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Self Propelled Combine Harvester
The combine harvester includes a threshing module, a separating module and a cleaning
module, all of which are supported by a frame. Driven by the technology these harvester are
very economical in operation and ensures high crop recovery. Superior and robust in structure
the spare parts of these machine are easily available in any part of India. They are high
performance machines with enormous power and durability. These harvester has a global
repute in the market.

Zambia Features
 State-of-the-art manufacturing
 Superior & Robust structure
 Enormous power & durable drives

Type: Self -Propelled Technical Specifications

                     Description             KARTAR 4000               KARTAR 4000-Deluxe
                     Type of Engine          Kirloskar R-6/ALU 1080    Kirloskar R-6/ALU 1080
                     No.of Cylinders         6                         6
                     Bhp Max                 91 HP at 2000 rpm         91 HP at 2000 rpm
                     Cooling System          Water Cooled              Water Cooled
                     Width                   4000 mm                   4000 mm
                     Height Adjustment       Hydraulic                 Hydraulic
Cutter Bar
                     Cutting Height Min      100 mm                    100 mm
                     Cutting Height Max      1000 mm                   1000 mm
                     Type                    Pick Up                   Pick Up
Reel                 Speed Adjustment        Mechanical                Mechanical
                     Height Adjustment       Hydraulic                 Hydraulic
Thresher Drum        Dia of Drum             600 mm                    600 mm
                   Length of Drum         1010 mm               1010 mm
                   Speed of Drum          535-1200 rpm          535-1200 rpm
                   Adjustment             Mechanical            Mechanical
                   No.of Rasp Bars        8                     8
                   No.of Spikes           120                   120
                   Clearance Between
                                           16-39 mm             16-39 mm
                   Concave & Thrasher
Concave                                    3-16 mm              3-16 mm
                   Dram at inlet at outlet
                                           Mechanical           Mechanical
                   No.of Straw walkers    5                     5
Straw Walkers
                   Area                   5 (3860x180) mm sq.   5 (3860x180) mm sq.
                   Area                   2100 x 970 mm sq.     2100 x 970 mm sq.
                   Adjustment             Mechanical            Mechanical
                                          1.5-3.5               1.5-3.5
                   1st Gear
                                          3.5-9.0               3.5-9.0
                   2nd Gear
Group Speed (km/h)                        5                     5
                   3rd Gear
                                          8.5-21.9              8.5-21.9
                   4th Gear
                                          3.5-9.0               3.5-9.0
                   No.of Blades           5                     5
                   Diameter of Fan        600 mm                600 mm
                   Width of Fan           1020 mm               1020 mm
                   Adjustment             Mechanical            Mechanical
Steering           Steering System        Hydraulic             Hydraulic
                   Fuel Tank              325 Lts               325 Lts
Capacity           Grain Tank             1.73 m3               1.73 m3
                   Hyd. Oil Tank          35 Lts.               35 Lts.
                   Front                  18.4/15/30            18.4/15/30
                   Rear- Trolley          9.00-16               9.00-16
                   Length                 8000 mm               8000 mm
                   Width                  4100                  4100
                   Min.Ground Clearance   410 mm                410 mm
                   Weight                 7400 Kgs              7400 Kgs
                   Wheat                  3.5 Acres/hr          3.5 Acres/hr
Working Capacity
                   Paddy                  3 Acres/hr            3 Acres/hr


Strip Head   Plates UC      Bearing Plates UC 2   Crank front
Thresher   Reel Bush
                            Rubber Bushes & Kits Sprocket Z-7
Drum Wheel Smell
Assembly     Blade Rivets   Rubber Bush Big       First Gear
Thresher   Feeder
                              Rubber Bush Big         Axle Couplings
Drum Paddy Chamber
Assembly                      Cutter Bar kit          Small Axle
               Chain Lock
               Slip Clutch    High Low Jack Kit       Large Axle
Shafts         Bearings                               Crank Gutke (Wooden)
                              Valve Kit
Guide Drum Bearing            Hydraulic Pipe for
                                                      Small Adopter of Hydraulic Pipe
Shaft      51120              Steering Jack 36''
                              Plastic Bush 30mm
Chamber        Bearing 6205                           Gear Fork
Bed Shaft                     Rubber Seals            Chain Titer
Brake Shaft                   Size 120 160.13         Elevator Chain Lock
Cutter Bar     Bearing 6312 Size 100 130.13           Large Brackets (Degi)
Cutter Bar     Bearing
                              Size 50 70.10           GDR Chain Locks
Fingers        6207/30205
Blade Strip
               Bearing 6204 Size 55 80                Thresher Key
               Bearing UC
Blades                        Size 35 62              Guide Drum Key
               Bearing UC
Reel Tines                    Small Stepny            Elevator Pad

