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					Deyala State Company for Electric industries Concludes power – stability contract:
Deyala State Company for Electric industries which belongs to the Ministry of Industry and Minerals concluded serial contracts at a total cost of 3 billion and 467 million and 900 thousand I.D. with the public sector within the reconstruction process of Iraq particularly in power supply field. In a statement to MIM – information bureau a spokes man of the company stated that 3 contracts have been concluded with the state directorate for middle power distribution at a value of 2 billion and 819 million I.D. to supply distribution transformers of ( 1000 , 630 , 400 , and 250 KVA ) within one – three months , in addition to conclude a contract with the State directorate of North power distribution at a value of 648 million and 900 thousand I.D. to supply voltage transformers 31,5 MVA this kind of transformers operates at sub – transformation explaining that the Company is currently covering 20% of Iraq's total need for power transformers, while the current production reaches 80% of the available capacity confirming that this will contributes to national power net work stability . The spokesman referred that the company financial allocations of MIM – investment plan, which is 17 billion I.D.The company seeks to invest this amount in upgrading and improving electric transformers production lines in addition to supply the company with new machines . it is to be noted that transformers produced by the company , enjoy high world specifications .

State Company for Vegetable Oils industry finalizes several researches on Packing:
An official spokesman at the industrial research and development board, which belongs to the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, Stressed that the State Company for Vegetable Oils industry – national center for packing and foiling adopted a high technical feasibility research plan in order to expand research and development prospects for packing and foiling industry , its way types and resources . (Plastic, material, paper, glass and other combined materials). In a statement to MIM- information bureau the spokesman added that the said plan included 12 researches, of which 9 researches have been achieved, those researches deal with development and modern technical aspects and what has been reached in modern science as for costs and consumption and their environmental impacts. Adding that those researches included studies on the environmentally an aliased containers, and the impact of packing and foiling on canned food and studying the impact of paper boxes on protesting the packed products then considering the impact of packing and foiling wastes on environment and how to lessen these impacts, further more producing water dissolved bags and studying fire-proof bags and packets a research on packing and foiling ways for electric products. in addition to two researches on developing Dates packing and foiling styles , preparing heat-paints for glass- bottles printing Stating that a group of experts and consultative supervised over those researches , the matter that made these researches more scientifically respected so as to help producing and manufacturing companies to modernist packing and foiling styles in order to compact within imported items and to increase their exports, as well as performing researches and studies on possible benefiting from packing and foiling wastes and circulate these wastes in a friendly environmental process.

Under the Slogan Let 2008 be a building and Construction year Baghdad Reconstruction Fair and Conference's Convened with the Participation of 40 MIM State Companies:
Under the Slogan Let 2008 be a building and Construction year on Friday, February 15, 2008. The activities and works of Baghdad Construction Fair and conference were inaugurated by auspices of Iraqi – American Commerce and Industry Chamber, with the participation of 180 different industrial and commercial and building and construction companies from various world Countries. Mr. Raad Omar, Director of Iraq – American industry commerce Chamber inaugurated the event, with the attendance of Mrs. Mariam ALraise and visor to prime Minister and Mr.Hassan Jumaa Director of Iraqi Fairs , as a representative of Minister of Trade and Mr. Adel Kareem , deputy minister of Industry and Minerals of development and Investment affairs . The Fair witnessed the participation of 40 companies belong to MIM distributed over different sectors (chemical, engineering, foodstuff and drug, constructive and textile) with new varied products, where MIM Pavilions of the Fair witnessed wide attendance of visitors who were impressed with l,as - MIM products As for industrial development and investment

