Clear Creek School District RE-1 Board of Education February 1 by pengxuebo


									Clear Creek School District RE-1
Board of Education
February 1, 2010

A Special Business/Community Linkage Meeting of the Clear Creek School District Re-1 Board of
Education was held on Monday, February 1, 2010, in the media center at the Clear Creek High School.

Peter Monson, Board President, called the Special Business meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.

Members present: Laurie Beckel, Treasurer; Jeanne Biggs, Secretary, Dan Frydenlund, Member; Bob
Judge, Vice-President, and Peter Monson, President.

Roll call: LB-aye; JB-aye; DF-aye; BJ-aye; PM-aye.

Others present: Superintendent Bill Patterson and Assistant Secretary to the Board of Education, Gail

Mrs. Biggs moved that the Board of Education adopt the agenda for the February 1, 2010, Special
Business/Community Linkage meeting. Mr. Judge seconded the motion. LB-aye; JB-aye; DF-aye; BJ-aye;
PM-aye. Motion carried 5-0.

Carol O’Brien of the Clear Creek Education Foundation introduced the February Kid’s of Character.

Heidi Lupinacci introduced Xan McPherson, a 5th grader at King-Murphy Elementary School, who was
nominated her teacher Samantha Kreider. Xan is a Kid of Character because she is a dedicated and
responsible learner, a good friend, takes time to make everyone feel special, and makes good choices.

Mrs. O’Brien presented Xan with a certificated of recognition, a t-shirt, and a Visa gift card from the
Education Foundation along with a Beau Jo’s hoodie and gift card.

Mr. Monson and Dr. Patterson presented Xan with a framed certificate from the Board of Education and
the superintendent. Dr. Patterson thanked Xan for doing such a good job.

Mrs. Lupinacci introduced Sarah Fisher, a 6th grader at King-Murphy Elementary School. Mrs. Lupinacci
shared that she nominated Sarah as a Kid of Character because Sarah is caring, wonderful, and makes
everyone feel as though she cares about their welfare and well being. Sarah hosts an annual coat and
can drive in the fall and volunteers at the Denver Rescue Mission as well as taking care of others. Lastly,
Sarah is focused on her academics.

Mrs. O’Brien presented Sarah with a certificated of recognition, a t-shirt, and a Visa gift card from the
Education Foundation along with a Beau Jo’s hoodie and gift card.

Mr. Monson and Dr. Patterson presented Sarah with framed certificate, wishing her congratulations and
thanking her, stating that is was good to hear of her accomplishments and the good she does for others.

Mrs. O’Brien introduced Hunter Holmes a re-run Kid of character.
Mrs. Spletzer introduced Hunter, a senior at the high school, sharing that throughout Hunter’s high
school career he has taken Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses, he participates in extra-
curricular activities, is involved in student government, was the 2009 National Honor Society president ,
is enthusiastic, and is currently the student body president.

Mrs. O’Brien presented Hunter with a certificated of recognition, a t-shirt, and a Visa gift card from the
Education Foundation along with a Beau Jo’s hoodie and gift card. Mrs. O’Brien shared that Hunter was
a Kid of Character in her King-Murphy class when he was in 6th grade. Mrs. O’Brien stated that it was
wonderful to have had Hunter in class and to honor him today!

Mr. Monson and Dr. Patterson presented Hunter with a framed certificate from the Board of Education.
Mr. Monson remarked that Hunter’s leadership is truly amazing.

PUBLIC COMMENTS This is an opportunity to present brief comments or pose questions for the
consideration of the Board of Education. Speakers are requested to limit their remarks to not more than
five (5) minutes, and to appoint a spokesperson if the concern is a group concern.

Dawn Dash addressed the Board, inquiring whether or not the District Office employees are being
evaluated and what cuts are being considered. Mrs. Dash also wanted to know if the district is looking
at evaluations to make budget cuts.

Dr. Patterson reported that evaluations have been conducted on the Superintendent, Human Resources,
Business Manager, and the buildings evaluated the principals

Craig Abrahamson addressed the Board with a report on the west end of the community stating that
there is conversation about the middle school in regards to possible leadership changes. The charter
school board has had no formal discussion and has not taken a stand regarding the matter. Parents are
discussing alternatives to the middle school. There is a parent driven meeting on Thursday night,
February 4th at the Georgetown library to discuss alternatives to the middle school including a 7/8
charter school. There are families with kids at both the middle school and GCS who are very happy with
the middle school and if the middle school changes, they will consider all options.

Jeanne Biggs moved that the Board of Education approve items 10-13 through 10-15 on consent. Mr.
Frydenlund seconded the motion. LB-aye; JB-aye; DF-aye; BJ-aye; PM-aye. Motion carried 5-0.

