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									This is an opportunity to become the hands and feet of Jesus to a hurting nation. This trip will consist of light
construction work & children’s activities at the Mission of Hope (MOH) facility & with local church partners in the
surrounding villages. Mission of Hope is a Christian organization that touches thousands of lives daily in Haiti through
the Church of Hope, School of Hope, Hope House Orphanage, Hospital / Clinic of Hope, Nutrition, & Disaster Relief.

FINANCES // The total cost for the trip (including airline tickets, travel insurance, lodging, meals, and
children’s ministry/construction supplies) is approximately $1,800 per person.
w/ Application: $150 Deposit Due (To hold your spot & reserve airline tickets.)
       * Make your trip to Haiti the #1 item on your Christmas wish list & write support letters!
Wednesday, February 13th: $450 Due
       *Volunteer your services to raise funds for your trip at the Fundraiser Event, or plan your own!
Wednesday, March 27th: $450 Due (To purchase airline tickets)
       *Make a personal pitch to people you know – they may want a last minute tax write-off!
Wednesday, May 22nd: $550 Due (To make Mission of Hope reservations.)
       * Use Graduation money, collect bottles & cans, or do odd-jobs to raise the rest of your support!
Wednesday, June: 19th: Remaining Balance Due (To cover all travel & trip expenses.)

December – Student & Parent Informational Meetings (Sunday AM)
Wednesday, January 16th – Team Meeting & Parent Fundraiser Planning Meeting
Wednesday, February 13th – Team Meeting & Parent Fundraiser Planning Meeting
March – Student & Parent Fundraiser Planning Meeting (Wednesday)
March – Team Meeting & Fundraising Event (Friday or Saturday)
April & May – Possible Team Building Gatherings
Wednesday, June 19th – Mission Team Commissioning at Wednesday Night Service, Troy Campus
August – Haiti Team Reunion (Wednesday)

IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS // Once your application is received and approved, all necessary trip documents
will be available at team meetings and sent via e-mail.

TRAVEL SCHEDULE // Look in your email for updates once our team size & flight plans are in place.

TEAM LEADER // Please contact Dave Kubiak at or call at 586.610.2432.
All trip documents can be sent to:
Kensington Community Church
Attn: Dave Kubiak
1825 E. Square Lake Road Troy, Michigan 48085
On January 1, 1804, Haiti, whose name signifies "high and wooded land”, became the first independent black
republic in the world. It shares the Island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic: Haiti occupies the
Western one-third of the island, and the Dominican Republic the remaining eastern two-thirds. Haiti
encompasses an area of 10,714 sq. mi. (about the same size as the state of Maryland). Aside from a few plains,
the greater part of its territory is mountainous and very steep in some areas; this weighs heavily on any efforts
to develop it agriculturally.

The poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, Haiti has been plagued by political violence for most of its
history. After an armed rebellion led to the forced resignation and exile of President Jean-Bertrand ARISTIDE in
February 2004, an interim government took office to organize new elections under the auspices of the United
Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH). Continued violence and technical delays prompted
repeated postponements, but Haiti finally did inaugurate a democratically elected president and parliament in
May of 2006. A massive magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck Haiti in January 2010 with an epicenter about 15 km
southwest of the capital, Port-au-Prince. An estimated 2 million people live within the zone of heavy to
moderate structural damage. The earthquake is assessed as the worst in this region over the last 200 years
and massive international assistance will be required to help the country recover. Kensington communicates
regularly with MOH regarding the conditions in the country to assess travel concerns within the area.

We will fly into Port-Au-Prince, the capitol city and drive 12 miles north to the Mission of Hope (MOH)
compound located in Titanyen. We will work in and around the city of Titanyen. We will be housed at MOH
in a dormitory style setting.