strategy Mr. Adel Kareem deputy Minister of industry and minerals for development and investment , supervisor of participation of MIM , in a statement , confirmed that the required allocations for MIM companies rehabilitation and reoperation are estimated to be 1,4 billion U.S.$ , however the federal budget of 2008 allocated 400 billion I.D. for projects and upgrading of 21 MIM companies .In addition to 425 billion I.D. were added as easy loans to support staff salaries with no interest should be repaid within 10 years. Adding that owing not to have legislations, to facilitate partner ship with private sector. MIM relied on companies law no 20 of 1997 in order to up date partner ship with the provide sector to be the activator of industrial works and economic reform , by forming new enterprises biased on actual partner ship to develop Iraqi industry when the private sector technically and materially takes over the whole management of work, in return to a share of production for 10-15 years to create additional work chances and to posses high skills and to an sent innovation and qualification ant to concentrate on the best products for consumer . Parallel to the Fair, Baghdad Conference B2B was also held with the attendance of elite of govern ment officials and economic decision makers in Iraq and a group of Iraqi. Arab and international company – owners who are interested in work and investment in Iraq. The Conference aims at reflecting the clear economic, commercial and industrial reality of Iraq so as to make this reality more developed and modernized, passed in eternal and external performance on economic free movement and openness on regional and international at mosphere according to mutual and common interest of a country that depend on its great wealth's on and inside, its depths. The conference consisted of several economic aspects in various trades as industry, oil and gas fields, as well as field of transformation to market economy and investment. The display of Iraq's economic relations with different regional and international economic powers, more over with the major global blocks. The conference further included researches and actions papers for various opinions and deals of economic experts and decision makers on the national and inter national dimensions of the building and reconstruction campaign and in ternatirnal financing. The Fair is considered as the senior of its kind which reflects the improved securely situation in Baghdad. The Fair lasts from February 15-17, 2008.

During his accompanying to H.E President of the Republic. Mr. Deputy Minister of industry and Minerals reviews MIM achievements:
H.E. Mr. Tariq AL Hashimi, vice president of the Republic within a programmer of viewing economic activities of provinces, visited the State Company for Phosphates Industry – Ukashat at AL Qaem Distrait. The senior official was received the SCPI- head quarter. H.E.listned to statement by Mayor of Qaem and AL Anbar provincial Council Parliament and Representative of Heads Sheikhs of tribes Mr. vice – president praised Mr. Minister of Industry and Minerals role in putting SCPI among the priorities of attention. Further raised MIM role in possessing the allocations that were endorsed by council of Deputies. On his part and on behalf of Minister of Industry and Minerals. Engineer – Mohammed Abdullah AL Aani, deputy Minister of Industry and Minerals for Company Affairs, reviewed the major achievement accomplished by MIM in several fields, among which the approval of Council of deputies and good man of parliament and government of MIM Buddy which amounted 400 billion I.D. equal to 10 times that of last year in addition to possess 425 billion I.D. as an easy loan to support MIM staff salaries so as to raise up their living standards. Clined to include them within the 11 – step salary regime. Referring to Mr. Fawzi Fran so Harriri, Minister of Industry and Minerals role in obtaining those allocations through his efforts exerted in over coming problems and obstacles vis-à-vis the endorsement of these amount. During his visit – Mr. Deputy Minister reiterated the SCPI importance considering it as the largest Company in AL Anbar province and the sole resource for phosphate fertilizers in IRAQ since SCPI was the first MIM Company to be visited by H.E. Mr. Minister of Industry and Minerals, directly following his assignment as a minister stating that sincere and sustain efforts are being exerted to obtain the Japanese loan amount for SCPI, In this context. AL Anbar provincial tribesheede and sheiks praised Mr. Minister's visit to the company and his support to the province efforts and the company Staff.

