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					Shoguns Japanese Steakhouse & Grill, Find Cajuns Wharf, Gps
Addresses For Cantrell Blvd, Little Rock, AR
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Their server "O", very graciously seated them. The evening is beautiful, they have the front and back
doors open. Lilly really likes the fresh air. They have had such a hot summer, tonight is so beautiful,
and Shogun's had to outer doors propped open, that is double nice.
Going to a Japanese Steak House and Grill is a different dinning experience. Shogun's is set up
where you are seated at a table that will comfortably seat 10 People. Strangers get to share the
experience of having a chef, prep the grill, and prepare rice, veggies and whatever meat(s) you may
decide on. This is a show of performance cooking!
Lilly is lucky! She learned the ropes of Japanese Grill, from her daughter, who is a restaurant, food,
service expert. They have shared tables with people who did not get the full benefit of fun and
intercourse with the chef and other diners. Tips to make your experience the Best...
• Prepare to Tip the Chef - About $5.00 per party. $3.00 minimum for a single person.
• Talk to the Chef, pay attention to what he subtly asks you. Suggest, don't demand (he/she has
  sharp knives)
• The Chef will entertain and put on a show if you are enthusiastic. Have fun, enjoy! Clap, yell, Hollar,
  Wootie woo!
• Keep hair and flammables back from the grill while Chef is cooking, he/she will give you much Fire,
  if you are lucky!
• If you drink sake, it cannot be alone. It is traditional to have many taking shots together.
• Order water if that is what it takes to Tip well.
• Tip your Server a minimum of 15% unless you are given bad service. Then make it 10, just don't go
  back, or let the manager know.
• In any service industry, even a person from the trailer park can be treated like royalty by tipping well.
  You will be rewarded by better seating, better food, and have a better experience in each
  proceeding visit.
• There are those who fuss about the restaurant they frequent often, and Lilly knows they don't tip or
  tip poorly. In the US, servers get under $3.00 per hour, they really work hard for each penny.
Being enthusiastic with Chris our Chef at Shoguns earned me a big show on the grill! We had so
much fun. The chef takes a half onion, and uses the thick rings to build a Volcano shaped stack of
onion rings. He squirts something and another in/on/around the volcano, and lights it up! It smokes,
like a volcano about to erup t.

Lilly is easily entertained. As the chef began his fancy grill work, she was clapping like a Seal at Sea
World. The Chef, did some other juju over the Onion Volcano and there was so much force and
steam coming from it, Lilly was surprised it didn't shoot apart.
Then, when she thought it was over, he removed the top half of the volcano, then...Yee Haw, put a
whole bunch of brown liquid, and did something else, causing the volcano to burble and boil like lava
does! As an earth scientist, this was an ultimate dinning thrill. Thanks Chris!
• Volcano 1 -Smoke
• Volcano 2 -Steam & Pressure
• Volcano 3 -Bubbling, Troubling Brew!
Lilly is getting excited again thinking of it! Fun, fun, fun!

Just to let you know, Lilly's meal came to $19.95 + $5.00 tip for the Chef + $6.00 tip for the server.
This was the Chicken Teriyaki w/Fried Rice and a couple of Sapporo Beers.
Our server was excited, when Lilly informed him she was trying Japanese beer for the first time, he
told them that is where he is from! His home place is Sapporo!
Lilly ate left overs from the take home box, all night and into the next morning! It was good fresh, and
day old too! :0)
This may seem to be coming from out of the blue, but for those who are not familiar with the "South"
of North America, our language and communications can be difficult, because the "southernisms" are
borne of heat, humidity, poverty, eternal optimism, and plain grit.
The food at Shogun's is such good quality, the service and the atmosphere are so exciting. Lilly looks
forward to going each time. It is an expensive trip, so to save she will not eat out for 2 weeks, and
save the $5.00 to $10.00 spent eating out through the week. It is worth it.
Lilly was not introduced to the Japanese Hibachi Grill until she was fifty years old. Hopefully, this will
encourage people to take their kids to experience this oriental style of cooking and service at an
earlier age. It was just such a mystery to her, Lilly didn't take a chance on trying it.
Three of us who went to Shogun's, they only go there when they have enough to buy dinner and tip
well. Lilly talks about tipping a lot. Lilly has heard the arguments and rantings about tipping or not
tipping, she thinks, yada yada.
Lilly does not eat out often, because she cooks at home. Lilly is an excellent cook (Lilly does Grill it,
then write about it), and she likes being confident of her source of food, and how the food is prepared.
When she goes out, Lilly tips well. There have been rare occasions when she and her fellow diners,
together have tipped 100%. Lilly is by no means wealthy, but she and many family members have
worked in the service industry, and know what this means to service employees such as servers,
cooks and bus people..
There are individuals and businesses that go above and beyond when it comes to quality and service.
They deserve the respect of a good tip. (Leaving a religious pamphlet for a tip, probably embarrasses
God, please stop, it is not winning any converts either...).
There have been times when holiday's have left Lilly with the choice of making a last minute feast or
going to one of our favorite places. Usually Cracker Barrel. Cracker Barrel offers a comfortable
atmosphere, a fire going in a large fireplace, excellent food and service. The old fashioned store
brings a homey feeling.
If your server is working on a traditional family holiday, they would probably rather be with
their family, or they really need the money. Sometimes it is the new server who works these
times, give them a break.
One of our worst waitresses ever had our table one Christmas Day. She didn't realize our family of 6
was prepared to tip her up to $100.00 for a $70.00 meal. She was terrible, but got us fed and out of
there. At 10%, she would've gotten $7.00. She was happy with the $25.00 tip...if she only realized.
We would've been happy to tip the $100.00.
Tip Your Server - Tip Your Bartender - Tip Your Chef - Tip who sells you winning tickets
Tip those who go out of their way to assist and do things for you, you could have done for yourself,
but now you don't have to.
Even if you get the worst service. Tip a dollar. Not for them, but for you. It is not an excuse for bad
service, but you really never know what that person's day, week, or month has been like. Here in the
U.S. We are bad about not thinking of our International visitors and Residents, and how they are
feeling about their homeland being flooded, shaken by Earthquakes, or drowned by Tsunami's.
That dollar isn't for them, it is for you to give a seed of love and hope to someone. "Not Tipping" to
show disfavor, really is not an effective way to communicate.

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