The organization that will be hosting us is The Mission of Hope (MOH). It was founded by Bob & Sharon
Johnson in Haiti, where they were able to acquire a piece of barren land just north of Port-au-Prince. Their
vision was to build a mission complex that would effectively reach out and minister to the physical and
spiritual needs of the less fortunate people in Haiti. In 1998, the torch was passed to Bob & Sharon’s son, Brad,
and his wife, Vanessa. As they felt the call on their lives to make Haiti their home, they became pioneers of
what was to become Mission of Hope as we know it today.

The Mission of Hope complex now sits on 76 acres of land and employs over 150 Haitians. Approximately
1,300 children are enrolled in the School of Hope, the Hope House Orphanage is home to almost 60 children,
Hope Clinic sees hundreds of patients every week and over 600 adults, youth and children come from
surrounding villages to attend the Church of Hope

There are 55 schools involved in the nutrition program and everyday over 11,000 children throughout Haiti
receive a hot meal at school. There are also over 15 orphanages, well over 1000 children, receiving 3 meals a
day through the program.

The vision of MOH is to build a vocational training center where the Haitians can learn a marketable trade.
Kensington is sending a team of business people to help determine what the next steps should be in the
planning for the construction of the facility, equipping of the facility and in the trades that may be taught at
the facility. This may include electrical, plumbing, construction, farming, etc.
I am applying as a □ Leader*          □ Student      Church/Campus___________________________




Email                                                                              (all trip info will be emailed)

Grade_______ Birthplace________________________________________ Birthdate____________________

Social Security #_______________________ Driver's License #______________________________________

Height__________ Weight__________ Hair Color__________ Eye Color__________ T-Shirt Size _________

Physical identification marks__________________________________________________________________

*Spouse name________________________________                *Spouse cell/work # _________________________

Parent’s Name__________________________________ Parent’s cell/work # _________________________

Address___________________________________________ Email __________________________________

MEDICAL INFORMATION (must be filled out completely or else this app will not be processed)

Doctor's name__________________________________________________Phone______________________

Office address _____________________________________________________________________________

Medical insurance company _____________________________________Phone________________________

Plan name and number______________________________________ Travel coverage? __________________

Please describe if presently under doctor's care for treatment and/or medication now or in the last two years.

Describe any allergies or problems relating to food, medicine, heat, or lifting.

Do you smoke or use tobacco or use illegal drugs?

Will you be willing & able to eat whatever food you are served? (If no, please explain your diet requirements.)

Describe any health problems.

What church do you attend if different than Kensington Church?________________________________

How long have you been attending your church? _____________________________________________

Are you in a small group? _____ If so, who is your small group leader? ___________________________


Employer_____________________________________________ Phone_________________________


Your position________________________________________ How long? ________________________

Communication while in Haiti is limited and very difficult. Cell phones will not be needed, and most likely will
not function. Our team will do our best to send daily updates via facebook, twitter, & e-mail. Please check
them often while before & during our trip, as they are the only ways we will be able to communicate photos,
daily recaps, & important information (including arrival and pick-up information once we are back in the US.)
Facebook: Like us at
Twitter: Follow us at #haiti2013
Email: Make sure the email you have provided is functional and one you check often.


Would you consider yourself a follower of Christ? Tell us about your relationship with God.

Have you been involved with any type of missions outreach or retreat in the past? Please explain.

What skills or abilities do you feel you can contribute to this outreach?

Why do you want to go on this trip?

      Applications are subject to review and approval by your church point leader.
      All contributions, including deposit, made toward the cost of the trip are non-refundable.
      Leadership has the right to send a student home at the student’s expense for any actions that are
       detrimental to the integrity of the trip.
      Our plan is that this will be a life-changing trip for you and those we serve!

                Applicant                                    Parent (if under 18 years old)
You need a valid passport, good for 6 months after our return home.

    Post Office Passport Centers
                            Pontiac                 8:30-4:00
                            Rochester              10:00-3:00
                            Sterling Hgts.         10:00-3:00
                            Utica                  9:00-3:00
                            Warren                  9:00-3:00

       At the Passport Center, you will need:
                          Two (2) identical 2” x 2” passport photos
                            Costco charges $4.99, other businesses like Kinkos or Mailboxes, Etc. charge
                            considerably more.
                          A certified birth certificate with a raised seal.
                          A valid driver’s license.

