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					                                                                                   Glide # : FL-2010-000141-PAK
Who is doing What and Where (3W) - Floods 2010 Response             Please send your inputs to Mr. Asad Ullah Khan at khan67@un.org (+92 302 851 9871)
                                            Description                           Activity Start Date/                                                               Camp
  Funding    Implementing                               Quantity (if  Unit (if                            Distribution                                    Union
                            Activity Type    / Name of                            Items Distribution                      Province   District   Tehsil              Name (if
Organization Organization                               applicable) applicable)                          Planned End                                     Council
                                                items                                 Start Date                                                                   applicable)
                                                                         Breakdown of beneficiaries reached (Individuals)   Contact Details
Total Number of Beneficiaries Type       Date of Latest    Number                   Childre         Childre                                       Comments
                                                             of                             Childre          CBA   PL
 Beneficiaries    (Individuals,         Information on                Male   Female n (0-2          n 5-15              Name    Mobile   Email   (Constraints
                                                                                             n<5            Women Women
   Reached        Families/HH)       Beneficiaries Reached Target                   years)           years                                          Only)
                             CLUSTER STANDARD ACTIVITY PACKAGE
Cluster                         Activity type
Food                            Food - General Food Distribution
Food                            Food - Cash Assistance
Food                            Food - Food for Education
Food                            Food - Food for Work / Food for Training
Food                            Food - Support to Mother and Child Health
Agriculture                     Agriculture - Coordination
Agriculture                     Agriculture - Horticulture
Agriculture                     Agriculture - Irrigation
Agriculture                     Agriculture - Livestock
Agriculture                     Agriculture - Seed inputs
Agriculture                     Agriculture - Seed inputs vouchers
Agriculture                     Agriculture - Tools
Health                          Health - Coordination, Communication and Information Management
Health                          Health - Provision of Comprehensive Primary Health Care Services
Health                          Health - Provision of MCH Services
Health                          Health - Health and Hygiene Education
Health                          Health - Disease Early Warning System
Health                          Health - Environmental Health
Health                          Health - Essential Drugs Distribution
Health                          Health - Support to secondary level healthcare
Health                          Health - Rehabilitation of health infrastructure
Nutrition                       Nutrition - Nutritional Surveillance
Nutrition                       Nutrition - CMAM (SFPs, OTPs, SCs, MN, IFE)
Nutrition                       Nutrition - Provision of Nutritional Supplies
Nutrition                       Nutrition - TFC/SC
Camp Management                 Camp Management - Technical support on proper establishment of camps
Camp Management                 Camp Management - Technical support for shelters protection from weather effect
Camp Management                 Camp Management - Establish training centers in camps
Camp Management                 Camp Management - Practical construction training to IDPs to improve skills for reconstruction
Camp Management                 Camp Management - Basic skills training to unskilled persons
Camp Management                 Camp Management - Short courses to up skill semi skilled persons
Education                       Education - Provision of school supplies
Education                       Education - Community Mobilization and Empowerment
Education                       Education - Rehabilitation of schools
Education                       Education - Teachers Training
WASH                            WASH - Distribution of WASH NFIs
WASH                            WASH - Water supply
WASH                            WASH - Provision of sanitation facilities
WASH                            WASH - Hygiene promotion activities
WASH                            WASH - Solid waste management
Shelter and NFI                 Shelter and NFI - Emergency shelter
Shelter and NFI                 Shelter and NFI - Distribution of NFIs
CR                              CR - Community Infrastructure
CR                              CR - Environment
CR                              CR - Governance
CR                              CR - Non-Farm Livelihoods
CR                              CR - Social Cohesion
Protection                      Protection - Protection Monitoring
Protection                      Protection - GBV / Women Protection
Protection                      Protection - Child Protection
Protection                      Protection - Housing, Land and Property rights
Protection                      Protection - Mine Risk Education
Protection                      Protection - Information and Communication
Protection                      Protection - Rule of Law / Legal Aid
Logistics                       Logistics - Logistics common services
Logistics                       Logistics - Storage capacity in WFP‑managed Logistics - Humanitarian Hubs
Logistics                       Logistics - Transport services for relief items
Logistics                       Logistics - Setup and Management of Humanitarian Hubs
                                "Women's or Girl's specific projects"
Women's or Girl's specific projects

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