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									City of Louisburg-Dealing with the Shock Associated With Moving

Brief Description: It can be quite shocking to move from a small town to a large city and to realize that
the cultures are quite different. Here are a few things you can do to deal with the shock.

Culture shock is something the many people experience when they travel to a new country where
customs and daily living habits are different. Many people think culture shock only occurs when you
travel to a new country, but you can experience the same type of shock when you move from a small
town into a large city or vice versa.

Adjusting to Culture Shock

                                                The habits and daily living routines are very different in a
                                                large city rather than a small town. As many people expect
                                                this move to not be a big deal, the shock they experience
                                                as they realize things are different is even greater.

                                                One of the things that people are not accustomed to when
                                                moving into a large city for the first time is the height of
                                                the buildings. Those moving into the city are not used to
                                                feeling tiny next to the gigantic buildings that soar

These people may feel claustrophobic as the buildings loom over them. Meanwhile, those moving into a
small town for the first time are not used to being able to see the sky or the horizon due to the short

These people may feel insecure or overexposed. The differences between a small and large city are not
limited to landscape feature.

Differences in Social Life

The social life in these two places is quite different as well. People who live in a big city tend to feel like
they are in a hurry all of the time as they rush from appointment to appointment.

As they rush, they do not take the time to notice others and since there is no sky to look at, they look
straight down or straight ahead. It may seem like the only thoughts they have are to get where they are

In a smaller town though, time seems to slow down as people take the time to greet each other on the
way to work. Everyone knows everyone and knows everything about each person.

They are also generally more willing to look other people in the eye and smile more often. When people
who are used to this social closeness move to a large city, they may feel quite lonely and out of place
because very few people smile or say hello.
Meanwhile, those who are used to being disconnected from other people and move into a small town
may feel uncomfortable having others say hello and introduce themselves all of the time. They feel like
their privacy is being violated.

Transportation is another issue that is quite different between the two locations. In a large city, there
will be a big, complicated network of transportation options.

These networks can be quite difficult to understand and navigate if you have never had to do it before.
In addition, walking down a block in a large city is much farther than walking a block in a smaller town.

If you are used to driving everywhere you go, you may find that driving is much slower in a city than in a
small town. Meanwhile, in a small town, a bus stop may not be nicely located nearby.
There may not even be a city bus that can come and pick you up. It can take time to get used to the
different forms of transportation and become familiar what the best way to get across town is.

Experience of Moving from a Large City to a Small Town

These are only a few of the many differences that one can
experience when moving between a large city and a small
town. If you move into a large city from a small town, it
may be a good idea to take some time off from the
business as you transition.

Go visit a park where it will feel more open to the sky and
much slower. This break can help you get back into a
mindset where you feel prepared to deal with living in a
large city again.

Nature can be very soothing to the mind and soul. On the weekend, you can even leave the large city to
immerse yourself in nature or to visit a small town again.

Getting involved in the community, whether it is a large city or a small town, can also help you feel more
at home and at ease. As you interact with others, you will get used to the different living habits and you
will be able to make friends.

The repetitive nature of some activities, such as volunteering at a local school, can be quite comforting
as well. A routine schedule can help you settle down and realize that the changes should not really be
that upsetting, but a grand new adventure.

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