10-13: New Hires – Terri McLaughlin, Clear Creek High School SPED Assistant, effective January 19, 2010
and Liesel Schmidt, Carlson Elementary School Instructional Assistant, effective January 19, 2010.

10-14: Termination – Patti Zingaro, King-Murphy SPED Assistant, effective January 19, 2010.

10-15: January 19, 2010, Regular Business Meeting

Mrs. Biggs related that it was her understanding that the district would not be hiring instructional
Dr. Patterson responded that the district will review positions as they become open and make a
determination to replace the position or not.

Principal Miller reported that the high school has enrolled five new students and that the middle school
has enrolled six new students this semester. In addition, the high school is expecting four more in the
next few weeks. Principal Miller reported that this may be a result of a presentation he gave to realtors
last month.

Principal Miller reported that the BAAC has been discussing the school and BAAC goals and how the
district goals relate to the high school goals. Principal Miller reported that the high school is working on
the goal to decrease the percent of students scoring unsatisfactory on CSAP’s by 10%.

Principal Miller reported that the school will maintain a positive differential with ACT scores. The high
school has had a remarkable five year record. We are conducting ACT reviews for juniors, utilizing the
ACCESS block.

Principal Miller reported that the high school will conduct the Student Satisfaction Survey again this
year, will continue an aggressive marketing plan to attract students, and continues to have student of
the month presentation.

Principal Miller reported that the high school and middle school staff are visible in the building. We
know the students, and the kids feel comfortable here.

The Board of Education requested to know who the BAAC members are, what representation of the
county does the BAAC have, and if the BAAC is seeking input from staff and community members.

 Principal Miller reported that the BAAC members are: Julie Holmes, Coach Jeff Miller, Lu Stewart, Tom
Hayden, Mary Feller, Linda Besler, Marlynn LaGreca, Amanda Drifmeyer, and Rhonda Cook. Principal
Miller stated that our staff has been getting input from parents, staff, and community members and are
reporting that information to the BAAC.

Mary Smith, CCHS counselor, reported to the Board that the counseling department has begun to meet
with the students of the class of 2012 about career and job planning and will continue each year to meet
with the sophomore class to prepare kids to select the right career. We encourage students to take the
ASVAB testing sponsored by the military. The results provide students will feedback on six different
career paths. The career aptitude testing is not intended to steer kids into the military.

Mrs. Smith presented a PowerPoint created by the students of Warren Tech. Warren Tech is an option
for our high school students. Warren Tech is not just a vocational program. They have expanded their
course offerings to include Health Science, Criminal Justice, and Fire Science. Students are motivated to
stay on track. Students attend Warren Tech part-time (mornings) and part-time at the high school
(afternoons). We are exposing middle schools to the program so that they think about the future.

Mrs. Smith informed the Board that representatives from Murray & Associates were at the high school
and 23 families participated in financial planning for college.
Mrs. Smith announced that Parent/Teacher conferences will be held on Wednesday evening, February
10th, and that Thursday, February 11th, will be a mini day for students in order for staff development
training in the afternoon. Additionally, CSAP testing will be in March and the juniors have been given
ACT preparation materials for upcoming ACT testing. The Advanced Placement (AP) exams will be in
May, the Day Awards will be held on May 6th at 2pm, the Night Awards are on May 12th at 7pm, and
Graduation will be held on Saturday, May 22nd.

Mrs. Smith responded to a Board question regarding ACT scores. Juniors are encouraged to take the
ACT test in February, a preparation class in March and test in April. As a result, student scores are
increasing two to three points. The difference could mean additional financial aid for students. In
March, the high school administers the ACCUPLACER tests to juniors, students get immediate feedback,
assess where they are so that they will be better prepared for the ACT test in April. The Accuplacer test
is in partnership with Red Rocks Community College.

Dr. Patterson would like a follow-up on students who met with Murray and Associates.

The Board of Education congratulated Principal Miller for going above and beyond with marketing
efforts for the high school; it is a positive initiative talking it up in the community.

RURAL SECURE FUNDING (re: Georgetown Community School)
Dr. Patterson reported that Georgetown Community School inquired if they would receive a percentage
of the Secure Rural Schools Funding. Dr. Patterson gave the Board and audience background
information on the Secure Rural Schools Funding.

The Board of Education and Principal Winter discussed what Georgetown would do with the funding.
Principal Winter reported that like the District Georgetown will have approximately a $70,000 shortfall
and the extra funding would be used to offset cuts.

The Board of Education would like to review Georgetown Community School’s most recent financials
prior to making a decision.

Dr. Patterson, the Board of Education, and GCS representative Craig Abrahamson discussed the rumor
that people are talking about a 7th/8th grade charter school possibilities and the position of the charter
school Board on the subject.

