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					                                                                                                     APPENDIX 3
          The scheduled programmed work is followed but priority is taken by specific requests.
          Sign cleaning and Vegetation cutting back is carried out as one operation.

Sign Cleaning and Vegetation cutting back Schedule 2004/2005
    July 2004     Marston Green/Castle Bromwich
  August 2004     Dorridge/Barston/Knowle
 September 2004   Balsall Common
  October 2004    Earlswood
 December 2004    Warwick Road / Solihull ByPass
  January 2004    Coventry Road/Chester Road
   March 2004     Olton
Specific Requests 2004/5 vegetation cutting back
      Mar-05      Seven Star Road                                   highways inspectors
     8-Apr-04     Windmill Lane Balsall Common                      highways inspectors
     5-Jun-04     Grove Road jnc Warwick Road                       resident
    23-Jun-04     Widney Lane                                       highways inspectors   see plan
    24-Jun-04     Box Trees to M42                                  highways inspectors   Do Enterprize as well
    30-Jun-04     Coventry Road                                     highways inspectors   see photos
    25-Aug-04     Jnc Lavender Hall ans Meriden Road                highways inspectors
    25-Aug-04     Jnc Nailcote Lane and Duggins Lane                highways inspectors
    25-Aug-04     Kineton Green / St Bernards                       Watermans             Private trees / Permission Obtained
    25-Aug-04     34 St Bernards discus work with resident          Watermans             Private trees / Permission Obtained
    27-Aug-04     Kineton Green mini roundabout                     Watermans             responding to complaint
     1-Sep-04     Kineton Green / St Bernards                       Jim Harte             responding to complaint
     3-Sep-04     Honiley Road                                      highways inspectors
    13-Sep-04     School road / Tinkers Lane                        highways inspectors
    13-Sep-04     Hodgetts Lane Burton Green End                    highways inspectors
    24-Sep-04     Stratford Rd - Hockley Heath                      highways inspectors
     5-Oct-04     Mill Pool Lane and Chessetts Wood Road            Tree Officers         Private trees
    12-Oct-04     llshaw heath/lady lane/rumbush lane/school road   streetcare officers   responding to complaint
    13-Oct-04     Ilshaw heath/lady lane/rumbush lane/school road   streetcare officers   responding to complaint
    29-Oct-04     Eastcote Lane / Barston Lane                      highways inspectors
    1-Nov-04      Berkswell Road                                    highways inspectors
    4-Nov-04      Edenvale Road / Wynchwood Ave                     highways inspectors
    13-Dec-04     Dingle Lane / Blossomfield Road                   highways inspectors

Sign Cleaning and vegetation cutting back Schedule 2005/2006
   April 2005       Marston Green/Castle Bromwich
    May 2005        Meriden / Earlswood
   June 2005        Hampton in Arden / Hockley Heath
    July 2005       Marston Green/Castle Bromwich
  August 2005       Dorridge/Barston/Knowle
 September 2005     Balsall Common
  October 2005      Earlswood
 December 2005      Warwick Road / Solihull ByPass
  January 2006      Coventry Road/Chester Road
   March 2006       Olton

Specific Requests 2005/6 vegetation cutting back
    8-Feb-05        Hobs Moat Road                                    highways inspectors   realign cycling signs
    18-Mar-05       Ebrington Avenue                                  highways inspectors   Re attach Nameplate
     6-Apr-05       Diddington Lane                                   highways inspectors
     7-Apr-05       Friday Lane jnc Barston Lane                      highways inspectors

This year's work will losely follow the same schedule, but will incorporate local knowledge of growth from last year.
Incorporated into the activity now is sign and name plate realignment and small repairs as requested.
The Main Road signs will be cleaned and cut back 4 times this year

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