In raising its capacities to 200%, Nasir State Company is about to establish a triad complex and Sand watch Panel plant:

Nasir State Company for Mechanical Industries, which belays to the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, realized an increase in the production capacity last years that ire ached 200% in comparison with last years. In a State ments to MIM – information bureau, Mr.Ismat Jamal Aziz, deputy director general of the Company declared the above, during Baghdad Construction Fair and Conference 2008 and Stated further that the improved seavity Situation in some areas in Baghdad, has actively Contributed to realize this rate. In addition to the MIM instructions and support to the Company staff. Adding the company personnel work hardly to implement the company project the most significant of which is a major rade Complex in Sheikh Allah area at Erbil province, upon which the Lebanese Middle East Company supervises. The project implementation rate has reached 50% explaining that the near future will witness a galvanized sand witch panel plant at the same province in cooper's cetin with the private sector that participates with 49% of the total value of the project. Mr. Aziz reiterated that despite states which prevent the Company work march, most import of which is the Completely salary for staff that the company has to pay the matter that directly affects the company budget. So the company is forced to purchase raw materials from local market , those materials are 30% higher in price than those imported items , referring that obsacles negatively affects the company ability to import modern machinery to co incise with developed countries . It is worth mentioning that Nasr State Company is considered as the main supplier for MIM cement companies with iron palls, linings and breakers in an us well as the supply of Ministry of Electricity with galvanized JamalonsBridges and circle and sand witch panels which represent a part of the company products.

Faluja Construction local Committee inaugurates a sewage Station and finalizes 85% of Hospital project:
Faluja Construction local Committee inaugurated the sewage Station P10 at AL Jihad district in Faluja city following the finalization of the work by both AL Ikha and AL Shaheed personnel, which belong to the Ministry of Industry and Minerals. During the inauguration ceremony held on Monday, February 18, 2008, the Head of the local Committee told MIM information bureau that the 3 billion and 150 million I.D. coasted Station will help to drain provide surface drainage service, through draining rain waters that cause over flooding the streets of the city. The inauguration ceremony was attended by Mayor of the city , head of the local Council and are presentation of AL-Anbar province all presents praised this accomplish ment which is considered as an important step toward reconstructing the city infra – structure which was subjected to terrorist actions that hindered reconstruction projects for a period of time . It is to be referred that Faluja city witnessed recently an improved security situation and the solidarity of civilian in habitants to get the city out of crisis. This matter and bled the city to control over security at Train Station which is considered as an important cite since it was occupied by multi indicate forces as a military base . In a related on text the local Committee resumes the implementation of a number of construction projects among the prominent of which is building and equipping the NewFalujaHospital whose capacity is 200 beds. On this subject a spokes man of the Committee said that the rate of inexertion is now 85% the matter that makes the hospital, on inauguration a modern center to offer medical and treatment services for the city in habitants.

For the first time in Baghdad under the slogan Let 2008 be a Construction year .The Ministry of Industry and Minerals participates in Iraqi Reconstruction Fair:
The Ministry of Industry and Minerals Participates with nearly 40 State Company distributed over various industrial sectors, in an Iraqi reconstruction fair supposed to be held in ALRasheed hotel from 15 – 17 February 2008. This was declared by Mr. Adel Kareem, deputy Minister for development and Investment affairs, supervisor of MIM participation in the above Fair. In a statement to MIM information bureau Mr. Deputy Ministry Said that this event 3 haws a typical transition in Baghdad economy which is considered as the vital resource of Iraq's economy since this fair will witness the participation of 220 competent companies in all business sectors including oil and gas, building and reconstruction, transport, agriculture, communication Banks, laid and supply and other participations of Iraqi ministries and public mixed and private sector companies , in support of Iraqi economy and to develop the reality of this economy . Describing the fair as the first economic event of its kind to be held in Baghdad

since it is resume ply Convened since 2003. As for MIM participation in the Fair, Mr. Deputy minister confirmed the MIM products will be en habited as well as it will be an opportunity for meeting specialized companies and businessmen to acquaint them with Iraqi industries , so as to discuss and exchange points of view points to define cooperation fields as paired to construct and develop those vital sectors and further to overcome all set backs and problems resulted from the by past period circumstances ,, adding the MIM which holds the responsibility of 62 state company consisting of 240 factories , and supervises over 16 mixed sector companies has spent a long time to bald a work strategy that aims at economic reform and investment policy support to up hold this sector .. Among the most prominent it is to rehabilitate those factories and companies which operate with lower designing capacities, through partnership in management and production, as a first step for attracting global enterprises to invest in Iraq. Reviewing a number of rehabilitation benefits, especially, partnership and rationing expenditure through location land and cite and equipment and an power in addition to full support of the Iraqi government to since the government owns those factories and benefits of rehabilitation in increasing production for the advantage of both side.

