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Volume 11 Number 1                                        Serving Arizona the Grand Canyon State                                                                  May 17, 2004

                                                                                                                                          Scholarship recipients left to right: Terry
                                                                                                                                          Teraji, M.J. Sakata, Phoenix Mayor Phil
                                                                                                                                          Gordon, Brad Okuma, Lauren Ogino

                                                                                                                                          Ted Namba
                                                                                                                                             The Honorable Phil Gordon, Mayor of
                                                                                                                                          Phoenix entertained guests at the 43rd Annual
                                                                                                                                          Sara Hutchings Clardy Scholarship Awards
(l-r): Congressman JD Hayworth, Dr. Michael           (seated l-r): Ronnie Sebastian, Tram Chu, Rano Singh Sidhu, Madeline
M. Tsai, Dr. Wu-lien Wei.                                                                                                                 luncheon with his candid remarks regarding
                                                      Ong-Sakata, JoAnn Garcia. (standing l-r): Martin Samaniego, Ted Namba,
                                                                                                                                          his goals as Mayor of Phoenix, the Japanese
Archie Tescon                                         Leonardo Loo, Manny Wong, John Underwood, Alex Reynoso and Marv
                                                                                                                                          American community in Phoenix and how we
  The Taiwanese Association of Arizona                Freeman at the Inaugural Asian American Building Business Success
                                                                                                                                          should all learn from the Japanese American
culminated the 4th Annual Taiwanese-American          Breakfast held at the Maricopa Skill Center on May 7, 2004.
                                                                                                                                          experiences and empathize with the current
Heritage Week Celebration with a gala dinner that                                                                                         experiences of other innocent Americans
was held at the Holiday Inn Sun Spree Resort. As      Marv Freeman                             their participation on an on-going
                                                          Congratulations to everyone for a    basis while many other leaders and         based on their ethnic background.
an intern of Madeline for the Asian SUNews, I
                                                      job well-done. The Inaugural Asian       business owners were eager to become           This year’s recipients of the Sara
was at the midst of this celebration to observe and
                                                      American Building Business Success       partners in progress to build their        Hutchings Clardy Scholarship Awards were
learn about the local Asian American community
here in the Phoenix area. Although they ran out of    Breakfast was an outstanding success     businesses and their community             Lauren Ogino from Centennial High School
my chosen food for dinner and had to eat some of      thanks to all of you.                    through Maricopa Skill Center: The         and M.J. Sakata from Central High School.
Madeline’s food while waiting for mine, I was             MSC Executive Director John          Road to the American Dream.                This year’s Dr. Herbert Jensen Scholarship
ready to listen, observe and learn. And on that       Underwood, as host, along with               Everyone who took the MSC tours        Award went to Brad Okuma from Pinnacle
evening, I learned a little about the Taiwanese-      moderators JoAnn P. Garcia and           did, in fact, say “wow” as predicted by    High School.       This year’s Joe Allman
American culture and its diversity. But most          Madeline Ong-Sakata, guided the          John Underwood.            Nationally-     Scholarship Award was awarded to Terry
importantly, I learned about their current concerns   program superbly and allowed the         respected, MSC has graduated over          Teraji from Greenway High School. All of
and support for Taiwan’s plight for freedom and       panelists Tram Chu, Leonardo Loo,        80,000 taxpayers in over 100 job           this year’s Scholarship recipients shared their
democracy which was the subject of several guest      Dr. Ted Namba, Ronnie Sebastian,         descriptions. Wow!                         future academic goals with the group and
speakers.                                             Rano Singh Sidu and Manny Wong to            The event has encouraged several       expressed their gratitude to family and friends
  The evening’s festivity was started with brief      shine and impart words of wisdom to      major media outlets to plan “special       for helping them to achieve a successful high
remarks by Dr. Calvin Chen who is the current         the nearly one hundred small business    coverage” of MSC and the Asian             school experience.
president of the Taiwanese Association of                                                                                                     College graduates attending the May 2nd
                                                      people who packed the room.              American business community in the
Arizona.      Dr. Chen thanked everyone by                                                                                                luncheon were Cathy Corella who is a
                                                          Our fine sponsors were so            near future. I will have a more detailed
                                                      impressed that they offered to enhance   report for you next month!                 Summa cum Laude graduate of A.S.U. West
                           see Taiwan page 4                                                                                              with a B.A. in Communication Studies and
                                                                                                                                          Nancy Moriuchi who is receiving a B.S. in
                                                                   Ac a d e m y    and                                                    Marketing from A.S.U. Elementary School
                                                                   Master            of                                                   graduates who attended the luncheon were
                                                                   Ceremony for the                                                       Alyssa Hinchman, Ryan Fuse and Ryan
Barry Wong, FBI CA Class XII Graduate                              evening. Guests in                                                     Ishikawa.
    Did you ever wonder what it would be like to become a          attendance were                                                            This year’s guests raved about the
member of the Federal Bureau of Investigations? Would you          graduates, alumni                                                      fabulous food and service at Culinary Cafe.
believe a select few community and business leaders recently       and their guests                                                       One hundred fifty-six guests enjoyed a
became the newest members of the FBI after just eight weeks of     i n c l u d i n g                                                      delicious three course meal which consisted
study and one day of fire arms training? Now you are wondering     Madeline        Ong                                                    of a salad of sliced tomatoes and mozzarella
how did that come about; is the FBI now catching on to             Sakata, Tom Tam                                                        cheese on a field of greens, filet mignon AND
accelerated methods of teaching?                                   and Ted Namba.                                                         salmon with potatoes and asparagus!
    Okay, I am referring to the FBI Citizens’ Academy and its          As is part of                                                           Many guests elected to make a
newest Class XII.                                                  tradition each class                                                   contribution to the Phoenix College Culinary
    This year’s class of thirty-five students was ethnically,      e l e c t s         a 2004 FBI Citizens Academy graduates (l-          Studies Scholarship Fund and a total of $450
                                                                                           r): Barry Wong, Bernard Wu, Arif               was given to Chef Scott Robinson, Director
culturally, socially and gender diverse. There were a record       spokesperson. The Kazmi , Leonardo Loo receive their cer-
number of Asian Americans accepted and graduated from the          2004 Class XII’s tificates at the May 17th celebration.                of Culinary Studies at Phoenix College who
class. Asian Americans in the class were Leonardo Loo, Esq.,       spokesperson                                                           coordinated the food served at this year’s
Arif Kazmi, P.E., Bernard Wu, Esq., Balbir Grewal and Barry        Sammy Glassman delivered remarks reminding classmates about            luncheon (food was prepared and served by
Wong, Esq.                                                         the eight weeks spent together and the importance of continuing to     Phoenix College Culinary Studies students
    The Academy was comprised of once a night classes for eight    support the FBI long after graduation.                                 under Scott’s supervision).
weeks and a one weekend day of firearms use. The classes were          Following dinner was the graduation ceremony where FBI CA              Thank you to our JACL Arizona Chapter
insightful, timely and interesting.     Class subjects included    President King presided and SAC Thornton and Chief Bollinger           Scholarship Committee for organizing
international terrorism, domestic terrorism/weapons of mass        presented the special plaques of certificates to each graduate.        another superb luncheon: Marilyn Inoshita
destruction, legal/civil rights, cyber crime/computer forensics,       The FBI CA was a worthwhile program providing special              Tang, Chairperson, Michele Namba,
white collar crime/drugs and public corruption, deadly force and   insight on how the FBI operates, what areas of crime it focuses on     Secretary, Nancy Haranaka, Kathy Inoshita,
violent crimes/gangs/polygraphs.                                   and how the agency is organized. Equally important is seeing           Jo Ann Kimura, Seiko Watkins and Jill Yano.
    The graduation ceremony was the finale of the Academy. It      and hearing from FBI agents helped “humanize” their often-tough        Also, a giant thank you goes out to Dr.
was held as part of a formal dinner at the Royal Palms Resort &    image. It was also noteworthy to see and hear from an increasing       Herbert Jensen for sponsoring the Dr. Herbert
Spa on April 22, 2004.                                             ethnically, racially, culturally and gender diverse FBI agent base.    Jensen Scholarship and to George and Betty
    Among the honored guests at the dinner were Charlene B.        Asian Chamber FBI Citizens Academy graduates also include:             Kishiyama for again donating the gorgeous
Thornton-Special Agent in Charge, Keynote Speaker Virginia L.      Madeline Ong-Sakata, Craig Fujii, Tom Tam, Tram Chu,                   flowers for the luncheon.
Bollinger-Chief of Counterintelligence Analysis Section at FBI     Michael Wong, Luz Kendrick, Ted Namba, Scott Weisbly. Tom                  Congratulations to all of this year’s
Headquarters, and Larry King, President of the FBI Citizens’       Tam serves on the FBI Citizens Academy Board of Directors.             graduates!
  2 Asian SUNews May 17, 2004

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                                                                                                                                         May 17, 2004 Asian SUNews 3

    President’s Message
      We are beginning our 11th year! It doesn’t seem possible! Eleven years ago we had
  our inaugural issue of our Asian American Sun now known as Asian SUNews and a
  big party to celebrate the Grand Opening of the Asian Chamber of Commerce at Allen
  Dong’s Real Estate Offices at 626 W. Indian School Rd. Places have changed, but our
  goal is the same: to publish a newspaper that represents the Asian and Asian American
  community in Phoenix and Arizona and to bring services to our community whether
  they are social or business.                                                                      (left to right) President Bernard Wu, award recipients
      Because our founder, Allen Dong had a dream about getting the Asian community to              Javed A. Kaif, Lydia (Jung) Choi, Angela Yin Cesal,
  work together, he talked his close friends into donating seed money to launch Asian               Jaswant S. Sachdev, M.D., Martin Vito for Reynaldo L.
  Chamber. “Enough for us to at least get a phone number,” he said. “We will use one of             Vito, M.D. and dinner committee co-chair Bea Chaves
  my extra offices just for the Chamber.” We did just that, until Allen’s death seven years
  ago. His good friend Tom Tam took over with the same goals, strengthening our
  services and then Tom turned over the job to me. Here I am today, doing my best to
  continue our tradition. I want to wish everyone who made Asian Chamber a success a
  very Happy Birthday and ask that you continue to help me serve our community and
  bring you news that everyone can enjoy and find interesting.
      And now I want to welcome our newest members: AFLAC the insurance wonder
  and A-1 Restaurant Cleaning & Services, we welcome you as our newest Copper
  Sponsors and Andrew Hunter Kim, Ray/Sharon Maeda and Paul Brouchoud as our
  newest individual members, and last but not least, ASU W.P. Carey School of Business
  MBA program as our community organization member. A big thank you to all of you
  for joining. Please let us hear from you. You will be receiving our Asian SUNews. Our
  next big event is July 23rd when we will host Asian Pacific Night at Bank One
  Ballpark. Diamondbacks will play the Rockies. Please try and attend and if you want to            (l-r): Dr. Juan Gonzalez, Dr. James Rund, Bob Soza, Adelaida
  be in on the planning, call Madeline at 602-371-8452 or e-mail asiansun@aol.com. See              Velasco Severson, Lin Sue Cooney, Dr. Christine Kajikawa
  you next month!                                              Rocky Tang                           Wilkinson at ASU APA Convocation. (more next month).

