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					                                   Celebrating over 125 years of Reform Judaism!

                                The monthly bulletin for Temple Emanu-El                   February 2012
                                                                                          (Sh’vat/Adar 5772)

                              (205) 933-8037           Birmingham, Alabama

Our mission: Temple Emanu-El is a welcoming Reform Jewish congregation, engaging members in prayer,
 study, fellowship and acts of loving kindness to our congregational family and the community-at-large.
   Remember Temple’s Endowment Fund in your estate plans, and please let us know when you do.
2                                                                                                                 Our Services
Friday, 2/3                        Friday, 2/10                         Friday, 2/17                         Friday, 2/24
5:40p.m.                           5:30p.m.                             5:40p.m.                             5:40p.m.
Shabbat Service                    Got Shabbat?                         Shabbat Service                      New Member Shabbat Service
featuring instrumental trio        5:40p.m.                             February Anniversary Blessing
with Greg Odrezin on cello         Shabbat Service
performing sermon-in-song          Special Guest,
February Birthday Blessing         Dr. Susanna Kokkonen          To sign up for babysitting for ANy Temple service or
                                                                program, please visit

Saturday, 2/4                      Saturday, 2/11                       Saturday, 2/18                       Saturday, 2/25
10:30a.m.                          10:30a.m.                            10:30a.m.                            10:30a.m.
Shabbat Service                    Shabbat Service                      Shabbat Service                      Shabbat Service
                                   Bat Mitzvah of Sara Scherer          Bar Mitzvah of Adam Weil
                                   (Babysitting provided for children   (Babysitting provided for children
                                   ages 18 months to 5 years)           ages 18 months to 5 years)
       Torah Portion:                       Torah Portion:                       Torah Portion:                    Torah Portion:
       B’shalach/Shirah                           Yitro                              T’rumah                      Mishpatim/Sh’kalim
      Exodus: 15:1-17:16                  Exodus: 18:24-19:8                     Exodus 25:1-12                   Exodus: 21:1-24:18

                     All services are webcast at:
                Temple Emanu-El & Temple Beth-El Join for a

    “Debbie Friedman Tribute Concert”
                                  Featuring Kol B’Seder
              (Rabbi Dan Freelander and Cantor Jeff Klepper)
            Saturday, February 25, 7:00p.m. at Temple Beth-El
                      followed by a light reception
       Kol B’Seder, a Jewish music duo comprised of Cantor Jeff Klepper and
      Rabbi Dan Freelander present a Debbie Friedman Tribute Concert jointly
                  sponsored by Temples Beth-El and Emanu-El.
       Debbie, Jeff and Dan were close friends and sang together countless times. Kol B’Seder’s tribute to
      Debbie highlights her most beloved songs along with the duo’s greatest hits, traditional songs, stories
     and reminiscences. Kol B’Seder will help bring our community together to recreate the joyful spirit that
                             was at the core of Debbie Friedman’s inspiring music.
                       Special thanks to the following for helping make this special evening possible:
 Joan & Milton Jacobson Cultural Arts Fund, Ruth & J.D. Rosenberger Music Fund and Barry & Jay Ziff Cultural
Arts Funds, all of the Rabbi Grafman Endowment Fund for Temple Emanu-El. And at Beth-El, Temple Beth-El and
             the Reva and Joe Engel Young Adult Engagement Fund of the Temple Beth-El Foundation.

                                                     USPS Identification Statement
 Publication title            OurTemple                                 Organization                 Temple Emanu-El
 Issue Date                   February 2012                             Name/Address                 2100 Highland Avenue
                                                                                                     Birmingham, AL 35205-4002
 Statement of                 Published monthly, except for
 Frequency                    a combined June/July issue                Issue Number                 37

           Most artwork in OurTemple by Amy Begun Saab. Bulletin design & layout by Eric Rzeszut.
Our Clergy                                                                                                       3
                      A Note from Cantor Roskin: Interfaith Weddings
I have learned as the years have                               their approach on intermarriage. I have changed
passed that in life, without change,                           and grown, and plan to follow in my colleagues’
we don’t grow. Our thoughts and                                footsteps. I will utilize their guidelines in my
beliefs are altered over time and                              practice. I now feel I am providing a way to better
through experience. Through our                                serve my congregation. I want to be a warm
learning and living, while we once                             and welcoming presence for a couple who are
thought of things a certain way, we                            beginning their new lives together. I want to help
learn that there are other facets to                           couples create a Jewish home together, to guide
discover and accept into our lives.                            them in raising Jewish children, and therefore
And often we are the better for it.                            help to strengthen the Jewish community. I
I have been a cantor for 18 years,                             am excited about this change, and wanted to
serving Temple Emanu-El for                                    share it with you, my
12½. Over those years, I did not perform weddings         congregation. I look forward
between a Jewish person and a non-Jewish person.          to sharing simchas with you
My rabbinical colleagues did, and I always admired        in the years to come.

                           We welcome our newest members!!
              Jodi Israel                                 Sam Sainker & daughter Sarah
              I joined Temple Emanu-El because I          I knew just a little about the
              wanted a connection with the Reform         Temple, as my Grandmother, who
              Jewish community after moving               lives in Orlando, is good friends
              here from Utah. I had reached out           with Cantor Roskin’s friend. Small
              to the Temple before I arrived and          world!
              was astounded at the outpouring of
                                                          We visited Rabbi Haas when we
              interest and welcome that I received
                                                          moved to Birmingham just for a ‘lil
from everyone who received my email.
                                                          tour. She was very helpful and the
I arrived in Birmingham on a Friday night. Being          facilities were beautiful. She was warm and welcoming
single, I arrived on my own, went to my temporary         while introducing us to several people around the
housing and began unpacking my suitcases but I was        Temple including Rabbi Miller and Cantor Roskin.
excited because I was having dinner with a Mindy
Hedges who had gone out of her way to ensure that I       Rabbi Haas invited us to go bowling and we met some
would feel welcome in Birmingham on my first night.       of the other members at that time. I let Sarah, who
She didn’t even know me but she wanted to make sure       is 9 years old, decide if she wanted to visit the Sunday
that I knew that she and the community wanted me          School. Allison helped out tremendously with all
there. I could not have asked for a better welcome.       the transitions. Sarah was a little apprehensive, so I
                                                          stayed with her a couple of Sundays, which made her
Rabbi Haas’s Rosh Chodesh events have also been
                                                          feel more secure. She absolutely loves it! Ms. Tammy
amazing. Some of that is intrinsic to what they are
                                                          and her TA’s have done a wonderful job. Sarah really
– women, of all ages, getting to know other women,
                                                          enjoys the art and music. We so enjoyed Simchat
but it is also intrinsic to the community that is
                                                          Torah as the scrolls were opened from end to end.
Temple Emanu-El. There is no better welcome to a
community than to be invited to share in the stories      I feel like the best part is that the Temple provides an
that built that community and to believe that my          environment that will teach Sarah about her Jewish
presence is not only wanted but needed even in such a     identity and let her teach others in school about
vibrant congregation.                                     growing up Jewish.
For a sense of belonging in a new city: Temple Emanu-El   For children and their Jewish identity: Temple Emanu-El
4                                                                           Our Youth & Education

                                                            B’nai Mitzvah
                                                                                 Sara Scherer
                                                                                 February 11
                                                                                 Sara Scherer is a student at Oak
                                                                                 Mountain Middle School. She is
                                                                                 the daughter of Lauren & Richard
                                                                                 Scherer. Her grandparents are
                                                                                 Glenda & David Scherer of
                                                                                 Charlotte, North Carolina and Gina
                                                            & Richard Nuchow of Delray Beach, Florida. Celebrating
                                                            with Sara is her brother, Josh.

      Youth & Ed Calendar                                   Adam Weil
    Wednesday, February 1                                   February 18
    Hebrew School, 3:30p.m.                                 Adam is the son of Allison and Ben
    TEENs & Confirmation, 5:45p.m.                          Weil. His grandparents are Pat Weil
    Sunday, February 5                                      and the late Leonard Weil, and
    Religious School, 9:30a.m.                              Eva & Barry Berman from
                                                            Huntsville. Celebrating with Adam
    JYG Skating Party at Skates 280, 2:00p.m.               is his brother, Aaron.
    Wednesday, February 8
    Hebrew School, 3:30p.m.
    TEENs & Confirmation, 5:45p.m.
    Sunday,February 12
    Religious School, 9:30a.m.
    6th Grade B’nei Mitzvah Parent Mtg, 10:00am
    Wednesday, February 15
    Hebrew School, 3:30p.m.
    TEENs & Confirmation, 5:45p.m.
    2012 Scholarship Application due date
    Sunday, February 19
    Religious School, 9:30a.m.
    6th Grade Delivery of Plant Pots to Senior
    Center, 9:30a.m. Carpool Lane (Parents, please
    email Ms. Allison, to drive.)
    Wednesday, February 22
    Hebrew School, 3:30p.m.
    TEENs & Confirmation, 5:45p.m.
    Sunday, February 26
    Religious School, 9:30a.m.
    6th Grade in Abroms Kitchen to Prep
    Passover Goodies, 10:00a.m.
    5th Grade Parent/Child Workshop, 10:00a.m.
    Wednesday, February 29
    Hebrew School, 3:30p.m.
    TEENs & Confirmation, 5:45p.m.
Our Youth & Education                                                                                   5
                           Right: Rabbi
                              Miller and
                             Rabbi Laila
                            Haas joined
                           Temple Tots
                               for some
                          Chanukah fun!!