Within the Federal Budget of 2008. Ministry of Industry and Minerals gets financial allocations of 825 billion I.D.:
Mr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Aani, deputy minister of industry and minerals for company affairs, announced that H.E.Mr.Minister Fawzi Harriri efforts have resulted in allocating 425 billion I.D. as no-interest loan for the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, with view of supporting staff salaries provided that the loan should be repaid within 10 years. In an expanded press conference held in MIM head quarter on Thursday 14, February 2008. Mr. AL Aani said that the loan constitutes a quality jump in MIM policies, since it confirms H.E. prime minister calling 2008 a construction and building loud get. Reiterating that there is still an added allocation of 400 billion I.D. That was allocated for MIM within 2008 budget for rehabilitating and developing and implementing MIM projects. Mr. Aani added that these allocations will make MIM staff greatly convinced , who have suffer from operation and suppression during the last years that have been reflected in their performance in escalating productivity . Mr. Aani called further to complete the necessary legal environment to revive the national industry through issuing laws like consumer and product protection laws and combating market over flooding local markets and Banking and cash laws .

Industrial designs and consultations company redlizes sewege net work at Kerbala province.
The State Company for industrial designs and consultation which belongs to the Ministry of Industry and Minerals implemented the works of a sewege network at Kerbala province for the benefit of public works and municipalities directorate Ministry. A spokesman at SCIDC reported the above to MIM – information bureau and stated that the project implementation consists of laying pipes for both rain waters and sewage network for AL Hurr – AL Amil and Yarmouk districts at Kerbala province with a total cost of 23,5 billion I.D. adding that 22.000 metres of pipes (U.B.V.C.) of varied diameters have been laid down in addition to digging and arraying with subase then rolling out soil and reformation of roads , the work also includes digging out wells to obserb ground water and engineering test .The spokesman indicated that It is expend to accomplish the whole project during the second half of 2008 . Referring that the contract comes with the worts which the company undertake to rehabilitate several projects and factories for the benefit to both public and private sectors. The spokesman explained that the company is seeking to develop it capabilities through possessing the most modern programming for designs and engineering test devices and equipment as well as to boost cooperation with global enterprises in designing implementing, training, and modernizing the possibility of field implementation. It is to be mentioned that ( SCIDC is a specialized engineering company in performing fundamental and detailed design for chemical and petrochemical projects as well as the engineering test and accomplish ment for industry , oil, electricity, water and private sectors.

State company for petrochemical industries will replaces the Ethylene Factory heat Exchanger:

The ministry of industry and minerals agreed on attendant supply the state company for petrochemical industries . which belong to MIM . With a heat exchanger instead of the damaged one . this cones within MIM research and development plan . In a statement to MIM information bureau , it spokesman at the chemical and petrochemical industries sector , state that it is hopeful the SCPI will receive the exchanger from LENDA German Enterprise for the benefit of Ethylene factory . Clarifying that the exchanger value amounted 274000 US$ this can be viewed as an important step on the way of upgrading the end supplying the company with modern equipment in order to region its available capacity in producing chemical materials . such as Ethylene , sedum carbonates , clore and high and by concentration polyethylene it is worth maintaining that SCPL endeavors to regain . its production production parts in investing grants allocated by MIM . where un amount of 45 billion I.D was allocated to SCPL with in MIM investment plan . It is to be said that the company seeks to function the nigh-qualified and specialized man power so as to overcome the problems and obstades it passes through it present circum stances . while the company has ready maintenance workshops to include and comprehensive all modern equipment and machines .

