Ceramic Terms by chenboying


									Name:___________________ Define the following terms:
Additive: Bisque: Bone dry:. Extruder: Food-safe: Green ware: Leather-hard: Leather-hard:. Matte (M): Paddled: Pinch Pots: Plasticity: Score: Slab: Slip: Subtractive: Wall thickness: Wedging:

Name:_____________________Find examples of the following and paste the image to the right of the term. Use the scanner or the internet to locate images. Do not cut directly out of the Ceramic Monthly magazines.
Coil method: One of the oldest ways of forming pottery. Long strands of clay which are laid on top of each other and joined through blending coil to coil. Coil pieces can be almost any shape and any size.

Earthenware: A low-fire clay. To be functional, it needs to be glazed.

Hand built: and clay piece that is built by hand without the aid of the wheel.

Incise: The process of carving a design into a green ware surface.

Stoneware: A high-fire clay. Stoneware is waterproof even without glaze; the resulting ware is sturdier than earthenware.

Surface decoration: How the piece is finished in terms of texturing, engraving, indenting, incising, slipping or glazing.

Wheel thrown: A piece of clay that is placed on a potter’s wheel and is shaped by compression white its in motion.

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