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									Director's Report to the Community

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                                 Trustees Confirm Board Mission
                                      and Belief Statements

                                                                       Mission Statement
                                                                  We are dedicated to providing quality programs for
                                                                  all students in welcoming and safe learning environ-

Following the amalgamation of school boards in 1998, Trust-
ees tried to capture the inherent values, goals and beliefs of
                                                                        Belief Statements
our two former school boards into one Mission and Belief          ✓ Public education is an investment in all peoples
Statement for the newly formed Lambton Kent District                and all communities.
School Board.
                                                                  ✓ The safety of our school system is strengthened by
At the beginning of this elected term, Trustees of the Board        embracing other cultures, diversity, and respecting
reviewed our Mission and Belief Statements by asking the            self, others and the environment.
  ✓ Do our mission and belief statements capture the values       ✓ Student success is enhanced through understand-
    and goals of the Board today?                                   ing and shared responsibility of students, staff,
  ✓ Do the statements reflect the Board’s vision and direc-          parents/guardians, business, community and First
    tion?                                                           Nation partners.
  ✓ Is the Boards Logo recognizable?                              ✓ Accountability is achieved through ongoing evalu-
  ✓ Is the Motto understandable?                                    ation, open dialogue and continuous improve-
The consensus was yes! Our Board’s statements do reflect             ment.
the goals, beliefs and the vision we value but we wanted our
statements condensed. We wanted the Mission and Belief
Statements expressed within a more concise format.

The Board adopted these newly restated Mission and Belief
Statements in April 2007. The words may be fewer however
they reflect the Board’s vision quite effectively.

Trustees reconfirmed the Board’s Logo and Motto ‘Student
Achievement✓Community Success’.                                                 Board Logo
                                                                  The circle in our Logo represents the never-ending
On behalf of the elected Trustee’s of the Lambton Kent District   cycle of education. Within it are the ‘L’ and ‘K’ of
School Board, I’m very proud of the progressive, innovative       Lambton Kent. One is connected to the other…pick-
and inclusive programming offered to students in the Lamb-        ing up where the other ends and completing the
ton Kent District School Board. Through our team approach         whole. The two letters are also made up of check
to learning, working positively with Superintendents and          marks, which refer to the importance of students
staff and with the excellent leadership of our Director, Gayle    proving themselves and learning how to utilize
Stucke, we create successful educational opportunities for        information in a positive manner throughout their
all students.                                                     lives. Within the circle are the lines representing com-
                                                                  munication from side to side and computer waves of
Jane Bryce
                                                                  the technology in the classroom and technology of
Chair of the Board
                                                                  the area. The colours are split for blue on the out-
                                                                  side (the two lakes) and green on the inside (land,

2006-2007 Director's Report                                                                                                  2
   Director's Message
   to the Community

There has been a heightened commitment to continuous improvement in student achievement throughout the schools and de-
partments of the Lambton Kent District School Board in the past school year. The Board of Trustees approved a Board Growth
Plan and balanced Budget that focus on providing the best possible learning and working experiences for its 26,000 students and
3,400 employees.
We are proud of the accomplishments of our students. They recognize the importance of their academic achievement while many
continue to excel in extra curricular activities. Character development is evident in the learning that occurs both inside and outside
of our classrooms.
There has been a strong focus on success for all students with specific attention given to increasing staff awareness of the learning
needs and culture of First Nations students. A Native Advisory Committee has been re-established with representatives from four
First Nations meeting monthly with school and Board leaders.
The efforts of students, their families, staff, Trustees and our many community partners are recognized and appreciated as we
work together to meet challenges and share successes.

Gayle Stucke
Director of Education

                                                  meeting challenges
                                                  sharing successes

Establishment of Parent Involvement Committee
The newly established District wide Parent Involvement Committee met regularly throughout the year to promote and support
increased participation of parents in their children’s learning.
The Parent Involvement Committee previewed and purchased videos for each school library to promote increased awareness of
the history and culture of First Nations students and their families.
A Parent Communication-Conflict Resolution Guideline was developed as a communication tool to inform parents of the support
available to them in the event that issues arise at the school level. The School Council site on the Board Website was enhanced to
give parents easy access to important information, including upcoming events.
Drug Proofing Your Kids Workshops were hosted by the Parent Involvement Committee attracting interested parents at two loca-
tions in Chatham-Kent and Sarnia/ Lambton. Participants learned about the opportunity to be trained as facilitators to support this
important program being available in all school communities.
The Terms and Conditions developed by this first Parent Involvement
Committee introduced a selection process for Committee members
for the next school year. Representation comes from elementary and
secondary schools in rural and urban areas throughout the District and
with representation from schools with First Nations, Special Education
and French Immersion programs. We look forward to growth as a
system committee to further support initiatives to increase parental
involvement throughout the District in the next school year.