Within the Federal Budget of 2008. Ministry of Industry and Minerals gets financial allocations of 825 billion I.D.:
Mr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Aani, deputy minister of industry and minerals for company affairs, announced that H.E.Mr.Minister Fawzi Harriri efforts have resulted in allocating 425 billion I.D. as no-interest loan for the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, with view of supporting staff salaries provided that the loan should be repaid within 10 years. In an expanded press conference held in MIM head quarter on Thursday 14, February 2008. Mr. AL Aani said that the loan constitutes a quality jump in MIM policies, since it confirms H.E. prime minister calling 2008 a construction and building loud get. Reiterating that there is still an added allocation of 400 billion I.D. That was allocated for MIM within 2008 budget for rehabilitating and developing and implementing MIM projects. Mr. Aani added that these allocations will make MIM staff greatly convinced , who have suffer from operation and suppression during the last years that have been reflected in their performance in escalating productivity . Mr. Aani called further to complete the necessary legal environment to revive the national industry through issuing laws like consumer and product protection laws and combating market over flooding local markets and Banking and cash laws .

AL-Anbar reconstruction Committee eminences the distribution of the last payment of compensations for families of Faluja:
An official spokesman of AL-Anbar recons traction Committee declares the distributes of the forth payment of compensation for Faluja jahabitants who suffered the impacts of military operations on 2004. In a statement of MIM – information bureau the spokesman added that the committee finalized the distribution measures of the forth and last payment following three payment, initiated by the Committee and distributed them pursuance to the damage rate. Adding that distribution has been conducted according to reports presented by the specialized Committees to assess the damages damage and completed the compensations for house and furniture damages due to 2004 military operations. Furthermore miscellaneous compensations of pay ments which haven to deliver have been also performed. Explaining that there is another procedure by the Committee and the local council and the provincial Council to request the allocations for compensating those losses that inflicted public interests like industrial machines and equipment. The spokesman refered that distribution has been conducted in cooperation with the local council and Faluja court which provided official decampments and authorizations so as to overcome legal problems and obstades these with the municipality and estate department of Faluja . The spokesman further, reminded that the committee is currently implementing huge projects in Faluja – like Faluja hospital project with the capacity of 200 beds & 2 bridge cross roads to facilitate traffic jams in the city , a rain water pump station ( P10 ) at Jihad and AL Jugaheifi operation project.

H.E. Mr.Fawzi Harriri Ministry of Industry and Minerals meets with German Ambassador to Baghdad:
On Thursday, February 14. 2008 H.E. Mr. Fawzi Harriri, Minister of Industry and Minerals, met H.E. Ambassador of Germany to Baghdad. The proposed topic for the Iraq – German Joint Commission for economic, scientific and technical cooperation, for the coming 5th session hoped to be convened on June 30.2008 were discussed with view of developing cooperation links between the two countries in all fields. The Iraqi side of the commission is headed by Minister of Industry and Minerals. The previous session of the Commission was held twenty years ago and as a resulted following up and meeting of both side officials – the presents session will be held due to the German response through letter of the federal German Economics and Technology Minister who presides over the German side of the Commission . It is to be mentioned that this cooperation is owing to the mutual desire and historical relations that link both countries and the participation of German enterprises in rehabilitation and investment.

