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									                             Some Fundamental Questions on MBA

1. What is mba?

MBA is far more than the abbreviated form of “Master In Business Management”. It is an
experience. It is going beyond the class room studies, for all round development of an individual. It is
creation of a Brand. It creates smarter Individuals who have competitive advantage over others. It
creates entrepreneurs with excellent Business expertise and people management skill. It hones
leadership skill, expands horizon for taking smart risks, creates international network, enhances
analytical and problem solving skills .The best thing about it is, no matter what cake you prepare you
can always add the same icing on the top. So, if you are an engineer or a businessman, software
professional or a chartered accountant, and if you don’t want to lose your sheen in the masses, you
must have MBA in your “to do list”

2. How can I write an MBA admission essay?

The admission committee never gets to see you until you are called for an interview. So if you are
good bad or ugly, they would only judge it from the strength in your essays. They are your windows
and the wider your windows are open, the clearer the committee will see you. So your essays need
to be eloquent, well organised, interesting, convincing, and proud yet not pompous, representing
the person in you. One thing that clearly should be understood here, honesty and humility always
pays. So instead of being boastful, and overemphasizing your candidature, always give them a real

There are a variety of essays. Some ask about your professional learning and goal, some are about
your emotion and the real you, and some are situational essays. Chalk down your strategy about
how to answer each question and answer them in the light of past performance, present position
and future goal

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 3. What is MBA essay editing.

Though it may seem easy to write an essay, but it is not easy to get noticed by the admission
committee if your essay is not powerful and well reasoned.

We at Gateway2MBA not only edit your essays but also help you to project your abilities to the
admission team to improve your candidature for your dream school. Our mission is to enable you to
write the best possible admission essays that help you to achieve the MBA program of your choice.
You can rely on our experienced editors to make your essays more powerful, concise and convincing,
to help you stand out in the crowd of applicants. We will guide you to write your essays in a way
that, the admission committee sees that you are reflective, energetic, mature, realistic, ambitious
and highly motivated. We want you to "be" human, memorable, and more than simply "acceptable"
in your essays.

4. What is MBA Ranking
There are numerous colleges across the globe as well as many ranking agencies. Every year they
come out with the list of 100 B schools. These ranking are based on many criteria, Infrastructure,
faculty, Quality of education, campus Facility, Location, Projects undertaken by student, fee
structure. Some of the popular ranks are published by FT (Financial Time), Which MBA (Economist)
and US News.

5. Distance learning MBA is good or not?

Every side of the coin has its own story to tell. Distance MBA is meant for those people who are busy
elsewhere and cannot devote time to pursue a full time or part time MBA. It is more of a
certification course to add an extra column to your CV. But the real chances of learning, interacting
with classmates and lecturers. Creating a network, honing you soft skills are pretty low here, as you
study mostly from home.

6. Difference between distance learning MBA and regular MBA?

In Regular MBA you are fully engaged in the experience for about two to three years. In regular MBA
the opportunity cost is higher in terms of Course fee payment, lost compensation for your time and
MBA workload. But the benefit is higher in terms of knowledge gained, honing of soft skills like
leadership, HR Management, Strategic planning, decision making and risk taking ability.

Whereas in Distance MBA, learning opportunities are minimal. But the pro side is the cost. Generally
the cost of MBA is generally was less than regular MBA. People, who want a MBA degree for their
promotion in existing Job, can opt for distance MBA.

7. What is the admission procedure in MBA?

The admission procedure varies from country to country. There are many common exams; some
colleges have even their own exams. But most of the premier’s colleges ask for GMAT score along
with their previously specified essays. And if they find your candidature convincing they might ask
you for an interview or directly select you.

8. In which stream future of MBA is powerful?

MBA is sharpening of your already acquired skills. It is difficult to say MBA in which stream is most
demanding. As every stream of MBA is unique and has something to offer, at the same time every
stream is supplementary to others in nature. There is ample opportunity in excelling in any given
stream. So we recommend you to take that stream, which you are already familiar with. Suppose
you are a commerce graduate, you can go for finance; you are software professional you can go
for systems. But these are not strict rules. If there is a stream that is very inviting for you, you
should go with that and experience the learning.

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