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How children learn to play the "black servant"?


									How children learn to play the "black servant"?
With the advent of video games, card games are a bit old fashioned. This is not a reason to abandon them because they can spend some time with family or friends in any location, with equipment that fits in your pocket. The "black jack" is an easy game which you can play with young children, who understand very quickly the rules of the game List of supplies * A deck of 52 cards Stages of realization 1. To play black jack, it must be at least 3. It removes the Jack of Clubs of the game Jack of spades that the rest will be black servant. It distributes all the cards between the players. Small having difficulty making a range with their cards, which are many, we can allow them to start laying the cards on the table 2. Each class the cards and try to make pairs: 2 red kings together, September 2 black, 2 black servants, etc.. The figure and the color must be the same to make a pair. 3. When each player has set his pair on the table, the game can begin. 4. The first player shows his cards on the 2nd, which chooses one at random. If he makes a pair, he puts on the table if it does not, he keeps the card. He introduced the game to the next and so on. 5. Whoever has the black jack (the jack of spades) obviously can not achieve even. He then tries to choose the next card that accursed. Children are masters in the art of the feint and when they try to "pass on" the black servant is often the best opportunity to laugh. 6. The winner is the one that has no map, because it made all its pairs. 7. The loser is one who remains at the end with the black servant.

8. An alternative is to choose a black servant at random. Nobody should see this map can be a 2 of diamonds, a king of clubs, etc.. The result is played the same way but there is more suspense because we do not know which card is the black servant.

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