Profile: Leonardo Loo, Esquire                                                                                                          P l a t i num Sp ons ors
                                                                                                                                     Ar izo na P ublic S er vice
                                                                                                                                             P ho enix S uns
                                                                                                                                     Ar izo na D ia mo nd ba c ks
                                                                                                                                                                                          Sakata Insurance Agency

Lawyer’s lineage has a varied cachet                                                                                                   Co x Co mmunicat io ns
                                                                                                                                                 H o neywe l l
                                                                                                                                            Gol d S p ons ors
Attorney of mixed heritage brings a    “It’s sort of the least you could do after                                                     Ame r ic a Wes t Air line s
                                                                                                                                       T he Ar izo na Republic
variety of cultures to law firm they up and moved,” Loo said. “You don’t                                                               AS I Ar t D es ign S t ud io
                                    waste the opportunity they gave you.”                                                                 Bank o f Amer ica
partnership                                                                                                                                       B ank O ne
Erica Sagon Arizona Business Gazette                 He was born in Venezuela and moved to                                                       B ud we is e r
                                                                                                                              Far me r s I ns ur an c e S akat a Age n c y
Apr. 29, 2004 12:00 AM                           California with his parents when he was 7.                                         M esa Co mmunit y C o llege
    Leonardo Loo can list                                           He spoke only Spanish                                  M ar ico pa Co unt y S po rt s Co mmis s ion
                                                                                                                                           C it y o f P ho enix
loads of cultural affiliations                                      until then, adding Chinese                                             P ho e nix Co lle ge
                                                                                                                                                  P r is mso ft
on his resume: the Arizona                                          and English when he                                                      S UMC O U S A
Asian American Bar                                                  arrived in the United States.                                              Wells Far go
                                                                                                                                         C it y o f S cot tsd ale
Association, the National                                           As a child, Loo was used to                                      V a lley C o mmer c e B a nk
                                                                                                                                         S alt R iver P roj ect
Asian-Pacific American Bar                                          taunts from Hispanics who                                                        Chase
Associatio n and the                                                never expected him to                                                Gener al D ynamics
                                                                                                                                          C it y o f Glendale
National Hispanic Bar                                               respond in their language.                                              S i l v er Sp ons or
                                                                        “There’s an initial level                                         C it y o f C ha nd le r
Association, to name a few.                                                                                                     Air N at io nal Guard of Ar izo na
    They’re not fillers, and                                        of acceptance in a                                               C op p er/ S ma ll B us i nes s
                                                                                                                           C it y o f P ho enix Aviat io n D epar t ment
he doesn’t belong to them                                           community, especially                              C it y o f P ho enix S mall B us ines s Progr ams
for their cachet. Loo’s                                             when you don’t look the                                           Ar ea Agency o n Aging
                                                                                                                             Ar izo na D epa rt ment o f Co mmer ce
Asian and Hispanic heritage                                         part,” Loo said.                                      AS U I nst it ut io nal Ad vancement Dept .
                                                                                                                       C it y o f P ho enix E qual O ppo rt unit y D ept .
is the thread that runs                                                 More often, he finds it                                           B N U Co r por at io n
through all aspects of his                                          opens up doors, such as                           So ut hwes t B us ines s Financing Co r po rat io n
                                                                                                                         C it y o f P ho e nix Neighbor hood Ser vices
life.                                                               when he landed a summer                                       C it iB ank Financial S er vices
                                                                                                                                  S t. Paul O ut pat ient S ur ger y
    “Who I am is the intersection of those       job in college with the Procter & Gamble                                        Co ld well B anker E xito R ealt y
two cultures,” Loo said. He picked up on         Co. in Latin American.                                                                            AF LAC
                                                                                                                            A-1 R e s ta u r a nt C le a n in g & S er vic e s
values and diligence at a young age when his         “Clearly, that was a direct result of my                                        Org a ni za t i on M emb ers
                                                 background and language skills,” Loo said.                            Ar izo na As ian Amer ican Bar As so ciat io n
family immigrated from Venezuela to                                                                                             Ko r ean Chamber o f Co mmer ce
California.                                          His wife, Taj Rahi-Loo, razzes him for                      Ar izo na S t at e Univer sit y As ian P acif ic Co alit io n
                                                                                                                                      Japan Amer ica So ciet y
    Last month, Loo became partner at            being an English as a second language                                            J apan B us iness As so ciat io n
Gallagher and Kennedy in Phoenix, and one        student when an obscure word trips him up.                   J a p a n e s e Ame r ic a n C it iz e n Le a g u e Ar izo na C ha p t er
                                                                                                                                     Ko r ean Cult ural Cent er
of only a handful of Asian-American              But Rahi-Loo, a lawyer with the U.S.                                     P acif ic R im Ad vis o r y Co uncil ( PR AC )
                                                                                                                             P ho enix S ist er C it ies Co mmis s io n
partners in major law firms in Arizona.          Attorney’s Office in Phoenix, can appreciate                    Gr eat er P ho enix Co nvent io n and V is it or s B ur eau
    “We had a number of accomplishments          her husband’s double heritage: she’s African                          P an As ian Co mmunit y Al liance in T ucs o n
                                                                                                                                     As ian H is panic Al liance
this past year, and Leonard making partner is    American and Afghani.                                              C hines e Amer ican C it izens Alliance N at io nal
                                                                                                              C hines e Amer ican C it izens Alliance P ho enix Lo d ge
definitely one of them,” said Teresita               When Loo says their kids are mixed up,                              Ko r ean Amer ican Business As so ciatio n
Mercado, past president of the Arizona           he means it half-jokingly. At home, he                         AS U As ia n P acif ic Amer ican Alumn i Asso ciat io n
                                                                                                                   AS U As ian P acif ic Amer ican St ud ies Pro gr am
Asian American Bar Association.                  speaks to Justin Antonio, 3, and Ryan                                           AS U C ent er for As ian St ud ies
                                                 Esteban, 1, in Spanish, while his wife uses                                         P ueblo Gr and e M useum
    Loo returns the sentiment. Joining                                                                                       Co mmunit y I nf or mat io n & R ef err al
Gallagher and Kennedy is the highlight of        English. They expose their kids to ethnicities                              As ian P acif ic I s land er As so ciat io n
                                                                                                         Gr and C anyo n M inor it y & S upplie r s D e velo pment Co uncil
his career, he said.                             through cultural events and books Rahi-Loo                                       H.T . Chen Dance Co mpany
    Joseph Parker has worked with Loo at         finds.                                                                                  N a Leo ‘O Ke Kai
                                                                                                             E ntr epr eneur s Pro gr am/So ut h M t .Communit y C o llege
Snell and Wilmer and Gallagher and                   Outside of the office, family is the No. 1           U niver s it y of C alifo r nia As ia n Ame r ic a n St ud ie s C e nt er
                                                                                                                             M ar ic o pa Co unt y As s es s or s O f f ice
Kennedy. He recalls when Loo was the lead        priority. There are many like-minded                   N at io nal As s ociat io n o f Wo men B usines s O wner s ( N AWB O)
lawyer on business transactions that turned      associates at Gallagher and Kennedy, Loo                                           M esa Co mmunit y Libr ar y
                                                                                                                                   Ar izo na H isto r ic a l So c ie t y
into all-nighters around the boardroom table.    said. There, people work hard but understand                                 C ent er for B udd his t De velo pment
                                                 there’s life beyond the walls of the firm,                                                            OIC
    “Cooler heads prevail, and he was                                                                   As ian S t ud ent s As so ciat io n of M ar co s de N iza H igh S choo l
usually the cooler head,” Parker said.           reinforcing one of his favorite adages, “work                    N or t h P ho enix H igh S choo l As ian St ud ies C lub
                                                                                                                              AS U I nt er gro up Relat io ns Cent er
    “It’s not very often in this business that   to live, don’t live to work.”                                         AS U As ian B us ines s Le a de r s As socia t io n
you find someone that’s down to earth.”              This year, he hopes to take a more active                            I ndo -Amer ican Chamber o f Co mmer ce
                                                                                                                           As ian A mer ican B us ines s R o undt able
    Being a hard worker is the classic Asian     role in community organizations and non-                               Go ver no r ’s O ff ice o f E qual O ppor t unit y
                                                                                                              P lanned P a r e nt hood o f C ent r al & No rt her n Ar izo na
stereotype, Loo said, but his grandfather and    profits, and the Hispanic community. He and                                                  4 A o f AT &T
father began a legacy of diligence by            a group of associates hope to launch a                                       N at io nal Ma rro w D o nor P ro gr am
                                                                                                                                   Ar izo na H isto r ic a l So c ie t y
immigrating and seeking out a better life for    Hispanic-Asian alliance organization.                                    AS U So ut heas t As ia n S t ud ie s Pro gra m
                                                                                                                                 Ar izo na Fa ir Ho us ing C e nt e r
their families. He approaches challenges             He will also continue as co-chairman of                                         Lead er s hip Co nsor t ium
with more appreciation and motivation            the Phoenix Pacific Rim Advisory Council,                         U nit ed S t at es E qual O ppor t unit y C ommis s io n
                                                                                                                      AS U W.P . Ca r e y S choo l o f B us iness MB A
because of that.                                 which addresses cultural business issues.
   4      Asian SUNews May 17, 2004

