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* Personal Information

                        Hisham Abdul Fattah Oteiwi AI
Name :                  Makaneen

Nationality :           Jordanian

National No. :          9831061733

Identity Card No. :     6156930
Passport No. :          1523412
Religion :              Islam

Social status :         Single

Place and date of       Al-Mushgar , 15/3/1983
birth :
Address :               Amman , Na'or Constituency / AL Mushgar

Tel. :                  +962(6)4251060

Mobile :                +962776393473
Post address :          AL- Hussein Bin Talal University / Ma'an P.O Box ( 20 )
                        Postcode ( 71110 )
E. address :  

* Academic Qualifications

  Certificate       Specialization      Rating       Place certificate       Year
                                                        obtained           obtained
Master’s          Special             very good 4   Jordan University      2007
Degree            Education           out of 3.31
Bachelor’s        Special             very good 4   Jordan University      14/2/2005
Degree            Education           out of 3.21
High School       Literary                 92       Al Mushqar High        2001
                                                    School For Boy

* Specialization Field Courses
     Course                   Field          Place certificate     Date obtained
                      Talent and            Deponp Center        6 / 8 / 2008 .
Kourt                 Excellence            for teaching
                     Dealing with the        Jordan            25/7-19/8/2004
Brielle language     blind                   University

Speech and           Disorders therapy       Jordan            1/7-30/7/2004
language             of speech and           University
Disorders            language
Disorders Signal     Dealing with deaf       Jordan            28/10 -28/11/2003
language             people                  University

* Courses / other activities

     Course            Place certificate           Course       Date certificate
                            obtained             organizer          obtained
                    The Jordan Center for     We Are All       31/ 1 / 2009
Young Leader        Civilian Education        Jordan
                    studies                   Organization
L.C.D.L             Ministry of Education     Ministry of      13//06/2006
Fresh Teacher       Ministry of Education     Ministry of      25 / 2 / 2006
L.C.D.L             Jordan University         Jordan           19/6-9/7/2005
                    Jordan University         International
                    International             leadership       21/12/2004
International       leadership                Institute U.N.
leadership          institute/UN              University
                    Jordan University         Deanship of
Problem -solving    Students’ Office          Students’        5/8/2004

* Field Experiences
          Work station place                  Type of work          Period

Jordanian association for special needs     Volunteer          15/5/2003-
people                                                         15/5/2004

Special Education Amal Center,              Teacher            15/2/2004-
Salahdin Charitable Association                                2/5/2004

Al Razi Center for Special Education        Teacher            13/9/2004-5/1/2005
Anas International Center for Special       Teacher            20/2/2005 –
Education                                                      25/8/2005
Ministry of Education                       Teacher            29/8/2005
Al-Hussein Bin Talal University /           Full – Time        10/3/2008 – Till
College of Educational Sciences             Lecturer           Now.
* Activities:
A member in “We are all Jordan” Organization./ Na’or Constituency.
A member in Husban Cultural Club / Na’or Constituency.
A member in Jordanian Association for Special Needs People.
An observer in the elections 2007/ Al-Hayat Center for Studies.
A permanent participant in several institutions and associations dealing with
special needs people and their families.
An active member in social and voluntary work.
An active lecturer and participant in several workshops and conferences relevant
to social and educational issues.
A coordinator in Spring Festival I organized by Al-Sanad Center for Training
2008 /Amman.
A coordinator in a charitable campaign organized by Amman Center for Special
Education 2007/ Amman.

*Researches and Books
The Family of Special Needs Child in the Early Childhood Stage
( Published Book).
Training needs for the Families of pre-school Handicapped children Enrolled in
Early Intervention Program in Jordan ( Published Research).

The Problems that face Students during Teaching practice Course in Special
Education ( Unpublished Research ).
Training Course in Special Education Between Theory and Application
( Unpublished Book ).

* Languages
          Language                 Speaking         Reading          Writing

Arabic language                  Fluently        Fluently        Fluently
Eng. Language                    Fair            Good            Good

* References :
       Name                         Work Place                      Phone
Prof. Jameel Al-      Jordan University    Special             0777427000
Smadi                                      Education
Dr. Ghaleb Al-        Al-Hussein Bin       Special             0776426199
Hiari                 Talal University     Education
Dr. Yousef            Aal Al- Bait         Psychological       0777786214
Meqdadi               University           Counseling

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