State Company for Batteries Industry resumes production and marketing after the operation of both Babylon 1 and 2 plants and leed Foundry:
The State Company for Batteries Industry, one of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals State Companies resumed production and marketing after the operation of both Babylon 1 and 2 factories and the leed Foundry. A responsible spokesman of the Company told MIM – information bureau that since January 2008 Liquid batteries at standard measuments have been in tally produced after the provision of raw materials of the leed foundry by extracting pure leed from the gold used collected batteries from governmental offices within an economic project that largely maintains, environment against pollution caused by used batteries. The spokesman explained that rehabilitation and operation activities were financed from the company allocation out of the investment plan 2008 – 2009 of the Ministry in this allocation 9.5 billion I.D... Referring to an ambitions plan through which the company will resume a categorically rehabilitation process that includes all production lines to escalate production to 80% of the designed capacity where specialised global enterprises were invited to participate in the rehabilitation and development works. The spokesman reiterated that the Iraqi Liquid pattery has proved qualified in accordance to also at locate market and rather cooperative with imported items. It is worth mentioning that the manufacturing liquid battery is considered of great significance in having clean environment in addition to the economic saving out of this industry since most of the world countries issued legislation to prevent the manufacturing of any battery out of the specialised batteries circulation.

To hasten Buddy of Finalization and Reconstruction priests... Ministry of Industry and Minerals Considers delays in issuing letters of Credit:
Mr. Yaaqoob Shonia the Economic advisor of the Ministry & Industry and Mineral, instructed the commercial managers of MIM State Companies to stress on fallowing- up the profiles of opening letters of credit in order to minimize duration of budget and reconstruction projects finalization then to speed up public services performance and to activate the economic process. This was stated during a meeting, headed Mr. Shonia and attended by officials of the Trade Bank of Iraq (T.B.I) and also the commercial managers of MIM affiliated companies. Problems suffered by those companies, resulting from routine procedures of letters of Credit with the Central Bank of Iraq, which may take there two or three months, were discussed. A number of those commercial managers have pointed out the negative traces resulted from opening letters of credit such as delays in project realization contracts. Mr. Advisor referred to the economic jump during the past three years respectively in contracts and financial credits at the Central Bank of Iraq. When those credits increased at 147% through the 2007 investment plan, at a value of 8 trillion I.D. compared with 3 trillion I.D. of 2006 investment plan. Reiterating that the investment plan of 2008 (15.8) trillion I.D., namely double of the previous one. Mr.Shonia explained further that the major funds of the new plan may lead to increase the procealures over the TBI. Proposing that the Ministry & Finance shall be acknowledged with the reasons behind delay in the letters of credit profiles

realization, and declaring MIM readiness to discuss the matter through holding a symposium that will be attended by experts of the Central Bank of Iraq. On their side a number of commercial managers of MIM companies, presented same problem that lead to delays in opening letters of Credit for projects, they emphasized that there are countries complicated letters of credits procedures towards their banks. Calling forward to choose those countries whose bank procedure are rather easy and simple. A commercial manager requested TBI to inform his company immediately about any delay in opening a latter of credit so as to resort to other option, and to avoid any delay in that company projects realization. While one of the attainders proposed to adopt un official record in which daters of recicval, hand-over and transition of profiles of letters of credit, shall be registered taking into account the less of some profiles and the denial of the official concerned of receiving a profile that has been lost later on . It is to be noted that a sense of meetings have been convened , attended by H.E. Minister of Electricity the legal advisor to the Council of Ministers, representatives of Ministries of Planning and developmental cooperation , Finance and oil , head of the management – board of TBI , representative of the Central Bank of Iraq. Through which , a group of proposals have been reached among the most prominent of which , was dealing with high value letters of credit by the accountance – Ministry of Finance . It was proposed that this department shall establish an information office consisting of those contract experts to undertake reviewing those contracts when meeting ministry representatives or latter of credit applicants. In order to check all data and information required by the Ministry of Finance. It was also agreed with TBI to open small value letters of credit 2 million and below at private banks that have corresponding offices or branches and that could be trusted moreover , the small mounts letter of credit , to save time, shall be transferred to the Central Bank of Iraq directed in stead of the Ministry of Finance.