Barry Wong, Esq.
    T h e       T e n t h
Anniversary Gala of the
Asian Pacific American
Institute              for
Congressional Studies
(APAICS) was held in
Washington, D.C. at the
Capitol Hilton on May 6,
    Over 500 people
attended this anniversary
gala where Labor
Secretary Elaine Chao, (left to right) John Yang, Barry Wong, Ben Wu-Asst
Transportation Secretary Secretary, U.S. Commerce Dept. (pending Senate
Norman Mineta and confirmation), Mrs. Wu, Curtis Hom and Cong. David Wu
Washington          State
Governor Gary Locke were honored for Washington State House of Representatives
their high level political achievements.      and before becoming governor served as
    Secretary Chao was honored for being chief executive of King County.
the first Asian American woman appointed         Among those in attendance were
to a President’s cabinet in U.S. history. Her Congressman Mike Honda (Calif),
previous accomplishments include serving Congressman David Wu (Oregon), Clayton
as Director of the Peace Corps and then as Fong-Chairman APAICS, Dr. John Tsu-
President and CEO of the United Way of advisor to presidents, Ed Moy-Presidential
America.                                      Personnel, Sam Mok-Labor Dept. CFO,
    Secretary Mineta was honored as having Paul Igasaki-former head of EEOC,
the distinction of being the first Asian Raymond Wong-OCA National President,
American to be appointed to a President’s John Yang-NAPABA President, Barry                     Left to Right: Elizabeth Lee and Umair Khan, Anheuser-Busch Frank Horton
cabinet as well as having served in two Wong-former Arizona legislator, Van Thai                Fellows, Clayton Fong, APAICS Chairman, David L. Kim, director of sales
different President’s cabinets.         Under Tran-Garden Grove, Calif. Councilman,             development and community relations, Anheuser-Busch, Inc., Secretary of
President William J. Clinton, Secretary Ted Lieu-Torrance, Calif. Councilman,                   Transportation Norman Y. Mineta, Congressman Mike Honda, Congressman Ed
Mineta served as Secretary of the Alicia Ping-Saline, Michigan Council                          Case of HI, Congressman Bobby Scott of VA, Congressman David Wu Oregon,
Department of Commerce, then was Member, Thomas Lee-Coca Cola, Chantri                          Congressman Lane Evans of IL
appointed by President George W. Bush to B e c k -T h a i A me r i c a n F r i e n d s h i p        WASHINGTON, DC – On behalf of               extremely pleased to be able to offer the
be Transportation Secretary.        Secretary Organization President, Curtis Hom-               Anheuser-Busch, Inc., David L. Kim,             Fellowship through a generous donation
Mineta was the lead founder of APAICS Microsoft and David Kim-Anheuser Busch.                   director of sales development and               from Anheuser-Busch. Anheuser-Busch
and has been its longtime leader and             APAICS, a Washington, D.C.-based               community relations, presented a check for      continues to lead the way in corporate
supporter.                                    non-profit and non-partisan organization,         $25,000 to Clayton S. Fong, chairman of         support to Asian Pacific American
    Governor Gary Locke was honored as educates, trains and promotes Asian Pacific              the Asian Pacific American Institute for        communities and the Washington, DC
the first Chinese American to be elected as Americans to seek elected political office          Congressional Studies (APAICS), for the         community-at-large,” said Board Chair
a governor in U.S. history. Previously, on the federal, state and local levels.                 Anheuser-Busch Frank Horton Fellowship.         Fong.
Governor Locke was elected to the                                                                   The presentation took place at the VIP          “We are proud to continue our
                                                                                                reception prior to the APAICS             “In   commitment to APAICS through our
                                                                            (l-r) Li            Celebration: A Decade of Firsts” 10th           support of the Anheuser-Busch Frank
                                                                            Hwang, Dr.          Annual Dinner on Thursday, May 6th at the       Horton Fellow,” said Kim. “One of the
                                                                            Calvin              Capital Hilton Hotel. APAICS celebrated         many successes of this program is Scott
                                                                                                their 10th year by recognizing and honoring     Nishimoto, the first Anheuser-Busch Frank
                                                                            Chen, Dr.           milestones at the top of the political ladder   Horton Fellow. In 2002, at the age of 29,
                                                                            Michael M.          attained by members of the Asian Pacific        he won election to the Hawaii House of
                                                                            Tsai,               Islander American community during the          Representatives.” Since 1996, Anheuser-
                                                                            Director            past 10 years. The evening’s honorees           Busch has funded more than 100 fellows at
                                                                            General             included Elaine L. Chao, Secretary of           various Asian Pacific American
                                                                                                Labor; Norman Y. Mineta, Secretary of           organizations nationwide.
                                                                                                Transportation and Gary Locke, Governor             For nearly 15 years, Anheuser-Busch
                                                                            Wei, Ching          of Washington.                                  has contributed to Asian Pacific Islander
                                                                            Ling Chang              The A-B Frank Horton Fellowship is          American communities through the
                                                                                                named in honor of former Congressman            development and support of a variety of
                                                                                                Frank Horton (R-NY) who played a leading        programs that help meet the needs of the
                                                                                                role in the passage of H.R. 5572 in 1992        diverse Asian Pacific Islander American
                                                                                                that designated May as Asian Pacific            communities.
                                                                                                American Heritage Month. The fellowship             Anheuser-Busch’s programs are
                                               Culture Representative Office in the United      is designed to provide a unique opportunity     designed to provide immediate and long-
Taiwan continued from page 1                   States.    Dr. Tsai echoed Congressman           to an outstanding university graduate who       term benefits through joint efforts with
welcoming them that evening in multiple        Hayworth’s concern about Taiwan and              has a proven track record of commitment to      national, regional and local organizations
Chinese dialects which I thought was very      thanked him for his work and support. Dr.        the Asian American and Pacific Islander         that help develop the next generation of
nice. Although I did not understand any of     Tsai reminded everyone that freedom is not       communities, and who plans to pursue a          leadership. For further information about
the words, I still felt very welcome and       only the United States’ dream but also that      public policy career. The fellow spends nine    the Anheuser-Busch Fellows, visit
honored to be at the dinner event.             of Taiwan.         He mentioned that the         months in an office of a member of the          www.asianbud.com. Applications for the
    Dr. Chen was then followed by the          Taiwanese people are fighting for their          Congressional Asian Pacific American            2004-2005 Anheuser-Busch Frank Horton
evening’s keynote speaker Congressman JD       freedom and he welcomed everyone’s               Caucus (CAPAC).                                 Fellow will be available on www.apaics.org
Hayworth. In his speech, the congressman       support and recognition. The support for             “One of APAICS’ hallmark programs is        this fall.
thanked everyone for their gracious            the Taiwanese people and to the thousands        the A-B Frank Horton Fellowship. We are
invitation and congratulated the event         of Taiwanese Americans who lives in
organizers for a successful Taiwanese          Arizona was in the minds of Arizona’s
American Heritage week celebration. Most       political leaders and was visible thru the                                  Asian Chamber of Commerce
importantly,     the    congressman    had                                                                                                 Presents
                                               attendance of several state political leaders.
everyone’s attention when he talked about          After the speeches, Nicole’s Dance                           Asian Pacific Night at Bank One Ballpark
Taiwan’s plight for freedom and democracy      School provided several performances of                               Diamondbacks v Colorado Rockies
and of Taiwan’s great contribution to the
United States and to the world’s economy.
                                               traditional Taiwanese dancing. At the end                                   July 23, 2004 7:05 p.m.
                                               of the evening’s gala dinner, Dr. Chen
    Congressman Hayworth then spoke            thanked everyone again and individually                      Call: Madeline 602-371-8452 — Rocky 602-841-7671
about the United States unyielding support     acknowledged and introduced several
for Taiwan’s struggle for freedom by           government officials and community
supporting a congressional bill to sell        leaders.                                             Gardener
defensive armament to Taiwan and about             I was glad that I had the opportunity to         $25,563 - $31,574 - Apply on a continuous basis
the importance of Taiwan to be able to join    attend an event such as the 4th Annual
the World Health Organization. Due to my       Taiwanese American Heritage Week
lack of knowledge about Taiwan and its                                                              Apply on-line by visiting our web site at www.phoenix.gov
                                               Celebration Gala Dinner.          This event
people’s struggle for freedom and              afforded me the opportunity to witness the           or pick up application materials at 135 N. 2nd Avenue,
democracy, I was a bit surprised by            great efforts of local community leaders and         Phoenix, AZ 85003.
Congressman Hayworth’s speech, but glad        association groups in promoting Asian
that in these uncertain times the United       American culture and its diversity. An
States is doing something about it.            event like this also helps the much needed
    The congressman’s speech was then          visibility for Arizona’s Asian American
followed by Dr. Michael Tsai, the Deputy       communities.
Representative of Taipei Economy and               Photos page 9
                                                                                                                         May 17, 2004 Asian SUNews 5
                                                  “spiritual card reader”, Old Auntie Viet,                                                One of our most popular Chapter activities,
                                                  whose Vietnamese-Lao, whom I’d never                                                     the JACL Summer Bowling League begins
                                                  met, happened to be in town. At the                                                      on May 27. We are fortunate to have Joyce
                                                  witchdoctor’s house, we awaited revelation                                               Shiota coordinate the league for us again as
KhamsonE Sirimanivong                             from the cards (no, my husband wasn’t                                                    she always looks for innovative ways to
                             I am to apprise      present, he was working up in Flag).                                                     attract new bowlers into the league (last
                             readers that I       Among the things revealed were; that we                                                  year she attracted 22 teams). The primary
                             propose to write     would buy a house in three months; my
                                                                                                                                           goal of Joyce’s bowling league is for
                             on       Asian       husband worries about money; I have many
                             A m e ri c a n       strong admirers and irrefutably, there was pi               JACL Board                   everyone to have a good time (if bowling
                             issues, however      nok, a restless foreign spirit provoking my                                              talent was the top priority, I would be one
                             specificity will     daughter. It was a woman in my past, who                                                 of the first bowlers she kicked out)! Call
                             be     on   Lao      had died just before my daughter was born.              President’s Message              Joyce at (623) 556-9077 if you’re looking
                             Americans and        Did I know of such a woman? Yes. What            My family recently attended a rally held in
                                                                                                                                           for a nice way to have some cool fun during
                             multi-cultu ral      was her name? (silence...hesitation, gulp).      Patriot's Square which focused on “Muslim
                                                                                                                                           our hot summer nights!
                             challenges    of     It’s the same as my daughters.                   Americans Against Terrorism.” Dr. Zudhi S e e y o u o n b o wl i n g n i g h t s !
                             “raising Asian       Exclamations in Lao fly through the air.         Jasser, our newest Chapter Scholarship  Ted
American children”.                               Medicine man howls, “Lao people never            judge, did a tremendous job in organizingJACL SUMMER BOWLING LEAGUE
“Spooks and Spirits or Lao Superstition”          name children after dead people or               this “first of it's kind” event which educated
                                                                                                                                           It’s time to dust off your bowling ball and
    I face infinite challenges raising my         relatives!” I knew this. Everyone was            communities that Muslim Americans are   bag and sign up for the JACL Summer
children in two cultures - I will elaborate       aghast. The pi desired possession of its         opposed to terrorism and killing of any Bowling League. We will be bowling on
beginning with cultural superstition - by         name – why it took this long is another          nature. Several speakers explained to the
                                                                                                                                           Thursday nights at 7:00 pm at AMF Chris-
sharing the account behind my children’s          story, but I knew what needed to be done.        gathering of 250 people that it has beenTown (19th Ave. & Bethany Home
names. It relates to cultural taboo,                  So we changed her name. It didn’t            difficult for many Muslim Americans to go
                                                                                                                                           Rd.). We will start on May 27th and bowl
superstition and ultimately - raising children    belong to her. We changed her brother’s
                                                                                                   through their daily activities without having
                                                                                                                                           through August 12th. The bowling fee each
in diversity. Their current names,                too, to prevent another possible misfortune.
                                                                                                   d e r o g a t o r y c o m me n t s ma d e t o
                                                                                                                                           week is $10.00. We had 22 teams last year
Soudarametta and Soumettachit (Soudara            Using their birth dates, time and day of
and Somchit - for short), aren’t their            birth and three days of meditation, a            them. Japanese Americans recall vividly (88 bowlers) and expect more this
original names – regrettably, they weren’t        Buddhist Monk attained new first names for       how hysteria during World War II caused year. Call Joyce Shiota by Thursday, May
given proper Lao names at birth. My               them - beautiful Lao names.           Elation    some people to act negatively towards   13th to sign up......evenings 623-556-9077
daughter was actually named after                 followed, especially Soudara who seemed          them. It's a shame that nearly sixty years
                                                                                                                                           (new phone number) or work 623-587-2002
something quite unfortunate, which recently       relieved and to comprehend these events.         after the end of World War II, there are still
                                                                                                                                           (also new number). I hear Mark & Brian
obligated her to endure particular distress       The spirit is gone now (no one calls her         certain Americans that choose to act    Ishikawa had such a good time last year that
that altered her behavior and rendered her        name mistakenly anymore). After graceful         foolishly by making hateful remarks     they are         coming        back    this
frightened and speechless for several             explanation, we received support from            towards other Americans based solely on summer......hopefully they have been
months. Of course being Lao, I knew a             school, teachers, friends, family and best of    their perceived ethnicity.              practicing so they can beat their wives and
spirit, a pi, was responsible (believe me, I      all, my husband. Being an attorney, his          Speaking of perceptions, the feedback for
tried to reject this and hid my theory from       rational sense requires an alternative           this year’s Sara Hutchings Clardy
my husband). I tried practical “American”         explanation – indeed, he still thinks I’m        Scholarship              Luncheon         was
alternatives to resolve this, probing her         crazy – I’m not crazy, I say, I am Lao.          tremendous! Everyone seemed to enjoy the
teacher for problems in class, even meeting           This is just the beginning of the epic       atmosphere of the Culinary
with the school Counselor – he’s trained for      saga of raising Asian American children in
                                                                                                   Cafe at Phoenix College
things like this right? I hadn’t actually         multiple cultures, beliefs and histories. It’s
asked her if she saw a spirit, hoping to          challenging and thrice as demanding,             and loved the fantastic
discourage any superstition or complicating       especially if our Asian culture is so strong     food and great service that
things - after all, I am an educated, rational,   within. How can we manage a multi-               the Culinary Arts students
professional Lao woman, (besides, my              cultural family? With possibly non-Asian         offered to our luncheon
husband already thinks I’m insane,                spouses, family members and community?           guests. Thank you to Jim
habitually lighting incense and chanting          Yet be proud Asian Americans – mother,           Shee for recommending
stuff around the house, warning him every         wife, and working woman? I intend to             this new location and for
time I have bad dreams - need I continue?)        explore this – until then, ponder away: no       negotiating such a great
    Counselor ruled out third grade peer          foreign spirits in my daughter’s room; we        deal considering the
pressure, unstable home life, everything.         just closed on a new house; my husband got       quality of food everyone
Results: average, normal and well adjusted        a raise…and admirers? Well – a Lao               enjoyed. Our Scholarship
– a youth of America. However, she did            woman has to keep some mystery to herself        Committee did another (l-r): Doris Asano, Nancie Haranaka, Masako Takiguchi,
tell him, cautiously, that she thought she        – I guess it was all in the cards.               fabulous job in making Richard & Peggy Matsuishi, John Tatieshi at a meeting
had seen a spirit in her room, standing and           Khamsone Sirimanivong is a member            sure our graduates are to discuss the 2006 Japanese American Citizens League
looking straight at her (this is the short        of Asian Chamber and the Marketing and           honored in a special way.
version). She said it looked mad or upset         Public Relations Associate for the                                                  Convention to be held in Phoenix.
and it scared her. To make this short - I         Flagstaff Convention and Visitors Bureau.
called my mother immediately, who
instructed me to light incense and give
                                                  She moved to Flagstaff three years ago but
                                                  continues to support the Lao Community           Inoshita awarded DAR Medal of Honor
offerings to the pi. It didn’t work. I            in the Phoenix area and is active in her         Joe Allman
concluded that it wasn’t a pi Lao –a Lao          local community and organizations in               On April 24, 2004, Jean Jasper Oracheff of the Arizona
spirit. Finally, I solicited aid with the         Flagstaff. She can be reached at                 Anasazi Chapter of the Daughters of the American
family “witchdoctor” and her son, who is a            ksirimanivong@ci.flagstaff.az.us             Revolution (DAR) at their 102nd State Conference,
“medicine man”, and I was in luck, a                  or the FCVB at 928/779-7627.                 presented the DAR Medal of Honor to Mr. Masaji
                                                                                                   Inoshita, World War II Military Intelligence Service
                                                                                                   Veteran. Mr. Inoshita was sponsored by the Anasazi
                                                                                                   Chapter DAR for this award after their becoming aware
                                                                                                   of his military background and internment experience in
Lee Kauftheil                                     things he sees wrong with America,               the Gila River Relocation Center during World War II.
Mesa Legend                                       Inoshita said he still loves his country and       DAR was quite impressed on learning of the regular
    Mas Inoshita,                                 tells his story to set the record straight.      lectures given by Mr. Inoshita at Arizona elementary and
                                                                                                   high schools, universities, government agencies, etc. about the Japanese American
an     84-year-old,                                   Joan Martinez, during a short question
                                                                                                   internment during WWII. Masaji is a long time member of the AZ Chapter Japanese
first-generation                                  and answer session after Inoshita had            American Citizens League (JACL).
J a p a n e s e -                                 finished speaking, said she had grown up in
American, who is                                  a town that was the site of one of the camps
a WWII veteran                                    where Japanese-Americans had been held.
and spent time in a                               She said during her childhood, the subject
Japanese interment                                was not discussed in schools even though
camp, was invited                                 there was a rumor that those in the camp
to talk to MCC Mas Inoshita spent                 had built the school’s gymnasium during
students       a n d time in a Japanese           the time of their internment.
faculty          b y internment camp.                 Inoshita spoke about his anger and
Wendera Phung Photo Mesa Legend                   feelings of betrayal toward white men
and the Asian                                     during the time. He said he was given six
Pacific Islander’s Club for Asian                 days to sell all of his possessions, which at
Awareness Week.                                   that time was a very large farm with
    Inoshita has been sharing his story with      livestock and about 200 acres of land. He
students from fifth grade and above for over      also spoke about being forced to sell a team
20 years.                                         of horses for $25 and throwing in hay for
    When speaking about the experiences of        free just to make the deal. Inoshita spoke of
his family and other Japanese-American            his friends in the white community who had
citizens at the time, he compared it to the       redeemed some of his hope.
wrongs he sees that the American                      He spoke of his father’s friend, who he
government has done to African-Americans          knew as Filbric, a man who insisted that
and Native Americans. Inoshita said he sees       Inoshita stop selling all of his expensive
the treatment of these three groups of            equipment at a substantial loss, and instead
people as the great injustices and unfulfilled    put it up in Filbric’s barn till he could come
promises made by America.                         back and start his life again. He spoke of his
    Inoshita has come to raise awareness of       Polish barber who had farmland in
an event that he said is often not taught or is
                                                                       see Prisoner page 6
barely covered in classrooms. For all the
   6      Asian SUNews May 17, 2004