                                                      Baby & Me
                                      free of charge, Thursdays, 9:15-10:00a.m.
                                            Room 134, Temple Tots floor
                                              February 2, 9, 16, and 23;
                                            March 1, 8, 15, 29; and April 5
                                      Join us Thursdays at Temple Emanu-El for an
                                      exciting morning of sharing, laughing, playing and learning!
Above: Shabbat lunch challah               Contact Us: 205-933-5907; or
blessing leaders at Temple Tots.              Temple Tots: “A nurturing Jewish preschool experience.”
 6                                                                                      Around Our Temple

           THanK You FRoM ouR BRoTHERHooD!
                                  Thank You, Thank You,         Y       Standard Furniture (UA & AU bean bags)
                                  Thank You!!! What a           Y       Steve Dubrinsky & Max’s Deli (blintzes)
                                  wonderful time everyone       Y       Temple Beth-El Mens Club (gift cards)
                                  had December 18th. The        Y       Temple Emanu-El (prayer books and cookbooks)
                                  lunch was great and the       Y       Temple Emanu-El Sisterhood
raffle was so much fun. A lot of people made it happen.                 (membership & gift from the Gift Shop)
Here is a list of people who made it a success.                 Y       Western Super Market (gift certificate)
Here is a list of helpers with the lunch & raffle: David        I don’t want to forget our Temple staff and volunteers
Aarons, Jack Aland, David Alevy, Jeremy Applebaum,              headed up by the greatest, Marianne Porterfield. She ties
Charles Bloom, Joe Erdberg, Mark Friedman, Bill                 it all together. Thanks to everyone who came and sent in
Goldman, Mike Honan, Sherman Horowitz, Barry                    raffles. See you next year.               --David Reese
Koretsky, Justin Ladden, Steven Leaf, David Michel,
Aaron Nelson, Eli Pinhas, Jack Schniper, and                      Brotherhood Plans Golf Tournament
Jon Solomon.                                                    Sunday, april 22, at Highlands Golf Course
“Sisterhood Bakers,” the sweets were the sweetest:
Janet Aarons, Barbara Aland, Susan Biedinger, Jann                                    Brotherhood is looking for at
Blitz, Lynne Cohen, Nancy Denney, Dian Diamond,                                       least 20 sponsors, $250 per hole
Chu Chi Fierman, Carol Gross, Susan Koretzky, Kim                                     per sponsor, $150 Closest to Pin
Leaf, Gayle Leitman, Denise Lewis, Hollye Liberman,                                   Sponsor and $150 Longest Drive
Lee Lichter, Julie Marcus, Ann Mollengarden, Loretta                                  Contest Sponsor. Sponsors will
Newfield, Lynn Rathmell, Kim Roth, Amy Saag, Becky                                    get recognition on their hole and
Seitel, Liz Slive, Margaret Stern, Roxanne Travelute,                                 there is 1 free entry into the golf
Janice Weinstein, and Barbara Zaslofsky                                               tournament per sponsor. This
The list of gifts and services were bigger and better than                            is a great opportunity for your
ever. Please remember to use the people who gave to help        business, and the sponsorship cost is well worth it!
the Lunch and raffle be a success.                              The fee per golf participant is $100. If you have any
Y       Cantor Roskin (dinner for 6)                            questions or interest please call Justin Ladden at (205)
Y       Cathy Moore & Temple Tots (coupon Book)                 478-9088 or email him at
Y       Charles Bloom & the SEC (signed footballs)
Y       Charlie Collat & Carlile’s Barbeque
        (BBQ sandwiches)                                            Each month, Temple Emanu-El chooses a
Y       Garth Potts (one of his prints)                             specific cause for our Tzedakah Box. our
Y       Jeffrey & Gail Bayer (gift certificate to The Summit)
Y       Joe Preston & B&B Printing (printed raffle tickets)                     February cause is
Y       Judy Luks & d’Luks Services (food tray)                        CoLLaT JEWISH FaMILY SERVICES
Y       Lee Rogoff & Rogers Trading Company (duffle)
Y       Levy’s Fine Jewelry (gift certificate)                   Collat Jewish Family Services strives to fulfill the
Y       Lori Jacobson & The Invitation Place                     unmet social, emotional, educational and financial
        (gift certificate)                                       needs of the Jewish community
Y       Mark Friedman & City Paper Company                       while being responsive to the
        (paper goods)                                            needs of the general community.
Y       Nancy Goedecke & Mayer Lighting (mirror)
                                                                 Please contribute to CJFS by
Y       Norman Berk & Marshall Rathmell & BCR
                                                                 depositing money or checks
        Wealth Strategies (3 TV’s)
Y       Piggly Wiggly (gift certificates )                       In the Tzedakah box. Checks
Y       Rick Roth (toys)                                         should be made out to the TEE
Y       Scott Garber (toys)                                      Tikkun Olam. For more info,
Y       Stacey Eddy & Cahaba Confections (cupcakes)              please go to
Around Our Temple                                                                                                                                                                           7

“2nd Annual Women’s Seder”                                      u-
                                                                          Siste hood                                Multi-Generational
                                                                                                                     Pottery Painting

   Sunday, April 1st, 5:00 – 7:30p.m.

You won’t want to miss this exciting                                                                             Sunday, February 5th at 3:30p.m.
evening where we join together with

                                                                                                             Bring your daughter (or son!)…come with

our Sisters from both inside and outside
                                                                                                             your mother, sister, friend or by yourself…

the Jewish Community to celebrate the

                                                            T                                                but be sure to come…it will be a relaxing,

                                                                og                                a
important role women hold within our                                 et
                                                                          her            a   ke
                                                                                we can m                     fun afternoon!
Jewish tradition.
                                                                                                 We’ll meet at:
                             Our own Cantor Jessica
                                                                                              Do-It-Yourself Crafts
                             Roskin & Rabbi Laila
                                                                                              1909 Oxmoor Road in
                             Haas will lead this special
                             Seder. We will read from a
                             Haggadah created especially                            You’ll pick your own beautiful
                             for women, highlighting                                item ( Judaica items are available
                             women’s role in the Exodus                             along with other selections) and
                             story.                                                 decorate to your heart’s content
                                                                                    while noshing on delicious Sisterhood treats.
                         Dinner and traditional
                                                                                    (prices vary by item selected…$5 and up)
Passover foods will be provided. Feel free to bring a
friend…ladies over 13 only please!                                                  Space is limited, so RSVP by Feb 1st to Lisa Bebenek
                                                                                    ( or 969-2646.
Visit our website for more information: (www., click: Committees/Auxiliary Groups)                                                    Together We Can Create a Masterpiece!!!
                 Mark your calendars now!!                                                              “Oy Vey”…February 5th!!
                                                                                                                    The Sisterhood & Brotherhood
                                                                                                                    of Temple Emanu-El continue
                                          are you having a                                                          to sponsor a “gathering place” for
       P                                                                                                            you… with free coffee & bagels,
                                          Simcha this year?


                               Don’t forget to register with us for your wedding or Bar/Bat
                               Mitzvah gifts!! We have a wide variety of beautiful Jewish                           Please join us at our “Oy Vey Café”
                                ritual items, including gorgeous silver kiddush cups. Our                           on February 5th at 9:30a.m. for
                                           inventory changes often, so come visit                                   goodies and good conversation.
     Temple                                         and see what’s new!!
                                                                                                                    At 11:00a.m., Jon Solomon
    Traditions                                                                                                      (sportswriter for The Birmingham
                                Temple Traditions is a gift shop run by the Sisterhood of
    Gift Shop                      Temple Emanu-El. Our hours of operation are:                                     News) will engage us in an
     Visit our website at                     Tuesday: 10:00a.m. - 2:00p.m.                                             interesting discussion of current
      and click under                     Thursday: 10:00a.m. - 2:00p.m.                                            (sports) events.
   ‘Support Our Temple/
                                           Friday: 10:00a.m. - 2:00p.m.
           Gift Shop’
                                           Sunday: 9:30a.m. - 12:00p.m.                                              Stay tuned for details on upcoming
                                                                                                                     programs!! The next “Oy Vey” will
    Other times, by appointment -- please call Loretta Newfield at 933-8037 to                                             be on Sunday, March 4.
    be sure someone is ready to assist you! Thanks for helping make the Temple                                                                            l     Siste
                                                                                                                                                                        r ho o d
 Traditions Gift Shop a success. Your continued support helps us do many wonderful

                   things for our religious school and congregation.



                                                                                                                                                      og                                a
                                                                                                                                                                her            a   ke
                                                                                                                                                                      we can m
 8                                                                                Around Our Temple
     Hospitality network
Temple Emanu-El was proud to
provide one of the last rotations
for the BHN guests in 2011.
BHN guests stayed with us from
December 18-24.
Heartfelt thanks go out to
Barry Altmark, Julie Altmark,
Erin Arnold, Michael Belenky,
Linda Cohn, Michelle Conn,
Helene Elkus, Carolyn Froshin,
Ann Goldstein, Richard
Goldstein, Marilyn Haver, Don
Haver, Carol Herman, Denise
Lewis, Julie Marcus, Linda
McMullen, Kelly McMullen-
Shaddix, Marianne Porterfield,
Kim Roth, Neil Roth, Robert
Russell, Harlan Sands, Howard
Wiener, Linda Wiener. Their
help was invaluable and deeply
Our next rotation will
be in April, so be on the
look out for opportunities
to help with this worthy
cause. Contact Amy
Trammell at 994-0771
with questions.

Caring Committee
Special thanks to our
generous donors to the
Caring Committee. The
Committee provides
cards, gifts, visits, etc to
those members that are
homebound. In addition,
to condolences, new
births, and those in need
for visits. If you would like
to do a mitzvah and help
or donate, just call the
Temple at 933-8037.