Combine Harvester Tool Kits

                  Pipe Wrench
D.E. Spanner                       Hacksaw frame
                  18'' Long
                  Bench Vice No.
Ring Spanner                     Hacksaw Blade
Socket Goti Set Oil Cane           Grease Gun 12''
                  Circlip Plier    Grease Gun
W.P. Piller
                  Outer 7''        Nipple (Kit)
                  Circlip Plier
Allen Key (Set)                    Screw Driver 6''
                  Inner 7''
Centre Punch      Hammer 2 lb.     Mechanical Jack
Punch Round                        Mechanical Jack
                  Hammer 4 lb.
3mm                                Rod
Small Chiesel                       Nuts Bolts all
                   Bearing Puller
1046 No.                            sizes
Large Chiesel
                   Round File 10'' Split Pins all sizes
1048 no
Wheel Spanner
              Flat File 12''        Spanner 36 x 41

Maize Combine Harvester

 The attachments available with harvester can be fitted to the maize header for harvesting
additional crops of maize and sunflower. Economical in operation, these machines have
become global synonym for modern and high performance threshing.


 Fully Indigenous Maize Combine Harvester (self-propelled) for the first time in India.
 Can be fitted with any Combine Harvester and Farmers can harvest additional crops of
Maize and Sun flower, harvesting 15-20 acres per day

Technical Specifications:

Fan Adjustment: Mechanical

Steering System: Hydraulic

No. of Blades: 4

Diameter of Fan                 525 mm            540 mm            540 mm
Width of Fan                    770 mm            1020 mm           1270 mm
Fuel Tank Grain                 200 Lts.          280 Lts           280 Lts.
Tank Hyd.                     1.25cuM            1.73cuM            2.1cuM
Oil Tank                      17 Lts             35 Lts             35 Lts
Tyres (Front / Rear           16.9 / -28 / 6.00/ 18.4 / 15 / 30 /   18.4 / 15 / 30/
/Trolley)                     -16                7.50 -16           7.50- 16
Dimensions (Length /          7650 mm / 3300 8000 mm / 4100 1500 mm / 4520
Width Min. / Ground           / 410 mm / 6900 mm / 410 mm / mm / 410 mm /
Clearance / Weight            kgs.            7400 kgs.     8000 kgs
Working Capacity              2.5 Acres /hour; 3.5 Acres / hour; 4.5 Acres./ hour;
(Wheat/Paddy)                 2 Acres / hour 3 Acres / hour      4 Acres / hour

Track Combine Harvester
The Track Combine Harvester offered by us is highly suitable to be operated in the wet lands.
The robust design of the machine offers high ground clearance thus optimizing the maximum
output. It also has a heavy duty chassis, durable drivers, Eaton pumps which make it ideal for
wet harvesting. The machine comes with steering which helps farmers to have comfortable
positioning while harvesting. The steering is placed to provide the farmers with the best
possible position, to ensure better handling. These combine harvesters comes with most
durable drives and clutches. Our Track combined harvester has been specifically engineered
to match your production methods.
 Some Important Features include:
 Robust Structure
 High Ground Clearance
 Heavy Duty Chassis
 Eaton Pumps & Motors
 Durable Drives
 Suitable for Wet Harvesting