Asian American Festival 2004                                                                      The Teaching of Traditions
Archie Tescon                                        I also had a chance to catch a couple of     Master Lu                                                  passed since the beginning
    If there was an event that I have            shows at the main stage. The performances            Hello everyone.       My                               and war among ourselves has
attended this year that symbolizes Arizona’s     of Hula, Maori, and Tahitian Dances by           topic pertaining to martial                                been an integral part of life
diverse Asian American community, it was         Kaimikahu Hale O Hula were very                  arts begins with the word                                  and survival.
the 10th Annual Asian Festival. The              entertaining as they dance traditional hula      Foundation. At least that is,                              If the masters, sages and
Festival was held at Patriot’s Square in         dances for the ancient Hawaiian fire deity       with the concept of what I                                 teachers were motivated by
downtown Phoenix and it was a showcase           Pele. The food demonstrations were also a        thought the teachers were                                  ancestors to meditate upon
of different Asian ethnic culture, activities,   success. Event organizers had scheduled a        saying. But as a teacher                                   one’s actions and deeds for
music, dances, and cuisines.                     “how to” of Chinese, Indian, Thai, and           myself, plus a full time                                   self-development, higher
     The festival was a success and              Pakistani cooking. They even had fruit and       student of the arts and                                    learning, and enlightenment,
thousands of people came to celebrate. I         vegetable carving lessons that can pretty up     sciences all my life, I’m                                  then the teachings truly
know this because I was in the middle of it      any of the events attendees’ parties and         finding our there’s much                                   encourage us by love and
all as one of the volunteers selling water at    future celebrations.                                                                    Master Lu
                                                                                                  more that the elders,                                      grace to diligently find
the event. During my break, I got a chance           This type of festival promoted sharing       masters, monks, priests and teachers were answers to improve on our own actions
to walk around the park and visit with           and understanding of the different Asian
                                                                                                  attempting to convey.                         toward one another. The greatest masters
several booths and try out several authentic     American cultures and celebrated the
                                                                                                      It is a way of life; translated from the accomplish this and never find a need to
Asian cuisines from Hawaii, India,               cultural diversity of the Valley.
                                                                                                  word dao (way), but before I continue, let’s resort to combat. Of course, practitioners
Thailand, and Pakistan.                              I believe events like this encouraged
                                                                                                  go back to foundation and see through my will always have to contend with the
    I also had a chance to visit the “avenue     community participation and developed
                                                                                                  eyes what that meant as I trained in the exception to this theory, the cowards who
of culture” which was made up of several         better understanding and relationship
booths showcasing different Asian culture.       between the Arizona’s Asian American             martial arts, even to this present day. I hide under the umbrella called evil, which is
The “avenue of culture” consists of booths       communities and other communities, but           thought it encompassed first having a strong a motivation from another source.
representing Pakistan, India, Philippines,       also as a way to bring the Valley’s growing      center, proper alignment, and good               But the mastery is the acknowledgment
Thailand, Burma, Laos, Korea, Indonesia,         Asian American communities together.             footwork, along with understanding breath of love in the preservation of life. Start by
and China.                                       Although it was probably a big challenge to      control and the flow of movement through giving appreciation to those you admire and
     At each booth very helpful and very         get all the different Asian American             each transition of posture (which should love so the youth of today will see us as
patient representatives of each culture          communities schedules to work together for       always be maintained at the highest degree). examples that bring them to a brighter
patiently and happily explained and              this type of event, I believe it was worth the   Add the rigors of formula carefully tomorrow.
answered all of the questions regarding          effort and sweat.                                accomplished with sensitivity to find just       Now I can say, I am just starting to see
Asian culture and their rich heritage with           I was glad that I had a chance to attend     the proper equation, which requires what the masters were trying to convey;
warm smiles and kind hearts. They took me        this event and had a positive and joyful         developing the senses in respect to the control the conscious emotions and master
in like any good neighbor would and gladly       experience because probably to some, it          elements of nature and the laws of physics. the self by giving acknowledgment to
answered any of my own questions                 will be their only exposure to the Asian         But I found out that there really is much, experience and appreciation of life with
regarding topics from the shadow and             American culture. Bravo! To everyone that        much more. The basic of which is respect love to our Creator. Till next time, peace.
wooden puppets of Thailand to the abacus         was part of the Asian Festival and thank         and appreciation for and of life, as many of     (Master Lu can be reached at his
and a brief explanation on the meaning           you for your efforts and hard work.              us are here without even a clue as to why or school, Lu’s Martial Arts at 1139 E.
Feng Shui.                                           Photos page 8                                what purpose we are to serve. As one who Glendale Avenue, the SW corner of
                                                                                                  teaches self-defense, believe me, I am not Glendale and 12th St. You can call him at
                                                                                                  opposed to defending what’s right! But it 602-277-5200 or e-mail him at
  Asian LEAD Academy                                                                              saddens me that many centuries of masterlu@cox.net.)
                                                                                                  humanities existence upon earth have
  Gavin Li, Class of 2003
                                                                                                                                                  and a half years and experienced covert
  I sit and listen to the speaker talk about people that have come before me,
  As if I should be able to live up to their glory,
                                                                                                  Prisoner continued from page 5                  racism while serving his country.
  I don’t know if I am like those people,                                                         Wisconsin and offered Inoshita and his              Since 1946, Inoshita has been living in
  They lived in a time of trial and tribulation,                                                  family safe haven there away from               Glendale and has spoken to raise awareness
  Coming to a country unlike their nation,                                                        California.                                     since he was first asked to speak by a
  Leaving home with almost nothing at all,                                                            Inoshita spoke with a calm and level        teacher at a local school. Jose Gonzolez said
  Knowing their trip might be in vain,                                                            tone and even made a few jokes about an         he was invited by APIC and said he
  They struggled hard enough through all the pain,                                                experience that embittered thousands of         connected to the parts in Inoshita’s speech
  To make a life that is grand,                                                                   Americans. He remembered the number             regarding segregation. He was glad to have
  Some have tried and failed,                                                                     17249 - the number he was given by the          the chance to see the diversity on campus.
  But some of them prevailed,                                                                     American government. He said he was not         Yudith Rahardjc and Winson Yu are both
  They worked to live in a country that didn’t want them,                                         tattooed with it but every correspondence       members of APIC and said they felt that
  Yet, they still worked hard and didn’t find acceptance,                                         that left his home had to bear that number.     Inoshita’s talk really brought history alive.
  But there was no need for repentance,                                                           He remembered his stay in assembly camps        Clayton Retuolack heard about the speech
  They did their best and that’s all they could wish for,                                         that served as temporary lodgings until the     from his history teacher and came because
  That was all they could do and no one could ask for more.                                       interment camps were built, his cramped         of his interest in history.
                                                                                                  quarters in row seven, stable 12 that he            Inoshita is an American. He was a
                                                                                                  shared with the rest of his family and eating   farmer and community leader, a cook in the
                              Lu’s Martial Arts                                                   liver and tongue for lunch.                     camps, then a soldier and now he serves as
                          The Best Choice for                                                         Inoshita spoke briefly about his tour of    a teacher trying to ensure people do not
                    MARTIAL ARTS SUPPLIES                                                         duty in the military. He said he was a          overlook things that he thinks should be
                     featuring products by Century                                                translator and soldier for just under three     remembered.
                       Uniforms, Gear, Weapons,
                and other cool stuff ! School Discounts !
                 1139 E. Glendale Ave. Phoenix, AZ
                                                                                                                             May 17, 2004 Asian SUNews 7

