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									  BUSINESS LAW

                     First law

 Customer is a repeat customer
 Customer is the process continued
 Customers are stakeholders nearest
 Customer is a manufacturer image
 Customers are not direct marketers
                   SECOND LAW

 Advantages related to the material and in-material
 Profit divided by the stake-holders both primary and
 Profit-share-holders in the recapitalization of the
  new venture capital or investment
                    THIRD LAW

 Position in business correlated with financial
 Career employees based on performance appraisal
 Placement and removal of staff based on business
 Rules of employment is made as simple as possible
                  FOURTH LAW

 Nepotism is not a scourge that must be fought, but
  understood and interpreted
 Learn from ants, themselves can, both secure, three
  streets, stately and lively congregation gallant
 Make nepotism as the state of the soul; treat
  everyone as family
                    FIFTH LAW

 Selling is imperative, because if we do not have to
 The highest sales value and tested is the value of
 All levels of management, part, division should be
  oriented sales
 Lini; sales. Buffer; production, human and financial
                     sixth law

 Many successful people not from investments but
  from communicating.
 Many successful people not from expertise but from
  his will
 Most successful people have in common; resistant to
  the inconvenience
                 SEVENTH LAW

 Do not nafikan old market despite new
 Penetration is more effective than the development
  and diversification
 Developing marketing law but do not mix shifting
  from the basic aspects
                  EIGHTH LAW

 Corporate culture should be able to replace the
  company regulations
 Rules are made to make a free man rather than vice
  versa, binding people
 Everyone is free to choose but not to result
                   NINTH LAW

 You can have fun with your job, but do not mix work
  with pleasure your
 Work is worship
 Having fun is also worship
                   TENTH LAW

 Working for others concerning the mind and skill
 Self employment related liver
 Employing another person regarding a combination
 of both
                   Eleventh LAW

 Determination of clear objectives already completed
  half the task
 Priority-setting step easy reach convenience
 Personally responsible will bear the public trust that
  is not finite

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