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					                           Website Sponsorship Agreement

Agreement made on the (date), between (Name of Website) of (street address, city,
county, state, zip code), referred to herein as Website Owner, and (Name of Sponsor),
a corporation organized and existing under the laws of the state of (name of state), with
its principal office located at (street address, city, county, state, zip code), referred to
herein as (Sponsor).

I.     Definitions
       A.     Banner. Banner means an electronic graphic file, whether supplied by
       Sponsor or a third party or designed by Website Owner for Sponsor under
       Section IV, which will appear on (name of website).

       B.    Banner Designation. Banner Designation means the Uniform Resource
       Locator (URL) linked to Sponsor's Banner that may be accessed through
       Sponsor's Banner by an Internet user.

       C.     Design Materials. Design Materials means any and all materials or
       instructions forwarded to Website Owner by Sponsor for use in designing
       Sponsor's Banner under Section IV.

       D.     Net Contract Price. Net Contract Price means the total charges owed by
       Sponsor to Website Owner under this Agreement, exclusive of any applicable
       taxes, as indicated in Exhibit A attached to this Agreement.

       E.    Sponsorship Materials. Sponsorship Materials means the Banner,
       Design Materials, Banner Designation and any Sponsorship Article provided
       under Section VI of this Agreement.

       F.     (Name of Website). (Name of Website) means Website Owner's site on
       the Internet's World Wide Web located at the URL (Uniform Resource Locator of

II.    Sponsor’s Obligations
       A.      Designation of Contract. Upon execution of this Agreement, Sponsor will
       designate, on the final page of this Agreement, a person within its organization
       responsible for all interactions with Website Owner regarding the subject matter
       of this Agreement (Contact).

       B.     Delivery of Sponsorship Materials. Within seven days after the effective
       date of this Agreement, Sponsor will deliver to Website Owner:
             1.      A Banner conforming to the specification requirements in Section
             V, or if Sponsor has elected to have Website Owner design a Banner
             under the terms of Section IV of this Agreement, the Design Materials for
             use in designing Sponsor's Banner; and

             2.     The URL of the Banner Destination or, if Sponsor has elected to
             provide a Sponsorship Article under the terms of Section VI of this
             Agreement, the text of the Sponsorship Article in electronic form (ASCII or
             any manually agreeable word processing format).

      C.      Rights in Sponsorship Materials. Sponsor is responsible for obtaining
      all licenses and permissions required to provide, distribute, use, display or
      access the Sponsorship Materials in all manners and methods contemplated by
      this Agreement. This obligation extends, but is not limited, to any Banner
      designed by Website Owner for Sponsor under this Agreement.

III.    Website Owner’s Obligations. Website Owner will place one Banner belonging
to Sponsor into rotation on (name of website). Except as otherwise provided in Exhibit
A, positioning of Sponsor's Banner on (name of website) is at the sole discretion of
Website Owner. Sponsor's Banner will rotate on (name of website) while this Agreement
is in force.

IV.   Design
      A.     Banner Design Services. At Sponsor's option and for the additional
      charge indicated in Exhibit A. Website Owner will provide (number) hours of
      computer graphical design service for design or modification of one Banner.
      Additional design time may be purchased from Website Owner at an additional

      B.     Sponsor's Obligations. Upon completion of Sponsor's Banner, or any
      modifications to it, Website Owner will provide the Banner, or a graphical
      reproduction of it, to Sponsor for review. If Website Owner does not receive
      specific instructions for modifications to the Banner from Sponsor within 72 hours
      after providing the Banner to Sponsor, Website Owner will place Sponsor's
      Banner on (name of website).

      C.    Work for Hire. The parties agree that that any Banner designed by
      Website Owner for Sponsor shall be considered a work made for hire as defined
      by 17 U.S.C.A. § 101(2).

V.    Banner Specifications. Sponsor's Banner will conform to the following

       A.     Banner File Format: gif or jpg;

       B.     Banner File Size: Maximum of (number) bytes; and

       C.    Banner Dimensions: (number) pixels high by (number) pixels wide.
       Website Owner reserves the right to refuse, substitute or cancel any Banner or
       Banner Destination at any time and for any reason whatsoever, without limitation
       and regardless of whether it conforms to the specifications in this Section V.

VI.    Sponsorship Article. Sponsor may provide to Website Owner relevant textual
material to serve as the Banner Destination at a URL designated by Website Owner
(Sponsorship Article). Any Sponsorship Article submitted may, at Website Owner's sole
discretion, appear in various Website Owner services. Website Owner reserves the right
to refuse, modify, substitute, cancel and delete any Sponsorship Article at any time and
for any reason whatsoever, without limitation.

VII. Reports. Website Owner may provide Sponsor with reports indicating the
number of times.

       A.     The banner was requested by (name of website)'s server and

       B.    A (name of website) user accessed Sponsor's Banner Destination.
       Website Owner makes no guarantee as to the accuracy of, nor shall Website
       Owner be liable to Sponsor for any claims relating to or deriving from, the
       information contained in such reports.

VIII. Charges and Payment. Sponsor agrees to pay Website Owner the Net Contract
Price specified in Exhibit A. All charges under this Agreement are payable to Website
Owner within (number) days of the billing date and are exclusive of sales, use, ad
valorem, personal property and other applicable taxes, which are the responsibility of
Sponsor. Website Owner may apply a surcharge to international Sponsors and
Sponsors requiring non-English language applications. If full payment is not made within
the above-specified time, Sponsor subsequently may be charged up to the maximum
legal interest on any unpaid balance. Website Owner may modify Charges upon notice
to Sponsor (number) days prior to the annual renewal date, including the first renewal
date. All charges are payable in United States dollars and are nonrefundable.

       A.    Net Contract Price Less Than $_______. If the Net Contract Price is less
       than $__________, Website Owner will bill Sponsor for all charges payable
      under this Agreement promptly after this Agreement is approved by Website

      B.      Net Contract Price $__________ or Greater. If the Net Contract Price is
      $____________ or greater, Sponsor will pay to Website Owner ____% of the Net
      Contract Price upon approval of this Agreement by Website Owner. Sponsor will
      be billed for the remainder of the Net Contract Price, and for any additional
      charges, (number) days after such approval.

      C.      Annual Charges. Sponsor will be billed upon expiration of the Initial Term
      (as defined in Section
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Description: This form is an agreement between a website owner and a sponsor whereby the owner will place a banner of the sponsor on the website for a fee.
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