   Did the ideas come easily or with difficulty? What obstacles did you face in the process of writing?
   How long did it take you?)?
   The most difficult part was choosing my topic, they were so many different directions I wanted to
   go, but at the end I chose anger because it is very common, and because it is very common
   sometimes people don’t think that anger can be a psychological issue. It was really hard to find
   some agencies that would be funding research about anger, which I personally found very
   disappointing. The whole process took me about a week.

2. What do you see as the strengths of this paper?

This paper gave me the opportunity to find information about anger management that otherwise I
probably wouldn’t have look on my own, but it’s amazing how much help people can get.

3. What do you see as areas for improvement in the paper?

Even though at the beginning it was kind of hard to get started I think that assignment was very
interesting and at the end was very informative.

4. What did you learn (about yourself, the subject, writing, or reading) from doing this assignment?

As I mentioned before this paper gave the opportunity to see how much help there is to learn how to
manage anger. Sometimes we might think their little or no help at all for this kind of problem but people
just needs to find what would be the best treatment for them.

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