                                                                    Business Notes
THE COSIGN QUANDRY                                                                                How Can I Save for My
                         Kathy Nee
                                                cosigner is asked to repay the loan in three
                                                out of four defaulted cosigned loans. Ask
                                                                                                  Child’s College Education?
                                                                                                                             Ken Ihori                     Zero-coupon bonds represent the
                         has asked a rather     yourself this: why would I take a risk that a                                                      ownership of principal payments on U.S.
                         large favor from       professional lender would not? The lender                                             O n c e      government notes or bonds. Unlike
                         you, to cosign on a    would not need a cosigner if the borrower                                    y o u ’ v e           traditional bonds, zero-coupon bonds make
                         loan for them.         were a good risk.                                                            determined how        no periodic interest payments. Instead, they
                         What do you do?        I Really Want to Help My Child Out                                           much it will cost     are purchased at a substantial discount and
                         Understanding                  You have decided that helping your                                   to send your          pay face value at maturity. The value of
                         your obligations       child get their first loan overrides the risks.                              children        to    these bonds is subject to market fluctuation.
                         may make you           Before you co-sign, consider this                                            college, your next    Their prices tend to be more volatile than
                         r ec o n s id e r      information to help minimize any issues:                                     prudent step is to    bonds that pay interest regularly. And even
     Kathy Nee
                         cosigning       for    • Be sure you can afford to pay the loan.                                    develop           a   though no income is paid, the inherent
                         someone      else’s         If you have to pay and can’t, you could                                 systematic            interest is still taxable annually as ordinary
debt.                                                be sued or your credit rating could be               Ken Ihori          investment plan       income.
Obligations of a Cosigner                            damaged.                                     that will enable you to accumulate the           MUTUAL FUNDS
        The obligations associated with         • Even if the payments are current, this          necessary funds.                                 Mutual funds are established by an
cosigning a loan can be more than you                loan is a liability on your credit. Figure           What are your funding options?           investment company by pooling the monies
would expect.         The Federal Trade              this obligation will be considered in        Which would be best for your situation?          of many different investors and then
Commission (FTC) requires the creditor to            any future loans you may personally          We’ve listed several below, along with a         investing that money in a diversified
give you information explaining your                 need.                                        brief description of each.                       portfolio of securities. These securities are
commitment. It states: “You are being           • Make sure you get copies of all                 UNIVERSAL LIFE INSURANCE                         selected to meet the specific goals of the
asked to guarantee this debt.          Think         important loan documents.                            Universal life insurance policies        fund.
carefully before you do. If the borrower        • Ask the lender to calculate what you            build cash value through regular premiums        INDEPENDENT COLLEGE 500-
does not pay the debt, you will have to. Be          might owe.                                   and grow at competitive rates. These             INDEXED CERTIFICATES OF
sure you can afford to pay if you to, and       • Before you sign, negotiate specific             policies carry a death benefit. In addition to   DEPOSIT
that you want to accept this responsibility.         terms for yourself. For example, you         providing cash to your heirs in the event of             The I.C. 500 is the College Board’s
        You may have to pay up to the full           may ask in writing for your obligation       your death, this death benefit gives             index of college inflation based on a survey
amount of the debt if the borrower does not          to be limited to principal only.             universal life insurance policies their tax-     of the costs at 500 independent colleges and
pay. You may also have to pay late fees or      • Ask the lender, again in writing, to            free status. Money can usually be                universities. I.C. 500-indexed Certificates of
collection costs, which increase this                notify you if the borrower misses a          withdrawn from these contracts through           Deposit are a relatively new funding vehicle
amount.                                              payment.                                     policy loans, often at no interest. These        offered by a few savings institutions. Their
        The creditor (depending on state                Cosigning means you are financially       withdrawals may reduce the policy’s death        rate of return is directly linked to the I.C.
law) may collect this debt from you without     responsible without benefit and in                benefit.                                         500 index.
first trying to collect form the borrower.      investment jargon that translates to high         TAX-DEFERRED ANNUITIES                           SECTION 529 PLANS
The creditor can use the same collection        risk/no return. Consider your decision                    Tax-deferred annuities are the                   Section 529 Plans, or Qualified State
methods against you that ca be used against     carefully.                                        insurance industry’s alternative to the          Tuition Programs, are a new investment
the borrower, such as suing you, garnishing     Kathy Nee is Vice President, Senior               certificate of deposit. You deposit a lump       option when saving for college. Recently
your wages, etc. If this debt is ever in        Underwriter & Credit Specialist for Valley        sum with an insurance company, which then        introduced by the IRS code under section
default, that fact may become a part of your    Commerce Bank. Main Phone (602) 840-              accumulates interest. Unlike certificates of     529, hence the name, these plans are
credit record.                                  5550. 5050 North 44th Street, Phoenix AZ          deposit, however, the interest on this           sponsored by individual states and offer
        This notice is not the contract that    85018. E-mail:                                    account is not taxed until it is withdrawn —     higher contributions than education IRAs
makes you liable for the debt.”                   knee@valleycommercebank.com. Valley             much like an individual retirement account.      along with tax-deferred accumulation. Once
Cosigners Often Pay                             Commerce Bank is an Equal Housing                 CDs are FDIC insured and offer a fixed rate      withdrawals begin, they are tax exempt as
        According to the FTC’s research the     Lender and a FDIC Member.                         of return.                                       long as the funds are used to pay for
                                                                                                  ZERO-COUPON BONDS                                qualified higher education expenses.

 Asian Pacific Night at Bank One Ballpark                                                                                        Community Calendar
                                                                                                    We are holding a professional development seminar for educators on July 13, 14,
featuring the Arizona Department of Health Services                                                 15 at ASU main campus in Tempe. The topic is Asian Studies for Educators. All
                                                                                                    teachers are welcome to attend. The program will cover the history, religions,
                                                                                                    culture and literatures of China and Japan. Teachers who complete the seminar
        INHALE LIFE SINGERS CHILDRENS GROUP                                                         will earn a certificate for 20 clock-hours, seminar materials, and curriculum
                                                                                                    develoment materials. The seminar is free of charge. Please contact me for an
                         singing the National Anthem                                                application.
                                                                                                                             Marie Guarino Osterman, Ph.D.
                                                                                                                    Center for Asian Studies Arizona State University
         July 23, 2004 Diamondbacks v Rockies                                                                           P.O. Box 871702 Tempe, AZ 85287-1702
                                                                                                                         Tel: 480-965-7179 Fax: 480-965-8317
     If your child is interested in auditioning for the                                                                             www.asu.edu/asian

                              Inhale Life Singers
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               E-mail Madeline asiansun@aol.com                                                                                                       ASSOCIATES
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                            Before June 14, 2004
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                          Community Calendar                                                                                               Company is looking for exceptional
                                                                                                                                           bilingual candidates who are
                     “TODAY, MY HEALTH MATTERS”                                                                                            interested in a career in
          We are the women of Arizona, as diverse as the unique history and pioneering                                                     sales/financial services.
  spirit of our state. We are the daughters, sisters, mothers and friends. We are the
  seekers, carriers & interpreters of information for our families and ourselves.                                                          We offer:
          We are the women of Arizona, and the figures for our health are alarming.                                                        ♦ comprehensive training
  Many factors play a role in the quality of our lives. Heritage and culture play a part in                                                ♦ starting compensation up to
  the life we lead, and the bodies we live in.                                                           FOR AN INTERVIEW                        $1,000/week if qualified
          We are the women of Arizona, and we come together because it all starts with                   CONTACT                           ♦ virtually unlimited income
  one. One who has information to empower herself, and those she loves. One who                                                                  potential
  decides that today is the day...for a walk around the block...one less cigarette...one less            KEN IHORI                         ♦ insurance & retirement
  soda...one smaller portion.                                                                            SALES MANAGER                           program - comprehensive
          It starts with one who wants to live well, one who believes she can make                                                               benefits package
  changes which results in better health for all; One who will empower herself and oth-                  602-995-4140
  ers with information, and the courage to make the choices that will benefit those she                  (office)
  loves, and those who love her. We are that one.
          We declare, “ Today, My Health Matters!”                                                       623-210-4805
          For more information on Arizona Women’s Health Week, visit the website at                      (evening & weekend)
  www.hs.state.az.us. For more information on the national efforts or statistics on
  women’s health, visit http://www.4women.gov.
8 Asian SUNews     May 17, 2004

     FBI Citizens Academy 2004 Graduation              See story page 1

                 Asian American Festival    Photos by Jane Tang       See Story page 6
                                              May 17, 2004 Asian SUNews 9

         Taiwanese American Heritage Week Banquet               See story page 1

   Japanese American Citizens League Scholarship Awards        See story page 1

Asian American Building Business Success Breakfast             See story page 1
   10        Asian SUNews May 17, 2004