Reaching out from our
heart to yours!
                                    Visit our website for details on upcoming services, programs, and events:
Vicki Lugar,
Caring Committee Chair
 Our Members                                                                                                                         9
                                              Mazel Tov to our Members!!
Emily Cutler was nominated for a 2012 Pushcart Prize, which          On Thursday, January 5, Zoe Belle Levine was born to parents
is given for writing in small press. Also she was selected as a      Emily & Bob Levine. Celebrating her arrival are sister, Violet;
finalist in creative writing by YoungArts, the pool from which       grandparents, Ronne & Donald Hess and great-grandmothers,
Presidential Scholars in the Arts are selected. Proud parents are    Jimmie Hess & the late Willene Mitnick of Birmingham
Susan & Jeff Cutler.                                                 and Jasper, respectively; and from Marblehead, Massachusetts,
                                                                     grandparents Mary & Mitch Levine and great-grandparents,
Haley Hurowitz, a senior from The Altamont School in
                                                                     Helen & David Levine.
Birmingham who has been named one of two winners of the
2011 Siemens Awards for Advanced Placement, given nationally         Barry Altmark who was ordained as a rabbi on January 14.
to the top 100 nationwide achievers from each state in AP science
                                                                     AZA members who were elected to the Board for the upcoming
and mathematics courses. Each winner from Altamont gets a
                                                                     term: President (Godol) - Josh Lapidus, Vice President (S’gan) -
$2,000 college scholarship. Also, mazel tov to Haley for being
                                                                     Seth Perlman, AIT Dads (Moreh) - Jared Bloomston and Max
accepted to three great colleges: MIT, the University of Chicago,
                                                                     Black, Treasurer (Gizbor) - Jack Segal, Secretary Corresponding
and Cal Tech. Proud parents are Hope & Eli Hurowitz.
                                                                     (Mazkir) - Michael Harp, Secretary Recording (Mazkir) -
Stephanie & David Lorberbaum on the birth of their daughter          Nathan Siegel and Judaic and Community Service/Social Action
Caroline Iris Lorberbaum, born on Sunday, December 11.               Leader (Schliach) - Austin Gandler.
Grandparents are Michele & Marc Sussman of Birmingham,
Henri & Deb Lorberbaum of Dalton, Georgia and great-                                 Honorable Menschens
grandfather is Leonard Lorberbaum.
                                                                     Thank you to all of our congregants who volunteered so
Daniel Seigel & Jennifer Faulkner on their recent engagement.        generously in December for duties such as preparing our
Daniel’s parents are Jane & Lester Seigel and Jennifer’s parents     bulletin for mailing, answering doors and phones, filing, greeting
are Stan Faulkner and Diane Faulkner.                                on Friday evenings, reading to our Temple Tots, providing
Sharon & Daniel Green of Tuscaloosa on the birth of their            “handyman” repair services, and other projects. You make our
daughter Hannah Michelle Green on Sunday, December 25.               Temple a friendlier and more efficient place!
Proud grandparents are Susan & Allen Fetter of Birmingham            Joan Becker, Christine Brandt, Barbara Capper, Carlotta Dorn,
and Brenda Green of Dallas.                                          Alex Epstein, Chu-Chi Fierman, Shari Friedman, Richard
Kevin & Meredith (Salloway) Kacavich of Boston on the birth          Goldstein, Marilyn Haver, Ilene Johnson, Fred Kanter, Leah
of their daughter, Violet Madison Kacavich on Wednesday,             Leaf, Herc Levine, Joyce & Joe Lichtenstein, Bob Marcus, Joselle
January 4. Proud grandparents are Karen & Ronnie Salloway of         Morewitz, Loretta Newfield, Leigh Anne Nomberg, David Reese,
Sylacauga, Alabama and Kathy & Bill of Natick, Massachusetts.        Kim Roth, Ina Russakoff, Irvin Siegal, and Debbie Wiatrak.
Will Lichtenstein who made the All-State Middle School               If you would like to volunteer for to help around the Temple
Mixed Choir. Proud parents are Angela & Lee Lichtenstein and         Emanu-El office or in some other capacity, we would welcome
grandparents are Joyce & Joe Lichtenstein.                           you! Please contact Bob Gross at 933-8037, ext. 238.