Ministry of Industry and Minerals finalizes 56 developmental researches during 2007:
The State Commission for industrial research and development, one of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals State Organizations, achieved 56 developmental researches during the second half of last year 2007, at more than 75% of those researches realized during 2006. An official spokesman of MIM told the information bureau that these researches were distributed as 25 researches for the advantage of engineering industries sector and 15 for textile industries 13 for food stuff and drug industries, while 2 researches were finalized for constructive industries and one research for either of chemical industries and industrial organizing companies. The spokesman further confirmed that the above men timed researches were been Self- finance and efforts from MIM companies budget, and that the Ministry has laid down a research plan for 2008 as to exelerate SOEs developmental researches In a related context, 10MIM- affiliated companies from different industrial sectors, submitted 41 to pies for Students of Higher studies in various fields with view of developing SOEs work and for the possible benefiting from University skills and expertise's in those fields . The State Commission has also adopted the research Plan for research centers, which has included 69 researches, with the allocation of 1 billion and 729 million I.D. at 50% Performance rates. The spokesman added that the Commission research centers have been rehabilitated through purchasing devices and equipments for the activation of research work of these centers. Explaining that national centre for packing and covering building has been completed finalized. While work has been initiated to complete the drug centers (Ibn Sina, vaternal drugs and Ibn AL Betar) at AL Jadirya site. It is worth mentioning that the Commission Under takes the assessment of researches through specialized committees from different MIM industrial Sectors so as to conduct excellent researches.

Minister of Industry and Minerals meets Ambassador of Italy to Baghdad:
H.E. Mr. Fawzi Harriri Minister of Industry and Minerals, met on Tuesday, February 5/2/2008 with H.E. Ambassador of Italy to Baghdad. During the meeting, industrial affairs and friendly relations between the two countries were negotiated. H.E. Mr. Minister of industry and Minerals reviewed MIM- rehabilitation and, modernization of factories and companies. Expressing the intention and desire that the enterprises may participate in MIM projects, as well as that Italian businessmen will visit Iraq to hold negotiations on cooperation fields. So as to benefit the friendly countries. On his part H.E. Mr. Ambassador of Italy expressed the

Italian side represented by the Italian Industries Union desire to invite H.E. Mr. Minister to lead an Iraq technical delegation to visit Italy and contract the Dairy specialized Italian enterprises as well as other industrial companies. Mr. Minister responded positively the invitation to be defined and realized later on.

AL-Fida`a Company supplies Ministry of Communications with 50 cables – carrier vehicles:
AL-Fida`a State Company, one of the ministries Industry and Minerals State Companies supplied the ministry of Communications with 50 cable carrier vehicles at 7, 5 ton capacity each a cording to a 500 million I.D worth contract a spokesman of the Company told MIM – information bureau that the company also supplied the State directorate for Middle Euphrates power. Distribution with cable carrier vehicles of 7. 10 ton capacities in accordance to 89 million and 500 thousand I.D. worth contract. The spokesman further explained that the company finalized the supply of state directorate of Kerkh power distribution with 6 fixed caravans at total value 91 million and 665 thousand I.D. as well as the supply of ALSader municipality with 2 caravans. Indicating to the supply of AL Qaem cement plant which belongs to the state Company for Iraqi cement with Hydraulic slender of 500 ton capacity. AL Fida`a State Companies considered as a competent company in Hydraulic, industries in addition to the traditional product of break – pads for several models of automotives.

State Company for Geological Survey and Mining in agarates provincial bureaus to develop mineral industries:
The State Company for Geological Survey and Mining which belongs to the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, inaugurated branch offices in provinces (Nineveh, Najaf, Samawa, Wasit and Anbar ) in order to support enhance and provide geological advices to those provinces to enable them to understand better their mineral resource s and further develop mineral industries . In a statement to MIM – information bureau, an official spokesman reported that these bureaus will coordinate give advice and strange then relation with the local administrations and authorities concerned at these provinces in such a manner to contribute to develop our national wealth's and integrate the geological information to enable them to accomplish their local programmes. The spokesman further confirmed that those bureaus will develop and moderns the investment of mineral raw materials supervise, and monitor mineral investment activities at their provinces. Through out 2007 these bureaus has concluded and implemented contract with provinces to increase gibes and bricks mud and other raw materials for cement industry and other important materials for reconstruction. It is mentioning that mineral excavation and exploration processes in Iraq for half a century of work have resulted in digging out several of raw material all over Iraq provinces.