Luke AFB: Barry Wong Rides F-16
Barry Wong, Luke AFB Honorary                    lowered my helmet sun shade and hooked
Commander                                        up my mask. Now, I felt like Tom Cruise.
    I had an incredible experience riding in     After the canopy was lowered, we taxied to                                                           Esther Tang along with Joel D.
an F-16 fighter jet out of Luke AFB during       the runway and before I knew it we were                                                          Valdez was honored at the Catholic
a ninety minute flight.                          taking off and gaining altitude rapidly until                                                    Foundation Cornerstone Gala on May
    As a Luke AFB Honorary Commander             reaching 15,000 feet.                                                                            7th.
assigned to the 56th Operations Group, I             It was a spectacular view looking out                                                            They were chosen as the first
was invited to ride on an F-16. Early            over and around the canopy. Eventually we                                                        honorees for their commitment to the
Friday morning on April 30, 2004, a small        traveled over the red rocks of Sedona, over                                                      local Church and community.
group of family and friends accompanied          Flagstaff and then made a “U-turn” over the                                                          Tang, a business leader, community
me to witness this historic moment. I            eastern end of the Grand Canyon where I                                                          activist and Catholic volunteer, is a
arrived at the base with my flight suit on       could clearly see the meandering turquoise                                                       second generation Tucsonan. She raised
                                                                                                  Barry Wong, Honorary Commander,                 four children, has six grandchildren and
ready to go.                                     waters of the Colorado River. It was not         with Col. Walter Wright, Commander
    This flight was to allow me to               until we entered the training air space when                                                     two great-grandchildren.
                                                                                                  of 56th Ops Group, Luke AFB                         When she wasn’t caring for her
experience what the 1,000 new pilots a year      the jet’s performance was demonstrated.
at Luke go through when they learn to fly            While in flight, I had the chance to fly    the traditional dousing of water on my head      family, Tang worked alongside her
this high performance jet. (Luke also trains     the jet to get a feel of its capabilities and   that is done after a pilot’s first flight.       husband, David, who died in 2002, at
800 flight crew chiefs a year.) As part of       handling performance. I performed couple            After this experience, I have even           their family-owned grocery store and
my own pre-flight preparation, I learned         “aileron rolls” and a vertical 360 degree       greater respect for the pilots who train at      other businesses. That experience, as
that for every one hour flying time pilots       loop. The pilot, Col. Walter Wright, III--      Luke AFB. They go through this grueling          well as growing up in a neighborhood
must spend up to eight hours preparing and       Commander of the 56th Ops Group,                in-flight training three to four times a week.   mixed with Anglo, Chinese and
debriefing. This is what you did not see in      demonstrated a 8.5 G-force turn, which          When they graduate they go directly to an        Hispanic children, gave Tang a true
the movie “Top Gun.”                             immediately activated my “G-suit” causing       active base in the U.S. or around the world      sense of Tucson’s diverse community
    After a pre-flight briefing with Col.        my legs, abdomen and chest muscles to           or are sent directly to Iraq or other areas of   and its needs.
Wright on the flight plan, we proceeded to       contract to keep the blood in my head from      conflict. Hats off to the men and women              She earned a degree in nutrition, with
suit up. I first put on my G-suit, technically   draining and potentially causing a blackout.    pilots at Luke AFB!                              a minor in sociology, from the
called an anti-gravity suit, to help protect     It felt like a powerful vacuum cleaner hose         After the flight, Col. Wright coined my      University of Arizona in 1942. It wasn’t
me from the extreme forces on the body           was sucking-in my flight suit towards the       official pilot call-sign as “G-Man.”             long before she began reaching out to
                                                                                                                                                  her community, serving on the boards of
from multiple forces of gravity exerted          ejection seat, but in fact the G-suit was           The Honorary Commander program at
                                                                                                                                                  the YMCA, YWCA, Community Chest
during certain jet maneuvers. The G-suit,        inflating as the G-forces were pinning me       Luke AFB is a group of civilian leaders
                                                                                                                                                  and to the Chinese American
along with the ejection seat harness, helmet     down.                                           who support and promote the base to their
                                                                                                                                                  community. In Catholic circles, she is
and oxygen mask was adjusted to fit me               After the maneuvers and G-forces I was      respective communities and businesses.
                                                                                                                                                  perhaps best known as the founder and
during my base visit the day prior.              thoroughly exhausted and breathing              The mission of Luke AFB is vital to the
                                                                                                                                                  first executive director of the Pio
    Also, during my prior day’s pre-flight       heavily. I felt as if I had just ran a one      national security of the U.S. and to that end
                                                                                                                                                  Decimo Neighborhood Center, a vital
check I underwent “egress training.” I was       hundred yard dash. Without much pause           must be protected from potential closure
                                                                                                                                                  community resource that for almost 40
taught how to eject from the jet, how to         after pulling the Gs, Col. Wright               next year in the next round of base closures.
                                                                                                                                                  years later still serves the families of
“steer” the parachute and land and how to        accelerated the jet to Mach 1, the speed of         The single greatest threat to Luke AFB
                                                                                                                                                  South Tucson and Head Start classes.
evacuate the jet if the emergency is while       sound, to show me the speed capability of       closure is the advancing housing
                                                                                                                                                      “You don’t have to look any further
the jet is on the runway or tarmac. There        the jet. I could feel the incredible speed.     development surrounding the base. If you
                                                                                                                                                  than the Pio Decimo Center to
was a lot to remember, but I did not mind            Eventually the “fun” had to come to an      desire to help support and protect Luke
                                                                                                                                                  understand Esther Tang’s impact on this
since my life depended on my memory of           end. Col. Wright flew the jet to a feather      AFB consider joining Fighter Country
                                                                                                                                                  community.” said Bishop G. Kicanas.
this training.                                   touch landing. It felt good to plant my feet    Partnership, a non-profit support group, by
                                                                                                                                                  From Catholic Vision-Kate Harrison
    I was ready. I put on my helmet,             back on solid ground. Col. Wright gave me       calling Jody Roberts at 623-882-2191.
 12 Asian SUNews                                May 17, 2004
                                                                                                                                            planning out where you’re going and by
Chef Sy’s Culinary choice for May                                                            Straight Talk…                                 what time you’ll be there. It leads to
                                                                                                                                            needless travel (being lost) and expense, not
                                                                                                                                            to mention exhaustion (burnout).
Bill Sy                                                                                      Lloyd Calderon
                                                                                                 We all have an idea of what success is.        Once you’ve identified your goals you
                    Risotto Arancini                                                         To many it involves financial security. To     should make sure that they meet three
200g Vialano nano ferron rice                                                                others it means that a goal was met. To        criteria. That they are achievable, realistic
1 Onion, finely diced                                                                        others it will mean being a great family       and measurable. If your goals don’t meet
150g ligurian Olive paste                                                                    provider (father, mother, spouse etc).         these characteristics you’ll soon be
200ml Vegetable stock                                                                            We live in a world where tomorrow          traveling down the road to misery. Last, but
200ml Milk                                                                                   isn’t early enough. Where yesterday is         not least make an effort to be flexible.
Oil/Salt/Pepper/Cheese/Butter/Flour/Egg wash/                                                “ancient” history and our best is not our      There will come times when you’re goals
Breadcrumbs                                                                                  best until we’ve compared ourselves to         may become unattainable. When these
                                                                                             others. This leaves us tired, disillusioned,   times come you should be able to recognize
    Sautee the onion and garlic in a little oil, then toast off                                                                             the situation and re-adjust your goals. For
                                                                                             frustrated or in many cases just plain
the rice for about 2 minutes. Add the hot stock, milk and                                    unhappy! We feel unsuccessful and lost.        example: If you realize that you won’t be
50g of the Olive paste. Allow to cook pilaf style in the                                     But, are we?                                   the first person on the moon, perhaps you
oven for 15 minutes. Whilst still hot work in the butter,               Chef Bill Sy             Success is in its basic terms a            should change your goal to be the first
cheese, remaining olive paste and seasonings. Allow to             *Asian American 2000      measurement of accomplishing what you’ve       person on Mars.         This is a simple
cool then mix through egg if required for binding. Roll            Lifetime Achievement      set out to accomplish. Being that it is a      illustration but the point is glaringly clear.
into balls and then dust in flour, roll through the egg wash           Award winner          “measurement” we would be remiss if we         Don’t waste your time attempting to
and toss through fine breadcrumbs. Deep fry until golden             *Honor Society of       didn’t find some way to measure our            accomplish something that is not achievable
and crispy on the outside.                                         American Academy of       success. Exactly how we do that is going to    or realistic. You’ll save yourself a lot of
                                                                           Chefs             vary from person to person but to start        heartache and energy.
                                                                  *Master Chef of Chinese    things out lets identify a one great way to        Mr. Calderon is the new business
             Risotto Vino Rosso e Radicchio                               Cuisine            measure success.                               development              officer         for
                      per 4 people                                *Honorary Professor of         Success can be measured, in part, by       www.LilBearShoppe.com. Mr. Calderon
Ingredients                                                       Culinary Arts - Oriental   accomplishing goals! There are two types       also specializes in human resource issues
400 grams of Ferron vialone nano rice                             Gourmet College, China     of goals. Short-term goals and long-term       involving recruiting and retaining
sea salt                                                                                     goals. Short-term goals involve a relatively   employees, managing diversity and
ground black pepper                                                                          short timeframe of about a year or less.       increasing productivity.       Mr. Calderon
325 mls Amarone-venetian red wine or suitable                                                Long-term goals involve a 3 to 5 year          holds a Master of Arts degree in
300 mls of vegetable stock                                                                   timeframe. These goals are, in essence,        Organizational Management and a Bachelor
80 grams of unsalted butter                                                                  your “measuring cups” to success and will      of Science degree in Justice Studies and
                                                                                             help you succeed. Without goals you’ll find    may         be      contacted            at:
100 grams of grated parmigiano reggiano
                                                                                             that you can’t get to where you want to be.    pappabear@lilbearshoppe.com
4 finely diced shallots
                                                                                             It’s like starting your vacation without
2 cloves of crushed garlic
20 mls dandaragan chefs choice extra virgin olive oil
4 coarsely shredded leaves of radicchio
     In a heavy based saucepan lightly fry of the diced shallot and crushed garlic in a
                                                                                                                     Community Calendar
little extra virgin olive oil. Add the rice and stirring over a low flame toast the grains     We are holding a professional development seminar for educators on
for 2 minutes. add the red wine and cover and simmer for 4-5 minutes very slowly until         July 13, 14, 15 at ASU main campus in Tempe. The topic is Asian
all the wine has absorbed then add the 325mls of the vegetable stock , cover again             Studies for Educators. All teachers are welcome to attend. The
continue to simmer slowly for a further 5-6 minutes until all the liquid has absorbed.
TIP: test the cooking of the rice by pressing a grain on the back of a wooded spoon.
                                                                                               program will cover the history, religions, culture and literatures of China
When its has 3 little dots through the centre the rice is a perfect al’dente. If not add a     and Japan. Teachers who complete the seminar will earn a certificate
little more stock and continue to simmer. Once the rice is cooked add the butter,              for 20 clock-hours, seminar materials, and curriculum development
parmigiano and pecorino and stir well for 2 minutes. Adjust the consistency of the             materials. The seminar is free of charge. Please contact me for an
risotto by adding a little more stock if needed then season well and stir through the          application.
radicchio just before serving so its stays a little crunchy. Season and serve!!
Chef Bill Sy is member of Asian Chamber and will assume a position as the                          Marie Guarino Osterman, Ph.D. Center for Asian Studies ASU
Executive Vice President and Dean of Education at the Singapore Culinary                           P.O. Box 871702 Tempe, AZ 85287-1702 Tel: 480-965-7179
Academy and Spicy Garden in April 2004. He will continue his column with Asian                          Fax: 480-965-8317 marie.guarino.osterman@asu.edu
SUNews from Singapore and Phoenix will remain his home. We wish him the best!
                                                                                                                       May 17, 2004 Asian SUNews 13