 Condolences to…
 Family of Claudia Levinson of Los Angeles, who passed away on Friday, December 9. She is survived by her sister, Henrietta Music;
 her daughter, Julie Levinson-Gabis (Bud); her grandson, Daniel Gabis; and her son, David Levinson (Toni) of San Diego. Our
 sincere condolences to the entire family.
 Family of Lieutenant Mark Eisenberg of Birmingham. He is survived by his cousin, Susan (Barry) Koretzky, and many relatives
 around the country. Mark, 65 years old, was the only child of the late Posey and Gerson Eisenberg, long time members of Temple
 Emanu-El. Our sincere condolences to his entire family.
 The family of Rosalie Perling Podoll Kaltman of Louisville, Kentucky, who passed away on Thursday, December 15. She is survived
 by her sister, Evelyn Allen, of Birmingham; her son, Dr. Ronald Elliott Podoll (Paula), of both Louisville, Kentucky and Estero,
 Florida, her daughter Janice Podoll Frankle (Alan), of Rockville, Maryland; and many other relatives across the country. Our sincere
 condolences to the entire family.
 Family of Ann Poor of Marblehead, Massachusetts who passed away on Thursday, December 29. She is survived locally by her
 granddaughter, Caroline Sirkin (Neil) and her great-granddaughters, Jennifer, Jessica, and Allie Sirkin. Our sincere condolences to
 the entire family.
 The family of Robert Wright, long-standing member of Temple Emanu-El’s professional choir. We mourn his passing and our loss
 of his beautiful voice.
 Family of Sheldon Feinman of Dallas, who passed away on Friday, January 6. He is survived by his wife, Sybelle; his sons, Keith
 Feinman of Birmingham, Mark (Marcella) Feinman, and Eric (Loreen) Feinman, both of Dallas; and his grandchildren, Eva, Noah,
 Hunter and Jonathan Feinman. Our sincere condolences to his entire family.
 10                                                                                                             Our Yahrzeits
                                                      February Yahrzeits
                        May the beauty of their lives shine forever, and may we always bring honor to their memory.
February 3 - 4                    February 10 - 11                     February 11 - 18                    February 24 - 25
Leroy Aarons                      Maxine Barker                        Sandra Apolinsky                    Floyd Athey
Max Allon                         Lillian Berchuck                     Louis Berry                         Ira Bass
Patricia Bailey                   Lillian Blach                        Regina Bluttman                     Herbert Biernstein
Eva Becker                        William Bleiweiss                    Max Copeland                        Frances Birnbaum
Daniel Betten                     Morris Blumenthal, Sr.               Leila Crown                         Lena Bittner
Genady Bronshteyn                 Kaceil Cherner                       Richard Diamond                     Jacob Cohn
Abraham Cohen                     Harry Cohen                          Gladys Evans                        Minnie Cooper
Mina Coleman                      Marks Cooper                         David Feidelson                     Dorothy Dolinksy
Gerson Eisenberg                  Cora Dorn                            Stella Fetter                       Ike Engel
Florence Elsas                    Dottie Epstein                       Elbert Froim                        Michael Engel
Louis Elsas                       Alice Ettelson                       Ruth Gold                           Joan Fantl
Stanley Erdreich, Sr.             James Fargason                       Albert Goldsmith                    Lee Forst
Samuel Estroff                    Gussie Goldstein                     Morris Green                        Simon Friedman
A. Feidelson                      Lee Gotthelf                         Clarence Hagedorn                   Ed Friend
Charles Fetter                    Irving Greenberg                     Marie Harrell                       Max Goldberg
Jacob Fies                        Daniel Greenspan                     A. Harris                           Mollie Goldberg
Frances Frohsin                   Samuel Grossberg                     Susie Jaffe                         Sarah Goldman
Leon Geisman                      Keith Hewell                         Louis Kaplan                        Fannie Hanover
Rebecca Gingold                   Bernard Holzer                       Dorothy Koen                        James Hirsh
Marion Godchaux                   Rosalie Hurvich                      Alex Leitman                        Morris Jaffe
Dominic Goedecke                  Phyllis Jacobs                       Myrna Levine                        Rose Kaufman
Herman Goldberg                   Harry Kanter                         Frances Levy                        Abe Krawcheck
Meyer Goldner                     Bertha Kern                          Marjorie Lichenstein                David Loveman
Morris Goldstein                  Harvey Korman                        Abe Luria                           James Lugar
Edward Helper                     Magda Kruse                          Nathan Marcuse                      Louis Maring, Sr.
Edward Hiller                     Sonya Lefkovits                      Eva Margolin                        Rose McClendon
Anita Hirsberg                    Bert Levin                           Victor Marx, Jr.                    Esther Nathews
Maurice Ives                      Kate Levine                          Ferdinand Meyer                     Herman Needle
Suzanne Kirschberg                Jacob Lipsitz                        Marjorie Meyer                      Dena Osband
Isaac Kishinevsky                 Bruce Mayer                          Ella Morris                         Paul Overall
Beatrice Kohn                     Paula Michael                        Walter Morse                        Nathan Petrofsky
Itka Kronenberg                   Louis Mohr                           Ernest Munchgesang                  Barbara Ream
Lew Lazarus                       Frances Munchgesang                  Lincoln Newfield                    Selma Reisman
Dottie Lynch                      Violeta Neuwirth                     Abraham Oppenheim                   Joan Rittenbaum
Herman Marks                      Bella Perlman                        Mary Patrick                        David Rose
George Phillips                   Paul Rich                            Pauline Rosenfeld                   Louis Rosenblum
Morris Piha                       Arnold Roseman                       Helen Rotenstreich                  Paul Rosenthal
George Rashley                    Albert Schinasi                      Mitchel Rubenstein                  Abraham Roskin
William Rich                      Barbara Schwartz                     Irene Russakoff                     Dora Roth
Max Rittenbaum                    Lena Shandler                        Arnold Siegal                       Abraham Schulman
Cecile Rodriguez                  Hyman Silverman                      Arnold J Siegal                     Mosely Shugerman
Joseph Rosen                      Rose Silverman                       Will Slate                          Isadore Simon
Leon Rosenthal                    Linda Speaks                         Barbara Steiner                     Morris Sirote
Rita Routman                      Charles Sterne                       Esther Swedlaw                      Sidney Stamm
Ben Rutstein                      James Underwood                      Bertha VanPraag                     Gertrude Stern
Phil Shapiro                      Murray Woltag                        Joe Ziff                            Moses Weil
Marvin Silverstein                Louis Wynne                                                              Estelle Weinberger
Syd Stanton                       Morris Zaslofsky                                                         William Wilson
Lucille Sterne                                                                                             Goldie Zinder
Charles Todd
May Weil
Roberta Weinstein
B.J. Winnik
Irene Zaslofsky
 Our Tributes                                                                                                                    11
    We appreciate the thoughtfulness of those who support our congregation by remembering and honoring their friends and loved
       ones through their generous contributions. The following “Temple Tributes” were received through January 10, 2012.
                                                                                        Sonia Rosen Lazarus
                                                                                           by Nancy & David Denney
         General & Unrestricted Funds                                                   Myron A. Levine, Sophie M. Lyone and
                                                                                        William M. Lyone
  donations to our General Temple and Endowment Funds, and the                             by Marissa & Harold Apolinsky
    Unrestricted Named Endowment Funds provide the greatest                             Claudia Levinson, mother of
    flexibility to respond to our congregation’s changing needs.                        Julie Levinson-Gabis
                                                                                           by Janet & David Aarons
In Memory Of:                                  by Gail & Charles Herman                    by Lynne & Mark Cohen
Emanuel Appelbaum                              by Carol & Donald Herman                    by Mervyn Epsman
  by Lois Appelbaum                            by Susan & Barry Koretzky                   by Chu-Chi & Bobby Fierman
Gail Bayer                                     by Rochelle & Mike Koslin                   by Barbara & Larry Fine
  by Cheryl & Charlie Collat, Jr.              by Judy & Herbie Miller                     by Cathy & Paul Friedman, Jr.
  by Nancy & David Denney                      by Betsy & Peter Printz                     by Nancy & Glenn Goedecke
  by Dian Diamond                              by Judy & Jimmy Rotenstreich                by Evelyn & Jack Held
  by Linda & Doug Friedman                  Edith Gerson                                   by Letty & Bob Marcus
  by Cathy & Paul Friedman, Jr.                by Isabel & Alan Siegal                     by Candy & Ed Meyerson
  by Julie Levinson-Gabis & Bud Gabis       Leon Godchaux, father of Lee Godchaux;         by Alisa & Jimmy Nadler
  by Beth & John Gerwin                     Leon Weinberger, father of                     by Bunny & Joel Rotenstreich
  by Mitzi & Donald Goldstein               Gary Weinberger                                by Amy & Michael Saag
  by Joanna & Irvin Gotlieb                    by Amy & Michael Saag                       by Linda Verin & Rick Clay
  by Carol & Bob Gross                      Ronald Goldberg                                by Lori & Jimmy Weil
  by Cissy & Leonard Held                      by Carole Simpson                           by Janet & Leonard Wertheimer III
  by Ginger & Jerry Held                    Arthur Goldstein                            Mattie Lisenby
  by Leah Leaf & family                        by Shirley & Julius Goldstein               by Carol & Bob Gross
  by Margot & Edgar Marx                    Nathan Goldstein                            Douglas Morrison
  by Lucy & Buddy Schulhafer                   by Nancy & Bernard Goldstein                by Karen & Leslie Allen
  by Jean & Jerry Sklar                     Esther Grafman and Ida W. Grafman           Abraham I. Odrezin
  by Miriam Sokol                              by Ruth Grafman Fromstein                   by Jamie & Greg Odrezin
  by Sue & Alan Solomon                     Rabbi Milton Grafman                        Elaine Rosen
  by Sam Tenenbaum, Jr.                        by Donly Ray                                by Linda & Doug Friedman
  by Audrey Weil                                                                           by Doris & Fred Kanter
                                            Ferd Harwood
Herbert Besser                                 by Anita Harwood
                                                                                           by Letty & Bob Marcus
  by Ginger & Jerry Held
                                            Bill Howton                                 Nathan Sacks
Sidney Binder                                  by Judy Borisky
                                                                                           by Ruth Sacks Peters
  by Gert Goldstein                            by Faye & Robert Levin                   Frances Selber
Ella Bloomston                              Gloria Goldstein Howton                        by Nancy & Bernard Goldstein
  by Dian Diamond                              by Gert Goldstein                        Bettye Silberman
  by Jean & Jerry Sklar                                                                    by Anne Silberman
                                            Sid Jaffe
Marion Breyer                                  by Bob Jaffe                             Ethelyn Slaughter
  by Evelyn & Jack Held                                                                    by Mitzi & Donald Goldstein
                                            Rosalie Kaltman, sister of Evelyn Allan
  by Faye & Robert Levin
                                               by Julie Levinson-Gabis & Bud Gabis      Larry Stewart
  by Carole Simpson                                                                        by Wanda & Ross Cohen
                                               by Letty & Bob Marcus
  by Jean & Jerry Sklar                                                                 Isaak Vavntraub
                                               by Bunny & Joel Rotenstreich
  by Janet & Leonard Wertheimer III                                                        by Klaudia Belaya
                                               by Renee & Bernie Schulman
Irby Cohen                                     by Carol Solomon                         Hyman Weinberg
  by Jean & Jerry Sklar                                                                    by Sandra & Norman Weinberg
                                            Pearl Kessler
  by Marcia Unger                                                                       Jean Weinstein
                                               by Nancy & Harold Blach, Jr.
Evelyn Collat                                  by Judy Borisky                             by Joan & Jack Becker
  by Cheryl & Charlie Collat, Jr.              by Dixie & Joe Hagedorn                     by Barbara Bonfield
Melvin E. Dorn                                 by Evelyn & Jack Held                       by Mary Lynne & Eli Capilouto
  by Carlotta Dorn                             by Karen & Joel Piassick                    by Anne Cohn
Mark Eisenberg, cousin of Susan Koretzky       by Lucy & Buddy Schulhafer                  by Nancy & David Denney
  by Edward Levin                              by Carole Simpson                           by Barbara & Larry Fine
Murray Fisher                                  by Jean & Jerry Sklar                       by Cathy & Paul Friedman, Jr.
  by Janet & David Aarons                      by Marcia Unger                             by Betty Goldstein
  by Karen & Leslie Allen                      by Audrey Weil                              by Edward Goldstein
  by Sandra & Alan Berman                   Stanley Lapidus                                by Gert Goldstein
  by Frances Cypress                           by Evelyn & Jack Held                       by Barbara & Harvey Gotlieb
  by Chu-Chi & Bobby Fierman                   by Jean & Jerry Sklar                       by Carol & Bob Gross
  by Cissy & Leonard Held                                                                  by Evelyn & Jack Held
 12                                                                                                  Our Tributes
In Memory of Jean Weinstein, cont’d.    Rachel Rosenthal                          Marriage of Marla, daughter of Brenda &
   by Cissy & Leonard Held                 by Dixie & Joe Hagedorn                Steve Weinstein, to Steve Ostroff
   by Gail & Charles Herman                by Carole Simpson                         by Dian Diamond
   by Susan & Barry Koretzky               by Shirley & Jerry Leader                 by Jean & Jerry Sklar
   by Sara & Marvin Lazarus                by Jean & Jerry Sklar                  Paul Mosteller’s 20 years at Temple
   by Faye & Robert Levin               Anne Silberman                            Emanu-El;
   by Margot & Edgar Marx                  by Shirley & Jerry Leader              Special birthday of Jimmie Hess
   by Marcia Kallman Nelson             Jean Sklar                                   by Blanche Rogoff
   by Babs Perlman                         by Barbara & Harvey Gotlieb            Special birthday of Hal Abroms
   by Blanche Rogoff                       by Evelyn & Jack Held                     by Martin Abroms
   by MaryJo Meier & Ira Sherman        Elinor Staff                                 by Karen & Leslie Allen
   by Dorothy Shiland                      by Gert Goldstein                         by Joan & Jack Becker
   by Carole Simpson                       by Renee & Bernie Schulman                by Margie Brunner & family
   by Jean & Jerry Sklar                LeeAnn & Bert Young                          by Mary Lynne & Eli Capilouto
   by Sue & Alan Solomon                   by Elinor & Mike Staff                    by Patsy & Charles Collat, Sr.
   by Elinor & Mike Staff                                                            by Cathy & Paul Friedman, Jr.
   by Marcia Unger                      In Honor Of:                                 by Rachel Goldberg
   by Pat Weil                          Anniversary of Jane & Joe Bluestein          by the Goldstein & Onessi families
   by Janet & Leonard Wertheimer III       by Grace Finkel                           by Betty Goldstein
Gil Wideman, father of Liz Bleiberg        by Betty Goldstein                        by Carol & Bob Gross