Track Combine Harvester

Item Code: Kartar-3500
Technical Specifications:
                    Description          KARTAR 3500
                   Type of Engine        RB 44 Kirloskar
                   No.of Cylinders       4
                   Bhp Max               61 HP at 2000 rpm
                   Cooling System        Water Cooled
                   Width                 3500 mm
                   Height Adjustment     Hydraulic
Cutter Bar
                   Cutting Height Min    100 mm
                   Cutting Height Max    1000 mm
                   Type                  Pick Up
Reel               Speed Adjustment      Mechanical
                   Height Adjustment     Hydraulic
                   Dia of Drum           600 mm
                   Length of Drum        765 mm
                   Speed of Drum         535-1200 rpm
Thresher Drum
                   Adjustment            Mechanical
                   No.of Rasp Bars       8
                   No.of Spikes          96
                   Clearance Between
                                           16-39 mm
                   Concave & Thrasher
Concave                                    3-16 mm
                   Dram at inlet at outlet
                   No.of Straw walkers   3
Straw Walkers
                   Area                  3 (3225x250) mm sq.
                   Area                  2815 x 710 mm sq.
                   Adjustment            Mechanical
                   1st Gear
                   2nd Gear
Group Speed (km/h)                       5
                   3rd Gear
                   4th Gear
                   No.of Blades          5
                   Diameter of Fan       525 mm
                   Width of Fan          770 mm
                   Adjustment            Mechanical
Steering           Steering System       Hydraulic
                   Fuel Tank             200 Lts
Capacity           Grain Tank            1.25 m3
                   Hyd. Oil Tank         17 Lts.
                   Front                 16.9-2.8
                   Rear- Trolley         6.00-16
                   Length               7650 mm
Dimensions         Width                3300
                   Min.Ground Clearance 410 mm
                      Weight                   6900 Kgs
                      Wheat                    2.5 Acres/hr
Working Capacity
                      Paddy                    2 Acres/hr

Knotter-Straw Bailer
The Knotter acts both as a movable and as a stationary unit and is ideal for sugarcane trash,
wheat and paddy straw. It is highly reliable as it comes with heavy duty draw bar, sprocket
driven knotting system, flywheel and strong plunger thus highly efficient and durable. The
knotter is designed in a way, that it picks up the residue automatically, the straw is
compressed into varied lengths and then the knotter ties the knot.

Automatic Knotter
Item Code: K-636

These knotters are designed to automatically pick up
the residue, which is transferred into bell chamber
with the help of plunger. The straw is compressed
into variable length and knotter automatically ties the
knot. The knotter can be operated with 35 H.P. or
above tractor, with dual clutch. Known for its
reliability and operational ease, these machine has
been appreciated by our clients worldwide. It
functions as both movable and stationary unit and is
suitable for sugarcane trash,wheat and paddy straw.
The Kartar Knotter is very reliable as it is fitted with
heavy duty drawbar, flywheel, sprocket driven
knotting system, heavy duty feeding system, strong
plunger to give life long performance. Technical
 Pick up Reel                     1.65 mtr
Plunger stroke (at 540 rpm)      89 per minute
Knotters                         2
Twin box capacity                4 spools
Main drive fly wheel diameter 559 mm
P.T.O.                           Three joint
Protection                       Slip clutch provided
Tractor requirement              35 H.P. & above
Clutch type                      Dual
P.T.O. Standard rpm              540 rpm
Bale Length size                 0.40; 1.10 mtr.
Overall dimension
Length                          4.57 mtr.
Width                           2.51 mtr.
Height                          1.37 mtr.

Machine weight (Approx)         1580 kgs.

The Rotavator is capable of ploughing fields from 1.5 acres to 2.0 acres. Our Rotavator does
not cause face the problem of lump formation in the soil. The rotavator can easily mix the
residues of the last yield of the soil once the farm is tilled with it. It has superior quality
blades and gear box and comes with a warranty for one full season.

Garden Rotavator

Item Code: K-536-736

 Farms Ploughed and tilled with our garden rotovator do not face complaints of Lump
Formation in soil
 Residues of last yeild get easily mixed with soil once the farm is tilled with our Rotovator
 High Quality Blades & Gear Box
 Special features for use in Gardens
 Propelled by tractors of 40-60 HP
 Available in 510 RPM & 540 RPM
 Capable of Ploughing fields from 1.5 to 2.0 Acres

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