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									Avant Garde Ideals CEO nominated for Top Entrepreneur of 2012 in London

Avant Garde Ideals, the largest outsourced provider of event sales, continues to boost its
company standing by being nominated at the 2013 Sales Award Ceremony in Central

The 2013 Sales Award Ceremony is the direct sales premier business programme in
London. Avant Garde Ideals was selected by more than 12 executives worldwide
who participated in the judging process this year. The awards are being presented to
winners at the Royal Festival Hall in Central London with over 35,000 planned
attendees on 12 January 2013. Paul Weston, CEO of Avant Garde Ideals says, "the
best thing about these occasions is not the recognition but the chance to recognise
the stars of the future, it keeps me on my toes!"

In 2013, Avant Garde Ideals continues to outperform against the economic backdrop
with strong growth figures. Avant Garde Ideals rapidly cemented themselves as the
leading event sales and marketing company in Hampshire recording impressive
figures of over 1200 new acquisitions per month since opening it's doors in June
2012. CEO of Avant Garde Ideals, Paul Weston stated: "I am immensely proud of
what we have achieved in a short amount of time but am not surprised", CEO of
Avant Garde Ideals, Paul Weston says, "the ethos of the company to focus on quality
over quantity from the training of its consultants through to the execution of it's
marketing strategies meant the only possible outcome from our efforts were to grow
to a position of being the leading company in Hampshire."

Avant Garde Ideals is a leading event marketing company in Hampshire and intends
to make a mark at the annual awards ceremony and use it as catalyst for it
expansion plans across the U.K. in 2013.

Specializing in outsourced event sales and marketing in Southampton, Avant Garde
Ideals, challenges the status quo, by continuing to push boundaries in the event
marketing industry by applying ultramodern techniques and bringing in results as
their clients have come to expect.

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