   by Chu-Chi & Bobby Fierman              by Cissy & Leonard Held                   by Cissy & Leonard Held
   by Nancy & Glenn Goedecke               by Jean & Jerry Sklar                     by Terry & Gary Herman
   by Carol & Bob Gross                 Anniversary of Allan & Ilene Wilensky,       by Elaine Kartus
   by Elinor & Mike Staff                                                            by Julie & Howard Koch
                                        Special birthdays of Allan Wilensky and
                                        Ilene Wilensky                               by Ianne & Bob Koppel
Wishing Good Health To:                    by Chu-Chi & Bobby Fierman                by Joyce & Joe Lichtenstein
Brian Cohen                             Bat Mitzvah of Claire Bloomston,             by Harriet & Leonard Nyman
   by Carol & Donald Herman                                                          by Mark Rotenstreich & Jeff Elgart
                                        granddaughter of Roz Bloomston
Wally Cohen                                by Carol & Donald Herman                  by Pete Roth
   by Susan & Barry Koretzky                                                         by Amy, Michael, Brittany, Andy, Harry &
                                        Birth of Emma, granddaughter of
Marty Drell                                                                           Julie Saag
                                        Judy Borisky
   by Judy Borisky                                                                   by Wendy & Frank Siegal
                                           by Jean & Jerry Sklar
Donald Goldstein                                                                  Special birthday of Andi Berger
                                        Birth of Caroline, daughter of
   by Joan & Jack Becker                                                             by Dian Diamond
                                        Stephanie & David Lorberbaum
   by Barbara & David Betten                                                      Special birthday of Susan Biedinger
   by Nancy & Harold Blach                 by Amy & Michael Saag
                                                                                     by Dian Diamond
   by Barbara & Harvey Gotlieb          Birth of Amelia, great-granddaughter of      by Marcia Unger
   by Joanna & Irvin Gotlieb            Pat Weil                                  Special birthday of Harold Blach
   by Evelyn & Jack Held                   by Anne Silberman                         by Anne Silberman
   by Kit, Rick, Richard & Jason Roth   Birth of Lilly, daughter of                  by Marcia Unger
   by Sue & Alan Solomon                Hillary & Ryan Weiss; granddaughter of    Special birthday of Jane Bluestein
Mitzi Goldstein                         Laurie & Jack Weiss                          by Betty Goldstein
   by Anne Silberman                       by Susan & Barry Koretzky                 by Cissy & Leonard Held
Bob Gross                                  by Amy & Michael Saag                     by Jean & Jerry Sklar
   by Ginger & Jerry Held                  by Jean & Jerry Sklar                  Special birthday of Charles Collat, Sr.
   by Gail & Charles Herman             Eli Capilouto being named President of       by Joan & Jack Becker
Jack Held                               University of Kentucky                       by Nancy & Harold Blach
   by Barbara & David Betten               by Dian Diamond                           by Betty Goldstein
   by Nancy & Harold Blach              Engagement of Lauren, daughter of            by Carol & Bob Gross
   by Barbara & Harvey Gotlieb          Donna & David Kraselsky, to Greg Cohen       by Judy & Jimmy Rotenstreich
   by Joanna & Irvin Gotlieb               by Janet & Leonard Wertheimer III         by Lucy & Buddy Schulhafer
   by Dixie & Joe Hagedorn              Lisa Engel receiving BJF’s Susan J.          by Anne Silberman
   by Gail & Charles Herman             Goldberg Distinguished Volunteer Award       by Janet & Leonard Wertheimer III
   by Letty & Bob Marcus                   by Linda & Doug Friedman               Special birthday of Patsy Collat
Joan Jacobson                              by Betty Goldstein                        by Lucy & Buddy Schulhafer
   by Blanche Rogoff                       by Nancy Nagrodzki                        by Anne Silberman
Jane Levy                               The lovely High Holy Day services         Special birthday of Ruth Engel
   by Barbara & David Betten               by Whitney Cahoy                          by Sue & Alan Solomon
   by Nancy & Harold Blach              Haley Hurowitz’s acceptance into MIT,     Special birthdays of Donald Goldstein,
Bob May                                 University of Chicago and Cal Tech        Jack Held, Jimmie Hess, Jane Levy and
   by Patsy & Charles Collat, Sr.          by Mona Robertson                      Murray Tanner
   by Phoebe Cotton                     Lanny Kline receiving Visionary Award        by Anne Silberman
   by Ricky Koslin                      from UAB Eye Foundation
                                           by Julie & Howard Koch
 Our Tributes                                                                                                                13
Special birthday of Harvey Gotlieb          Pat Weil receiving NE Miles Lifetime     Dancing With Our Stars,
   by Anne Silberman                        Achievement Award                        In Memory of Gail Bayer, cont’d.
   by Marcia Unger                             by Joan & Jack Becker                    by Bonnie & Leslie Cohn
Special birthday of Bob Marcus                 by Sandra & Alan Berman                  by Michelle & Lee Conn & family
   by Marvin Nelson                            by Phoebe Cotton                         by Rhonda & John Cooper
Special birthday of Carole Pizitz              by Dian Diamond                          by Raye Coplin
   by Marcia Unger                             by Ellen Dorsky                          by Sharon & Gary Cutter
Dr. Roxanne Travelute’s wonderful care of      by Barbara & Larry Fine                  by Jill & Alan Deer
Jean Weinstein                                 by Betty Goldstein                       by Patsy & Alan Dreher
   by Judy & Peter Jablow                      by Joanna & Irvin Gotlieb                by Margo & Shiel Edlin
Debbie & Brian Wiatrak’s new book,             by Helen Levine                          by Lori & Todd Edlin
“Four Families, Two Worlds”                    by Nancy Nagrodzki                       by Lisa & Alan Engel
   by Jamie & Greg Odrezin                     by Pete Roth                             by Beverly & Stanley Erdeich
                                               by Renee & Bernie Schulman               by Stephen Estler
                                               by Ferne Seigel                          by Shelly & Joesph Forer
                                               by Sam Tenenbaum, Jr.                    by Cathy & Paul Friedman, Jr.
                                                                                        by Sally & Richard Friedman
                                                                                        by Beth & John Gerwin
                  Designated Temple Funds                                               by Louise & J. Sharp Gillespy
                                                                                        by Donna & Howard Goldberg
Gifts to these “immediate use” funds fulfill special needs beyond the                   by Ilse Goldberg
       scope of what dues and tuition fees are able to provide.                         by Gail & Mike Goldberg
                                                                                        by Charlotte Goldberg
RABBI MILLER                                RABBI HAAS                                  by Jane & Stephen Goldner
DISCRETIONARY FUND                          DISCRETIONARY FUND                          by Edward Goldstein
In Memory Of:                               In Honor Of:                                by Arlene & Milton Goldstein
Gail Bayer                                  Bat Mitzvah of Julia Fleisig                by Lisa & Charles Graham
   by Maxine Lerner                            by Clara & Glenn Fleisig                 by Vikki & Ken Grodner
Jean Weinstein                              Rabbi Haas’ wonderful                       by Morris Habif
   by Becky May                             Rosh Chodesh event                          by Dorothy & Martin Hall
In Honor Of:                                   by Lynn Rathmell                         by Susan & David Harwood
Bar Mitzvah of Trey Collat                  Rabbi Haas’ installation                    by Hertz family
   by Cheryl & Charlie Collat, Jr.             by Leigh & Jack Schniper                 by Carey & Bill Hinds
Bat Mitzvah of Julia Fleisig                                                            by Roxanne Travelute & Mike Honan
   by Clara & Glenn Fleisig                 CARING COMMITTEE                            by Martha & Chervis Isom
Bris of Elias David Rich                    In Memory Of:                               by Carol & David Kahn
   by Deborah Channell                      Claudia Levinson, mother of                 by Elizabeth & Richard Keller
Wishing Rabbi Miller a nice                 Julie Levinson-Gabis                        by Julie & Howard Koch
holiday season                                 by Barbara Evans                         by Sandra Koplon
   by Ada Long White                        In Honor Of:                                by Sheri & Steven Labovitz
                                            Their wonderful work with the               by Shirley & Jerry Leader
Pat Weil receiving NE Miles Lifetime
                                            congregation                                by Faye & Robert Levin
Achievement Award
                                               by Linda Cohn                            by Joyce & Joe Lichtenstein
   by Leone Risman
                                               by Grace Finkel                          by Brenda & Mark Lichtenstein
CANTOR ROSKIN                                  by Julie Levinson-Gabis & Bud Gabis      by Denny Marcus & Andre Schnabl
DISCRETIONARY FUND                                                                      by Bobbi & Jim May
In Memory Of:                               DANCING WITH OUR STARS                      by Hope & Kerry McInerney
Gail Bayer                                  In Memory Of:                               by McWane Science Center Endowment
   by Ann & Paul Rich, Jr.                  Gail Bayer                                  by Mid-America Real Estate Corp.
In Honor Of:                                   by Judy & Hal Abroms                     by Hilary & Stuart Nelson
                                               by Susan & Gerald Anhalt                 by Nitzberg Magic Fund
Appointment of Bob Gross as the
                                               by Arlene & Jerry Averbuch               by Frances & Steven Okon
Temple’s Executive Director;
                                               by Gail & Jerome Beale                   by Stephen Oppenheimer
Special birthday of Hal Abroms                 by Suzanne & Howard Bearman              by Amy & Michael Paderewski
   by Ingrid & Howard Roskin                   by Vicki & Gerry Benjamin                by Susan Harris Paller
Baby naming of their granddaughters            by Marlene & Rick Beringer               by Becky Perkins
   by Sharon & Gary Cutter                     by Susan & Karl Biedinger                by Karen & Joel Piassick
Bar Mitzvah of Trey Collat                     by Starr & Lasek Bienenfeld              by Jay Pickett
   by Cheryl & Charlie Collat, Jr.             by Brooke & Robert Blasberg              by Diane & Jim Richardson
Olivia & Jack Kalin                            by Elaine & Jerry Blumenthal             by Al Rose
   by Nanci Epstein                            by Judy Borisky                          by Amy & Michael Saag
Kindness of Cantor Roskin                      by Lenora Pate & Steven Brickman         by Maxine & Hank Sherry
   by Judy & Peter Jablow                      by Sharon & Ed Bromberg                  by Sandra & Larry Shulman
   by Margot & Edgar Marx, Jr.                 by Leslie & Barry Brouner
 14                                                                                                               Our Tributes
Dancing With Our Stars,
In Memory of Gail Bayer, cont’d.                          Designated Endowment Funds
   by Wendy & Frank Siegal
   by Ellen Silberman
   by Southeastern Conference                   Contributions to these “perpetual” funds help provide permanent
                                                sources of income for special programming and enhancements for
   by Stephanie & Eric Sterling
                                                      our temple today, as well as for future generations.
   by Karen & Dan Svetlay
   by Nan & Phil Teninbaum
                                              ABROMS HALL                                   SHERRON & ALAN GOLDSTEIN
   by Cynthia & Raymond Tobias
                                              PRESERVATION FUND                             BREAK-THE-FAST FUND
   by Caroline Unger
   by Audrey Weil                             In Honor Of:                                  In Memory Of:
   by Lynn & Gary Weinberger                  Purchase of State of Israel Bond              Gail Bayer
   by Chita & Howard Weintrob                    by Hal & Judy Abroms                          by Sherron & Allan Goldstein
   by Stewart Welch III                                                                     In Honor Of:
                                              ANDY ABROMS FLOWER FUND
   by Melinda & Steve Wertheim                                                              Sherron & Allan Goldstein
                                              In Honor Of:                                     by Diane Welcher
   by Janet & Leonard Wertheimer III
                                              Special birthday of Hal Abroms                Special Birthday of Hal Abroms
   by Adeline & Donald Williams
                                                 by Martin Abroms                              by Sherron & Allan Goldstein
   by Jackie & Dave Wolf
                                                 by Terry & Gary Herman
   by Judy Zaban                                                                            Hannah Goldstein and Jean Weinstein
                                                 by Amy, Michael, Brittany, Andy, Harry &
                                                                                               by Marilyn & Murray Tanner
GIVING TREE / FINANCIAL                          Julie Saag
                                                                                            Wishing Good Health To:
ASSISTANCE FUND                               Special birthday of Charles Collat, Sr.
                                                                                            Donald Goldstein and Jack Held
In Honor Of:                                     by Judy & Hal Abroms
                                                                                               by Marilyn & Murray Tanner
Linda, Michael & Dan Cohn                     MARY K. BRODNAX                               In Honor Of:
   by Rhonda & Darrin Gilliam                 MUSIC FUND                                    Birth of Ava, granddaughter of Karen &
MS LOIS SCHOLARSHIP FUND                      In Memory Of:                                 Larry Feld
In Memory Of:                                 Gail Bayer and Mary Brodnax                      by Debra & Joel Goldstein
Gil Wideman, father of Liz Bleiberg              by Charlotte & Robert Russell              Birth of Lilly, daughter of Hillary &
   By Susan & Karl Biedinger                                                                Ryan Weiss
                                              CEMETERY CARE FUND                               by Marilyn & Murray Tanner
Jean Weinstein                                In Memory Of:
   by Ellen & Ben Erdreich
                                              Eddy Sokol                                    HESS CHAPEL FUND
SOCIAL ACTION FUND                               by Miriam Sokol                            In Memory Of:
In Memory Of:                                                                               Carl Hess, JoAnn Morrison and Sidney
                                              HANNAH & HYMAN GOLDSTEIN
Eileen J. Johnson and Aaron Rosenfeld                                                       Seidenman
                                              VOLUNTEER FUND
   by Ilene & Ken Johnson                                                                      by Jimmie Hess
                                              In Memory Of:                                 In Honor Of:
In Honor Of:                                  Gail Bayer, Murray Fisher, Hyman
Hanukkah                                                                                    Special Birthday of Hal Abroms
                                              Goldstein, Claudia Levinson and                  by Jimmie Hess
   by Julie & Charles Stein
                                              Elaine Rosen
YOUTH & EDUCATION FUND                           by Debra & Joel Goldstein                  JOAN & MILTON JACOBSON
In Memory Of:                                                                               CULTURAL ARTS FUND
                                              STEINER INTERFAITH FUND                       In Memory Of:
Jean Weinstein                                In Memory Of:
   by Milton Datnoff                                                                        Gail Bayer
                                              Jean Weinstein                                   by Joan Jacobson
                                                   by Nancy & Morton Dimenstien