                                                                                          Tryout’s over as S.F. confirms police chief
                                                                                          By Mary Anne Ostrom
                                                                                          SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS
                                                                                              When Heather Fong became acting chief
MINDY LUZON                                                                               of San Francisco’s controversy-plagued police
                                                                                          department in January, she was asked about
                                                                                          her temporary assignment. “My whole career
                      WHAT FAILS LEADERSHIP?                                              has been a tryout,” Fong replied.
     I was in the process of collating my thoughts on my next article about a little          A minority woman in a profession
town called Waianae after having a chat with Poka, when I heard on my way to              dominated by white men, Fong has had to
work that a young American was beheaded in Iraq and the image distributed on the          prove herself every step of the way. That is
website. Now, this one is really hard to take. It is so mind boggling to hear what is     until Monday, when she was formally named
happening now among the Muslim countries and our troops as they battle to put an          chief, making her the first Asian American
end to this controversial war. I have written about three articles about the war, and     woman to lead a major U.S. police force.
in all of them, I may have been one among the few isolated voices who thought that            A street-tested, straight-forward veteran
this war should not have happened. And now that this is out of control, I become          who is hard to ruffle, Fong, 47, also becomes
more helpless to fathom how this will end, and what future waits the coming               the first woman to lead the SFPD, one of the
                                                                                          West Coast’s largest and most tradition-bound
generations, our children’s children. Let’s face it. This war has been a big mistake in
                                                                                          departments. She was named to the position          chief Earl Sanders. It stemmed from
judgment and planning. Who else to blame. Certainly, without a doubt, the
                                                                                          just days after an undercover officer was slain     allegations of a cover-up after a 2002 brawl,
leadership and the management of a few.
                                                                                          in the troubled Bayview area of the city.           instigated by three off-duty officers, over a
    War is an enormous business enterprise. When I was a child I did not understand
                                                                                              The Chinese-American policewoman’s              bag of fajitas. Indictments of the top brass
how war begins and ends, except to note that people were fighting one another and
                                                                                          rise through the ranks, from a teenage cadet to     were dropped, but the scandal led to the exit
blood spilling everywhere. Now, it has become clearer why war has to be a part of
                                                                                          the boss of 2,300 fractious cops, underscores       of     Sanders     and     Fong’s    immediate
human life. War generates income, power, and status. It is the big machinery of
                                                                                          a lot about San Francisco’s changing face --        predecessor, former chief Alex Fagan, whose
products and the people that have to use the products. These products are the means
                                                                                          and more immediately its evolving politics --       son still faces charges related to the fight. In
to an end. The end begins with a mission statement, some policies and goals to
                                                                                          under new, reform-minded Mayor Gavin                late March, Fagan Sr. announced he would
achieve. To achieve the goals, there has to be a system and a leadership at the helm
                                                                                          Newsom. And yet, the appointment of the San         leave city employment after a drunken brawl
of this system. Leadership is a system of governance. A home fails without
                                                                                          Francisco native was an obvious pick, say           with his son in Arizona.
appropriate governance. Witness many children taken away from home because of
                                                                                          insiders and political observers. Her serious           Fong’s rise also is testimony to how hard-
failed parenting. So, how is our government rating in the business of running a war?
                                                                                          demeanor exudes stability, and she has stayed       fought legal battles to open up police forces to
It is without a doubt that President Bush is the leader of this war. He called upon       clean, crucial factors in the wake of last year’s   women and minorities a generation ago are
Congress, another system that coordinates with him to run the business of the             “Fajita-gate” scandal.                              paying off. Several major cities, including
country, and told the leaders of Congress that this war has to be preempted. His              After 27 years on the force, the neatly         Detroit, Boston and Milwaukee, have named
mission? Let us try to review them. To give groups of people the much-needed              pressed Fong, who holds a master’s degree in        female chiefs in the past few months. In San
freedom from the atrocities of a cruel leader. He also wanted to promote the safety       social work, is considered a clean face -- if       Francisco, Fong’s elevation forms an
of the world populace led by the United Stated against the WMD that he thought            not a fresh one -- to lead the nearly 148-year-     unprecedented pairing of women in the city’s
Sadam Hussein was hiding ready to be used anytime. He succeeded in convincing             old department.                                     top public safety jobs. Newsom named Joanne
Congress for billions of dollars for the use of the weapons and soldiers of war.              Fong’s appointment has drawn little             Hayes-White fire chief in January. And with
   Once our country became convinced of the mission of this war, the leaders led by       public opposition from the city’s myriad            the December election of Kamala Harris as
President Bush set his leadership in motion. He called upon the core of executives        special interest groups. She was the police         district attorney, a trio of Asians holds the
under him led by Cheney, Rice and Rumsfeld. And the dye is cast. Troops were              union’s pick over two outsider finalists. By        city’s key law enforcement posts. Harris is
sent civilians were hired, military arms mobilized, and the Pentagon strategies           selecting her, Newsom also placates the city’s      part Asian-Indian, and the city’s elected
mapped out. Then something went wrong. The system has been working well,                  largest ethnic political constituency. One of       public defender is Japanese- American.
achieving its identified goals. However, the goal to show WMD failed. There were          three residents is of Asian descent, with those         “It’s mind-boggling,” said Ling-chi Wang,
no weapons of mass destruction. The people of Iraqis were liberated, but the goals        of Chinese heritage accounting for 22 percent       founder of Chinese for Affirmative Action,
for their self-governance was not studied carefully and included in the original goals    of the city’s population.                           which led the legal fight against height and
of his mission for this war. He forgot to study the system of the people that he              “It’s a slam dunk,” said Rich DeLeon, a         other discriminatory requirements beginning
wanted to save from oppression. From here, President’s Bush leadership started to         professor of political science at San Francisco     in the late 1960s, of Fong’s appointment.
collapse. The last minute efforts to prove that his goals were correct became even        State.                                              Thirty years ago, “we were battling to get
more disastrous. He let his military intelligence “soften up” the thousands of                Fong is almost never spotted out of             Fred Lau on the force. He would go to the
prisoners and civilian detainees at the Abu Ghraib camp in Baghdad by whatever            uniform or without her hat. Despite the             gym and try to stretch himself” in a bid to
means, no holds barred. Again this failed; no information obtained that the               formality, most people know her as Heather.         gain a quarter-inch to reach 5’8”. The
leadership wanted so badly to prove the justification for this war. Lack of oversight     Her supporters describe her as mild-mannered        department’s      height     requirement    was
and training resulted in human values desecrated. Human lives lost for the sake of        and even-tempered, but she’s no pushover.           abolished in 1980.
freedom. In the end, like any other war, there is no winner, only losers.                 She’s walked beats, taught at the police                Lau and Fong grew up in the alleys of
     President Bush’s leadership failed because of greed for continuing status and        academy and overseen the department’s               North Beach on the edge of Chinatown. “We
power, misidentified goals, extreme lack of planning and preparation, lack of             S.W.A.T team. With Newsom’s blessing, she           were known as alley cats,” recalled Lau, who
coordination with other parts of the system of governance such as the international       has demoted a couple of problem cops. And           now heads federal security for Oakland
community led by the United Nations. It shows the lack of foresight, a grandiose          she’s had powerful backers, among them the          International Airport. Fong’s father, now
belief of being right bordering godlike arrogance. There is a serious lack of humility    city’s first Asian-American police chief, Fred      dead, owned a deli in Oakland’s Chinatown.
and acknowledgment of mistakes. There is an extreme absence of listening to others        Lau, who left the force in 2002.                    Her mother, who appears at Chinese
that may know, too. A cowboy mentality of I am right so do it now at whatever                 “She walks softly and carries several big       community events with Fong, worked as a
costs. A lack of ownership that a person can make mistakes. These are the                 sticks,” Lau said. “She has a lot of inner          paralegal. Though not friends, Lau knew of
characteristics of failed leadership. What price failed leadership?             Plenty.   confidence and that lets people know she is         Fong, and actively recruited the University of
      So now, the world waits. We suffer. The gas price is soaring. Thousands of          the boss.”                                          San Francisco student. After earning a
families are experiencing the grief that occurred after 9/11. There is no peace in for        Fong was one of the few top police              government degree, she joined the force in
travel. More tax monies are to be allocated. $25 billion next. The debt of our            officials not tainted in the department’s Fajita-   1977 and, at 22, was walking the Clement
country rises. Brotherhood and universal peace has been compromised. Co-                  gate scandal, which a year ago resulted in the      Street beat.
existence is being put to a test. The man at the helm is failing. There is nothing we     indictment of 10 top officers, including then-                               see Fong page 14
can do. We remain helpless to a leadership that knows no bounds.

                COMMUNITY CALENDAR                                                                                                       1219 East Glendale Ave.
   We are trying something VERY different and new this year for Obon.                                                                           Suite #25
   We saw a segment of a Japan TV soap opera that showed a large group                                                                     Phoenix, AZ 85020
of high school students doing a synchronized dance. It took place on an                                                                           Auto
athletic field with elaborate formations to a “jazzy” Japanese song. The
song is a traditional folk song done to a “jazzy” arrangement. We thought it                     Sakata Insurance Agency
would be something different to do it for Obon, especially to keep the young                                                                  Commercial
people interested. The dance on the video was physically intense, very
aerobic.                                                                                                                                           Life
   Any adult, teen or pre-teen who is fairly physically fit can do this. If                                                                      Medical
your child, grandchild, a neighbor, a halau student, martial art student or
anyone else would like to learn this dance please encourage them to join us.
                                                                                                                                            Long Term Care
   On Sunday, May 23, one of our college youth will demonstrate the                                                                            Blue Cross
choreography for her version of Soran Bushi. Our version will probably be
less intense, less physically demanding. The practice will be after Sunday’s                                                                   Blue Shield
service, approx. 11:30 am. After that, practice for Soran Bushi will be one                                                                 Authorized Agent
hour before regular bon dance practice.
   We would like a good turnout to try this new dance. Of course, there
will be more sedate folk dances for the rest of us.                                                                                           Office: 602-265-3826
   Regular bon dance practice starts Monday, June 7, 2004                                                                                     Fax: 602-265-3897
   Practice is Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 7:30 pm for 2 weeks.                                                                              Mobile: 602-725-7719
   Soran Bushi practice will be at 6:30 pm.                                                                                                      for free quotes
   Obon will be Sunday, June 20, 2004 – yep, Father’s Day. We moved it
up, hoping it will be a little cooler.
   14 Asian SUNews May 17, 2004