At a 10 ton per hour capacity State Companies Diary products concludes a contract to install a new production line in Abu-Greib:
The State Company for Dairy products, which belong to the ministry of Industry and Minerals, concluded a contract with the Lebanese AL Balagh group to implement a building for a production line of pestered milk in vireos kinds (fruited, ordinary, and baby milk). The production line shall be installed in n Abu-Greib with a production capacity of 10 tons/hour. An official spokesman of MIM announced the above and stated that the contract is a part of 3 million and 400 thousand U.S.$ rant allocated for the company in order to rehabilitate the company and develop its production lines stressing that the operation of this line may contribute to meet a major part of the local need for these fundamental food stuff, in addition to employ the company man-power , then to provide wide work opportune for Abi Gureib in habitants like milk produces and marketers . The spokesman added that AL Balag Group with which the contract was concluded, will undertake the production line building realization over an area of 2, 5 hiktar, then will install the originally existing production line with a quality control laboratory and a where house for the company Referring that the work performance will be realized within a duration of no more than 10 month and prominent security improvement that could be seen in several neigh boar hoods of the capital Baghdad in cluing Abi Gureib area where the State Company for Dairy products head quarter is situated.

Vironmental Study to improve anti-pollution in Sammara Drugs Factory:
Mr. Mohammed Abdullah AlAani, deputy Minister of industry and minerals for Company affairs, stated that a new mechanism has been reached to treat the wastes from Sammara drugs factory, through utilizing major drying basins to Trans from these wastes into a useful material that may benefit agricultural purposes. In a statement to the information bureau of MIM Mr. Deputy Minister confirmed that an integrated study has been prepared by professors from both Tikrit and Kirkuk universities. Within the cooperation framework between MIM and the Iraqi universities that have reached to possible treatment of dried wastes suited from various treatment phases of the drainage waters through utilizing major drying basins as well as the possible utilization of dried wastes as fertilizers for agricultural purposes. The study has concluded that heavy Clements of dried wastes are largely tower than supreme standards permissible to be used in wastes turned into fertilizers. It is to mentioned that Sammara Drugs Factory, which is specialized in prodding drugs and pharmaceutical appliances, usually throws out an average of 600 cubic metres of wasted waters daily, these waters contain organic and chemical at materials as well as oils. The factory has its own wate sub. Station and a specialized highly pan fed water compacting unit. These waters could be used in chemical combinations and in cleaning and washing containers bottles and other preparing bowels, mixers and in erecters. Most of primary and secondary treatment process often result produces raw wastes. In a related context, Basrah University College of Engineering addressed letter for his hobble efforts in supporting Iraqi expertise's so as to resume their endeavors in building, construction and serving the public masses where an engineering team from Basrah University succeeded in repairing and maintaining the balancing machine which was controlled over in 2001 using Electronic Computer that has increased several times the machine capacity for the advantage of the State Company for Southern fertilizer in Khur AL-Zubeir . In addition the said team succeeded further in solving problems on electronic apparatus and programming systems of the above mentioned machine. Confirming the Ministry interest in all affiliated state companinies and working commissions including AL-Anbar reconstruction committee...Mr. Deputy Minister, head of the reconstruction committee reiterated that all reconstruction committee have authorized specialized parties as a third side for quality control among those parties , the state companies of MIM and consultative offices of universities such as AL-Anbar university consultative office … and the university of Technology consultative office.

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