                                                  a SPECIaL THanK You
             The Rabbi Grafman Endowment Fund gratefully acknowledges the foresight and generosity of those
                           who have recently established Named Funds to benefit the Temple:

             Leah Leaf, with a gift to establish the Leah & Ronnie Leaf Family Fund for unrestricted purposes.

                Patsy & Charles Collat with a gift to establish the OurTemple Worship Anywhere Fund
       to connect those unable to be physically present at Temple by providing/updating the technology to enable the
                         broadcast of Shabbat, High Holy Day and other special services or events.

        For information regarding Legacy gifts or other contributions to ensure the financial stability of our Temple for future
                 generations, contact Jann Blitz in the Grafman Endowment Fund Office at 933-8037, ext. 234.
Our Sponsors                                                                                                               15

                                                                                                 J.H. Berry
                                                                                             Personal & Business Protection

                                                                                              For All Your Insurance Needs
                                                          Giani, Marco & Giovanni, Owners          David Lott, President
                                                          721 Broadway St. Homewood, 35209
                                                          205.871.9622                           205-252-0100

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       Join us on Friday, February 10, 5:40p.m.,                    OurTemple
               for special guest speaker:                           The Monthly Bulletin for Temple Emanu-El
                                                                    Founded in 1882 and affiliated
  Dr. Susanna Kokkonen, Yad Vashem                                  with the Union for Reform Judaism.
                                     Dr. Kokkonen, originally

                                     from Finland is the            205/933-8037 FAX 205/933-8099
                                     Christian Educator at Yad
                                                                                  Rabbi Jonathan A. Miller
                                     Vashem in Jerusalem. Her                      Cantor Jessica Roskin
                                     topic will be:                                  Rabbi Laila Haas
                                     The Righteous Among the        Senior Staff
                                                                    Bob Gross............................ Executive Director
                                     Nations, Moral Choices         Jann Blitz ............................ Endowment Fund
                                     under Tyranny and Death.                                                Executive Director
                                                                    Cathy Moore ....................... Director, Early Childhood Ed.

                            The role of the onlookers               The Board of Directors
                                                                    Sherron Goldstein ............... President
                            at the time of the                      Stephen Royal ..................... President-Elect
                            Holocaust was crucial.                  Michael Koslin .................... Vice President
                                                                    Ben Weil .............................. Vice President
  Under the Nazi regime few courageous souls made                   Mark Cohen ........................ Vice President
                                                                    Andi Berger ......................... Secretary
  the choice to take grave risks and change the course              Jason Epstein ....................... Treasurer
  of history for one person or a group of people. Each              Mackie Horowitz ................ Immediate Past President

  Righteous acted in a different way and each story is              Hal Abroms                       Carole Pizitz
                                                                    Charles Collat, Jr.              Jason Ruha
  unique. Through personal stories of several different             Lee Conn                         Lori Shroyer
  rescuers acting in varied circumstances in different              Helene Elkus
                                                                    Anna Slive Harwood
                                                                                                     Brad Sklar
                                                                                                     Mike Slive
  countries we learn how the choice was made; what                  Ginger Held                      Sam Todd
                                                                    Jerry Held                       Michael Tucker
  motivated the rescuer and                                         Justin Ladden                    Ryan Weiss
  who were the people they                                          Joel Piassick

  chose to help. The stories                                                In the event of a family emergency
  clearly show that choice is                                                  after hours, please contact us:
  always a possibility even                                               Rabbi Jonathan Miller: 223-0916
  under tyranny and death.                                                Cantor Jessica Roskin: 266-6549
                                                                             Rabbi Laila Haas: 777-8804
             Thanks to Feeling Gelty Champions 207 1!
Our congregation (and some                                                                     The response of families was
friends) pitched in to ensure                                                                  touching. Some parents cried,
that 113 low-income families                                                                   a couple high-fived us, and
had a memorable Christmas.                                                                     most of them hugged us. We
Cartons lined the perimeter                                                                    heard the same refrain - God
of the Sanctuary, stuffed with                                                                 bless you - over and over.
gifts, while bicycles and more                                                                 One grandparent said that
gifts spilled into the aisles,                                                                 last year the best she could do
evidence of the phenomenal                                                                     for her grandbabies was some
generosity of our Temple                                                                       socks she got at the Dollar
families for needy families in                                                                 Store. Her hands shook as
Jefferson, Walker and Cullman                                                                  she fingered the two bikes and
counties.                                                                                      toys we brought her. When
These needy families were                                                                      she lifted the comforter from
connected anonymously                                                                          the bottom of the box, she
with congregants through                                                                       just shook her head, her eyes
First Teachers @ Home, An Initiative of RUSH. This               watering. "This is like Christmas they have on TV...we've
highly effective and innovative program coaches parents          never been able to do for our kids anything like this. Thank
how to teach their children all the skills needed to start       you thank you thank you. You tell the folks that gave these
kindergarten and beyond. In 2012, First Teachers @ Home          things that they are blessed. Tell them Merry Christmas
is expanding into Tuscaloosa and the Black Belt, as well as      from the bottom of my heart."
opening new locations in Jefferson, Cullman and Shelby           First Teachers @ Home would like to acknowledge the
Counties. RUSH Initiative's Facebook page is a great             astonishing Amy Strickland, Chair, who worked tirelessly,
resource for research on children.                               Judy Rutstein, who literally shopped 'til she dropped and
You've asked how do we get everything out? All of the stuff      Rabbi Miller for his unrelenting support. First Teachers
is delivered to our office in Irondale, where it is organized.   @ Home deeply appreciates the funding from the Temple

The cars of our Parent Coaches and staff are loaded up and       Emanu-El Tzadakab/l0 Day Campaign, which helps
make dozens of trips to drop offboxes across three counties.     sustain programming.
Some parents are able to drive to our office, which helps        Thanks to the Temple Emanu-EI congregants and other
too. One woman, who lives in a North Birmingham                  friends over 750 impoverished people celebrated an
housing project, walked all the way to our building. She         extraordinary Christmas. For so many of our congregants,
was overwhelmed when she saw what was in and next to             Feeling Gelty makes Chanukah into a more meaningful
her box. We drove her home.                                      and special experience. And isn't that the best gift of all?

