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					CEN/ISSS                                                                  eInv3(2003)20
                                                                               6 February 2003
eInvoicing Focus Group                                                             Page 1 of 1
Brussels, 20 February 2003

Source:                  Secretariat

Title:                   Draft Agenda of the third meeting
                         20 February - 10:00 to 17:00

Agenda item:             2

Document for:
                             Decision        X
The meeting will take place in the CEN premises:
Room Erasmus - third floor
36 rue de Stassart, 1050 Brussels

Item                                          Title                               Doc. No.
1              Opening of meeting:
               Roll call of delegates, apologies for absence, administration

2              Approval of the agenda                                           2003-20

3.1            Approval of the Minutes                                          2002-17
3.2            Action List
4              Election of a Vice-Chair
5              Contribution for report: EC directive on invoicing-cross         2003-21
               border electronic trading
               Dave Watt, HM Customs & Excise, UK
6              Contribution for report: Soren Lenartson paper and               2002-16
               Comments from UK                                                 2003-19
7              Contribution for report: Heli Salmi, Electronic Invoicing,       2003-23
               security and VAT legislation in Finland
8              Contribution to the report: Storage/archiving of invoices        To be tabled
               Mounir El-Khoury, editor
9              Presentation of Price Waterhouse Cooper
               Survey of e-Invoicing
               Marc Joostens, Price Waterhouse Cooper
10             Draft V 0.5 of the e-Invoicing report                            2003-22
               Mounir El-Khoury, editor
11             Contributions to the report: See list ‘Key Points’ in report     2003-22
               Section 3.
12             Preparation of the Open Meeting to present the report

13             Date of next meetings
14             Any other business

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