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									• Allow adequate air circulation around large    Further information
  pieces of furniture
• Remember that portable gas and paraffin        Mid Sussex District Council
  heaters give off a lot of water                Housing Standards Team
• Put lids on saucepans
                                                 Telephone: 01444 477292
Getting rid of mould                             Fax: 01444 477366

First treat any mould you may already have
in your home. If you then deal with the basic
                                                 E-mail: housingstandards@midsussex.gov.uk

                                                 Or see the Housing Standards section on the
                                                                                                          Keep your home
problem of condensation, mould should not
                                                 councils website, www.midsussex.gov.uk
                                                                                                          free from damp
A solution of water and vinegar will remove
light mould staining on hard surfaces (such as
                                                 “Diagnosing the Causes of Dampness”, a more
                                                 comprehensive guide to the causes, diagnosis             and mould
painted surfaces). To kill and remove mould,     and remedies of dampness can be purchased
wipe down walls and window frames with a         from BRE, Garston, Watford, WD2 7JR or see
fungicidal wash. Follow the manufacturers        their website which is www.bre.co.uk
instructions precisely. Dry clean mildewed
clothes and shampoo carpets. Disturbing mould    * you may be entitled to a government (Warm              Housing Standards Leaflet No. 3
by brushing or vacuum cleaning may increase      Front) grant for help with insulation and / or
the risk of respiratory problems.                heating improvements. For more information
                                                 telephone 0800 3166011, visit the Warm Front
After treatment, redecorate using a good         website (www.warmfront.co.uk) or see the
quality fungicidal paint to help prevent mould   energy efficiency pages on the councils
recurring.                                       website
But note that this paint is not effective if
overlaid with ordinary paints or wallpapers.

The only lasting way of avoiding severe mould         Need help accessing this service?
growth is to eliminate dampness.                    Precisa de assistência para aceder a este serviço?
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Dampness is a major problem in many houses           and floors, often because a damp proof course      they can be seen clearly on non-absorbent,
and flats. Damp housing encourages the               (DPC) or damp proof membrane (DPM) is not          glossy surfaces such as the glass in windows
growth of mould and house dust mites and can         working or (in the case of many old buildings)     and on tiling.
increase the risk of respiratory illness. It can     because the property was built without such
cause mould on walls and furniture and make          damp proofing.                                     If condensation is not dealt with it can rot the
timber window frames, floors and skirting                                                               wood of any doors and window frames and also
boards rotten. It can damage wall plaster and        If you have damp check for the following           damage furnishings and decorations.
may also give rise to dry rot.                       problems:
                                                                                                        Mould will grow as a result of condensation and
Dampness in buildings can be divided into            • Rubbish or soil piled up against the house       will be clearly seen on walls, furnishings and
three main areas or causes: rising damp,               wall above the level of any DPC                  even clothing. Severe mould growth increases
penetrating damp and condensation. They              • Missing or slipped roof slates or tiles          the risk of causing or exacerbating asthma and
often look the same and many people cannot           • Damaged flat roof coverings                      other respiratory illnesses due to the inhalation
distinguish one from the other. But they are         • Damage or cracking to brickwork or external      of spores.
not the same thing.                                    rendering
                                                     • Rotten or leaking window cills                   How can I reduce condensation?
Is your home damp?                                   • Broken or blocked guttering or rainwater
                                                       downpipes                                        Condensation gets much worse in cold weather.
The first thing to do is to establish the cause of   • Blocked or missing air bricks                    It can be reduced as much as possible by
the damp.                                            • Crumbling brickwork or rendering to              following a few simple tips:
Repair Problems (penetrating damp)                                                                      • Do not block air vents in walls or floors and
                                                     What is condensation?                                use extractor fans (if fitted) in kitchens and
Is there a leak in the roof or gutters, rainwater                                                         bathrooms
pipes or even the main water supply pipe?            There is always some moisture in the air, even     • Keep the kitchen window open when cooking
Defects of this sort should be relatively            if you cannot see it. If the air gets colder, it     but keep the door closed (to stop the moist
straight forward to fix once they have been          cannot hold all the moisture and tiny drops of       air getting into other rooms)
tracked down, though the dampness may then           water appear. This is condensation. You notice     • Close the bathroom door when running or
take some time to dry out.                           it when you see your breath on a cold day, or        using the bath
                                                     when the mirror mists over when you have a         • After bathing or showering open the window
Maintenance is extremely important to keep           bath or shower.                                      to let the steam out.
buildings in good order. It is far better to                                                            • Heat the whole house rather than just one
sort things out before they become a serious         Household activities such as cooking, bathing,       or two rooms
problem, so regular checking and planned             washing and drying of clothes and also normal      • Make sure you vent tumble dryers to the
repairs are the best approach.                       breathing, are major sources of moisture             outside of the house
                                                     generation. Other causes of moisture can be        • If you are blocking a fire place, fit an air
Rising Damp                                          from flueless paraffin or bottle gas heaters as      vent to the chimney flue
                                                     well as unvented tumble dryers.                    • Check that the roof space is properly vented
Dampness in ground floor rooms can also be                                                                and insulated *
caused by rising dampness, which means that          On soft or absorbent surfaces you cannot see       • Consider installing cavity wall insulation*
water from the ground is getting into the walls      the water droplets as they are absorbed, but       • Insulate and draughtproof your home and
                                                                                                          keep it warm*

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