                                          Feeling Gelty Champions 2011
Barbara, Rachel, Laura, Margaret and        Susan and Karl Biedinger                  Rebecca and JeffCohn
 Jack Aland                                 Liz, Harrison and Larry Bleiberg          Patsyand Charles Collat
Karen and Leslie Allen                      [ann, Callie, Rebecca and RussBlitz       Cheryl, Trey, Andrew and
Anonymous                                   Rita Meikson, Maria, Danieland             Charlie Collat, Jr.
Erin, Sadie and John Arnold                  AlexanderBlokh                           Collateral Properties
Susan, Justin, Jamie, Daniel and            Brett, Chase, Elliottand                  Michelle, [aye, Toby and Lee Conn
 RodneyBarstein                              Oliver Bloomston                         Amber, Stephanie and Rick Cosby
Debbie, Charles, Erica, Mollyand            Jody Bradley-Ruby                         Crestline Elementary School
 Mark Barstein                              Deborah Chargois                          Crowne Partners
Lisa, Alex, Emily and PaulBebenek           Amy Chauvin                               Lisa Singer, Emma, Will and Tim Davis
Robin, Adison, Mason, Kyra and              CityPaper                                 Ellen Dorsky
 Hilton Berger                              Torah Study Class                         Lindy and Preston Edwards
Andi and Roy Berger                         Linda Verin, Reuben and Rick Clay         Babsand TomFerrell
Alison, Meagan and Davis Collman and      . Lynn and Mark Cohen                       Barbara and Larry Fine
 RobertBerman                               Linda and Richard Cohn                    Jennifer, Samuel, Harris and
Sandra and Alan Berman                      Linda Cohn                                 Stuart Frank
                            List ofFeeling Gelty champions continues on the opposite side.
                                Feeling Gelty Champions 2011 (continued)
MaryAnne and Mike Freeman                Faye and RobertLevin                         Brittany and Andy Saag
Elise, Molly, Evelyn and Hank Frohsin    Emily, Violetand Bob Levine                  Liz Sawyer
Eddie Garfinkle                          Joyce and Joe Lichtenstein                   Pauline and John Scott
LauraBeth, Caroline, Campbell and        Angelaand LeeLichtenstein                    Amy, Jared, Aaron and James Sedlis
  Gene Gill                              Lee, Evan and Steve Lichter                  Lori, Samuel, Isabelle, Maxwelland
Roberta Shapiro and Abraham, Molly,      Michele Forman, Maximilian and                Lyle Shroyer
 Anya and Jerry Glandon                   EricLizee                                   Cindy Hood-Siegal and Leighton,
Nancy, David, Scott and Glenn Goedecke   Lisa, Dillan, Austin and Nathan Lowrie        Camden and Stuart Siegal
Bill, Emily and Sarah Goldman            [oye, Morgan, Parker, Sydneyand              Rosalyn and Irvin Siegal
Sherron and Allan Goldstein               Phillip Madden                              Staff oj SimplyFashion
Debra and Joel Goldstein                 Judy and Gerson May                          Caroline, Jennifer, Jessica, Allie and
Vicki Goldstein                          Leslie, Lillian, Preston and Craig McClure    Neil Sirkin
Caroline Clark, Anna Lisa, Ben and       Hope, Katelyn, Erin and                      Stephanie, Lauren and Brad Sklar
 Brad Goodman                             KerryMcInerney                              Liz and Mike Slive
Tammy and Mike Goodwin                   JudyBorisky-Metzger and                      Staff oj Social SecurityAdministration
Beverlee and Bruce Gordon                 RobertMetzger                               Miriam and Benji Sokol
Rebecca, Ben, Leah and Adam Gordon       Jackie, Sarah, Rebecca and David Michel      Barbara Sokol
Lisa, Isla, and Charles Graham           Judi Schulman-Miller and                     Southwood Partners
Carol and Bob Gross                       RabbiJonathan Miller                        Pat and Don St. Charles
Sherrie and Steve GrunJeld               Paul and Carole Miller                       Julie and Charles Stein
RabbiLailaHaas                           Gene Minyard                                 Nikki, Lillian, Madeline and Sarah Still
Joe Hagedorn                             Joan and Allan Morris                        Amy, Hannah, Andrew, Ellie and
Rona and Frank Harper                    Katherine, Alana, Lila and                    Ronnie Strickland
Anna Slive and JuddHarwood                MarcMorrison                                Elaine Witt, Evan, Aimee and
Molly Myers, Hayden, Josie and           Alisa, loeiy, Carly and Jimmy Nadler          Michael Sznajderman
  RickHatfield                           Nancy Nagrodzki                              Marilyn and Murray Tanner
Marilyn Haver                            Elisa, Reed, Morgan, Alexa and               Brotherhood oJTemple Emanu-El
Mindy and Don Hedges                      Aaron Nelson                                lYG oJTemple Emanu-El
Cissy and Leonard Held                   Hilary, Stella, Olivia, Anna and             Staffoj Temple Emanu-El
Ginger and Jerry Held                     Stuart Nelson                               April Robertson-Thompson and
Layne Held                               Christy, Alice, Jennie Ruth and               ConnorThompson
Katie and Brian Held                      David Nelson, Jr.                           Valerie, CJ, Elijah, Marlie, Mat, Chase
Gailand Charles Herman                   Jennifer, Joshua and Gerry Nemet              and Clark Thompson
Ronne and Donald Hess                    Jaime, Danieland Greg Odrezin                Bree and Michael Tinch
Jimmie Hess                              OneDomain                                    Sam Todd
Monty, Evans, Luke,Andrew, Matthew       SusannaMyers, Noa, Giada and                 Amy Trammell
  and Carl Hess                            Gerry Pampaloni                            Sandra and Ron Vinik
Patty, Destin, Cody, Samueland           Shirley and WadeParamore                     Jackie, Mallory and Jay Waites
  Terry Hirsberg                         Kerri, Joey, Emma, Madison and               Lori, Brandon, Alec and Jim Weil
Kristine and Joe Hurst-Wajszczuk          EJram Peller                                Amanda Weil
Melissa, Sydneyand BobJaffe              Sylvia Wright, David and Eli Pinhas          Allison, Adam, Aaron and Ben Weil
Ilene and Ken Johnson                    Carole and Michael Pizitz                    Lauren and Drew Weil
Bari, Alex and Jose Katz                 MariannePorterfield                          Pat Weil
Jessica Prehling-Kazzie, Zander and      Lynn Rathmell                                Julie, Anna and Charles Welden
  Kaz Kazzie                             Cathy, Carly and LeeRogoff                   Debbie, Jesse, Juliet, Katie and
Julie McDonald and Max, Adair and        Vince Rosenthal                               Brian Wiatrak
  Josh Klapow                            CantorJessica Roskin                         Michael, David, Caroline and
Susan and Barry Koretzky                 Kim and Neil Roth                             Marshall Wilensky
Rochelle and Michael Koslin              HeidiHess and Jonah and James Rucker         Lynn Wilmoth
Justin Ladden                            Judy and BobRutstein                         Darlene, Courtneyand Bill Winston
Michelle and Martin Lax                  Amy, Harry, Julie and Michael Saag           Rebecca and Joel Wisotsky
Robin and Steve Lazarus                  Leah, Jennifer, Lauren, SteJanie and         Amber and Brad Woodward
Heather, Hannah, Rachel and               Ken Saag                                    Susan Swartz and Barry Zern
  Jeffrey Lebensburger
    ................. ,                                                                                                                                                                                   .
                                 Temple Emanu-EI Events Calendar                                                                                                 205-933-8037
        FEBRUARY 2012                                                                SHEVAT -ADAR5772
             SUNDAY                            MONDAY          TUESDAY                WEDNESDAY                        THURSDAY                     FRIDAY                      SATURDAY
                                                                                         1                         2                         3                             4
•                                                                                                                                                                              Torah Portion:
                                                                                                                   9:15am Baby & Me           5:40pm Shabbat Service            B'shalach/Shirah
                                                                                         3:30pm Hebrew School      5:00pm Brotherhood Even    featuring an instrumenal         Exodus 15:1-17:16
                                                                                         5:45pm TEENS &            guest speaker Eli Gold     trio with Greg Odrezin           9:00am Torah Study
                                                                                         Confirmation              7'OOnm rhnr~l~             Birthdav Blessinz for Feb.       10:30am Shabbat Service

    5                                      6              7                          8                             9                         10                            11
     9:30am Religious School                                                                                                                                               Torah Portion:
     9:30am Oy Vey Cafe                                                                                                                                                         Yitro
     2:00pm JYG Skating Party,                                                                                                                5:30pm Got Shabbat           Exodus 18:24-19:8
     Offsite                                                                             3:30pm Hebrew School                                 5:40pm Shabbat Service       9:00am Torah Study
     5:00pm Sisterhood Mother!                             6:00pm Sisterhood Board       5:45pm TEENS &                9:15am Baby & Me       Special guest speaker        10:30am Shabbat Service
              PnttPM.   1>.T;nht nH'o;t,                   Meetinz                       Confirmation                  7'()()nm rhnr~lp       Dr, Susanna Kokkonen         Bat Mitzvah of Sara Scherer