Mrs. Biggs asked for the Board to make a decision regarding the middle school and high school

A discussed ensued on the possibility of administration and programming changes at the middle and
high school next year.
The Board suggested that a representative from the west end of the county be on the middle and high
school BAACs to be involved and give input that would help the Board make decisions. The decision was
made to allow parents of 6th graders join the middle school BAAC.

Dr. Patterson and Principal Winter will meet to discuss financials.

Dr. Patterson, the Board of Education, the principals, and members of the audience discussed the
International Baccalaureate program (IB). Dr. Patterson distributed a handout to the Board and the
audience on IB and asked each school to report where they are with IB.

King-Murphy can apply for Application B; Carlson is in the exploratory stages and will be ready to submit
Application A in 2011; the middle and high school will not be ready to apply for application B this year
and doubtful for the spring of 2011.

The discussion continued on the pros and cons of the IB program. The philosophy, the inquiry method
of learning, and the idea and components IB are well liked. However, IB is time consuming and a lot of
hard work for staff. The training, staff development, and collaboration cause teachers to be out of the
classroom a lot; there are constraints where training is available for staff, often having to go out of state
for training; IB is a rigid program and expensive.

Dr. Patterson recommends that the district develop more support to the staff for the program; not to
submit Application A for Carlson yet; to delay any applications for the middle/high school for two years;
to continue with professional development for staff; set a firm timeline; continue the path of IB for King-
Murphy; and continue the philosophy of IB for all the schools.

Dr. Patterson reported that the district would have to develop accountability and evaluations of the

 Ms. Beckel requested whether or not staff are evaluated based on instructional methods and requested
to have results of staff evaluations.

The Board discussed continuing with the IB program or the idea to go with the IB philosophy which
raised the following concerns: how would we know that the schools will follow the IB philosophy. The
Board supports the IB structure of the IB program due to the fact there is vertical articulation, external
pressure, and IB performs evaluations.

The Board would like the BAAC’s to discuss IB as it relates to the budget recommendations. The Board
directed that the district continue with the course of IB and develop a budget.

Dr. Patterson reported that the Board has already received information pertaining to the policy on
board voting. After consulting with our attorney, the attorney stated that there is vagueness in the law.
If the Board would like to allow a member to vote while attending the meeting via conference phone, it
will fall within the law. The Board discussed the policy and stated that a Board member may vote while
participating in the meeting via phone under the following conditions to be added to the policy:
      only in so many meetings per year;
      if adequate information and technology is good;
      with adequate time to know the conversation;
      be able to participate in discussion prior to voting;
      when it is a controversial issue;
      if a quorum is needed.
Dr. Patterson will put the information into the policy.

Dr. Patterson reported that he and Mr. Monson will be on Jerry Fabyanic’s radio program, Saturday,
February 6th, at 3:00 p.m.

Dr. Patterson reported that the district is collaborating with Clear Creek Economic Development
Corporation and Red Rocks Community College on a survey regarding interested in adult classes which
could be held locally. The survey will be mailed to county residents, insert in the papers, and online.
Participants will be encouraged to complete the survey online.

Dr. Patterson reported that the Math Curriculum Committee held their first meeting. The State Board of
Education approved new standards. Benchmarks in the 5th grade math curriculum went from 80 to 12.
The new standards are different enough from the current standards that they cannot be implemented
until the state develops a new test.

Mr. Judge made a request to have a representative from the Georgetown area on the Graduation
Committee. Mr. Abrahamson, Georgetown Community School Board member, responded that the
word is out and they are asking people to join the committee.

Mr. Judge directed Dr. Patterson to report to the Board the number of kindergarteners pre-registered at
Kind-Murphy and Carlson for next year.

Mr. Judge requested that Dr. Patterson develop a restructuring plan of the district. Utilize the BOCES for
other areas and to make the administration efficient and cost effective before cuts are made at the

Dr. Patterson reported that he will receive information from the BAACs and schools in two weeks.
However, it will take some time to receive information from the BOCES as Melissa is out.

Mr. Monson announce that the next Board of Education Business meeting will be held on Tuesday,
February 16, 2010, in the Board meeting room, 1st floor at the Clear Creek School Administration
Building, 320 Hwy 103, Idaho Springs.

The next Board of Education Work-study Session will be held on Monday, March 1, 2010, in the Board
meeting room, 1st floor at the Clear Creek School Administration Building, 320 Hwy 103, Idaho Springs.

Mr. Monson adjourned the Board of Education Special Business/Community Linkage meeting for
February 1, 2010, at 9:20 p.m. with a motion from Ms. Beckel, seconded by Mrs. Biggs. Mr. Monson
requested that the minutes certify that everyone voted in favor. Motion carried. 5-0.
Respectfully submitted,

Peter Monson, Board President
                                Gail Johnson, Assistant Secretary to
                                the Board of Education

Jeanne Biggs, Board Secretary

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