                                                                                    Judy Krall                   Jo-Anne Snow
                                                                                Co-Chairs of the Parent Involvement Committee

Ministry of Education Reaching Out to Parents Grants
School Councils from 19 schools made successful application for Ministry Reaching Out grants for a total of $25,200 to introduce
strategies to increase parent involvement. The innovative activities reached many parents including some who had not previously
participated in school based events. Examples of programs offered to engage parents include family literacy nights, healthy conflict
resolution, proactive parenting, real discipline, enhancing communication and understanding education.

2006-2007 Director's Report                                                                                                      4
Delaware Language Program Offered in Ridgetown
September 2007 marked the first opportunity for students at Ridgeview Moravian Elementary School to study the Delaware Lan-
guage as a Native Language program offering.
The planning for this program began in September 2006 when representatives of the Moravian community first approached the
Board with the request to have the Delaware Language taught as part of the regular school curriculum. Meetings were held,
families were surveyed and an implementation plan was developed with input from Ministry of Education officials.
The end result was the development of an instructional framework that allowed all interested students opportunity to study the
Delaware Language. Instructional time mirrored that of the French as a Second Language program. All students continued to
receive instruction in French through this year.
The program is led by Glen Jacobs who has served for many years as a Native Education worker at Ridgeview Moravian Elementary
School, and has international recognition as a speaker and teacher of the Delaware Language. Seventy-six students participated
in the program this year.

Proposed Voluntary Confidential Aboriginal Student Self Identification Policy
The Lambton Kent District School Board Education introduced the concept of implementing a voluntary confidential Aboriginal
Student Self Identification Policy for the Lambton Kent District School Board this year. The goals include the following: to improve
achievement results in literacy and numeracy for First Nation students; to promote effective, respectful working relationships and
partnerships with First Nations parents and the general First Nations community; to understand and respect the goals that First Na-
tions families have for their children; to continue to set high expectations in supported learning environments; and to improve the
retention and graduation rates of First Nations students. The focus of a voluntary confidential Aboriginal Student Self-Identification
Policy would be to determine whether programs currently delivered offer similar opportunities for success for all students.
Consultation with the Chiefs of the four First Nations within the District to discuss the goal of developing policies and practices to
ensure the needed support for the optimum learning experience for all students is ongoing. A commitment has been made for
further discussions with their Education Boards or Committees. The process of introducing a voluntary confidential Aboriginal
Student Self-Identification Policy would involve extensive consultation with information sessions offered in each of the First Nations
communities and within the larger communities of Chatham-Kent and Sarnia/Lambton. Ultimately, the implementation process
would require the registration and re-registration of all students within the Board with parents requested to check a box indicating
Aboriginal ancestry if they wish to self-identify. The extensive consultation planned would increase awareness as to the benefits
of the Board having the ability to collect data to allow for informed decisions to support improvements in the success of its First
Nation students.

International Student Education Program
The Lambton Kent District School Board has been involved in an international student education program for many years. Elemen-
tary students have been part of the program in Chatham-Kent for several years and this year the program expanded into Sarnia/
Lambton. This was the first program in Ontario to host a significant number of elementary-aged children from grades four to
eight for short-term stays. The students’ length of stay varies from a few weeks to the full academic year.
The primary focus of the International Education Program has been to work with community partners to provide a safe, inviting
learning environment for students from other countries who come to Ontario for a cultural, language enriched experience. As the
program has grown the advantages for students of the Lambton Kent District School Board have become increasingly evident. A
key to the success of the program is the relationships that continue to flourish with the sponsors, agents, home stay parents, and
staff in the host schools.
The International Education Program continues to evolve both in the number of students hosted by our District and in the diversity
of initiatives related to the program. There has been a significant increase in the number of agents, sponsors and institutions
requesting placements for potential students in 2007-08 and beyond. The purpose of the elementary aged students’ visits is to
enhance social, cultural and language experiences. The objective of international students at the secondary level is primarily to
earn credits for an Ontario Secondary School Diploma. To date, a total of 132 students, 110 elementary and 22 secondary, have
enrolled in the Board’s schools. The majority, 125 (95%) have come from South Korea. Twelve elementary and three secondary
schools in Chatham-Kent have hosted 82 students. Twelve elementary schools and four secondary schools in Sarnia/Lambton have
hosted 50 students. Sixty-eight students (52%) were male and 64 students (48%) were female.
Highlights of the program for 2006-07 included the trip by the Director and Board Chair to South Korea and China in September.
The relationships cemented during the visit continue to pay dividends. One initiative that evolved from the trip was the arrange-
ment with Yes Youngdo English School to bring a significant number of students to Sarnia/Lambton. This also gave the Board an
opportunity to gain experience in providing homestay services, an increasingly important element in international education.
In July, 2007, twenty-eight students and three principals from five schools in Chatham-Kent will be traveling to Busan, South Korea,
for twelve days to attend Dongsung Elementary School. They will be staying with host families from Dongsung Elementary School
and participating in a variety of social and cultural activities arranged for them by the school. This trip resulted from an agreement
between the Lambton Kent District School Board and Dongsung Elementary School that committed both institutions to creating
opportunities that would enhance the global perspective of our collective student populations.

