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									Be Wary of the Hype in Advertised Speeds

More often than not, what you get in reality is less than what you signed-up for. That is a general notion

about most internet service providers these days. If you can request for a trial for about a week or 2 weeks

to check internet speeds before you sign-up, that would be a good way for you to gauge the internet speed

you'll be getting once you avail of the service. Always keep your expectations realistic when it comes to

mobile broadband services.

Do Speed Test

You can always use free internet speed tests online that shows the download and upload speed of your

connection. If it truly shows 30 mbps if you signed up for 30 mbps, then you're on the right track. If doesn't

come at par with the service, it is a good time for you to make that call to your internet service provider about

this particular concern. Consumers can always demand for better service but it might not always be an easy

way to get your concerns addressed quickly. If things turn out for the worse, you can always get a new

service provider if you're not locked in with any contract/data plan.

Check Your Usage

We might not always be aware of programs that are running in the background and might be consuming a

lot of your bandwidth. You can always check in your control panel for any unnecessary programs running in

the background. Any ongoing program updates, software, or even viruses that might be lurking in your

system can cause slow net speeds. The same goes for tablets and other mobile devices for games. Internet

games can consume a lot of bandwidth. Make sure you close any unused apps to get better speed.

Beware of Free Loaders

Wi-fi can be easily shared and without proper security settings and limits to the number of users, your

connectivity might slow down because of too many users and devices using up your bandwidth. Check your

router's settings and set limits or passwords to make sure no free loaders are taking advantage of your

broadband service.

Take Advantage of Off-peak Hours

There are certain times in a day wherein internet speeds can slow down due to many users simultaneously

connecting to internet for various online activities. In the evening, internet can slow down a bit. However, in

early morning and wee hours of the night, you can usually expect faster connectivity speeds. You can take
advantage of off-peak hours to get better connection.
When you can't help but feel the need for an upgraded service, you can always pay extra for faster internet

and more ease in browsing and mobile broadband communication. But, always make sure you get the best

service provider in your area.

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