       Fill out the proper application form for a new passport ($135) or obtain a renewal by mail form ($110).
       Be prepared to pay by cash or check.
       You may call 1-800-275-8777 with further questions or to get addresses to the passport centers.
       Apply early! The process normally takes 4 to 8 weeks. Less for a renewal.

       Note: Please make a b/w copy of your PASSPORT and BIRTH CERTIFICATE and turn in to your team
       leader at your earliest convenience.

    Please provide your own transportation to & from DTW. Our team will meet at the Terminal.
    Flight information TBD & will be announced via email as soon as it becomes available.

    Hepatitis A/B, Tetanus/Diphtheria (DT), Preventative Malaria meds, Typhoid fever vaccination**,

    **It may be noted that vaccines for typhoid fever is not 100% effective in preventing the disease. Both
    diseases are treatable if caught early. Typhoid fever is prevented by proper hand washing and food

    We also ask that each person bring with them an antibiotic such as Cipro, and an anti-diarrheal
    medication just in case.

    You can get your immunizations/prescriptions at:
    Crittenton Travel Clinic, 441 S. Livernois Suite 100 Rochester Hills, MI 48307 248-652-5976
    Or at any County Health Building.
When traveling into Port Au Prince, you will be asked to fill out a customs declaration form (white) and an
immigration form (green.) You will need to fill out these forms with a blue or black ink pen. The forms will ask
for our Mission of Hope address, listed below:
Mission of Hope
777 Route National #1
Titanyen, Haiti

 This is a country where one could easily offend another by wearing the wrong thing. I know that this seems
strange for such a poor nation but the young people really look to North American’s for their style and they try
to copy some that are not ideal for this culture. Adult’s typically judge others by style and in turn determine
who they can trust and respect by what they wear. This is a sensitive subject for some people but for the
short time that you will be visiting Haiti we would ask that you consider our requests and respect the culture.
Please do not make us ask you to change your outfit. That is just awkward for you and us. So, if you are not
sure just don’t pack it. Thank you!

WHILE ON CAMPUS (whether that is at the guest house, visiting the orphanage or working):
    do not show cleavage at any time
    cover bra straps and do not wear open back shirts
    no spaghetti straps, tank tops, half shirts or low ride bottoms
    tight clothes are never appropriate
    long shorts (at least to mid-thigh), Capri’s, jeans or pants

   must wear shirts at all times, no tank tops
   shorts are appropriate

LADIES: wear a skirt/dress to the knee

MEN: must wear khaki shorts or similar (no basketball shorts) & short-sleeved shirt at all times

LADIES: wear a casual skirt/dress

MEN: khaki or dress pants and casual dress shirt

** While working construction ladies/men may wear mid-thigh basketball style shorts.

Smoking - MOH is a smoke free environment (if you must smoke, please see a Mission of Hope staff member)
Alcohol/Drugs - alcohol and drugs are prohibited by all MOH guests
Firearms - all firearms are prohibited
       Shoes (travel & walking)
       Work Boots
       Work Gloves
       Water bottle (refillable)
       Flip-flops
       Washcloth/small towel
       Flashlight
       Prescriptions, Malaria Medication & other items (aspirin, band aids, etc.)
       Sun Protection (hat, bandanas, sun glasses) Toiletries
       Guys - pants or shorts & shirts
       Girls - skirts/pants/capris or knee length shorts & shirts
       Swim Suit and Beach Towel
       Personal snack food (for time in Haiti)
       Camera, memory card, extra batteries
       Personal cash - mostly $1 bills ($50 - $100 is appropriate if purchasing souvenirs)
       Travel tissues
       Moist towel packets and/or hand cleaner
       Underwear & socks
       Toiletries –deodorant, mini toothpaste, toothbrush, hairbrush, etc
       Bible and journal
       Hand sanitizer
       Sun screen
       Insect repellant
       Toilet Paper
       Small battery operated fan (6 inch)

