Final Project Space Invaders by dffhrtcv3


									Final Project: Space Invaders

      Progress Report
Game Overview

   Similar to “Space Invaders”

   Player control a ship at bottom of screen

   Collection of enemy ships advancing

   Destroy enemy ships before they hit player’s
    ship or bottom of screen.
Implemented Classes
   addSprites
       Used to add sprites to the screen.

   initState
       Used to initialize and give sprites specific properties (Scale,
        Location, Rotation).

   advanceFrame
       Used to continuously call handleInput and handleCollisions

   changeLevel
       Resets gamestate and changes scoring/enemy speed
Implemented Classes, cont.

   handleInput
        Interprets mouse movement and keyboard input.
            Moving ship
            Firing bullets

   handleCollisions
        Detects for collisions between enemy ships and walls
        Player ship and enemy ships
        Enemy ships and all walls
        Enemy ships and bullets
        Player ships and enemy bullets

   initBullet
        Creates a bullet to be fired at location of player ship
Theme Development
   General Path
    used to make
    player ship and
    enemy ships looks
    like space ships.

   An image of space
    will make-up the
    background to
    give a more
    immersive feel.
Level Progression

   Not yet implemented.
   As player progresses through levels
       Enemy ships move faster
       Enemy ships fire more bullets
       Player receives more points per enemy
       No end to levels—game gets harder and

   For each enemy ship destroyed, the
    player will earn the number of points
    equivalent to the level he is on.
       Level 1: 1 point per enemy ship
       Level 4: 4 points per enemy ship
       Level 31: 11 point per enemy ship

   Writing documentation as methods are
    written to accurately and thoroughly
    annotate code.

       Game Demo
Problems Encountered

   Making formation of enemy ships
    move as one.
   When player destroys a ship, score
    continuously increases
   Need to find a good solution for what
    to do with enemy ships and bullets
    when they are destroyed

   Knew making the enemy ships move
    as one would be the first obstacle.

   The score problem was unexpected.

   The ship/bullet problem is something I
    knew I would run into.
State of Problems
   Made ships move as one (while still being
    independent sprites) by assigning each a
    tracker and simply looping through the
    formation to adjust velocities/locations

   Other two are still outstanding problems.
    Believe they are related.
       Bullet stays where it intersects the enemy ship,
        so the collision occurs over and over each time
        handleCollision is called
Progress Evaluation
   Are you on track according to your timeline?
       A few days behind timeline.
   What parts of your project are delayed?
       The implementation of advanced game features.
   Why are they delayed?
       Dealing with destroyed ships/bullets is trickier than expected.
   What parts of your project are on time?
       Basic games features are almost complete.
   What steps are you taking to get back onto your timeline?
       Reassess timeline to have basic game, extra features, and debugging
        completed by end of week.
   Has the scope of your project changed? If so, how and why?
       The scope and goal of the project is exactly as stated in proposal.
   Do you expect to complete your timeline by the due date?
       Yes.
Project Evaluation
   Game Functionality - 200 points
   Most basic game functions entirely correctly - 100 points
       Movement and firing of bullets from player ship.

       Side-to-side movement and advancement of enemy ships as one unit.

       Enemy ships destroyed and score added when bullet intersects ship.

       Correct implementation of levels. Faster enemy ships

       Enemy ships firing back more.

       Enemy ships worth more points.
Project Evaluation, cont.
   Some simple enhancements made - 50 points
       Enemy ships randomly firing back at player ship.
       Ship's color acts as gauge of life: green to red
           So allow player to be hit more than once.

   Several simple enhancements or 1-2 complex
    enhancements made - 50 points
       Enemy ships, other than the formation, flying quickly
        downward for added difficulty. Will fly off bottom of the
        screen if not destroyed, player will not lose for this.

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