                                                                                                  Barry Wong, Esq.
Jason Wong                                                                                        Amid the colorful lion
    By now you have probably heard the                                                            dancers and children
tragic yet courageous life of Pat Tillman.                                                        performing Chinese
I would like to give my own personal                                                              dances the Tucson
perspective as an Asian Pacific American                                                          Chinese Association
(APA) living in Arizona on how Pat                                                                held its groundbreaking
Tillman’s valor has affected me.                                                                  ceremony on April 18,
    I can still vividly remember seeing                                                           2004 for construction of
number 42 crush opposing football                                                                 the Chinese Cultural
players every Saturday afternoon during                                                           Center of the Southwest.
my freshman year of college. I can still                                                          The Chinese Cultural
hear the PA announcer at the games                                                                Center of the Southwest
constantly say Pat Tillman’s name for                                                             is a dream come true for (left to right) Steve Lew, Les Gin, John Kai, Jason Wong,
another tackle or sack as my cousin and I                                                         the elder Chinese Garry Ong, Larry Leung, Barry Wong, Peter Chan, Judge
cheered for the Sun Devils. His “no Pat Tillman is shown in this 2003 file photo.                 immigrants as well as Paul Tang and John Fung
holds barred” type of play and Thor like AP photo                                                 the      successive
hair made him one our favorites. I                                                                generations of Chinese in Tucson and Pima in attendance and giving remarks included
remember passing by Pat Tillman one day cares. To bring it closer to the local APA                County.                                        Congressman Jim Kolbe and Pima County
on my way to class and I said myself, “wow community, I will boldly say that it pains             These decades of dreams has finally Supervisors Ann Day and Ray Carroll.
he’s not as big as I thought he was, but me to know that this shallow mentality runs              become reality thanks to many current Others in attendance included Esther Tang,
damn that guy can play.” My admiration deep within our community and will destroy                 leaders in the Tucson Chinese Association, Frank Chan, Paul Lim, Judge Paul Tang,
for this man grew even more when I learned our energy and cultural identification that            lead by its president Larry Leung.             Judge Ken Lee, Herb Kai-Marana
from one of my classmates that this soft has allowed us to conquer so many barriers               This facility will provide a place for elders, Councilman, John Kai, Peter Chan, Susan
spoken college football superstar was a (JA Internment and the Chinese Exclusion                  youth and everyone in between to Chan, John Fung, Dorothy Lew, Les Gin,
walk on at ASU and maintained a very high Act to name a few).                                     congregate and learn about the Chinese Jason Wong, Steve Lew, Theresa Nguyen-
GPA in the business school. My cousin and           Too many times I hear APA parents             culture. It will also be a place to socialize, Miss Asia Arizona, Garry Ong and Barry
I followed his career into the NFL and compare their children to other children                   play sports and learn from each other.         Wong.
watched as he proved all his critics wrong based on their grades, what colleges they              The actual building site was marked off in The Tucson Chinese Association continues
by showing that he was not too slow or attend, and what jobs they have.                       I   white chalk to show the location of rooms to raise funds for the building construction
small to play professional football. This constantly see APAs my age admiring rap                 with signs posted describing each room. fund as well as for its building operating
underdog constantly showed the world that stars and athletes without any true respect             Guests were able to take a self-guided tour fund. For more information or to donate
nothing could keep him down but that he for courageous people like those of the 442               of this “virtual building” to “see” the layout contact Susan Chan at 520-620-5350.
believed in something bigger than himself or the local school teacher who takes less              and room uses.                                 Barry Wong is a former member of the AZ
as he always gave credit to his teammates pay to stay in the inner city to teach the kids         This historic groundbreaking ceremony was Legislature. Write him c/o Asian SUNews.
and stayed loyal to the dreadfully Arizona she loves. It seems like the only thing                well attended by the Tucson Metropolitan
Cardinals when other more successful and people care about these days is the shimmer              Chinese American community. Dignitaries
high profile teams trying to lure him. He of the dollar, the size of the house, and the
then solidified this selfless image by giving “pleasures” of life. Though there is nothing
                                                                                                                                                   Already, she has been working with the
up his dream to play in the NFL, so he wrong with trying to make it big in                        Fong continued from page 13                      ACLU to develop a system to flag troubled
could join the elite Army Rangers and fight America, for I too am ambitious and strive            Fluent Cantonese speakers, Lau and Fong          cops in the wake of Fajita-gate. In
against those individuals who hate our for success. However, too many of us have                  worked on the 1979 Golden Dragon                 December, voters approved new powers for
nation and wish nothing more than to see become lost in all this confusion to make                massacre, a shooting rampage at a                the city’s citizen complaint board and police
our demise and deaths. Then the tragic day ourselves feel better and more secure, and             Chinatown restaurant that left five dead.        commission. A violent-crime wave in
came when I learned that the person who I we no longer put priority on values like                This seminal event exposed Chinatown             predominantly African-American
had admired and inspired me since I started loyalty, sacrifice, and courage. Now I am             gang warfare and lead to the creation of San     neighborhoods has led to calls from the
college was shot dead while serving his not stating that all of us should drop what               Francisco’s anti-gang task force.                mayor and others for more effective
country in Afghanistan.                         we are doing and join the military to unite       In 1994, after a spate of sexual harassment      policing there. And as the city grapples with
    Pat. Tillman’s death still brings sadness against evil. However, I think we all need          suits, the police department named three         an astounding $300 million budget gap, at
to my heart and a tear to my eye because he to take a good look at ourselves and our              women, including Fong, the first female          least one supervisor has declared he wants
had so much to live for and so much to give APA community and realize that things                 captains. Two years later, newly named           to end the department’s “sacred cow”
to our society. However, along with all this need to change. We need to stop saying,              Chief Lau made Fong and two African-             status.
sadness comes an immense feeling of “Mr. X is so great because he has a good                      American women the first female station          “I think her toughest job is to make the
patriotism and pride in who Pat Tillman paying job, is so nice, and gets to travel.”              commanders. Fong oversaw the tourist- and        department run efficiently,” said Lillian
was. Pat Tillman’s life and values inspired Rather, it would be a breath of fresh air to          business-heavy areas of the city, including      Sing, the first Asian woman to hold a
me to take a close look at myself, my hear APA parents brag to their children                     Chinatown, the Financial District and her        judgeship in Northern California. “Every
country, and my APA community. First, let about someone who volunteers for the                    old North Beach neighborhood. Today, she         day people are going to test her. Every
me strongly state that I wish nothing more needy or stands up for a social issue bigger           lives in the residential Potrero Hill            move will be microscopically examined.
than to pay homage to this fallen hero and than themselves. I would love to stop                  neighborhood.                                    When you are first, you have the honor and
encourage all people to embrace his spirit hearing those of my generation say, “Wow               Fong takes the reins at a crucial time for the   the responsibility of having to prove
by writing this article. With that said, I feel that guys got it together - look at his car and   force.                                           yourself.”
a sense of anger and frustration to the how many girls he has around him.” It
general status of our nation mentality today would be refreshing to hear someone my
and the ideals of the APA community. age say, “That girl’s cool cause she stood                                             Arizona State University
Sadly, our society today lacks true heroes up for her friend when others were
(like Pat Tillman) who people can look up destroying her reputation and she has                                                             invites
to or our society is so blind that we no struggled through so many hardships.”
longer know how to recognize a true hero. When was the last time you heard someone                             Asian American & Pacific Islander high school
Unfortunately, too many people today think else give compliments like that? When was                                 students and graduating seniors
highly of only themselves or those the last time you brought people’s attention
individuals who simply make a lot of to valiant actions like that?
money, say crude comments, or portray a             If you do not fall into the category of                                        to participate in the
superficial and shallow image that they are artificial people I am talking about – I
paid to “drug” us with. As a result, many commend you and I hope that your actions
people in our society have lost touch with are inspiring those around you. However,                      2004 Asian LEAD Academy
reality and no longer understand what is I’d like to ask those in the APA community,
really valuable and important in life. To “Where is our Martin Luther King Jr.?”
illustrate, there are even some people who Who is our Caesar Chavez of the twenty                                           June 14 to 25, 2004
are so demented, that after Pat Tillman’s first century?” Who is the one within our
death, wrote articles degrading his life and community who will shatter glass ceilings,
                                                                                                                             9:00am - 3:00pm
persecuting the soldiers currently fighting destroy racial profiling, and give us a much
for our country. They were exercising their needed voice? Luckily I have worked with
                                                                                                                            ASU Main Campus
right to free speech without considering that and been mentored by many wonderful
their right was not free and was given to APA individuals who have taught me                        Students will engage in leadership and public speaking
them by the blood that was shed by many through their actions that there are things so              workshops; mock trial exercises; meetings with community
soldiers.     These manic individuals are much more important than worldly                          leaders & professionals; learn the history of APAs; visit the Gila
extremist and do not reflect the general possessions, prominence, and yourself. I
superficial mentality I am talking about. I admire those people, but it will take all of            River Internment camp; prepare for college; and interact with
do not mean to preach for I am probably as us to throw away our delusions of greed and              other Asian Pacific American youth. Info and applications can be
guilty as the next person for saying, “Wow, selfishness to advance our community and
look at how much money that woman future out of status quo and onto the level of
                                                                                                    found at http://www.asu.edu/studentlife/msc/asian.html or call
makes, or damn that guys cool because he’ll respect and honor. Though Pat Tillman was               the Multicultural Student Center at ASU, (480) 965-6060.
shoot his mouth off to anybody.” But the not APA, his legacy and courage should
passing away of Pat Tillman has really ring loudly through our ears and inspire us
made me aware of the death of the to do all the big or little things we can do to
American hero and how nobody really uplift our community.
        N OMINATIONS OPEN                                                                        FAIR
       FOR A BILITY C OUNTS                                                          ASSISTANCE AVAILABLE
                                                                             D     o you have some fair housing concerns or questions?

I      f you know outstanding students with disabilities or community
       members who have contributed significantly to the advancement
    of people with disabilities, nominate them for the Ability Counts
                                                                                 The Phoenix Equal Opportunity Department is available to help.
                                                                                 The office assists residents by providing them with fair housing education
                                                                             services and investigating housing discrimination complaints.
    Student and Community Awards.                                                Phoenix has an ordinance that prohibits housing discrimination and makes it
       The student awards recognize five outstanding young people who        illegal for a housing provider or landlord to discriminate against anyone on the
    have successfully overcome barriers to accomplish their personal         basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability or family status.
    and academic goals and reside or attend a school in Phoenix. The             Housing providers include landlords, leasing agents, property managers,
    community awards recognize those who have made life better for           realtors, loan providers and other individuals who provide housing or who
    people with disabilities.                                                assist with the many transactions associated with housing, such as renting an
       The program is sponsored by the                                       apartment, applying for a mortgage or buying mortgage insurance.
    Phoenix Mayor's Commission on                                                For more information, contact the city of Phoenix Equal Opportunity
    Disability Issues in cooperation with the                                Department at 602-262-7486/voice or 602-534-1557/TTY.
    city's Equal Opportunity Department.
       Nominations must be received by 5
    p.m. Wednesday, June 30. To obtain a nomination form, call EOD
    at 602-262-7486/voice or 602-534-1557/TTY or visit

              Y OUTH                                      W EST A FRICA                                         S TEELE I NDIAN
         SUMMER                                   CULTURE FEATURED                                              S CHOOL PARK
        BUS PASSES                                  AT LUNCH TALK                                                   OFFERS FREE
         ON SALE                                                                                                     CONCERTS
         M AY 17
        ..........................               E      rika Amoako-Agyei will share the traditions and
                                                        culture of the Ghanaian people of West Africa and

                                                  display her art collection from various African countries
                                                                                                               S    teele Indian School Park at Third Street
                                                                                                                    and Indian School Road is again hosting a
    T    he annual three-month summer
         transit pass for bus riders age 18
    and younger goes on sale May 17.
                                                  at the city of Phoenix Faces of Diversity
                                                  Brown Bag lunch series noon to
                                                  1 p.m. Friday, June 25, at
                                                                                                                Summer Concert Series with monthly
                                                                                                                performances through September.
                                                                                                                   The free concerts will be 8 p.m. at
       The Summer Youth Passport gives the        Phoenix City Council Chambers,
                                                                                                                the park’s outdoor
    holder unlimited access to any local          200 W. Jefferson St.
    route in the Valley Metro system from            The free series is sponsored by the
                                                                                                                   The lineup includes:
    June 1 to Aug. 31 for a discounted price      Phoenix Human Relations Commission                            the Big Pete Pearson
    of $46.                                       and the city's Equal Opportunity                              Blues Band, June 5;
       To find a participating sales outlet or    Department.                                                   Clan/destine, July 10;
    for additional information, visit                For more information, call                                 Barrio Latino, Aug. 7;
    ValleyMetro.org or call 602-253-5000          602-261-8242 or                                               and Alice Tatum, Sept. 11.
    or TTY 602-261-8208.                          602-534-1557/TTY.                                                For more information, call 602-495-0739.

     J OIN       IN SUMMER                                  S QUAW P EAK R ECREATION A REA
               READING                                                              GETS NEW NAME
                                                           T     he city Parks and Recreation Board has changed the name of the Squaw Peak Recreation
                                                                 Area in north central Phoenix to the Phoenix Mountains Park and Recreation Area.
“          xtra! Extra! Read Your
           Way to the Ballpark,” the
    free countywide reading
                                                              The name change was in response to the Arizona Board of Geographic and Historic Names
                                                           changing the name of Squaw Peak to Piestewa Peak.
                                                              The Phoenix Mountains are the range of peaks in north central Phoenix that include Piestewa
    program cosponsored by the                             Peak, North Mountain and Shaw Butte.
    Arizona Diamondbacks and The                              In addition to renaming the recreation area, the board also changed the name of
    Arizona Republic, gets under                           Circumference Trail around the base of Piestewa Peak to Freedom Trail.
    way Monday, June 7.
       Phoenix’s 13 public libraries
    are among 48 libraries throughout Maricopa
    County that are participating in the special
                                                                                  J OB FAIR
    summer program.                                                          VARIETY OF SERVICES
       The program runs through July 31 and is                              ...................................................
    open to all youths from infants to teens. Children
    who are not old enough to read can participate
    by having someone read to them.
       By reading 20 minutes, 50 pages or one book,
                                                          I  f you’re looking for a job, be sure to check out the free Valley Employment Partnership Job
                                                             Fair, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Wednesday, June 2, at Mesa Centennial Hall at Mesa Centennial
                                                          Center, 201 N. Center St. at University Drive.
    participants advance on a colorful game board           About 55 employers will be on hand seeking to fill entry- to professional-level jobs in retail,
    and earn prizes along the way. Reach the finish       health care, finance, hospitality, customer service, law enforcement and city and state
    line and get a chance to win a ticket to a            government.
    Diamondbacks baseball game and other cool               The fair, which is sponsored by Phoenix Workforce Connection, Maricopa Workforce
    prizes.                                               Connections and the Arizona Workforce Connection, in cooperation with the Maricopa Skill
       For more information, call 602-262-4636 or         Center, will offer computer résumé assistance.
    visit phoenixpubliclibrary.org.                         For more information, call 602-262-6776 or visit www.hsd.maricopa.gov/mwc/jobfairs1.htm.

    For more information, alternative format/reasonable accommodations, contact the specific departments. The city of Phoenix TT/TDD is 602-534-5500.
                                                                                                                                   * Paid by the City of Phoenix
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                                                                                                                         It’s got a top prize
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                                                                                                                                           Introducing Silver 7’s, the newest
                                                                                                                                           $5 Scratchers game from the
                                                                                                                                           Arizona Lottery. Play today and
                                                                                                                                           you could win up to $50,000.
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                                        Must be 21 years or older to purchase and redeem tickets. Overall game odds are 1 in 3.43. ScratchersSM prizes subject to prior sales.
                                               In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, these materials may be made available in an alternate format.

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