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									Student Name:C.J Scott

Blackboard Scavenger Hunt

1. You are to go to 2. Log in username name password brb.firstname.lastname use your wiki password

3. 4.

Click on the right hand side where it says Barber 7th Grade Reading – Watts You will see the announcement page – Read it! Answer this question: Who usually uses the Blackboard online class? colleges On the left hand side, there are 5 links in white, write down the names 1. Announcements 2. Student Orientation 3. Course Information 4. Assignments 5. Student gradebook Click on the one that says STUDENT ORIENTATION Write the two bullets under communication 1. communicating with your instructor and fellow classmates 2. communication tools with your course Click and open the communication folder. Write down two things that you think you think are the most common sense. 1. Be polite and respect other student's opinions. Each student has his/her own ideas and thoughts, and should be shown the courtesy of having other classmates listen. 2. Use correct punctuation, grammar, and check spelling. Click OK at the bottom and then read what it says for Course Assignments. What three topics will be reviewed? 1. Accessing assignments 2. Saving assignments 3. Submitting assignments Click and open the assignment folder. What will instructors post to the assignments section? 1. Instructors will post items of general information and then a series of folders that correspond to each unit or chapter within the course.


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2. 11.

to find the assignments that correlate to that unit or chapter.

Click OK at the bottom and then read what it says for Gradebook and keeping up with progress. Write the two bullets. 1. Accessing Student Gradebook 2. Interpreting Gradebook features Click and open the gradebook folder. Write down two things that the gradebook will allow you to do. 1. access teacher feedback on assignments 2. view assessment items (e.g. homework, tests, exams, prjects, assignmetns, discussion board, etc.) Click OK at the bottom and then read about assessments. Click and open the folder and write down the three things students MUST NOT do during an assessment. 1. Click the browser Back or Refresh button 2. Resize the screen 3. Have ANY other programs running (instant messenger, etc.)



Now here is the test part of all of this. 1. Go to and upload your assignment 2. Copy the embed code 3. In blackboard, in the white box that says CCSD Tools, click on Communication 4. Click on the discussion board 5. Click on the forum that says Blackboard 6. Click the button that says THREAD at the top 7. Put your wiki name in the Subject box 8. Underneath messages on the tool bar you will see a less than and greater than sign together, click it. 9. Paste your EMBED code here; do not DELETE anything 10. At the very bottom click SUBMIT 11. YOU PASS!

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