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					Student Life Parent Session
What is Student Development?
 • Residence Life     • Counseling Services

 • Campus Life        • Leadership Development

 • Judicial Affairs   • Student Health Services

 • Career Services
Resident Directors
a. Live in Residential Areas
b. College Graduates
c.   Gender division
d. Interaction & Availability
e. Plan Residential Programming
f.   Provide Accountability
g. Spiritual Leadership
h. Conflict Resolution
Resident Assistants
   a. Upperclassmen
   b. Live in the Residence Areas Halls and
   c.   24/7 Availability
   d. Activities & Programming
   e. Work directly with RDs
   f.   Spiritual Leadership
      Campus Services
•   Cafeteria 7am-7pm (Weekdays)
•   Prince Student Union (586)
•   Campus Bookstore
•   Post Office on campus
•   Student Resources Web page
•   Counseling and Career Center
•   Student Development Office
•   Library
•   Motherboard & Helpdesk
Cougar Card and 586 Road Bucks
                  Why buy a Cougar Card?
                   Campus Events: Discount or Free
                   Savings in Town
                   Proceeds go towards student
                    sponsored campus events

                  What are Road Bucks?
                   Road bucks are credits used at the
                   Road bucks save student’s money
                    at the 586 (example: pay $44 and
                    receive $50 in road bucks)
                   Students can buy Road Bucks
                    during orientation at the Student
                    Accounts Office
Room Checks?
•   Once a week with RA’s
•   Cleanliness
•   Health reasons
•   RDs check once a month
•   Opportunity to connect
Who do I call in case
of an emergency?
• MVNU Safety
  Ext. 4000
My daughter is bringing a
cell phone. Does she need
a telephone for her room?
Does my son need
his own computer?
If so, what kind?
Is my first year
student allowed
to bring a car?
     Contrary to popular belief…
• Professors will not call you when your student skips class or
  doesn’t turn in a homework assignment.
• The library will not be closed all year for asbestos removal.
• Dr. Martin is not the person to contact when daughter is not
  getting along with her roommate.
• Campus Safety does not plot and scheme in order to give
  students parking citations.
• Yes, your son really does need to buy the textbook for class.
  Items students can bring:
• Furniture                        • Alarm Clock with battery back up

• George Forman Grill              • Iron with auto shut off

• Aquatic Pets

• Flashlight

• Entertainment/Decorative Items

• Mini Fridge (2.9 cubic ft max)

• Bicycle
What to leave at home!
• Candles/Incense                • Weapons
• Paintball Guns                 • Tobacco & Alcohol
• Fireworks                      • Illegal drugs
• Microwaves
• Air Conditioners
• Halogen Lamps
• Open Heating Coil Appliances
• Road Signs
What forms of entertainment are
 not appropriate on campus?
                  R-rated movies (or vulgar PG-13)
                  Magazines with sexual content
                  Adult videos/computer games
                  Music with profane/violent lyrics
                  Inappropriate websites
                  Illegally downloaded material
What is the Dress Code?
General Rule:
 Neat, Clean & Modest
 • Respect opposite gender
 • Peer Accountability
          Shorts (class, chapel, offices)
          Skirts
          Tops
 “Parents as Partners”
• New Program
• Webpage:
• Monthly Update
• E-mail questions, concerns, and

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