• 12                                       13             14                         15                            16                        17                            18
    9:30am Religious School                                                                                                                                                 Torah Portion:
                                                                                         3:30pm Hebrew School                                                                      T'rumah
    10:00am 6th Grade B'nei                                                              5:45pm TEENs &                                                                     Exodus 25:1-12
    Mitzvah Parent Mtg                                                                   Confirmation                                                                       9:00am Torah Study
    2:00pm Rabbi Haas Rosh                                5:45pm Temple Board of         "2012 Scholarship             9:15am Baby & Me      5:40pm Shabbat Service,        10:30am Shabbat Service
    Codesh GroUD                                          Directors Meeting              Applications due date"        7:00Dm Chorale        Anniversarv Blessing for Fe! , Bar Mitzvah of Adam Weil

    19                                     20             21                         22                            23                        24                            25 Portion:
                                                                                                                                                                                    Mishpatim/Sh 'kalim
     9:30am Religious School                                                                                                                                                   Exodus 21:1-24:18
     6th Grade delivery of plant                                                                                                                                               9:00am Torah Study
     pots to senior center                                                                                              9:15am Baby & Me                                       10:30am Shabbat Service
                                                                                         3:30pm Hebrew School                                                                  7:00pm Debbie Friedman
     6:00pm Next Generation                                                              5:45pm TEENS &                 7:00pm Chorale at     5:40pm New Member                Tribute Concert held at
     Discussion Grouo                                                                    Confirmation                   Temole Beth-El        Shabbat Service                  'T'p~nlp ~pth_P1

    26                                     27             28                         29
                                                                                                                                   Our 1 'f.edakah Box 'charity
     9:30am Religious School
     10:00am 5th Grade Parent!
                                                                                                             j 'or the month s:
     Child Workshop and 6th
     Grad in Abroms kitchen to
                                                                                  3:30pm Hebrew School
                                                                                  5:45pm TEENS &       CollatJ ewish Family Services
    .p,e,.f~rJ,ss~virJl~oaie~ • • • • • • • • • • • • •
                                                          • • • • • • • • • • • • • •••••••••••••••••••••••• • • • • • • • • • • • • ••••••••••••• •

                                                                              Over For a List of Temple Funds
                                                                                                         OTHER PROGRAM·ENRICHMENT FUNDS                    DUES ENDOWMENT FUNDS:
           Designated 8t Unrestricted Funds                                                              Membership Fund                                   Blach Family Fund
                       benefiting Temple Emanu-EI                                                        Young Adult I Next Generation Fund                Deborah Chargois Fund
                                                                                                         Celebration Fund                                  Patsy &Charles Collat Fund
We greatly appreciate the tributes and contributions made to Temple Emanu-El to                          PEACE Birmingham Fund                             Ethel Aland Fleisher Family Fund
honor friends and family, commemorate significant events and remember loved ones.                        Sewing Guild Fund                                 Janis &Paul Friedman Fund
                                                                                                         Technology Fund                                   Carole &Michael Pizitz Family Fund
Your contributions to the Temple's "immediate use" funds help support our annual                         Endowed Funds:                                    Bunny &Joel Rotenstreich Family Fund
operations and fulfill special needs beyond the scope of what dues and tuition fees                      Andrew Abroms Flower Fund                         Jean &Jerry Sklar Fund
are able to provide - and gifts to our Endowment Funds help further build our                            Beth Family Fund
Grafman Endowment Fund to provide perpetual/permanent sources of income to                               Faye &Norris Friedman Social Enrichment Fund
enrich our and for generations to come.                                               Sherron &Allan Goldstein Break-the-Fast Fund
                                                                                                         Hannah &Hyman Goldstein Volunteer Fund
CLERGY DISCRETIONARY FUNDS                            GENERAL FUNDS                                      "OurTemple" Worship Anywhere Fund
Rabbi Miller Discretionary Fund                       Temple General Fund                                Steiner Interfaith Fund
Cantor Raskin Discretionary Fund                      Endowment General Fund
Rabbi Haas Discretionary Fund                                                                              NAMED ENDOWMENT FUNDS for unrestricted purposes:
                                                      CARING COMMUNITY FUNDS                              Aarons Family Fund                             Ralph Z.Levene Memorial Fund
CULTURAL & VISUAL ARTS FUNDS                          Disaster Relief Fund                                Judy Todd Abrams &Ted Abrams Fund              Roslyn T. Levene Fund
Music Fund                                            Social Action Fund                                 Barbara &JackAland Family Fund                  Faye &Robert Levin Family Fund
Chorale Fund                                          Giving Tree I Financial Assistance Fund             Leon Aland Fund                                Ted Levite Memorial Fund
Art Fund                                              Caring Committee Fund                               Susan &Rodney Barstein Family Fund             Levitt Family Fund
Library Fund                                          Endowed Funds:                                      Gail & Harry Bayer Family Fund                 Nathan Wayne Lewis Memorial Fund
Prayer Book Fund                                      Edward &Hermoine Friend Community Fund              Flossie & IraBayer Family Fund                 Letty &Bob Marcus Fund
Archives Fund                                         Richard Goldner Community Service Fund              Becker Family Fund                            Judy & Gerson May Fund
Endowed Funds:                                                                                            Bluestein Family Fund                         Gertrude &A.R. Mazer Family Fund
Mary K. Brodnax Music Fund                            ADULT EDUCATION FUNDS                               Buchalter Family Fund                         Candy & Ed Meyerson Fund
Ruth &Marvin Engel Cantorial                          Adult Education Fund                                Ida M.Cohen Memorial Fund                     N.E. Miles Fund
   & High Holy Day Choir Fund                         Leadership Development Fund                         Mildred &Samuel Cohn Fund                     Loretta &Mayer Newfield Fund
Ruth &Marvin Engel Archives Fund                      Endowed Funds:                                      Frances & Conrad S.Cypress Fund               Dolly & Jerry Newmark Fund
Joan &Milton Jacobson Cultural Arts Fund              Honan Family Torah Study Fund                       Dannis Family Fund                            Karen &Joel Piassick Fund
Cantor Brian Miller Cultural Arts Fund                                                                    Gladys &Alex Epstein Family Fund              Betsy &Peter Printz Fund
Odess Family Fund                                     YOUTH EDUCATION & SCHOLARSHIPS                      Florine Capper Ettinger Fund                  Loris &David Rich Memorial Fund
Ruth &J.D. Rosenberger Music Fund                     Religious School Fund                               Barbara &Larry Fine Fund                      Judy &James Rotenstreich Fund
Barrye &Jay ZiftCultural Arts Fund                    Temple Tots Fund                                    Stanley Dean Friedman Family Fund             Rose &Nathan Rotenstreich Fund
                                                      BIRTYYouth Group Fund                               Dr. Harry &Bessie Goldner Fund                Adam Roth Fund
CEMETERY & BUILDING RESERVATlml:                      Jacobs Camp Scholarship Fund                        Betty Allenberg Goldstein Fund                Elise &Irving Rubel Fund
AbromslWeil Hall Repair &Replacement Fund             Ms. Lois Scholarship Fund                           Adele &Malvin Goldstein Fund                  Russakoff Family Fund
Capital Improvements Fund                             Endowed Funds:                                      Edward Goodman Memorial Fund                  Betty &Coleman Sachs Fund
Reserve Fund                                          Muncy Abroms Temple Tots Fund                       Mimi &Seaburt Goodman Fund                    Dena &Aaron Sachs Memorial Fund
Jasper Cemetery Fund                                  Gail &Jeffrey Bayer Fund forReligious Education     Rebecca &Adam Gordon Fund                     Margaret &Maurice Salloway Fund
Endowed Funds:                                        Ives Family Religious School Fund                   Belle &Ike Gotlieb Memorial Fund              Perry Schwartz Memorial Fund
Abroms Hall Preservation Fund                         Robert Loeb Education Fund                          Rosalie &Raymond Gotlieb Fund                 Ida W. Seigel Fund
Hess Chapel Fund                                      Lee & Stanley Elsas TEENS Fund                      Carol &Robert Gross Family Fund               Joseph H.Sirote Memorial Fund
Gloria Goldstein Howton Building Fund                 Leah Marks Young Adult Library Fund                 Evelyn & Jack Held Fund                       Morris K.Sirote Memorial Fund
JasperTemple Fund                                     Leah's Teen Trip Fund                               Ginger & Jerry Held Fund                      Stephanie &Brad Sklar Family Fund
Rabbi Morris Newfield Fund                            BarbaraAbrams &Julian Aland Scholarship Fund        Cissy &Leonard Held Fund                      Slive Family Fund
Cemetery Care Fund                                    Figtree Scholarship Fund                            Carol & Donald Herman Fund                    Carleton &Bruce Sokol Fund
Gadsden Cemetery Fund                                 Max Friedman B'nai Mitzvah Fund                     Hirschowitz Family Fund                       James Sokol Family Fund
                                                      Lewy Memorial Scholarship Fund                      Hurowitz Family Fund                          Marion &Dave Solomon Fund
                                                      Diana &Sidney Patterson Scholarship Fund            Miriam &Jack Kartus Fund                      Pat&Leonard WeiIFund
                                                      Lester Seigel Scholarship Fund                      Irma & Harry Koch Family Fund                 Weiner Family Fund
                                                      I.E. Simon Memorial Scholarship Fund                Rochelle & Michael Koslin Fund                Weinmanl Fierman Family Fund
                                                                                                          Leah & Ronnie Leaf Family Fund                Wertheimer Family Fund
          To make a Temple Tribute toeither an"immediate use" fund oranendowment fund,                  . Gayle & Eddie Leitman Fund
                  contact Barbra Zaslofsky at933-8397                                                                                                   February 2012

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