FY 07 ASW Directorate Milestones and Issues

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					ASW Metrics Symposium
  Tasking Overview

            CAPT Jim Berdeguez
   Director, Oceanography Operations for
          Anti-Submarine Warfare
                 (228) 688-4843
      For More Information

For additional information and details
 about the ASW Metrics Symposium,
 please refer to the following document:

Summary of ASW Directorate Metrics
 Symposium [.doc] [.pdf]
        ASW Metrics Overview

• Must comply with global ASW CONOPS
  – Published by Naval Mine and Anti-Submarine
    Warfare Command (NMAWC) at
  – Study the 10 points bottom to top and
    consider where the METOC community has
    an impact.
• Primary questions
  – How does the METOC community have an
    impact on the ASW fight?
  – How will we measure that impact?
               Types of ASW Metrics
• Performance metrics
   – Consists of measurable/verifiable physical quantities (e.g. How well did
     we forecast 20M temperature vs. observed 20M temperature?)
• Proxy Metrics
   – Verifiable quantity (possibly derived) that is defined by the end-user to
     be closely tied to user performance (e.g., SLD accuracy)
• Impact Metrics – (a.k.a. Campaign Metrics)
   – Verifiable quantity of the end user’s overall warfighting effectiveness
     (e.g., Number of submarines destroyed, or percentage of missions
• Other types of metrics
   – Quality Metrics –
       • Measure of the overall quality of a product or service (e.g.,
         TOA grade). Could be a combination of performance metrics
   – Capacity/Readiness Metrics
       • Number of SME’s available and/or trained watchstanders.
   – Efficiency Metrics –
       • number of SME’s required to publish TOA.
Background: 3-D Metrics Continuum              (With Examples)

                                              Higher Level                             Larger Spatial Scale
                                                                                            (Whole-exercise box)
                                           (Navy-wide SLD accuracy)
                                                                            Larger Spatial and/or
                                                                              Temporal Scale
                                                                             (Exercise forecast location)

                                                                      End State
                                     Metric Symposium                 Metric Focus
                                     Focus Space                      (years)
(Temperature and salinity                                                                               Impacts
                                            Proxy Impacts
                                                                                               (Number of positively identified
                                              (SLD accuracy)                                           submarines)

        Smaller Spatial
        and/or Temporal
         (Point forecast location)
                                             Lower Level
                                           (MOATs SLD accuracy)

              Entire 3-D metric process to be conducted continuously over time
           Focus Committees
• Three separate exploratory committees were
  formed with differing focus areas.
  – MPRA
  – ASW Reachback Cell
  – Naval Oceanography ASW Teams (NOATs)
• Each committee is directed to a complete focus
  committee tasking order by 21 Feb 07.
  – Forward results to LT Parker @
• The executive committee will guide the focus
  committee and direct the project.
            MPRA Committee
• LEAD: Clear Science – Mr. Bruce Ford
   – NOAD Kadena OIC - LCDR (Sel) Danny Garcia
   – NOAD JAX OIC – LT Eric Macdonald
   – CPRG - CDR Sopko
   – NRL - Pat Hogan
   – APL- UW – Mr. Bob Miyamoto
   – FNMOC – LTJG Dave Watson
   – PDD South - Doug Lipscombe
   – SPA - Paul Vodola, Matt McNamara, Luke Piepkorn
   RBC and NOAT Committees
  – LEAD – NOAC RBC LT Heather Hornick
  – NRL - Jay Shriver, Jim Dykes, Josie Fabre
  – NAVO – John Blaha, Frank Bub, Keith Atkinson,   Dennis
  – FNMOC – LTJG Dave Watson
  – Clear Science – Bruce Ford
  – SPA - Paul Vodola, Matt McNamara, Luke Piepkorn

  –   LEAD – NOAC SSC LT Tim Campo
  –   NOAC Yoko - LCDR Joel Feldmeier
  –   Clear Science - Bruce Ford
  –   NRL - Jim Dykes, Josie Fabre
  –   SPA - Paul Vodola, Matt McNamara, Luke Piepkorn
        Executive Committee
• LEAD: Dr. Tom Murphree (NPS)
  – CNMOC Technical Director - Mr. Ed Gough
  – ASW DOO/DDOO - Capt Jim Berdeguez, LT Scott
  – CNMOC N9 – Steve Lingsch
  – NMAWC - CDR Ash Evans
  – N84 – CDR Mike Angove
  – NRL - Pat Hogan, Josie Fabre, Greg Jacobs
  – ONR – CDR Doug Marble
  – SPA – Paul Vodola, Matt McNamara, Luke
  – PDC – Merrill Stevens
  – PMW 180 – Marcus Speckhahn
       Committee Tasking Order
• All committees shall:
   – Document the METOC support process (diagram if necessary) in
     terms of the end-user’s mission timeline
     (planning/execution/debrief). Include:
      • Unclassified examples of the all products issued
      • Annotate how METOC support is incorporated
      • Are TTPs used for METOC support? If so, how?
   – Determine the end-user of METOC products produced by focus
     area (e.g., warfighter or other METOC personnel).
   – Determine what metrics (see previous definitions) should be
     collected (1st guess). Include:
      • Performance metrics
      • Proxy metrics
          – Must be closely correlated with customer performance
          – End user must agree that proxy metric values directly impact their ability to
            complete their mission successfully
          – Examples: Accuracy of SLD, Sea Surface Height, MDR, Buoy Depth
            Setting reccomendations
      • Impact metrics
           Tasking Order (cont)
• Recommended metrics collection techniques
   – Source (METOC products, mission debriefs)
   – Frequency Required (hourly, 12-hourly, weekly)
   – Verifiability (verified with observations,
   – Collection points/methods (within end-user
     mission timeline)
• Map recommended metrics to 3D Metrics
  Continuum (slide 4)
• Identify existing metrics within the end-user’s
  realm that are already being calculated
     ASW Directorate
“Taking Care of Business”


            CAPT Jim Berdeguez
   Director, Oceanography Operations for
          Anti-Submarine Warfare
                 (228) 688-4843

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