      Electricity: Will be available at the MOH facility from 6pm to 6am daily
      Security: Watch your luggage, passport and valuables at all times. Bring only what you need because
       we do not know if there will be a secure place to keep our belongings.
      Food: MOH will provide meals for us, but will also ask us to bring some food along.
      Water: While in Haiti, only drink bottled or filtered water. Bring a refillable water bottle.
      Sleeping: The sleeping arrangements are dorm-style; bunk beds with several people sharing a room.
       Sheets and pillows are provided, but feel free to bring your own.
      Passport: Be sure to bring your passport. It should be carried on your person and not packed in a
       suitcase. Bring your Immunizations Record (yellow card) if you have one.
      Packing/Luggage: Plan on packing the majority of your personal clothing and items in a carry-on. One
       checked bag person will be used for ministry and food supplies
In an effort to communicate effectively regarding fundraising related to Short Term Trips, Global Partners,
Local Partners, etc, Kensington Church states that all fundraising must be performed according to the
following stipulations:

      Agreed upon by team leader and supported by team.
      Not within the confines of a Kensington service or property (or on the premise of any campus).
      Not promoted to the Kensington audience using any communication methods (ie. blog, web, program,
       flyers, etc).

Some methods of fundraising that Kensington’s Global Partners Department along with the Finance &
Development Office strongly encourage include:

      Support Letters (preferred method)
      Restaurant Profit Share
      Restaurant Guest Servers
      Silent Auctions
      Car Washes
      Bake Sales
      Pizza Kits
      Cookie Dough

The best candidates to invite to these types of events would include:

      Family
      Neighbors
      Coworkers
      Friends
      Small Group Members
      Teammates

These guidelines are in place to carryout the mission of Kensington, allowing those who think God is irrelevant
into fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ to not be bombarded with endless giving opportunities. By
removing barriers, such as fundraising opportunities during weekend and mid-week services, we allow our
target audience to fully engage with their experience here, ultimately hoping to allow an intimate moment to
meet God in a very powerful way. We strategically orchestrate church-wide giving opportunities (ie.
Thanksgiving Baskets, Christmas, Trans4mation) with extreme planning and meticulousness. We sincerely
appreciate your cooperation and welcome any questions regarding our fundraising policy to be directed to the
Finance & Development Office at

 1. Why ask for financial and prayer support?

    It is an opportunity for more people to be involved in the trip.
    All Kensington short-term trips are self-funded.
    It is great to have others involved on “your” team.
    It is also a great opportunity to share your story of faith with your network.

 2. Pray for people, including family, other Kensington attenders, neighbors, small group members and
    work associates to whom you can send your letter. Be bold, but wise. It is a great faith flag. Please
    avoid sending your letters to Kensington pastors & staff and other short-term trip leaders, unless
    they are your personal friends.

 3. Compose a letter that tells them what you will be doing, where, when, why you need financial and
    prayer support, who receives the money and how it will be used and finally, how they can help.

 4. We strongly encourage you to communicate to sponsors that on-line giving is available for each trip.
    We suggest you send your letters through email allowing sponsors to click on the link and donate

 5. Get the letters in the mail ASAP. Ask the sponsors to respond by February 13, 2012. We will need to
    pay for airline tickets and other costs by that time. Our team’s URL is:

 6. If sending through U.S. mail Include with each letter:

               A return envelope pre-addressed to the Kensington church office
               The contribution form for obtaining a tax deduction receipt with your name written in
                Team Member’s Name slot
               The instructions guidelines form

 7. We will inform you of the people, who responded to your letter, but not the amount of the
    contribution, so you will be able to send them a thank you note.

 8. After the trip, we would suggest sending a follow-up letter to your support ‘team members.’

 9. In the event that the money raised is in excess of the short-term trip’s expenditures, the funds will be
    used by the Kensington Global Partners Ministry for future needs.

 10. If you have any questions, ask a team leader or someone who has been on a previous short-term trip.

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