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The Law Of Vision By Dani Johnson


A Man Without A Vision Will Perish... Your dreams were a big circle around you... Can you remember what those dreams sounded like?

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									Law #1 – The Law Of Vision
by Jean-Francois Gemme | on January 15, 2013

                The Law Of Vision By Dani Johnson
I’m super pumped and VERY excited to start this series about the 12 Laws Of Success by Dani Johnson in
here Awesome book that you can get for free by following the link in the 12th assignment below… but don’t
scroll down yet as you’re about to discover the first law of success! The Law Of Vision

When you were young, you probably had places you wanted to go…

Many things you wanted to do… and a person you wanted to be…

                                               Can you remember what those dreams sounded like?

                                               Your dreams were a big circle around you…

                                               But as you growned up… your other circle in life; Your
                                               Income Circle… ended up becoming a “Small Dot” beside that
                                               “big fat” circle of dreams and desires.

                                               Vision reaches above material dreams. It’s also about our life

                                               Doesn’t matter if your Vision starts only monetary and
                                               apparently egocentric…

                                               Having a Vision is better than having NO Vision. As time goes
                                               by, your vision is going to become clearer and be able to
drive you out of bed every morning to do great things with your life.

Each dreams that you had probably slowly got off your list because your income circle was not huge enough to
contain these dreams…

As you reduced your expectations, your dream list reduced to be only a little bigger than your dot… ehh… your

But we never give up on all of our dreams because we may know that:

A Man Without A Vision Will Perish…

The Law Of Vision
98% of the population shrinks their dreams to fit their income. While 2% find ways to increase their
income so they can make their dreams happen…

It is important to list where we want to go, what we want to do and with whom we want to do it...

If you don’t know where you want to go… no one can help you get there…

Nothing becomes dynamic until it becomes specific…
You can decide where you want your life to go…

So for now, grab some paper and a pen and write down ALL the things you want to do. Design your life.
You want to live by design instead of living it by default…

Monday Daily Assignments

#1 Now!!! you NEED to take actions…

   1. Click here right now!
   2. Put your best email!
   3. Click to confirm and watch the video!

#2 Activate your payment system in your backoffice…

#3 Write at least 1 blog post per day and syndicate each blog post…

#4 Market daily following the directions in the third core commitment…

#5 Perform a new member coaching each time someone join your team…

#6 Listen to the Empower Network Hour EVERY Monday night at 9PM EST…

      Dial in: 1-712-432-0900
      Access code: 260326

#7 Listen Daily to an Empower audio for at least 1 hour…

#8 Read Daily an Empower book for at least 30 minutes…

#9 Set your Intention and plan on attending the Events

#10 Perform your Daily DISCO

#11 Check out that other post about how to perform your Daily DISCO thru your Daily Method of Operation

#12 Check out also that other post about how to Visualize Your Intention
To learn more about The Law Of Vision: Click here


The Law Of Vision

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