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									Law Of Success #2 – The Law of the Mind
by Jean-Francois Gemme | on January 15, 2013

 Law Of Success #2 – The Law of the Mind By Dani
                                               The Law of the Mind is the 2nd of 12 Laws
                                               Of Success laid out by Dani Johnson in her
                                               book First Steps to Wealth…

                                               As Dani often say in this book as well as her
                                               event for the past 20 years:

                                               “98 percent of the of the population is either
                                               dead or broke by age sixty-five. Only 2 percent
                                               do well financially…”

                                               So what’s the difference between the
                                               “98%ters” and the “2%ters”?

                                               There’s only 1 thing that differenciate the 2

                                               And it’s not what most people think… Most
                                               of us may think that it’s:

                                                     Where the person is born…
      Who are there parents…
      What kind of school the went to…
      How many or what kind of degree they have….
      Their race, religion, skin colour or geographical locations…

None of that really matters…

The Law of the Mind
You ready?

It’s their MINDSET…

      The way their Mind think…
      The way they make decisions and take action on them…
      The way they react to their cricumstances…

The way our Mind operate will decide what we’ll have in life!

What our Mind think will happen…

What about this great quote from Dani?

It is never circumstances than determine success in life. It is what you do with the circumstances that determine
success in life…

Most of the time 98&ers are complaining about their circumstances… They almost always talk about what
was on TV the previous night or maybe “gossip” about what somebody else is wearing or whom they’re

98%ers often say things like: “I can’t _______”. Fill the blank…

As oppose to 2%ers who will say: “How can I ________”. Fill the blank…

2%ers are looking for another reason to succeed….

98%ers are looking for another excuse to quit….

Here’s a cute drawing to show many ways you can put your mind to the 2%ers ways of thinking… And don’t
worry if you just discover that you may be a 98%ers… I was one myself for so many years… The beauty is that
you can cross over to the 2%ers in a moment… in an instant! Just make the decision and change your way
of thinking!
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#9 Set your Intention and intend on attending the next Event

#10 Perform your everyday DISCO

#11 Take a look at that other post concerning how to perform your everyday DISCO through your Daily
Method of Operation

#12 Take a look at that other post concerning how to Visualize Your Intentionhref=”/freedomlife/blog/the-
laws-of-success/?id=freedomlife&Blog” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>The Laws Of

To learn more about The Law of the Mind: Click here


Law Of Success #2 – The Law of the Mind

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