2006-2007 Director's Report                                                                                                         6
                               Celebrating Success
                                              Josh Segeren, John McGregor Secondary School Student, was a multiple award
                                              winner at the Canada-Wide Science Fair.

Christopher Chopcian, student at Hanna Memorial School, was a multiple
award winner at the Canada-Wide Science Fair.

                                                             Rob Christopher, student at Alexander Mackenzie Secondary
                                                             School, was presented with a letter from Prime Minister Stephen
                                                             Harper in recognition of his efforts to open a used-clothing store at
                                                             the school. The store was named Mustang Alley and is dedicated
                                                             to former teacher John Gifford.

                                 Celebrating Success
Jeff Malicki, a teacher at Indian Creek Road Public School won
the Coaching to Inclusion Award.

                                                                 Tecumseh teacher Cheryl Wolting was the recipient of the Tri-
                                                                 County Literacy Network’s Literacy Promotion Award for Cha-
                                                                 tham-Kent for her work with the promotion of literacy in her
                                                                 classroom and raising the awareness of the plight of children in
                                                                 other countries.

Christena Churchill received the Coach of the Year award from the
Lambton Kent Elementary Student Athletic Association.

                                                          Former Trustee Duncan Longwell received the Lamp of Learning Award
                                                          from the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation of Ontario.

2006-2007 Director's Report                                                                                                    8

            Technology to Enhance Student Success
                                                                  There are 130 SMARTBoards in elementary classrooms. One hun-
                                                                  dred teachers have attended introductory SMARTBoard sessions
                                                                  conducted by the Program Department.

Multi-site instruction by video conference allows small
groups of students in different schools to collectively ac-
cess a course of study that could not be viably offered in
their home school.

                                                              950 computer workstations were installed in schools throughout the
                                                              district this year.

Augmentative communication devices assist students to succeed
by enabling them to access curriculum.

2006-2007 Director's Report                                                                                                   10
Budget and Finance:
2006-07 School Year Budget
The Board approved a balanced budget for the 2006-07 school year in the amount of $ 216,706,742. The
following diagrams provide an overview of how the dollars were spent.

             CONSOLIDATED BUDGET OVERVIEW ($216.7 Million)
                      LKDSB 2006-07 Budget (Total Expenditures = $216,706,742)
                                                   Capital Projects
                               Supplies Services     Equipment
                              Other $34,153,870     $11,483,296



                                                                          Classroom Instruction

                                                                          Support Services
                         9.3% 7.1%                                        School Supervision
                                  4.0%                 7.8%
                                                       5.1%               Resources
                                                       2.7%               School Operation &
                                      22.8%                               Maintenance
                                                                          Student Transportation
              56.8%                                                       Utilities
                                                                          Board Administration &
                                                                          Capital Building Projects


Board of Trustees
The Lambton Kent District School Board was established in 1998 and is comprised of ten elected Trustees, one Native Trustee and
two Student Trustees, representing the geographical area from Grand Bend to Wheatley.

       Jane Bryce               Scott McKinlay                    Isabell Carter             Randy Campbell        Ruth Ann Dodman        David Goldsmith
         Chair -                      Vice Chair                      Sarnia             East, South & West Kent       Chatham               Chatham
     North Lambton            East, South & West Kent             519-869-2713                 519-676-3617          519-352-4904          519-354-7467
      519-899-2619               519-674-2331

              Elizabeth Hudie                Carmen McGregor                       Paul Millman           Bruce Stonefish        James Townsend
                   Sarnia                   North Kent & South Lambton                Sarnia               First Nations        Central Lambton
               519-542-0939                     519-627-1933                       519-337-5675            519-692-7226           519-862-4754

                                                               Lauren Gilfoyle               Carson McFadden
                                                               Student Trustee                Student Trustee
                                                               North Lambton                   Lambton-Kent
                                                              Secondary School               Composite School

                  Sarnia Education Centre                                                         Chatham Regional Education Centre
                200 Wellington Street, Box 2019                                                    476 McNaughton Avenue East, Box 1000
                   Sarnia, Ontario N7T 7L2                                                              Chatham, Ontario N7M 5L7
                     Phone: (519) 336-1500                                                                 Phone: (519) 354-3770
                                 or                                                                                   or
                  (519) 336-1530 (direct line)                                                           (519) 354-3775 (direct line)
                      Fax: (519) 336-0992                                                                    Fax: (519) 354-8222
                    Toll Free: (800) 754-7125

2006-2007 Director's Report
                                                   Visit us on the web at: www.lkdsb.net                                                                    12

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